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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Phoenix Field Division
Phbenix,Arizona 85004


October 6, 2008
785000: VlDN 1021


Phoenix Field Division Employees WiUianJ;D, Newell Special Agent in Charge
Fiscal Year 2009 Priorities

ATF is the only Federal law enforcement agency dedicated specifically 00 reducing violent crime and protecting our nation, We are responsible for the investigation and prevention of crimes that involve the unlawfufuse, manufacture, sale and possession of fitearms andexp'losives; acts of arson and bombings; and illegal trafficking of alcol101 and tobacco products. We regulate the firearms and explosives industries from manufacture or import through retail sale, and leverage partnerships to enhance our work in regulatory, law enforcement~ training and forensic mission areas. To carry out this agency's mission requires the skill and commitment of all our employees,


- FY.201SPriorities:

organizations, explosives, and fire/arson reflect our core areas of expertise that we consistently work: to strengthen. The management priorities - managing our workforce and modernizing our agency support our mission and ensure its successful accomplishment

ATF~s FY 2009 - FY 2015 Strategic Plan contains four mission activities and two management activities as strategic priorities. The mission priorities firearms trafficking, criminal

Firearms Trafficking - ATF is

only Federal law enforcement agency with the legislative mandate to regulate firearms industry. The goal of ATF's firearms trafficking enforcement forts to reduce crime by deterring the diversion of firearms from unlawful commerce into the illegal market ATF investigates and arrests individuals and crganizations who illegally obtain and supply firearms to prohibited individuals. Utilizing multiple complementing approaches and technologies, ATF carries out its mission to thwart illegal firearms trafficking.

S'b:$~gie Priority- Stt.egic FrintIly: vi~lent firearms criln:es by s;tren;gthening firem1l1s trafficking intelJigence galhering~ anmY$)s, iIl$peClion and investigative activity.
to'rr.cduceviolenterime bytargeringand dismantling those criminal groups and gangs that pose the' greatestthreat'topublic safety; Through collaboration with .other Federal, State" Tribal and local lawenforcement.agencies, ATF helps make communities safer by removing violent criminals from out streets. Strategic Priority- A:TF works ~duce violentcrime bytargetingand dism~ing those criminal groups and gangs thatposethe,¥reatest threat.to public safety. ThroliJigh, oilaboratioa e with other Federal.starc, and, lOCalla\venforcement agencies,ATF' 11elp s tomake cern m unities safer by removing violent criminals fromourstreets,

Criminal Croups Iud Gangs-ATF\vorks

Explesives.Bombsantt nombings~'j\TF regulates the explosives industry lnd in'~llgates incidents ofexplosives-stolen from licensees and permitees. ATFsharesitsexpertise in
explosives investigations with its partners and helps investigators reconstruct.explosives incidents. AtF SpecialAgents investigate bombings and explosions, and train Federalf State, Tribal, localand intemationallawenforcement agencies with methods and techniques to reselve xplosives incidents. . Strategic Priority» Advance domestic and international explosives expertise, to prevent, de~ and investigate acts of violent crime •.terrorism and to enhance public safety. as avaluable resource to state and local partners who are responsible forfire investigation and. public sa~ety;,'Uti1izing state of the art fire investi gatica and research technology-at the Fire Research Lab,ATF is able to replicate the scene of a fire render'originand cause of fire incidents, In addition 10 providing expert court testimony) ATF agents provide technical guidance and support toarson investigations" provide arson-related training, and c~nduct research in order to identify trends and.patterns in fire incidents.

Fire and Arson~ArFserves

Strategic Pri(l1;ty - Advarke; lheA~tience of'firc investigation globally.by $!et;fing_d.t ~ivering the highest~~dardsirlrespOnse"research, information sharing.jmd training,

1\}9de Ql iza dod ~ ATF contil111e$·to·· improvc-eur datacapab iiities .. that time 1y and integrated $0
inforrnation is available to all employees to fulfill our-mission. ATF will ahare information, as appropriate and whena~thotizedby law, "vl;thotherF ederal, State and local agencies, industry members, partners, and the 'f.Ilbl ie.

.. JInltegic Priority - Modernizebusiness

~~and s~stemsforimproved info~o. k:rlowlcdge'management,and!Jseofinn()'.~:t~hnologiestQ'suPPortATF~$cxlt~dmission.


