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37565150 Robert Dilts Cognitive Patterns of Jesus of Nazareth

37565150 Robert Dilts Cognitive Patterns of Jesus of Nazareth

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  • Summary of the Logicat Level Alignment process
  • B. Logical Level Co-Alignment Process
  • Summary of Logical Level Co-Alignment Process

Pattems of Cognitive Jesus Nazareth: of

Toolsof TheSpirit

by Robert Dilts B.

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CognitivePatternsof Jesus of Nazareth: Tools of The SPirit'

Contents lntroductlon of A. PrinciPles NLP of and Principles Structures Modeling B. Basic of C. Levels Modeling for Material theStudY D. Source the Part l: ExPloring Mind of Jesus Experience of Elements Human Basic l. Some SYstem A. TheNervous SYstems 1. RePresentational the Between Senses - Overlap 2. Synesthesia B. Language Strategies C. Cognitive
Patterns' of Analysis Jesus'Language ll. A Neuro'Linguistic of Analysis Jesus'Predicates A. General in Context of B. MicroAnalysis Jesus'Predicates 1. TheWord 2. The Heart 3. The Light and The Life 4. The SPirit

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Cues of llt. Analysis Jesus'Accessing StrategY lV.Jesus'Macro Patterns Cognitive of V. Summary Jesus'

Taking Positions Multiple . Operationalizing Integration LongTermand Short of the Exercise: Integrating TimeFrames An NLP Interpretation The Signof the Cross of ll. Logical Process Level Co-Alignment Level Process Co-Alignment Summary Logical of perceptual Your Neighbor lll. Conclusion Bibliogra p h y Programming Appendix A: Overview of Neuro-Linguistic 47 48 55 57 59 61 68 68 75 76 77 79 BO 85 87 B9 93 95 . Operationalizing GreatCommandments the A.Loving AsYourself TheMetaMirror Demonstration Meta-Mirror of The Transcript: Mirror Process Summary theMeta of 'Mind TheHeart' Exercise of lV.Part ll: lmptementing Jesus' CognitivePatterns TermGoals l. Aligning Neuro-Logical lmplementing the Levels: 38 40 41 42 44 First Commandment Process Level Alignment Transcript: Demonstration Logical of the Process of Level Alignment Summary the Logical B.Summary lmplementation of Strategies TheResonance Pattern Pattern Transcript: Demonstration Resonance ofthe Pattern Summary theResonance of Neural Network Analogy V.

amongother provides set of toolsthat allowus to mapoutthe cognitive processes things. in deedsandcapabilities the extraordinary of Programming a psychological is Neuro-Linguistic model which. According NLP modelit is the way in a or the whichwe organize sensory our and linguistic functions a programmed into sequence of mental activity determines a large that to degree howwe willperceive respond and to the worldaroundus. charlatan. seems be to fromthe remarkable muchthatcan be learned accounts the life."Christianity" for of civilization almost thousand two of thinking Western Western nation. centuries hasbeenhailed the ultimate by Man.Patterns Jesus of Nazareth: of Cognitive Toolsof the spirit. blasphemer. psychological reported modeling deedsand teachings Jesus. charismatic a a a healer. as feeling. NLP looks the deeper for structures produced that thoseresults. years two thanthe previous thousand the lasttwenty Through yearsJesushasbeenviewed manydifferent as things many by the people: teacher. a people (seeAppendix Rather underlying worksof creative exceptional the and A).paranoid a and a a schizophrenic.seerng. a a different leader. therecenainly son of God. miracle worker. Jesus Page1 - . of modelfor Western (andit is estimated morehas beenwritten that aboutJesusin and ideology sayings years).wordsandactions of The purpose thismonograph to takeyet another of is lookat the of Jesusof Nazareth. NLP searches the way in whichsomeone for usessuchbasicneurological processes the senses(i. itselfwiththe content the workof the particular thanconcern of individual be to modeled. how theseprocesses shapedand reflected language.e. political religious the however. magician. Millions wordshavebeenwritten abouthis actions. hearing. Robert Dilts INTR OD C TION U havehad a majorinfluence the on The wordsand ideasof Jesusof Nazareth yearsnow.Using modern of the (NLP)| wishto examine structure Programming toolsol Neuro-Linguistic the behind reported the accounts his life..a myth. Whatever one'sopinion.The storyof the life religion almost of every someformis the primary has into and and deedsof Jesusof Nazareth beentranslated everymajorlanguage missionaries churches has beenspread around worldby the various and that the he For as role werespawned histeachings.smellingand tastingl. by B. howthe two combine are by and to produce particular program strategy.In parlicular.

or All of the models techniques NLPare based the combination these and of on of two principles. the belief In system NLPit is notpossible human of for beings know to objective reality that is the realmof whatmencall 'God'. rather enrich perceptions a waythatallows to be both but to our in us moreeffective moreecological howwe interact and in withreality. experience respond the world of We and to around primarily us through sensory our representational systems.lt is generally reality limits or empowers but not that us us.lt is our.We As we can onlyknowour perceptions reality.A. Principlesof NLp In essence. patterns reproducible in the language behavior effective models. Wisdom. reality not itself. societies. processes take placewithina The that humanbeingand between human beings andtheirenvironment systemic. The status Christianity an influence the worldis in manywaysa result of as in of Jesus Page 2 .neurolinguistic' mapsof reality that determine howwe behave and that givethosebehaviors meaning. as B. TheMapis Notthe Territory. because human beings wouldnot be capable making of one. Rather. can neverknowreality. humanbeings.real' of is mapor model of something. Life and 'Mind'are SystemicProcesses. goalis to create richest the the mappossible respects systemic that the nature andecology ourselves the of and worldin whichwe live. and to in muchvaluable information be gleaned can fromwritten records well. Suchsystems are basedon certain 'self-organizing'principlesnaturally and seekoptimal states of balance homeostasis. The modeling toolsof NLPallowus to identify specific. model not A is intended be reality. 2. is notpossible lt to completely isolate any partof the system fromthe restof the system. our universe our and forman ecology complex of systems and subsystems of whichinteract all withand mutually influence eachother. instead represent to but to certain aspects that reality a of in practical and concrete way. ethicsand ecology do notderive fromhaving one'right' the or'correct' mapof the world. of NLPis founded two fundamental all on premises: 1.WhilemostNLPanalysis done and of role is by actually watching listening the rolemodel action. are Our bodies. ratherour map of reality. some Basic Principtesand structures of Modeling The purpose modeling notto makethe one .

