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6/6/2011 Monday, Jun 6

10:00a-10:45a PREP FOR PRESS CONFERENCE ON HEATING OIL AND CITY COUNCIL MANHATTAN DELEGATION BUDGET MEETING Location: Car 11:00a-12:00p BRIEF REMARKS PRESS CONFERENCE ON HEATING OIL Location: Park West Village, 784-792 Columbus Ave at Approx 98th St 2:45p-3:15p (Event Times: 2:30p-5:00p) BRIEF REMARKS FRANCHISE AND CONCESSION REVIEW COMMITTEE HEARING ON UNION SQUARE PAVILION Location: 156 William Street (at Ann St), 2nd Floor 5:15p-5:40p (Event Times: 5:30p-7:30p) MANHATTAN MEDIA BLACKBOARD AWARDS FOR TEACHERS Location: Fordham University Law School, James McNally Theatre, 140 West 62nd Street (Columbus Amsterdam)

Tuesday, Jun 7
7:45a-8:30a (Event Times: 7:30a-9:30a) ABYSSINIAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION HARLEM RENAISSANCE DAY OF COMMITMENT LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST Location: The Great Hall at Shepard Hall, City College, 138th St and Convent Ave 9:30a-10:00a (Event Times: 9:30a-11:00a) BRIEF REMARKS CITY COUNCIL MANHATTAN DELEGATION BUDGET MEETING Location: 250 Broadway, 16th Floor Administrative Conference Room 11:00a-12:15p (Event Times: 11:00a-12:15p) BRIEF REMARKS RIBBON CUTTING FOR THE NEXT SECTION OF THE HIGH LINE Location: 23rd St and 10th Ave, North Side Entrance 1:00p-1:45p (Event Times: 1:00p-1:45p) MEETING WITH AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE Location: BPO 1:45p-2:00p MEETING WITH JIMMY, ALAINA, AND SASCHA Location: BPO 2:00p-2:15p SCHEDULING MEETING Location: BPO

Wednesday, Jun 8

ULURP SIGNING FOR WILLIS AVENUE BRIDGE Location: BPO 2:00p-2:30p (Event Times: 1:30p-3:15p) BRIEF REMARKS LAGUARDIA HS OF MUSIC AND ART AND PERFORMING ARTS AWARDS CEREMONY Location: LaGuardia High School, 100 Amsterdam Ave at 65th St, Auditorium 6:15p-6:45p (Event Times: 6:00p-9:00p) GOOD OLD LOWER EAST SIDE ANNUAL CELEBRATION Location: La Vie Restaurant and Bar, 64 East 1st St (1st - 2nd)

Thursday, Jun 9
10:00a-10:30a (Event Times: 10:00a-12:00p) DAY CARE HOME VISIT Location: Home of Marcia Briggs Morrison, 111-04 180th St at Sayres Ave, Queens 11:30a-11:45a PREP FOR MEETING WITH CON EDISON Location: BPO 11:45a-12:00p PREP FOR INWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD LGBT MEET AND GREET EVENT Location: BPO 12:00p-1:00p MEETING WITH HEATHER BEAUDOIN, PAUL FERNANDEZ, AND JIM CONWAY Location: BPO 1:15p-1:30p SCHEDULING MEETING Location: BPO 1:30p-1:45p CHECK IN ON SCHOOL GRADUATIONS Location: BPO 6:10p-6:30p (Event Times: 6:00p-8:00p) CONGRESS MEMBER NADLER'S ANNUAL GALA RECEPTION Location: Le Parker Meridien, Estrela PH, 119 W 56th St (6th - 7th) 7:00p-7:45p (Event Times: 6:30p-8:00p) BRIEF REMARKS INWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD LGBT MEET AND GREET EVENT Location: The Home of Harlan Pruden and Stephen Wilkinson, 67 Park Terrace East (215th - 217th), #C41

Friday, Jun 10
11:40a-12:35p (Event Times: 11:30a-1:00p) BRIEF REMARKS ASSEMBLY MEMBER ROSENTHAL'S SENIOR DAY EVENT Location: American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West (77th - 81st) 12:45p-1:00p INTERVIEW WITH ALAN FEUER OF THE NEW YORK TIMES ON DA VANCE PROFILE Location: Call 1:45p-2:15p CHECK IN ON WRITTEN REMARKS Location: BPO 2:15p-2:45p CHECK IN ON CEC APPOINTMENTS

Location: BPO 3:00p-4:00p MEETING WITH CON EDISON Location: BPO 4:15p-4:30p (Event Times: 3:00p-7:00p) BRIEF GREETINGS VLADECK RESIDENT ASSOCIATION'S ANNUAL FAMILY DAY SUMMER KICK-OFF EVENT Location: 356 Madison St, Ruth Winds Way 5:00p-6:00p MEETING WITH JUSTIN KREBS Location: The Long Room, 120 West 44th St (6th - 7th)

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