logo. ) Feel free to copy/share/print this list. title. picture. Moon Design and Issaries. whatever! in this list is owned. thingy. name. Versions: Version 1. Any use herein is not intended to constitute a challenge to their ownership.net Have a nice day ! Richard EVERY product. More Collectors Checklists can be found at our new website: http://cc. With the Collectors Checklist you will be able to sort your whole collection. So gradually my collection expanded with not only genuine products but also with photocopies. I made this checklist for myself to keep track of what RPG products I own. trademarked.0 : PDF checklist with cover. Avalon Hill. Since the coming of the officially digitized classic products (ESD’s) and hundreds of homemade scans it is even harder to keep track of what product you own in what format. copyrighted. Many times was I in the position to photocopy (“Xerox”) a module or booklet that the owner didn’t wish to sell.soundsupport. the lot! By Chaosium. . Inc. no matter what the format is! The checklist is devided into several sections : Stock № : SubCode : Title : Copy : Xerox : ESD : Scan : The item’s publishing code When an item belongs to a specific group of items it carries this code The product’s title (dah!) Check this if you have the original item Check this if you have a copy (Xeroxcopy for instance) of the original item Check this if you have an official digital copy of the original item Check this if you have a homemade scan of the original item HINT: you can even write down the number when you own more than one copy of a product . your first aid when collecting RuneQuest material.Well met and welcome to the Collectors Checklist! This is the RuneQuest Collectors Checklist.

(1978) Dragon Pass. Box (1980) RuneQuest: Adventure Books CH4002 CH4003 CH4007 CH4007 CH4007 SP1 SP2 SP6 Balastor's Barracks (1978) Apple Lane. 1st Ed. 2nd Ed. 2nd Ed. 2nd Ed. 2nd Ed. 1st Ed. 3rd Ed. (1983) RuneQuest: Solo Adventures CH4017 CH4019 CH4020 Soloquest (1982) Scorpion Hall (1982) Snow King's Bride (1982) RuneQuest: Background & Adventures CH4013 CH4015-X CH4016-X CH4021-X CH4022-X CH4023 Griffin Mountain (1981) Borderlands (1982) Trollpak (1982) Pavis (1982) Big Rubble (1982) Runequest Companion (1983) RuneQuest: Glorantha Background Books CH4500 CH4501 WA0500 WA0501 WA0510 WA0??? King of Sartar (1992) Wyrm's Footprints (1995) The Glorious Reascent of Yelm Glorantha (1994) The Fortunate Succession (1995) The Entekosiad Glorantha Background (1996) The Missing Lands (1998) RuneQuest: Gods & Cults Books CH4008 CH4008 CH4014 SP7 Cults of Prax. 2nd Ed. Softcover (1980) RuneQuest. (1976) White Bear & Red Moon. (1975) White Bear & Red Moon. Hardcover (1980) RuneQuest. (1980) Nomad Gods (1977) RuneQuest: Core Rules CH4001 CH4001 CH4001-H CH4001-X RuneQuest. (1978) Snakepipe Hollow. (1979) Cults of Prax. (1978) RuneQuest. 2nd Ed. 1st Ed. (1981) Snakepipe Hollow. (1979) Cults of Terror (1981) 2 . (1979) Snakepipe Hollow. 1st Ed. 1st Ed. 1st Ed.Stock № SubCode Product Title Chaosium Glorantha BoardGames Copy Xerox ESD Scan CH1001 CH1001 CH1001 CH1001-X CH1002 White Bear & Red Moon. 3rd Ed.