an such therearea number different in that systems sub-systems whichhe operated we may and or levels. We mightalsowantto examine way in whichthatidentity the manifested itselfin relationship his family.i.e.e. as Jesus. of and withlarger of systems whichhe wasa partin a personal. whyhe didthings way he did themin his behavioral the .how.We couldfurther and strategies capabilities Jesusdeveloped accomplish and that to shaped thinking the goalsin hisenvironment .e.e.. the various of environment whichhe lived in and explore.e. lor tell the has hadthe toolsof NLPbefore analyze gospels whattheymight us to processes neuro-linguistic underlying mindandworksof Jesus. Levels of Modeling of aspects. recognizing and and set of assumptions beliefs. the aboutthe specific C. the havebeenpassed beneath theircontent. beliefs. disciples.i. that selfor identity was manifesting capabilities actions and what. couldlookdeeper investigate Jesus'perception the of he through setof beliefs... mayalso and specific and by lookat the intellectual cognitive and strategies capabilities whichhe selected in his thesebehaviors in andguided actions hisenvironment howhegenerated . ln modeling individual.Eventhoughso muchhas been of structures mindlie hidden no manydifferent aspects his lifeand ministry.whenand where We behaviors actions i. .Thisis a process our of of that structure helpus to enrich understanding the effects that and defining can process ourselves ourworld" The kindof strategy Jesusseems embody a to is on and fundamental beliefs about worldintoa way of the for and organizing strategy forming and both beingand livingthat has deepimplications personally socially.We can lookat the historical geographical his his and Jesusperformed teachings works. contemporaries.We can examine . patterns howJesusorganized is in his The purpose this monograph to identify of of experience the worldaroundhim andthenactedin thatworldso that we may gain that they have life and somenew insightinto his remarkable and abilities the impact deedsof Jesusas they the society. his his Western to Society and Culture.whathe did in that environment.the whobehind why. We to thosetimesand places.i..Page3 . in thatenvironment the whereand when.. the explore beliefs and values that motivated that context. how values abilities. one of analyzing written aboutJesus. and identity Jesusinfluence interact did the behaviors. the God. social and ultimately spiritualway? Jesus. In other to words.i.for a strategy thinking a in and its success representing programmingfundamental and that hasa structure.who he wasin relation whoelse. planet.i.By analyzing wordsand reported had on modern perhaps can findwhat we downto us through gospels.e.

Cognitive Patterns Jesusof Nazareth. as of of The secondsection. wifl of valuesand the assumptions lie behind wordsand actions Jesusas viewed that fromthe the of perspective NLPand systems The of The Therapeutic theory.of is One way to visualize relationships between theseelements as a network the generative as systems focusor converge the identity the individual lhe core on that of process. Techniques Jesus. Mis s io n " Who Else? ld e n t it y Mis s io n Who? B e lie f s / V a luP e rmis s io n / Mo t iv a t io n es why? Dire Ca p a b ilit ie s c t io n How? or Actions at? Constraints Environment Where? When? Network LogicalLevels of Clearly taskof modeling the would an Jesus allof theselevels on be (one overwhelming undertaking that has beengoingnowfor almost two millennia). goalof my studyhasbeento to one of the the focusintosomekey areasin whichNLPwillbe ableto provide mostamount the of insight. of the modeling Universe Profession/ Community Family S p irit u a l" T ra n s . This monograph. explore structure will of the behind numerous often the and performed Jesus. While. astonishing of healing reportedly acts by Jesus Page4 - . finalsection. eachlevelis so interconnectedthe others to thatit is not possible examine independently others. explore will of the structure the cognitive of strategies employed Jesusin hisvarious by worksand teachings howwe mightapplyJesus' and strategic thinking abilities our own lives. to It is intended the beginning a larger workcomposed two othersections. explore beliefs. a cefiain to degree. TheEpistemology Jesus.

Source Material lor the Study The objection.teaching thought view and processes Jesusof Nazareth.The gospelof is thoughtprocess. in to the a (andsomeof sources the NewTestament for dialectof ancientHebrew. scholars to and utilizing English languages.D. cannot fromlranslations hislory.because theirfragmentary nature. the gospels. dialect Greek of of usedby scholars the timecalled'Koine' a legacy the empireof Alexander of the (or version Authorized Version) the Biblewas published Great.. translations textsin the original and WhileI willbe primarily working fromthistext.The KingJames in of 1611aftera massive under auspices JamesI of England. middle-to-second of the firstcentury). however. maybe raised that.The written however.Whathaveinfluenced divineinspiration. historical Jesus wouldhavespoken Aramaic. sayings the do provide interesting ancient an and additional intothe life.forthe reasons cited. is through it of accounts weremadedecades that theseaccounts history havecometo knowJesusof Nazareth. of of numerous andthe factthattheyhaveundergone translations. is of non-canonical records Jesus'lifeand of in teachings that werewritten approximately sametime periodas the gospels the of MatthewMark. course. Thereare also several relevant textsthat haveonlybeenrecently discovered and are not a partof the traditional documents the NewTestament of whichcan provide insights and richness the understandingJesus'teachings into additional of and interest the Gospel Thomas. of RonCameron.Of particular of Thomas one of a number fragmentary. wereoriginally recorded a common in the OldTestament).LukeandJohn(i.And eventhoughI will be working are afterJesus'death. perhaps exception somekindof knowthe actual historical one Jesus. points editor TheOtherGospels.e. of While gospel Thomas notgenerally the of is accepted a theological as document the existing by Christian churches. the undertaking of 54 previous werecommissioned workindividually in groups.Forthis reasonI throughout that people havechosen analyze KingJames the version gospels sinceit hasprobably had to of in worldfor the pastthreecenturies. with the of Obviously. gospels not will the provide accurate representation Jesusto be validin sucha studyof his of an enough psychological processes. the mostinfluence the English speaking According scholars. of out: Jesus Page 5 . therearesometimes interesting insights or clarifications comefromconsidering history meaning the original that the and of Greek were lermsfromwhichthe translations made. the half The Gospelof Thomasis a collection sayings of rather thana storyof Jesus'life likethe fourgospels the NewTestament.

