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Bretton Woods vs Gold Standard

Bretton Woods vs Gold Standard

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Published by Hetal Mehta

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Published by: Hetal Mehta on Aug 25, 2011
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Bretton Woods VS Gold Standard

1. B: 45 countries came together G: Started By England 2. B: After WW2 G: Before WW1

3. B: Economists came together for the first time to create a system G: Started by Bank of England

4. B: IMF & WB are institutions created by it G: Central Banks for each country

5. B: Dollar & Gold Basket of Assets G: Only Gold

6. B: Parity Value of Dollar G: Mint Par of Exchange

7. B: Comparitively More flexible G: Comparitively less Flexible

8. B: Demise due to US not being able to hold its end. G: Demise due to it not being flexible enough

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