Phoenix. Fi!eld. Division


.WDrkforee ~ Exet:'Ptivu of our critieai mission requires 13ir¢ skin md commitment of ~ry ATF employee, QJ.1r wot'kfor~ must functioa as a highly skilled, ll1()ti~ and cornn1i~ team in

serviceto._ Nati~n.

Strategic. PrioritY . .,.. A1tract~ developj.and retain. art~IP.:~~~
in the emerging.basinesseavironmenn



to execute the Al'F mission

Phoenix Field·.Division Priorities JorFY2009 The following outlines the expected. focus of each office trit~ ~ Phoenix Field Division during .FY2009. These priorities are in line with the Bureau 'SJ. stratcgicprierities outlined previously butwith.a.focus on thePhoenix;PieldDivlSion'¢Hlreaofresponsibility. This is 111tended to provide guidance to each office butisnot.all encompassing since it is clearly understood that circumstances routinely arise that cause resources ,to be deployed tQactivit1that may not be clearly delineated, The decision to do this in furtherance of the overall rnissionef ATF to provide assistance to our law enforcement partners in their ongoing efforts to reduce violent.crime is up to each supervisor in consultation with jheirrespective second-line supervisor, In addition, each office has a-designated area of responsibility (AOR) in order to f -ovide additional guidanceand focus, Itisexpected that 'Whenanoffice receives information 'm~Uwould lead to the initiation ofan investigation, in another-division office's AOR that the originating supervisor first contact the other sup ervisorto discuss it QIj¢"11~ and then follow ttpwith an official referral. Albuquerque Firearms Field .Office

Trafficking- FY(lrinV'~iiga.ions should (oeus. i'liminating· the illegal source(s) offirearms destined to v'iQlent gangs and groups in theAlbuquerque'Field ()ffi~'$A~ W include the sources of crime guns. in.the designatedVf.l'T 'iareacThis~houldals() i:i]Q~liide ally in'lcstigationsinvolvillg.thei11egaL'trafficking)offireanns to Mexico and out of state in support Qf'thG Project 'eJunnntner.

Gangs» Fullysupport the Albuquerque VeIThy assigning two special agentsfull -time to"this Bureau priority, These 'agents should be taskedw ith ensuring the mission Qfthe V CIT in Albuq uerqueis being carried out, The mission ofVGIT is to leverage all of ATWs experti se and resources, to identify and remove from the local communityvia focused prosecution the "worst ofthe worst" violent criminals in targeted hot spots .. 1hi8 can only be accomplished via side-by-sidepartnerships with-our local law enforcement counterparts and by """inging to bear all ofATF~s expertise 1P the area offirearms related violent crime. Along \....iose already mentioned. above! the Albuquerque VCITeffort should use other proven "best practices", including setting cl ear goals and measure performance and conduct proaooveStreet eI1f~·c;ment\vitlllocarpolice in the targeted area. ..-. .


1£l:plosives, Bombs •• , DOHlbillgS; Working lh~ Tmsoo.lH .Area Office investigate all incidents ofe:x;plosive;S$tplen from licensees andpermitees. Whena.ppt()pria1e~ work with our Federal, State; loctllahd Iribal law enforcement partners to fullyinv~tigate bom.bing of Federal intercst~,Oond~t!Ct at least one State/Local "post blast" training course in your AOR.

Fire and Arson ,Whcreappropriate, the-Cffassignedtothe Albuquerque Field Office is to serve as The pri'mar}pPOC fororigin and cause determinationsfor fires of Federal interest in the
State of'NewMexico, The CFI should also continue to be-a k:eyPOC for our Stare and.Ioeal fire investigator.partners inNew Mexico seeking advice on and access 10 the Fire Research Lilth. The GFljiulongwith all ABO agents should continue to provide technical guidance and support to arson investigations, provide arson-related training, and conduct research in0tclot to identify trends and patterns in fire ina:idents~

NorthenlNelvMexjco~junti,s~f'San luan, McKinley, Rio Arriba, Sandoeal, Cibula, Valencia.Banta Fe, Bernalillo, 10rrance, Taos, San N1iguel, Colfax, Union, Harding.Mora,
AOR: GuadaI upe, Socorro.und Quary~

