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Bottled Water Industry

Bottled Water Industry

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Published by: Abhinav Pande on Aug 26, 2011
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Submitted to: Prof. G. M. Jayaseelan SUBJECT: Marketing Management

Prashant Chauhan Preetam Khungar Ritesh Sawant Yuvraj Sinh Zala

The bottled water industry consists of organized and unorganized players. There are about 2000 unorganized players which operate locally. The bottled water industry has spent billions over the past decade to sell you on the idea that bottled water is better than tap water. We have found that the company has gained sustainable competitive advantage through its brand. The pioneer of the industry Parle Bisleri has grown over the years and maintained its top position. One of the most ironic parts of the bottled water tragedy is that the water bottling industry gets the water free. The company however faces threat from its competitors as it is single product company. The ironic part is that tap water is legislated to be 7.Executive Summary The bottled water industry in India is currently valued at more than $ 1. 1 . bottles it and sells it back to us at 1. The industry is dynamic and the companies operates in hypercompetitive environment.5 billion. The strategic analysis of company like Parle Bisleri becomes very important in this situation. In India around 100 companies sell an estimated 424 million liters of bottled water valued at around Rs 200 crore in the country annually. The bottled water industry is growing at rate of 18% CAGR and has attracted many players including Pepsi and Coca Cola. They first dump a TON of chlorine in the water to kill off all the bad bacteria.0 pH neutral. filters it. logistics and marketing. The company has adopted expansion strategy to increase the reach and achieve operational efficiencies.900% profit. Well the short answer is they are both unhealthy. this makes it highly acidic.

Key Players in the Market Market Share 2 .

The carbonated and flavored water has very niche segment and there were negligible sales in 2009.5%. The organized players consist of brands like Bisleri. Oxyrich. Himalaya.The market consists of organized as well as unorganized players. The market share of different companies in bottled water industry is shown below 3 . etc. Kinley. The bottled water industry in India still consists of still bottled water. Aquafina. There are large numbers of unorganized players and most of them are involved in selling by means of tampering with seals of organized player’s product. Parle Bisleri has continued to be the market leader with a market share of 38.

we have introduced Bisleri Natural Mountain Water . 4 .5L. The company was the first player in the bottled water industry and so it has gained first mover advantage. Strict hygiene conditions are maintained in all plants. There was a strategic shift in the direction of the company over the years. 1. however in our effort to bring to you something refreshingly new. Till date the Indian consumer has been offered Bisleri water. 250ml bottles. Bisleri value our customers & therefore have developed 8 unique pack sizes to suit the need of every individual. which have enabled it to gain sustainable competitive advantage. 500ml.All about Bisleri Parle acquired Bisleri from an Italian entrepreneur Mr. 1L. known as Vedika.water brought to you from the foothills of the mountains situated in Himachal Pradesh. Felice Bisleri in 1967. We are present in 250ml cups. Bisleri Water is put through multiple stages of purification. We have selected Parle Bisleri for the analysis purpose mainly because. Hence our product range now comprises of two variants : Bisleri with added minerals & Bisleri Mountain Water. The company has undergone changes over the years. it is important to study how a company with a single product brand has maintained its market position? We have gained insights about the strategic decisions taken by the company over the years. 20L which are the returnable packs. ozonized & finally packed for consumption. The company established its first plant in Mumbai in the same year. Rigorous R&D & stringent quality controls has made us a market leader in the bottled water segment. 2L which are the non-returnable packs & 5L.

5 Lt.Prices Of Different Brands BRANDS 1 Lt. 2 Lt. BISLERI 15 25 45 KINLEY 16 25 50 OXYRICH 15 25 50 AQUAFINA 14 --- --- KINGFISHER 15 25 45 5 .

Cost of Production 6 .

Pricing Strategy Bisleri follows the following pricing strategy PRICE LEADERSHIP STRATEGY Since Bisleri has the 1st mover advantage and the market is full of competition bisleri has decided to increase their expenditure in advertisement expenses. 2L. multiplex  Railway Stations  General Stores Product Line Pricing  Image Pricing  Old Pack Rs 5/. 5L. 500ML.5L. As we can see in the above the other players in the market have priced their product prices up or below the price of bisleri.per 500ml Types of Products 20L. 1L. 250ML 7 . Bisleri is know has mineral and pure water. 1. To target the customer bisleri launched different product line with different prices and different size of bottles. Differential Pricing  Malls.per 500ml  New Pack Rs 9/. The branding and segmentation of bisleri is very stonge as it covers household to big hotels.

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