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Make these sentences emotive (think about altering the nouns

and verbs, adding powerful adjectives and adverbs)

e.g. Football supporters were on the pitch. (no emotion/neutral)

ADD emotion:
Crazed Chelsea hooligans stampeded the pitch- hurling missiles at
the visiting supporters. (the writer’s emotive words make us
feel differently about the football supporters)

The man was innocent.

The Eastenders actor was questioned by police.

New mothers are unhappy about governments’ maternity policy.

More young people are truanting from school.

Teachers have a heavy workload.

Students are worried about exams.

Zoos are not suitable for animals.

The British transport system is inadequate.

The England cricket team won against Australia.

The earthquake in Pakistan affected people.

The bomb explosions in London caused problems.

There are not enough shelters for homeless people.

Abortion is wrong.

He won a prize.

We bought a lottery ticket.