point here thisanalysis notintended address pass I should out that is to or judgment matters faith. whether notyoubelieve wasdoes he and or Jesus Page 6 - . Luke theNew in Testament. Mark. rather examine works Jesus the light on of but to the in of of psychological modern discoveries addyetanother to dimension whatcanbe to learned them. of thissuggests theGospel from of All that of Thomas based a tradition sayings is on of which closely is related thatof to gospels which experienced thecanonical process but has a separate of transmission." In a way.From NLPpoint the of view. parallel gospels. appeal longevity thewords theBible in thewaythatthey the and lie of of processes a strategy access organize fundamental and neurological into for interacting theworld. sources collectionssayings to thatof thecanonical lts are of and parables gospels. common Matthew.and those theaspects areof most interest are that here. important an source aswellas of witness Jesus' to sayings.parallels the "Most thesayings theGospel Thomas have in of in of 'synoptic' gospels Matthew. document therefore. The is of of therefore. totally a are absent theGospel Thomas. Gospel Thomas be profitably the of can with compared the Synoptic generally Sayings Source. Mark referred to to as Q (from first the letter theGerman Quelle. of word meaning It is probable many thesayings theGospel Thomas that of in which of arenotpreserved elsewhere alsoderive fromearly else traditions sayings of of Jesus. This is.Such strategy a generative process maybe with a is that applied independentlythe content which wasinitially with of it expressed. Whether notJesus said or wasthesonof Godis notat issue here. somewhat fragmentary synoptic the nature thegospels the and of and pathway translations went of manifestation they through reach to theirEnglish can parts Jesus actually filter serve a useful sothatonly most as robust the of strategy emerge. this contemporary thesources thecanonical with In of respect.Mygoalis to identify patterns the from in verbal behavioral specific and words actions Jesus canilluminate more to howandwhy Jesus and of that us as thought whathethought. 'source'). whathesaidanddidwhathedid. andLuke. and of Analysis each these reveals thesayings theGospel of that in of sayings of Thomas either preservedforms primitive those theparallel are in more in than sayings the NewTestament aredevelopmentsmore in primitive or of forms of such gospels sayings. compositionlheGospel Thomas. including addition a narrative the of structure theinclusion and of traditional sayings stories and within biographical framework. particular The editorial which synoptic changes the make.

andleadership wellas religion. health as JesusPage7 - . more understands the many and The one about enlighten provided Jesus.Whatever begleaned thespecific from that our can produced remarkable howJesus his results stillof methods can described about world. portrayed the New that as healer influential Testament. would have to manifest had Man. analysis this of would reported wouldbe neither irrelevant disrespectful.a representation exceptionally is of an successful and leader hasshaped modern world. nor mission to was Jesus' struclure his through words deeds.notchange value theinformation. process manifestation of mission a hisspiritual through man's An havea structureperhaps veryimportant a structure. Jesus levels. the of powers and came from lf youarea believer feelthatJesus'teaching healing and you were that and source.'As manamong other Jesus was'God made a This nervous system. must accept hisactions teachings still a supernatural According Christian to doctrine. different intended operate many on to men. of you still in lf you area non-believer must accept Jesus. mayhave great Jesus a deal contributethepractice modern to to of psychotherapy. more one's rich levels knowledge information and by the of will experience hismessage be. in benefit ourmodern psychology.

the circulation. relays and again. Gregory of as important of influencestheearly in developmentNLP. initiation the"fight-flight" emotional attentional states. organisms. System 3) theAutonomic and cord. rather process but resulting andgoverning relationships a interac{ionsa system. lt controls and is up TheCentral Neruous System made of thebrain spinal and with thought action. and via plans programs. Some Basic Elements HumanExperience of A. The NervousSystem part Thenervous has the system to do with "neuro" of Neuro-Linguistic and our Programming. ourmuscles movement is associated conscious and and cordand of is ThePeripheral Neruous up System made of the branches thespinal from lt information theenvironment theorgans. lower almost system show any societies. Autonomic Jesus Page 8 - . andstrategies mental TheCentral executes Nervous System the determines state The Nervous System Nervous the Peripheral System. nervous system back muscles glands thecentral and to of outside the witha network nerves of deals TheAutonomic Nervous Sysfem withmany activities as temperature such spinal unconscious cordthatdeals reaction other and of regulation. and the from thing. E X P L OR IN G T H E MIND OF JESUS theorist oneof the most and systems Batesonan anthropologist.'the primary source human of as Appendix A).PART I.thought 'mind' being and immanent anysystem a complex set in with enough of connections interactions. 'Mind' is process theyhave itself nota mental if of enough complexity interaction. in nervous system which Thehuman mind primarilyproduct ourmiraculous is of a and is is trulyoneof thewonders the universe. human of our Nervous primary 2) Nervous System thePeripheral 1) three subsystems: theCentral Nervous System. NLPviews activity the (see and intelligence experience inner'programs. through nervous that lt is system wecoordinate behavior our into maybe divided nervous The system organize experience theworld. l. salivation. about thesense organs. mind manifested expressed Our of of in interacting through number complexty of systems the hemispheresourcerebral a our throughout that structures extend and brain structures. properties of certain can Groups.theform language bodies. in nerve and cortex other and in of within these structures.