1982) Wyrm’s Footnotes (Official Magazine) Wyrm's Footnotes #1 (1976) Wyrm's Footnotes #2 (1977) Wyrm's Footnotes #3 (1977) Wyrm's Footnotes #4 (1978) Wyrm's Footnotes #5 (1978) Wyrm's Footnotes #6 (1979) Wyrm's Footnotes #7 (1979) Wyrm's Footnotes #8 (1980) Wyrm's Footnotes #9 (1980) Wyrm's Footnotes #10 (1980) Wyrm's Footnotes #11 (1981) Wyrm's Footnotes #12 (1981) Wyrm's Footnotes #13 (1981) Wyrm's Footnotes #14 (1982) Avalon Hill Glorantha BoardGames AH849 Dragon Pass. 2nd Ed. (1984) RuneQuest: Core Rules AH857 AH8570 AH8571 AH8572 AH8579 Deluxe RuneQuest Box (1985) Deluxe RuneQuest Book (1994) Deluxe RuneQuest Player's Box (1985) Deluxe RuneQuest GameMaster's Box (1985) Standard Runequest (1986) RuneQuest: Adventure Books AH85712 AH85713 AH85715 AH85716 AH8594 Apple Lane. (1987) Snake Pipe Hollow. (1987) Into the Troll Realms (1988) The Haunted Ruins (1989) Shadows on the Borderlands (1993) 3 .Stock № SubCode Product Title RuneQuest: Stats Books Copy Xerox ESD Scan CH4004 CH4005 CH4006 CH4009 CH4012 SP3 SP4 SP5 Trolls and Trollkin (1978) Scorpionmen and Broos (1978) Militia and Merceneries (1979) Foes (1980) Rune Masters (1980) RuneQuest: Various CH4010 CH4011 Gateway Bestiary (1980) Plunder (1980) RuneQuest for Gateway(2nd Ed. 4th Ed.) CH4018-X Questworld (Gateway Adventures Box. 3rd Ed.

Stock № SubCode Product Title RuneQuest: Background. The Lost City (1990) Moon Design Publications (Glorantha Classic) Pavis & Big Rubble (1999) Issaries. Roleplaying in Glorantha Glorantha. Epic Adventure in Mythic Glorantha Hero Wars: Core Books (orange spine) 1001 1002 1101 1102 1103 1104 HeroQuest Hero's Book.) AH8573 AH8574 AH8575 AH8576 AH8578 AH8584 AH85714 AH8571701 AH8589 [Box 1] [Box 2] [Box 3] [Box 4] [Box 6] [Box 7] Monster Coliseum (1985) Adventurer Sheets Human (1985) Adventurer Sheets Nonhuman (1985) Vikings (1985) Griffin Island (1986) Land of Ninja (1986) RuneQuest Cities (1988) Daughters of Darkness (1990) Eldarad. Introduction to the Hero Wars Anaxial's Roster. Game Mastering in the Hero Wars 4 . Creatures of the Hero Wars Narrator's Book. Playing in the Hero Wars Hero Wars. Adventures. Rules & Stats Books Copy Xerox ESD Scan AH8585 AH8586 AH8588 AH8590 AH8591 AH8592 AH8593 [Box 8] [Box 9] [Box 11] Glorantha (1988) Troll Pak (1988) Elder Secrets (1989) Sun County (1992) River of Cradles (1992) Dorastor (1994) Strangers in Prax (1994) RuneQuest: Gods & Cults Books AH8577 AH8587 AH8595 [Box 5] [Box 10] Gods of Glorantha (1985) Troll Gods (1988) Lords of Terror (1995) RuneQuest: Monsters Books AH85711 Gloranthan Bestiary (1987) RuneQuest for Gateway(3rd Ed. Inc Hero Wars: Boxed Sets 9901 Deluxe Hero Wars.

Kerofinela .Stock № SubCode Product Title Hero Wars: Player Books Copy Xerox ESD Scan 1301 1302 1303 1304 1310 Thunder Rebels. Sartar Rising part 1 Orlanth is Dead!. Sartar Rising part 4 Hero Wars: Game Aids 1501 1502 Orlanthi Narrator's Kit. Imperial Lunar Handbook. volume 2 Storm Tribe. Sartar Rising part 3 Raising the Dragon. Player's Book for Orlanthi Barbarians Imperial Lunar Handbook. volume 1 (formerly She Guards Us) Hero Bands She Guards Us. the Cults of Sartar Hero Wars: Campaign Supplements 1401 1402 1403 1404 Barbarian Adventures. Sartar Rising part 2 Gathering Thunder.Land of Thunder Hero Wars: Miscellaneous 1601 1602 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1608 1609 Retailer Starter Kit Deluxe Hero Wars Handouts Gloranthan Visions Pavis & Big Rubble reprint (softcover) Pavis & Big Rubble reprint (hardcover) Griffin Mountain reprint (softcover) Griffin Mountain reprint (hardcover) Cults Compendium reprint (softcover) Cults Compendium reprint (hardcover) Greg Stafford’s Unfinished Works 8801 8802 8803 8804 8805 8806 8807 The Entekosiad The Glorious Reascent of Yelm The Fortunate Succession Missing Lands Revealed Mythologies Heroquests and Heroquesting The Imperial Army 5 .

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