Las Cruces Field Office
..:·irearms Trafficking, ~ (J>·oitlveltigations,'Shouldfocus,~n eliminating the illegal source(s) of'firearms destined to violentgangs andgroups in the Las Cruces. Field Office's AOR_ T1118 should alsoinclude any investigations involving the illegal traffickingoffirearms to Mexico and out of state .irrsupportof the Project Gunrunner, Criminal Groups and Gangs,.t:ontinlle to pursue proactive enforcement efforts with the Las Cruces Police Department, Dona County Sheriffs Office to addressfirearms related violent crime .activityin Dona Ana County. Continue to foster and develop proactive enforcement efforts with the'Hobbs, Roswell.and Deming Police Departments through the usecfdesignat.oo task forceofficers, Develop a list: of "worst of the worst" offenders and. in COIlj Ull.(;:tion with the USAC) in Las Cruc~sprepare a prosecutorial strategy that would most e'ffe~ely address these

..1. '

Explosives, Bombs and Bombings ...Working with the Tucson .A;tga. investigate all incidents of explosives stolen from, l~i(msees andpermiteesWhen ~Ppr()Pnate,work with our Federal, State, local and tribal la\venforcementpartners tofullyinvestigate any bombing of Federal Interest. Conduct at least State/Local "post blast" tr2linill,g: course in your AOR.


Fire and Arson ~ Where appropriate; theCFI assigned to the Albuq;l_~ueField Office to )NC as the.primary POC for originand cause determinations forfiresofFooernl interest in the $tatef:ifNewJvlex1.clE). The Las Cruces Field Office agents should assist-the AIbuqllijrqlle based CFl wi th providing ~(:hn ileal guidanee and support to arson investigations,

All Phoenix Field Division Employees


\~-.t.OR: Southern.New Mexico counties of Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant, Hidalgo, Lea, Luna, Otero, Catron, Sierra, Lincoln, Chaves, De Baca, Roosevelt, and Curry. Phoeuix GrDup I

USAO on these cases to ensure they are afforded the oppo:rt:umty to bring to bear the pertinent Federal firearms statu~ •. Gorrtlnlle IP build upon the effective relatimlShip with the Arizona Attotnery General's in .addr:essing those cases not meeting the USAO's criteria or declined by $ame~

Firearms Trafficking - With a primary focus on ""Gtmrunnei~ itrvestigations, which are those that involve the trafficking of firearms to Mexi.cQ, Con::ti;nue to proactive in dealing with the

Criminal GFtJlips aa't"l·Gangs ....Conti~e proactive relatiQll$hip with Phoenix Police OepartnletU via Project ARRCW to idemrfyand prQ~utethe;~\v.i)_():fthe worst" violent crlmblaJs operlting in the City ofPbo~, with an etnP~s the Maryvale Precinct. Counties.


Office (Phoen.ix I)

Firearms Trafflckin g -:With.~ prim~
that involve thetraffickin·g

of :Br~~



Cdminal GroupslIBtI ·Gangs - Co:ntlnue to. _-ace a proactive working relationship with the Yuma Police Department and Y~a CQ1~ty Sh~1tifrs.Office to identify those greupsand/or individuals responsible for the increased firearrns relate{1, viQIent crime in the area. Continue to develep a similar relationship with our law enforcement co~arts in La paz County and



AOR: All ofYllIlla, La Paz, and Mohave County up to ]nt~~te40, Kingman, AZ. This includes Lake Havasu City. Phoenix GroqpII

excluding the City of

Firearms Trafficking: FY09mvestigatiollSshouW focu$.on elirninating the illegal sourcet s) of firearms destined to violent 'gangs and groups Maricopa County. t;rimtnal Groups and Gangs: Full support to the Mesa VelT by assigning two Special Agents t ..Il-time to the Mesa Police Department, The mission ofVCIT is to leverage all of ATF's expertise and resources to identify and remove from the local community via focused prOSecUUo1:1 the "worst of weest" violent criminals. in targeted hot spots. Thiscan only be