loving hating. 1.'hardware" of the biological withinwhichthoseprograms carried are out. functions the Autonomic the of Nervous generally System takeplaceoutside of conscious awareness. the fivesenses Visual Auditory (feeling). healing. tone. it learning. are "sub-modalities" since in NLp theyaresub-components of each therepresentational of systems. qualities thepartof theworld senses andrepresent certain basic of it through the interaction between peripheral central the and nervous systems. thoughtsand actions. (smell) Gustatory and Eachrepresentational system designed perceive is to ftaste)." Leonardo Vinci are of da Representational systems relate the nervous to system structures which operate (sight). Whether be teaching. These temperature. thinking. Kinesthetic Otfactory $ound). Representational Systems "Thesenses the ministers the Soul. understanding. qualities called elc. eating. praying. pressure.Progranuning Conscious Unconscious Autonomic Nervous System R egulation Interral State While most peopleare consciously awareof their sensations.loudness. S e n sa ti o n Input-Output Peripheral Nervous Cognition Tlnught. We build individual our models theworld guide lives of and our based howwe on combine memories constructsthefuture order respond what are our and of in to to we Jesus Page 9 . human or all action and experiences mediated manifested are and through interplay these the of threepartsof our nervous system. such bightness. perceptions These andrepresentations include characteristics as color.

sucha connection calleda synesthesra. respond our environment. Thefeeling of couldnotexist without ar1 the andthe artcouldnotexist without feeling. the strength the various people. way in which and of the the theyare balanced combined together.Certainly. of relationships for different synesthesia vary Jesus Page10 - .lt is thisconnecting together information the different of from possible.Theywerethe medium contact for withthosearound him. person A who primarily responds feeling through and intuition may reactto a crisissituation quitedifferently a person who is looking it and than at apptying logic. Synesthesia can be a veryimportant factor determining easeor effectivenesswhichcertain in the in mental functions performed.Overlap Between the Senses Notall of our mental experiences clearly are into distinguishable one particular sensory category."Synesthesias usually of are morerichand powerful than perceiving patterns also something through single a sensealone.. different The highlight senses different aspects our perceptions of of events and situations. fn NLP. and their of 2. In manycaseshe was actually explicit abouthis emphasis certain of sensory channels he himself that usedand that people shoulduse in perceiving organizing experience the world. term literally is The means"a synthesizing the senses. the manyof the mostpowerful experiences our lives in (suchas 'religious' or'spiritual' involve integrating experiences) an together the of various senses. The emphasis external thesevarious modes using senses. effects theirability thinkandact andevenshapes development their to the of personality. Thisis because sensory our experiences become mixed together in our nervous systems. Synesthesia .and it wasthrough thesesensory channels he gavehis that message performed earthly quite and his works. withthe development the senses are As of themselves. senses that makeslearning Sometimes experiences become connected and overlapped completely it is notpossible easily so that to distinguish fromthe one otherin a causalrelationship . to People differin theirabilities usetheirrepresentational to Thisoften systems. willgreatly influence way in whichwe perceive the and etc. Feeling moved a piece music art wouldbe an by of or example this. As a manifestationthe worldof the "flesh" in Jesusneeded interact that with to worldandthe people it through in thesesenses.placed ableto perceive the ongoing in worldaround on us.theyare boththeresimultaneously eachneeds but the otherin orderto be there.

feelings. Linguistic andcommunication Jesus at can . the difficult describe others to to of Most people focuson whattheyare doingandtendto ignore subtle essential the but mental processes whichtheyaredoingit. is it of of to a particular is features human l-anguage. the Mostetfective is by'unconscious Whilethis behavior characterized competence. deeper and Accomplishing goal. tail etc. oneof the mostfundamental of of thought patterns also was a master usingit. We mustfollow subtle the traces thathavebeenleftbehind our model. language function another NLPconsiders to representational as system a kindof 'meta'representational m. The meaning significance a word formof mental sounds. syste For example. to explicitly and is identify mental strategies lie behind that exceptional the achievements thatthese so processes maybe mademorefullyunderstandable transferable. Linguistic Clues to Thinking Patterns. to While spoken representational the wordis pan of the auditory its is system. in Perhaps of the biggest one difficulties modeling mental the strategies of peoplecomesfromthe fact that the moreone develops abilityto exceptional the actuallydo something. and of individual a function the amount neurology mobilizes. collect together clues(especially the thosewhich mayhaveescaped notice our fellow of hoping piece the detectives) to themtogether Jesus-Page11 .however.feelfurrynor do attempt indicate legs.an8 processes go on behind person's of provide withclues other us to thought that a use language. course. involves significant this a amount detective of work.it makes the of effort a it howto develop samedegree competence. the morepurely of as tonalelements the auditory of system is in represented do.whiskers. Language Language relates the'linguistic" aspect Neuro-Linguistic of Programming. of thisstudy. function to register information the othersenses opposed simply from organize connect and as to qualities an experience. The wordis four or to a the sounds letters whichunites rather pointof convergence multiple representations in the a sensory pictures.B. Sincelanguage actually differently the brainthanpuresounds. by The goalof Neuro-Linguistic Programming. word "caf"doesnot physically the soundlikea cat. one might by as follow footprints the sandhoping eventually in to discover individual has left the who we them. LikeSherlock Holmes.' reduces amount conscious onehasto put intoachieving goal. lessone is awareof how specitically one is doing it. etc.

