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Published by: Van on Sep 30, 2008
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Van Le 9/30/2008 I also believe that how you perform depends on your physical and psychological fitness.

The brain is the control center of your nervous system and it’s responsible for your behavior. If you start out a race, thinking that you won’t win, your performance will reflect on how you perceive you’ll do on the race. But if you began the race with positive thinking, your body will perform its best knowing that it can do it. The best example of this was during a 20 mile hike I had to do. I weighted about 130 lb and I had to carry about 90 lb of extra weight, doing those hike was a very difficult thing for me. The only thing that got me through those challenging hike was having those positive thoughts, knowing that I’ve trained my body for this occasion and if I gave up now then it would be all of nothing. Another thing that helped me was seeing people trice my size fall out or gave up. Each time I pass someone it build my positive thoughts and gave me more energy to push on. Just like when I runner passes an opponent during a race. While reading I was reminded of a past experience where positive thinking gave just the push need it to finish the race. This was during a race call the Mud Run, where all sort of athletes come to participate and get muddy in a 3 mile run. I was there for an out reach program for the youth. My job was to run with the kid and give him that moral support to finish. First stretch in the race, the kid was doing fine. Then once we got to the hill he just seem to gave up, started complaining and saying that he couldn’t make it. So I told him that it was all in his head. If he visualizes himself up the hill then his body would do the rest. All through the race I keep reinforcing the positive thoughts in his head. In the end he was able to finish the race and walk through the 100 meter of mud, which was the only reason why he wanted to do the race.

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