Phoenix Field Division El1lploy~

acecmplished side-by-side pafttlet$hjps with local ]aw~nforcement counterparts and by hringing to beara)1tcfATF'sexpertisejn the area offireannszelatedeiolcnt crime. For the Mesa VCITthismeans11aving the twoassigned agents work side-by-sidewith.the Mesa Police Department. Fullysupport the newlyformed ECDETF Strike Force-byassigning two special agents full-time to the DEA PhoenisOfficc.where the Strike Force will behoused, The mission Qfthe Phoenix OCDETF Strike Force istc disrupt and dismantle the mostsignificant drag trafficking organizations, .designated '.b:lbOJasConsolidated. Pri ority Targets, currently rraffickingnarcoticsinto and firearms.out ofrhe.U'S. Support the newlyformed A'TF'Phoenix Pollee Department Home Invasion Task Force for a minimum of90 days by assigning two specialagents full-timeto .. he PhoenixPolice t Department's Violent Crime Bureau. At the end of this 90:"da y period, an evaluation: will be made by the Phoenix Police Department and Phoenix Field Divi sion command staffs as to whetherthisjointeffort should be continued ..


HI and Yuma Satellite~Office

".1?i.'earms Trafficking - Primary focus should be on completing theFY ~iPlan ( tquirements 'forfirearms. This should include onsite application inspections, random sample pawnbroker and to Ilector inspections" securi ty firm inspections and camp 1iance inspections. Continueto'complete S\VB forward trace inspections and complete Weapons of Choice (WOC) worksheets.vWorkwith all LE groups in cases of firearms thefts. Maintain communications withgun show promoters toensure the distribution of Af'F'materialsatlocalshows, Contiaue to develop relationshipswithFederal, state and local counterparts"

Explosives, Bombs and Bombings = Primary focus should he c~leting

mi. siteappHcanon

inspections andmandatorySafeExplosives Act.(SEA)inspections asrequired by the FY 09 Operating plan. Continue towork \V1111E in casesof'explosives.fseft L and inspect ATF magazines as scheduled. Complete any necessary fireworks stotageverificatien and fireworks limited inspections during peak fireworks season,

AOR: Arizona counties of Apache" Coc'€l'Uino,.Oila, ..LaPi!tZ, ?vlarie~
Yavapai, and YU1111t, }Phoenix Group]\r

Mlll'llavc, Navajo,

Mission Support"tt> division LEJlnd 10 Offices, to include compr~hensive ~ysi'S of trace \ ssults. which developjnvestigative leads and other related analytical support ofthe VeITs in ···Tucson. Albuquerque and Mesa.ProjectArrow; Phoenix PH Home Invasion Task Perce; and Phoenix metro "White Paper" ini tiative,


All Phoenix Field Division Employees


NICS Coordinator

Ensure only those NICS Standard JteferraJ.s meeting the. current ATFIUSAO

guidelines in Arizona and New Mexico are forwarded to the field offices. Ensure that Delayed Denials are forwarded to the field offices only after thorough research and verification of the reason for denial. GREAT Coordinator AOR: Arizona and New Mexico

Phoenix Group V
Explo$ives~ B'Dmbsand Bombings ~ Serve the primary point of contact for all Maricopa County area EOD units req~timg ATF' assistance in this regard. Establish a Maricopa Cottnty Explosives Response Task FOfC'e siJillUarto the Maricopa County Arsern Task Force already in


With the exception of the eF}:, serve as the primary point of contact for an Maricopa County area law enforcement agencies tteq:uesting ATF assistance in this regard.
AtsQll -

(c'oontinae support to the Maricopa County MS()ll

'!a$k Foree.

AOR: Maricopa County" e.~cept fwCFt! who covets Arizona.


f'irearms Trafficking ~ :£1'1" 09 inv~$1:igadQ;Qrs, $hQ\t,ldfocus on eliminating the illegal soureet s) of firearms destined to vi<>lwt gaIlgSmid grn~ m, the office)s AOR. When appropriate, fully
investigate "Gunranner" firearms to Mexico.

~lated jnvestigatiQ)itS~ which

thQ~ that invoive

the trafficking


a proactive working relationship with the and Yavapai County Sherift"'s Office to identify those groups and/or individuals tesp'onsi;b'le for the increased firearms-related violent crime in the area. Department

mtd G$:gs ~ Continue to enhance


Yavapai, Coconino, Navejo, Apache} and n(lm'lem Mohave COtmty north ofInterstateAO, bmincll.lding the City ofKingman, AZ.