haphazard People not act effectively the worldthrough in random.Thistype actions."f seewhatyou are saying. sameelements a different in can sequence completely change resulting the "Hewhois not withus is againsl us." "Yousoundupset. faces. and Using exact the of meaning. involved meanings Thesameholds truefor the sensory sequences thought." or wouldtaketheseas literal references the pafl of the nervous the to system personis (see listing).adverbs whichindicate are and adjectives. usingto represent experience Appendix for a morecomplete the A process. These decisions.into intotheirunderlying pattern someinsight the great fromwhichwe mayderive mystery Jesus'mind. instance. and howthat system quality being or is usedin the person's overall thought Predicates words. to strategy it The way eachmental to stepis linked the stepthatcomesbefore andthe one thatcomesafterit is an important feature thought learning. problems. sequence sensory functions For of usedin a memory the (phone strategy may be applied remember contents to things manydifferent of numbers. Likewise. for making creating etc. process. whichindicate particular representational or a system sub-modality. in the wayhe organized experiences his to his nor people operate the worldaround in him. places things. do not in associations reflexes.the two phrases makestheir not againsf is with us. etc.). A primary to useoffermanyimportant patterns. specific sequences mental of stepsarecalled a'strategy'inNLP. NLP says. Thesekindof sensory wordsplayan important in the modeling role based C. example. for was or Jesus. For example." 'Thatdoesn'tfeelnghl. Effective develop consistent step-by-step procedures solving plans.suchas verbs. Cognitive Strategies part relate the "programming" of Neuro-Linguistic Cognitive strategies to Programming. relationships qualities opposed persons." usethe samewordsbutthe sequence us in quitedifferent. of spellings. strategy being of a defines process is independent the dataor content a that processed. stepsused names. is withall of the functions the brain. or as to or of language typically is level the selected an unconscious andthus reflects at underlying unconscious whensomeone structure whichproduced them.Likea computer program. method Neuro-Linguistic of for linguistic is such analysis to search particular as'predicates'. of language so linked because the wordspeople clues howtheyarethinking. Jesus Page 12 - ." and "He who is For example. of Fofiunately. certainly random the waythat he usedhissenses. language. sequence mental the in a decision making maybe applied decisions manydifferent of types.

greatminds to the and leaders history of haveachieved their greatness because they havemanaged formpafiicularly to elegant and compelling for strategies operating effectively the world. representational patterns of our systems. and Strategy sequences generally are organized a way in loop which information thatreflects feedback through the typically through flows a lnformation1)input thesystem is system. Thisoutput effects the in environment around system a waythatproduces the feedback which reenters the system newinput.Inthecourse ourlives. as According NLP. Jesus-Page13 . to 2) through some interface mechanism informationthecoreof thesystem. though allstart that we with potentials shaped different basically samepotential ourbrains. the in these into are combinations sequences. that3) passes to Informationorganized is and processed then4) transformed 5) thesystem's and into output. Let us now beginto explore in what Jesus'language mightunveil us abouthisown innerstrategy making to for senseout of the worldaround him. synesthesia and processes into language organized together theconsistent become sequences or and Even strategies makeup ourcapabilities personality.

hieroglyphics As an archeologist with a might decipher excitement set of precious pharaoh. somewhat of of a focuson the visual. indicating use of the 1 on kinesthetic 4 systemin hiswork.Jesushasoftenbeeninterpreted de-emphasizing as with feelings and the 'waysof the flesh'.Thereis. to and predicates indicating Analyzing further.we finda greater for emphasis the kinesthetic on Jesus Page14 - .The predicalehear" he usesin 6 0 of the versesand "heard"in " 1 7 of the verses. apply linguistic in the mysterious let's filters NLPto of tombof an ancient the the language Jesusof Nazareth seewhatkindof structure of theycan helpus to process uncover abouta thought history. withthe firstset of predicates direction the auditory of As analyzed above.we findthatJesususesthe word "shew" it. not appearin Jesus' the kinesthetic counterparts thesewords. that has shaped A. thatJesus We in told his andthat he "laid"his "hands" people at least in another 4. Thisis important an indicator internal of as of with kinesthetic is sensationscertainly heart an organoftenassociated emotional the system. ln fact. In fact. can examine gospels sensory we for the outputrelating a particular of to to sensory system opposed the inputor receipt as (show) in information through In thiscase. however. states. We are alsotold on several occasions. General Analysis of Jesus' Predicates point. 1 another it organof the bodythatJesusalsorefers quiteoften:the heart. do to "touched" people at least1 2 instances.the to earsl3times. 2 1 verses in andthe word"tell"in 4 4 verses.the mouth 2timesandthe body17 times. ln reference the particular organs themselvesthe means whichwe by to sense interface with our external reality we findJesusreferring the eyes16 times.Searching textswe findthatJesususesthe word"see"in I2 verses the fourgospels and of 'saw' in 10 verses.Herethe scales definitely the tilt predicate.So here. implication the beingthat they interfered the ability receive keephis message.thatJesuswas "moved" compassion. the firsttime.however. a to output an internally on kinesthetic level. language.ll. are.""heaf'and "feel".let us beginby examining As a starting Jesus'use of the mostbasic predicates sensory throughthe gospel suchas "see. "touch"or "move".he mentions to in 32 verses the fourgospels. to be more whichwouldindicate response or exacl. would emphasis this seemto indicate the primary that with Jesus'message was on the visual and auditory aspects experience. lt is interesting notethatthe words"feel"and "feft" not even do to of occuronce! At firstglance. Neuro-Linguistic Analysis of Jesus LanguagePatterns.

