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Conga 01 Getting Started

Conga 01 Getting Started

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Published by: rmorrison1111 on Aug 25, 2011
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AppExtremes, Inc. support@appextremes.


Conga Composer Getting Started
Spring '11 Release

Conga Composer lets you generate documents and spreadsheets by gathering data from Salesforce.com and merging to a template. The resulting file(s) can be printed or emailed and you can log the actions you’ve taken in Salesforce. Most Composer solutions utilize PointMerge to let you create individual documents by clicking a button from a record in Salesforce. Conga Mail Merge, included with your subscription to Conga Composer, features MassMerge, a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process of creating batches of documents. You can access MassMerge by clicking the Conga Mail Merge tab.

Contacting AppExtremes
AppExtremes is a leading provider of software solutions to enrich your Salesforce.com experience, specializing in document creation tools that integrate data from Salesforce. Founded in 2006, AppExtremes has since built a substantial market presence with more than 1,000 customers, worldwide.

Technical Support
At AppExtremes, we are committed to providing you with timely answers to your technical support questions. We provide support to system administrators for our products via email or telephone. Generally, we’re available weekdays, 9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain (GMT -7:00). Tech Support Email: support@appextremes.com Telephone: +1 303-465-1616

For information on other products from AppExtremes, please contact our sales department: Sales Information Email: sales@appextremes.com Telephone: +1 303-465-1616

For detailed examples, including sample templates, report designs and sample output, please download the Conga Examples file. You will find the example files on our website.

© 2006 – 2011 AppExtremes Inc.. All rights reserved. This document may be reprinted without permission. Conga Composer is a trademark of AppExtremes, Inc. Salesforce.com is a registered trademark of salesforce.com, and AppExchange, is a trademarks of salesforce.com, Inc., San Francisco, California. Other names used may be trademarks of their respective owners.

such as government forms.4. you must have one of the following versions of Salesforce. You’ll find more detail about each step in the reference guides available on the Documentation page of our website. System Requirements To install and successfully use Conga Composer. Page 2 . Opera. Please inquire for details. Chrome 2 .9. Firefox We’ve       also used Conga Composer with the following versions of Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office 2003 for Windows Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Conga Composer can also place Salesforce data into forms created as PDF files. XP. loan applications and other highly secure applications. Safari 3 .com:  Unlimited Edition  Enterprise Edition  Developer Edition  Professional Edition  Sandbox Edition Conga    Composer also works with the following 1: Salesforce Customer Portal Salesforce Partner Portal Force. Opera 9. Instead of building these templates with Microsoft Office.10  Mac OS X Browsers: Safari. Firefox 2 -4. Vista and Windows 7 Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 . you’ll need the following:  Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard+  Please note: Adobe LiveCycle is not supported 1 Certain features not available in Customer and Partner Portal.com Platform We’ve used Conga Composer with the following operating systems and browsers (although our goal is to work with any browser on any operating system):  Microsoft Windows 2000.GETTING STARTED Getting Started Getting started with Conga Composer is easy! The basic steps to configure Conga Composer are outlined below.

then Configure for Conga Composer. On the Salesforce Setup page. For each User Profile that has access to Conga Composer. d. ensure that “Run Reports” and “Export Reports” is enabled for each User Profile that has access to Conga Composer 3. Enable the recommended Behavior Modification settings (see image.) 2. a. ensure the “API Enabled” setting is active b. Enable the desired Template Managers (v5 recommended) c. (You must provide system administrator credentials to install an application from the AppExchange. b. Enable the recommended settings on the Conga Setup page: a. right). Install Conga Composer into your instance of Salesforce by visiting our page on the AppExchange. Save your changes Conga Spring '11 Release Page 3 . Enable security settings to allow Conga Composer to interact with your data: a. 1. Click the “Get It Now” button and follow the on-screen prompts to install Conga Composer. choose View Installed Packages. If you want to use Reports as a data source.Installing Conga Composer The following steps provide an overview of how to install Conga Composer (and Conga Mail Merge) and the general steps involved in deploying the application.

Create reports that meet your needs. (Optional) To use Conga Queries as a data source. 5. See reference guides for each template type on the Documentation page of our website for details. Add PointMerge buttons to any desired standard or custom objects. See below for a brief explanation. 6. Please see the Resources section on the Support page on our website for complete details including the installation link. you’ll need to install the Conga Query Manager. This video demonstrates how to add merge fields to a Word template Note: There are many choices on the Conga Setup page and we encourage you to read more about them in the Administration Guide Page 4 .GETTING STARTED 4. See “Using Salesforce Reports with Conga PointMerge” in the Introducing PointMerge Reference Guide. Excel. (Optional) To use Reports as a data source for Conga Composer: a. PowerPoint or Acrobat. and “Using Salesforce Reports with Conga Mail Merge” in the Introducing MassMerge Reference Guide for details. This video demonstrates how to create a basic PointMerge button 7. Create merge templates in Word.

If you want to use the new “Production Org Id” custom setting for better control over Sandbox instances. This custom object does not count against your Salesforce limit on custom objects. which means that some parts of the system are installed into your instance of Salesforce. you should upgrade only if you wish to recover a custom object (and tab) against your Salesforce limit. As a result. The “Conga PointMerge Reports” folder 4. nor recommended. Please note that you will need to migrate your Templates from the old custom object to the new one. uninstalling the previous version is not necessary. either by manually recreating the records. What’s new in the managed package? 1. you should upgrade. The “Conga Reports” folder 3. 2. 2. however most of the system runs on our servers. Conga Spring '11 Release Page 5 .Upgrading Conga Composer Conga Composer and Conga Mail Merge are composite applications. or possibility through a data migration tool like the Saleforce Data Loader. the portion of the system that runs on our servers does not require upgrading on your part: updates to the system are automatically made available at various times throughout the year. Generally. A custom setting for “Production Org Id” which is useful for customers who create Salesforce Sandbox instances Who should upgrade? 1. The portions of the system that are installed into your instance of Salesforce can be upgraded by visiting our page on the AppExchange. The Conga Template Manager (v5) The Conga Template Manager is a custom object into which Conga Templates are stored. clicking the “Get it Now” button and following the prompts to update the installed components. If you already have the Conga Template Manager (v4) installed.

Getting Started (this document) 2. Release Notes 3. Administrative Settings CONGA EXTREMES 1.com/Documentation to view the available choices. PowerPoint Templates 5.appextremes. Word Templates 3. you’ll find a rich array of documentation for all of our various products. Conga Conductor 2. Topics include: CONGA COMPOSER 1. Conga Template Manager 5. Introducing PointMerge 2. Excel Templates 4. Please visit http://home.GETTING STARTED Complete Documentation On the AppExtremes website. Storing Merge Templates 7. Conga Workflow 3. PDF Templates 6. Conga Query Manager Page 6 . Conga QuickMerge 4. Reference Guides: 1.

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