Grou)) 1

(, .'rearm

Tra,fficking - With a primary focus on "Gunrunner" investigations, 'Which are those .that involve the trafficking of firesrms to M.e:tico. Primary focus in furtherance of this should be proactive investigations and operational activity of the sources of crime guns recovered in

All Phoenix Field Divisi(}nI~Ioyees Med¢o and the Tucson AQiR~$p~i fically but not limited: to Gun Shows, FFLs,md Purchasers of large quanthiesfl;f~\veapons.ofchoicei'.


Criminal Grou pS31ul: Gangs.- Pursue proacave enforcement ~tforts wllh the law '_o~ment agencies in the Tucson.Il AOR {excluding.the City of Tucson) in ordertoaddressfirearmsrelated violent crime activity; Develop a Est of~'worst of the worst" offenders, and in conjunction with the U'SAO)n Tucson, prepare it. prosecutorial strategy that would most effectively address these offenders, Explosives, Bembs ,_Bonlbings - Working wi'tlhthe Tucson III Area Office, investigate all incidents of explosives stolen from licensees and permitees: When, appropriate, work with our Federal, State" local, and tribal law enforcement partners to fully investigate any bombing .1F ederal interest, Fweand Arson « Where appropriare.fhe CFI assigned to Phoenix Group V is to serve as the primary POC for .-igin and cause determinations for fires 0 CFederal interest in the Sta!teof Arizona. HOWC\lCr; Tucson J-based agents should assist the Arizona OFI with. provW.ing technical guidance and supportto arson investigations where possible. AOR:Pima, Pinal, SantaQuz,Itochise~'Graham,and Greenlee counties. ~sollDutyAgents 'will be responsible for D-u£YAgentcans and will keep them.regardlessof type Clfinvestigation or . geographic locations.




Firearms Trafficking.09 ilt~gatiOD$ shou1d focus d~g the ille,gal souree(s) of firearms des:ijned to violent gangs and groUps in the Tucson metro areawith a primary focus the targeted


Cnminal Gnmps.ld ~anigs-Tbeprimary focusofthis office duriugFr' 09 should be to r~ain fully en;gagcd ig the Tuc$t)n VC1T effort by continuing. to work closely with the Tucson
Police Department in targeted. 3tftlswithin the city of Tucson. with jhe Tucson ULAt.ea Offiee, investigate all incidents of explosives stolen from licensees and permiteesjntheCityolTueson. When . appropriate, work with our Federal, State, and local law enforcementpa:rtrJers to fuUymvestigate any bombing of Federal interest that occurs within the City of Tucson .
}~:$plosives, Bombs and Bombings -Working

·f"ire· .ud Arson ~ Where appropriate, the eFT assigned to Phoenix Group V is to serve as the primary poe for f)ngit1~d cause determinations for-fires ofFederaJ1mlerest ill the State of


All Phoenix Field Division Employees
Arizona. However, Tucson If-based agents should assist the ArizonaCFI with providing technical guidance and support toarson investigations where possible within the City of Tucson.

AOR: Pima County with a pritnaJ:y focus on the City of Tucson. Tucson Duty will be responsible for Duty Agent calls and will keep them regardless of type of investigation or geographic locations.

:.r1Jl CSO,ll In (A-Ibn" uer,1 eaod,

I,3S Crnces .. Satcllites)

Traffickirn'g - Primary focus shO'uldbe on completing the FY 09 Operating Plan requirements fttearms. This should include onsitteapplication inspections, random sample pawnbro'ker collector inspections, security fi_ iaspections and compliance inspections. in cases of'firearma thefts., Maintain communications with gun show ("m0te:lS enstlfe tile distribution of ATF materials at local shows. Continue to develop :ru,_~atiQnships Federal, state and local co'nnterparts.
\ .

with all LE


complete SWB forward trace inspections and complete

woe worksheets,


Explosives, Bomb$ IDId Bombin.gs - Primary f(leU becom;pleting on site application inspections and lttandatory SEA inspections as r~ aired by the IT 09 Operating plan. Continue 10 with LE cases of explosives theft and Inspect ATF magazines as scheduled. Complete $l1y necessary fireworks storage verification and fireworks limited inspections during peak fireworks season. AOR: New Mexico and the southern Pinal, and Santa Cruz.

Should you nave any questions concerning the information contained in this document please contact your immediate supervisor, Thank you.

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