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Here is a list of how to say "Cheers !" in 66 languages. The list is compiled by me, Morten Larsen, who had a very pleasant time compiling it since it involved both fine beer and good wine in order to learn all the languages. I started compiling the list in 1991. You should try to memorise the list. You never know when you will need to say "Cheers !" in another language. Additions and corrections are welcome. Please use the comments form.

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Cheers !
Gëzuar Fisehatak (*) Shucram (United Arab Emirates) Genatsoot ("Life") ? Afiyæt oslun Pro Vashi On egin Topa Na zdrave (*) Salut Txin txin Sant Hilari, Sant Hilari, fill de puta qui no se l'acabi ("Son of a bitch the one that does not finish the cup", vulgar) Yung sing ("drink and win") Gom bui ("dry the cup") Gan bei ("dry the cup") Zivjeli (write a small v above the Z) Na zdraví (*) Skål Proost Gezondheid (*) Bisochtak Cheers Cheerio (UK) Here's mud in your eye (UK,

Géschuar Fiseh'atak ? Gen-ots-it Sorlèchrian ? Pro Vashi On egín ? Na zdrave Salut ? ? Yung sing Gom bui Gan bei ? Na zdravi Skål Prowst Rhe'sondheid Bi'sochtak Cheers Cheerio Here's mud in your eye


Catalan (Spain)

Chinese (Cantonese) Chinese (Mandarin) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch (Flemish) Egyptian English

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18/07/2006 5:18 PM

John 9:1-41) Bottoms up (USA) Down the hatch (vulgar) Hey howdy (Arizona. may be from Bible.) 2 of 4 18/07/2006 5:18 PM . 'ch' like 'j' in Spanish 'Jose'. except that 'o' should be more closed like in German or Danish Slorntche ? ? ? Vakh-tahn-GOO-ree ('akh' like Bach) Proost Tsum vool . informal) Je via sano (*) Toston ("(I propose) a toast") (Teie) terviseks (*) Skál Kippis Terveydeksi (formal) (*) (À votre) santé (*) À la votre (response "And to yours") Tsjoch Bottoms up Down the hatch Hey howdy YEH VEE-ah SAH-no Tóston 'Terviseks Skol 'Kippis ? A votr songté A la votr 'tsjo' like 'cho' in 'chocolate'.worldonline.) (*) Hungarian Egészségetekre (plur.html Esperanto (constructed) Estonian Faroese Finnish French Frisian (Netherlands) Gaelic (Ireland) vulgar)(expr.Cheers ! http://home. Stin i'jiasas ? 'Gasss-udda ? Å'kålè ma'luna Lè'khayim 'Eh-geyss-shey-geh-dreh 'Eh-geyss-shey-geh-tek-reh Skawl A 'vostre sani'tate ? Tjin Tjin Sa'lutè Kampai Rathima andu atene 'Chukbae ? ? Uz vese'libu Kesak Keskun N N N 3S 3 N N NS NS NDS W NS NS 3 W W 3 NS NS N D 3 N N N NS 3 3 N 3 W NS NDS 3D 3 N W W N N N Sláinte (*) Slaandjivaa (*) Gaelic (Scotland) Slainte mhoiz Galician (Spain) Saúde Georgian Vakhtanguri Prost (beer) German Zum Wohl (wine) (*) Hau weg den Scheiss (vulgar) Stin ijiasas Greek Jamas Kassutta ("Let our glasses meet") Greenlandic Imeqatigiitta ("Let's drink together") Hawaiian Okole maluna Hebrew L'chaim ("To life") Egészségedre (sing.) (*) Icelandic Skál Interlingua A vostre sanitate (*) (constructed) A vostre salute Cin cin (formal) Italian Salute (informal) Japanese Kampai Kikuyu (Kenya) Rathima andu atene Korean Chukbae Sanitas bona (*) Latin Bene tibi Latvian Uz veselibu Kesak ( Lebanese Keskun (plur.

) (write bars over ? g's. or polite) (*) Djam Djam Chia Can chén (write dot under a) Gia (North V.) Can jén Can ly (write dot under a) (South Can li V. and let it be part of your body") Na zdrowie (*) Saude (*) Tchim-tchim Saúde (Brazil)(*) Tim-tim (Brazil) Viva Noroc ("Good luck") Na zdorovje (*) Here's tae ye Zivio Ziveli Na zdravie (*) Na zdravje (*) Auguryo Gesondheid (*) Salud Chin chin Arriba.html Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Persian (Iran) Polish Portuguese Rhaeto-Romanic (Switzerland) Romanian Russian Scottish Serbian Slovak Slovenian Somalian South African (Afrikaans) I sueikata Cheers Aviva (old fashioned) Skål (Be) salam ati (*) Nush ("Enjoy it.N. al centro. para adentro (" Iechyd da Iechyd da Mazel tov ? Lechaym ? 3 of 4 18/07/2006 5:18 PM . abajo. inside".padentro Skål Ma'buhay N N N NS NS NS NDS NS W W W 3 NDS NS N N W NS W N NS NDS 3 3 NS NS 3 NDS N N N N D D 3 3 W Spanish Swedish Tagalog (Philippines) Thai Turkish Urdu (Pakistan) Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish Choc-tee ? Serefe (write cedille under S) ("To honor") Scherefe Sagligina (sing. vulgar) Skål Mabuhay ("Long life") I sueikata Cheers A'viva Skål Bè salam ati Nush Na zdrowie Sauth ? ? ? ? Noroc Na zda'rovye Here's tae ye Zivio ? Na zdre'vie ? A-u'gurrjo Rhe'sondheid Salud ? .worldonline. center... remove dots over i's) (*) ? Sagliginiza (plur.Cheers ! http://home. down.

non-native speaker).html The toasts marked with (*) can be translated as "To your health" or "To health". 3 = Through 3rd person (i.e.Cheers ! http://home. W = Found on web (most likely incorrect).worldonline. S = Spelling confirmed. An apostrophe in the pronunciation denotes that the following syllable should be emphasized. Additions and corrections are welcome. Please use the comments form. Sources of information: N = Native speaker. D = Found by me in dictionary. Back to my home page This page was last updated 20 September 2001 4 of 4 18/07/2006 5:18 PM .dk/mortenl/cheers.

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