Forinstance. "word" (kinesthetic). however."hesighed we deeply hisspirit"(Mark in 8:12).is notalways thesense anactive. for Letus reflect a moment theimplicationsthisdata. thebasic system used in SI.of metaphorical referring to A finalgeneral may analysis be made themore terms (auditory). For whenJesus wasupset. state..lo in lhe sense in we leaning favor theauditory in 'flesh" 1 9 verses. "flesh" This sense.' which used Jesus 2 times thegospels. term spirit.JMMARY PREDICATES OF USEDBY JESUS ORIENTATION Input/Perception Output VISUAL "Sgett ttSawtt AUDITORY "Hgar": "Hgard": KINESTHETIC "Fegl"l 82 l0 60 t7 "Felt": 0 0 INTERNAL FEELING STATE "Life": 59 "Spirit": 22 TOTAL 8I "Shew": 21 "Tell": 44 {"Touched"}: l2 {"LaidHands"} t4 {"Moved"}: 4 "Body": "Heart": l7 32 InterfaceOrgans Metaphorical TSTAL "Eyes": 12 "Eye": 4 "Light": 30 "Ears": 13 "Mouth":12 "Word": 40 2l] ["words": "Flesh": 19 98 t59 2W Whilea lookat the totals the sensory predicates of specific examined shows a preference the auditory fairlydefinite (particularly for verbal)representational system. Once again. we mustkeepin mindthatour primary concern regard the strategy Jesus in to that Jesus-Page15 . suchas "light" a specific in in referring the "word" 4 0 verses refers "words" the lo shows Jesus to anafysis [he "light" 3 0 verses. perhaps better is 2 in is by indicator thisvital a of kinesthetic state. state. and power the Spirit" whenhewasinspired. While Jesus uses word"life" 9 times thefour the in 5 gospels. course. as to so it is notnecessarily a good consistent indicator Jesus The " of strategy. (visual). aretold. of doesnotrefer anyspecific to sense but rather an internal to state is probably synthesis synesthesia allthesenses that a or of This however.Such indicate strong descriptions a relationship internal with feelings.verymuch is with together. on of Below a summary is of representational predicales byJesus thefourgospels. associated feelings. example. is described being of "the he full (Luke as of a14).Theterm"spirit". it in of felt 'life' for in maybe used stand "existence"thebroader to sense opposed vitalenergy. digital *Life"and"Spirit" twoother are significant thatJesus terms refers quite in to often Both words histeachings sayings. finda significant of (verbal) function. 21 morenon-metaphorical in another versesl. and could considered a reference some be as to feeling vitafinternal state.

in his 'heart"which thencauseshimto respond with his "body"and 5)tell the ^Word".Kinesthetic references Body".seemto dominate interface functions relating reactions inputfrom the to to boththe external worldand innerperceptions.for Jesus. For and example.completing feedback the loop._> ------_ Stimulated + by ThroughFeelings Feelings Auditory + I (Synesthesia) Feedback K i n e sth e ti c Visual Kinesthetic Auditory Let's lakea closer at howJesus look usedsome these words context see in of to if we canverify refine firstapproximation cognitive process. Life" and -'Spirit"-. Theseimages kinesthetic in reactions the heartand bodywhichultimately express themselves wordsthat are outputintothe world as around him.usedis the sequence function eachof the representational of systems.ords ."See"lhe "Light". We couldpostulate Jesus1) "hears"lhe "Word"of Godwhich2) triggers that an internal feelingstateof "life"and "spirit'. or this of his Jesus-Page16 ."Heatt". In the language NLP. of we information inputthrough is the auditory representational system visually and organized underthe influence an of internal provoke feeling state.The visualpredicates seemto dominate perceptual/organizational the funclions.Theseresponses generate visualimagery 3) in whichhe seesthe meaning lhe "Word"(the "Light" This4) stimulates of feelings ). wouldsaythat. Input HearWords - Interface Representation Inerface Emotions and ActionsTriggered + BYImagerY Output WordsExpressing InnerVisualand KinestheticResponses InnerImages Transform W. plausible of interpreting information one way the aboveis thatthe auditory predicates seemto dominate inputand outputfunctions "Hear" and *Tell"the the 'Word(s)'.

alsoperceived of he that.thisdefileth rnan. The importance language Jesusas the primary of to medium withwhichto enact his mission emphasized accounts hisskillas a public is by of speaker teacher. for Jesus'statement "Hear. instance. but that whichcomethout of the mouth.whileJesusobviously valued wordshighly an evidence the inner as of organization a person.in B. thisdefileth man. predicates seem be primarily auditory do In Jesus'teachings sayings. valued information. and ln the fastexample. "For by thy words thou shaltbe justified. Micro Analysisof Jesus' Predicates Context 1. phrase For to the related thetransfer information to of wasprobably of Jesus' mostcommon one 'He thathathearsto heaf let himhear.Hear. and and especially reports his unique by ability healthrough words. example. relating hismessage. of to his Yet."that whichcometh a out of the mouth. "The Wotrd".at times. alsoconsidered he representations most as the auditory significant output Thisis supported statements as: by such system. that Jesus Page17 - .and by thy words thou 12:37 shaltbe condemned."Matthew "Andhe calledmultitude." like Other examples. thefollowing.My mother my brethren and and hear theword of God." Luke8:21 and are thesewhich perceived words being primary for Because Jesus as the medium transferring information. do it. understand:" and indicates is his that hearing to be usedfor receiving message. to further tend confirm hearing that slatements." a 15:10-11 M a tthew Theseexamples wouldappear confirm earlier to our hypothesis the auditory that in component Jesus'strategy comes bothat the beginning the endof the process. and and understand:Notthat whichgoeth into the mouth defileththe man. said unto them. The phrase.wordsweremerely symbols WhileJesusbelieved whatthe wordsstoodfor was and cluesof otherprocesses. mosthighly representational for receiving wasJesus' system 'Andhe answered saiduntothem. and to it with When Jesus used word"hear" wastypically the and associated input output."indicates verbalrepresentations the that are relating an individual's mostimportant sensory output to character.

and unifying in For (540-480 defined Heraclitus BC) 'logos' the universal principle as through whichall thingsare interrelated all and natural eventsoccur. 'logos'was cosmic to governing a principle is immanent active all reality thatpervades or generating that and in and all reality.'logos'was intermediate the between ultimate reality and the sensible world.He believed that.indicating remarkably a systemic viewof the universe.This modelof the world which we createby our representational of language baseduponour perceptions the use is of world. fantasying. Greekspeaking to a philosopher contempo ot Jewish and rary Jesus. According Philo. thinking. wordshadto be congruent otherinnerrepresentations. we use it firstof all to represent experience in our we calf this activityreasoning.According the stoics. Clearly. our perceptions also partially are determined our modelor by representation. mostpeople failed comprehend to the'logos'and thus livedlikedreamers witha falseviewof the world.in the original In Greek texts. usenot vain repetitions.whiletherewas an element manthrough in whichthis principle couldbe perceived. fromwhichthe English translations were made. are creating modelof we a our experience.important. thereare two typesof "words": rhema(pnpa)meaning sayingor wordsas 1) a things and2) logos(l.Secondly.. he the with as indicated statements in suchas: 'But whenye pray.o1os) meaning wordsassociated the manifestation with of reason.. our language communicate we use to our Jesus Page18 - .bothpositive of and negative." Matthew 6:7 'He thatis of Godheareth God'swords: ye therefore hear themnot.we as humanbeingsuse our language two ways.The Structure of Magic. Richard Bandler and JohnGrinder the co-creators NLP." John 8:47 Jesus'comments seemto indicate thereare different that levels 'hearing'and of 'speaking'. ye because are not of God. implications logosstrike the coreof the 'neuro-linguistic' the ol to process. have involved the use of language. as the heathen for do: they thinkthat they shallbe heard for theirmuchspeaking.In fact. fact.makea distinction the useof language of in similar the rhema/logos to distinction: "Allthe accomplishmentsthe humanrace. example. rehearsing.In ancient Greekphilosophy 'logos'was thought constitute controlling to the principle the universe.when we use language a representational as system.in theirfirstbook.

also our of the but shapes As them..Thereare wordsof the "Flesh" (rhema) andwordsof the "Spirit" (logos)..Laleo(Icrl.representing principles the universe fundamental in (/ogos).. kinesthetic.eco) means talk or verbalize to thatis. and as in.wordsconstitute intermediate the between largerreality a and the sensible world. wouldseemthatthe difference lt between whichlevelwas accessed wouldbe a function whichneural of circuitry mobilized committed is or in orderto perceive express words. similar A distinction showsup in the Greekwordsfor "speak".modelor representation of the worldto eachother. etc.one can inputor output something through wordson a behavioral levelor on somehigher level.The wordeipon(ernov) means tell or to declare.and notableto speak". between At anotherlevel. lecturing. (pp. actually of quitea bit effort and spent trying get to others perceive recognize difference to and the themselves. example speak themin parables" "'thou as for "l to or shaftbe dumb. system Je s u s . Thus. Bandler maintain: andGrinder " Th e nerv ous s y s tem wh ic h is r e s p o n s ib le o r p r o d u c in gt h e f representational systemof language the same nervoussystemby is which humans produceevery other model of the world ..The sameprinciples structure operating each of are in of thesesystems.Rhemaandlaleoseemto relate activity or the to locused the peripheral in nervous (Aoe)whileeiponand system logoswould appear to be associated deeper with activity within central the nervous (AOi).speaking an expression a person's as of deeperperceptions beliefs. writing. singing. then. call it talking. seemsclearthat or lt Jesuswas cognizant the distinction.language a multi-level process.' ForJesus. we to discussing." 21-22) Perhaps power theword either or defile the heal of to from factthatit comes the notonlyrepresents perceptions world. is At wordsoperate as (rhema) behavioral cuesand symbols usedto transmit information people. "Godspakeuntohimsaying. one level. speaking a behavior. Whenwe use fanguage communicate.visual.P a g e 1 9 ." "thisspakehe of the spirit".

and hear withtheir ears.€. can speculate it the degree whichone'sheartwas involved one'slanguage makes difference in that the to between whether was at the levelof rhemaorlogos.and is cast out in the draught. In Jesus'model. me as but theirheart is far fromme.Thispeoplehonoureth withtheir |ips. and theydefilethe man. lf wordswerenotconnected the 'heart'then to theyare simply 'lip service'or evenhypocrisy. The heartdetermines degree and quality emotional the padicipation motivates We that that one'swordsand actions. in whichthe the through Jesusconsidered 'heart'as the 'element' a person the generative principles language perceived. Jesus. the fromthe within heartitself." Matthew "vainrepetitions".and an evil man out of the eviltreasure hisheart of bringethforththat whichis evil:for out of the abundance hisheart his of mouth speakest" Luke6:45 'Whatsoever in entereth at the mouth goethinto the belly..Heartrate. "The Heart". Thus.Wellhath Esaias you hypocrites. it is written. example.But thosethingswhichproceedof the mouth 15:16-17 comeforthfromthe heart. indicated people He that as'logos'was of "see with their eyes. instance.is the centerof the body's the circulatory regulatory functions system and playsan important in the 'autonomic' role whichare necessary the body's for While regularily the heartbeatis of survival. for Jesus Page20 - ." Mark7:6 values for internal and Clearly. heart kardia(rcrp6rcr) Greek. is in Physiologically. primary wasthe heart. and shouldunderstand with their heart" (Matthew3:1 1 5). and he output the source verbal of perceived he For wordsas echoing deeper life the emotional of the speaker. nerves the heart maintained a conducting the to by system to central nervous system quicken slowthe beat. claimed: 'A good man out of the good treasureof his heart bingeth forth that whichis good. prophesied of "Heanswered and said unto them.2. heartis responsive can or the impulses rate frombothbodyand 'mind'-i.the heart its adjusts beating to both physical psychological with increases and changes. heartis the seatof a person's the of individual motives.

he shallhavewhatsoever saith.23 he not CI course. relates heart beliefs whenhe states: explicitly the to Jesushimself "For verilyI say untoyou. Thus around hundred a thousand a the system supporting heartis associated morefundamental the with biological processes.responses and and emotional suchas anxiety fearor excitement passion. Jesus Page 21 - . heart the andthe neurological mechanisms which it muchlonger operate havebeenaround whichprobably thanlanguage.Heartrate and slowsin response relaxation confidence.Be and be thoucastinto the sea." Mark11.. heart. Onlysomecognitive processes mobilize neurology involve heart. As partof our survival system. Thatwhosoever shall say unto this mountain.The kinesthetic psychological sensations associated the heart(Ki) with (theautonomic levelof processing the nervous in comefroma different system system) (arropot)in Greek thanthe kinesthetic sensations associated touch. all ideasandthoughts effectheartrate.Therefore heart deepenough to the the filterfor evaluating commitment the nervous makesa powerful the of system different to processes. Whenwordsengageour hearttheyare drawing muchgreater a and deeper (and of commitment ourtotalneurology thustotal'mind').haptomai with whichare produced the peripheral nervous by system(Ke). to perspective. but shall believe that thosethingswhichhe saith shallcometo pass.and shall not doubt In his thou removed. cardiovascular Frombotha scientific metaphoric the systemhas and expression the hearthas beenthe and longbeenconsidered seatof emotional the with and organmostassociated emotions beliefs. appeared yearsago (atthe veryearliest million yearsago).

of allthe senses. The Light Jesussawthe heart a keyelement an evenlarger in system.'Wecamefromthe light.The Greekwordusedin the Gospels whichmeans wasphos (Qols).sincelightis the process is whichimages are through rendered.say to them. possible. is on a different it level thanthe content the image. thybody alsois fullof darkness.but the light in them remainsconcealedin the image of the light of the Father.'Where did you come from?'." of "l am the Iight of the world:he that followethme shall not walk in darkness.Oneof the mostcommon waysJesushadof describing himself was as the "light the world. to Another implication that.3." Luke1'1:33 guidefor behavior Jesusviewed visualrepresentational the system a primary as .lhe'eye" leadsthe body. fact. a In to Jesusseemed identify himself mostwiththe visual.' radiance or'something makes vision that of Oneimplication this is that it is a process that is generated fromwithinas opposed takenin fromthe outside.He seems to as haveperceived heartas a filteror transducer influences the for comingfrom other partsof the system. hisimage will remainconcealed the light." John8:12 The kindof "light" related to and visionJesusis referring is clearlynot directly to externalreality. 'Theimages are manifestto man. He will becomemanifest.Consider the of quotes following fromthe Gospel Thomas: of "Jesussaid. but havethelight of lite. but when thine eye is evil..Vision a pivotal in is element Jesus' strategy.e. particular in fromthe visualsense: 'The light of the body is the eye: thereforewhen thine eye is single.i.thy whole body also is fullof light. the placewherethe light came into being on its own accordand established itselfand becamemanifest (50) through theirlmage. 'lf they say to you. " Thomas "Jesussaid. one and on whichhe placed lot of emphasis."' by but (83) Thomas Jesus Page 22 - .

I say unto thee.When Jesus patterns information.Concrete.to words "input theeye"." Luke3:6 of "Verily. in. ye not?" "l wasblind see as understand.erot) look. he shallnever see death.he cannot see the kingdom God. which Thewordfor'heai usedintheearly Greek textsis akauo This relates theactof listening to or as'to giveeaf'or "hearken."having "see "see (opaco) discern. was rherna. 'Light" of he spoke "hearing" wasgenerally Jesus It seems that significant when verbal informationtheformof in of or referring theexpression transfer specific to oriented the it often towards used word"see" wasmost the words.Excepta man be born again. of (phos) likelogos. in "hesawthe words: eidon be as ditferent Greek . as (errrov) Greek werelike in images eikon observable levefs vision. range more and than the of was more referred by useeing" much broad abstract that to and than experience indicated "hearing". I say untoyou. 'And all fleshshall see the salvation God. horao or and eyes. or consider the way"seeing" intended thefollowing is in statements. was as information. vision relating deeper lesssensory levels experience doesnot to and based of that generated an internal necessarily itsroots theexternal have in world is rather but from (V1. used a translation for The word"see". by perception Eidon to as appears refer theprocess seeing sensory to of directed (Ye).blepo .verily. English inputting (er6ov) know. lf a mankeep my saying. perception larger more abstract of of and internal (arcruol). or that multitudes" or'bringmea penny I mayseeil". theglory as a of take .to three perceive (pX. Thiskindof vision often was metaphorical typically source and about events rather relating thefuture to thanthepresent thepast.Obviously. head." John3:3 of "Verily. acquainted.distinguished between Jesus different It would seem that." John8:51 Jesus Page 23 - .Theyallseem involve mean simply by to of God". withlanguage.veily. in "see vision"." clearly translates however. salvation".etepo environment the nervous toward concrete the through peripheral system refers more seeing thecapability receive theninternally as register visual to to and within nervous representations thecentral system tloraorefers theprocess to of 1Vi7.Forexample.to nowI see".None these representation comprehension input.

"Recognize whatis in your sight.' Ratheri Kingdom the Fatheris spread of the (113) out uponthe earth.. is and Jesus. horao(vision) but seems be the channel to through whichthe intended message processed represented. "lt will not comeby waitingfor it.and mendo not see it. For there is nothinghidden whichwill not becomemanifest. fact.Page24 .in Clearly. kardia for and (theheail)may be the means parts whichwordsareconnected the deepest through to of a person."see the salvation. and nervous system orderto be ableto sharehis multi-level in Thissame distinction reflected the Gospel Thomas: is in of Hisdisciples said to Him." "see death.it wouldseemthat a ln the greatdealof Jesus'teaching abouthowto strategically was organize one'sbehavior perception." somelargersystemof organizationi."Thomas Jesussaid. metaphorical vision thatstimulated the heart.' To understand whatis meant eachof theserequires to imagine by one picture a muchbigger thanwhatcan be seenin one'simmediate For surroundings. different mustbe mobilizedin orderto perceive different levels. implication the multi-dimensional of the 'Word' Oneimportant of nature and the 'Light'is that the two levelsco-exist but neurological circuits simultaneously. Jesus. of all to Theyare also moreoriented causes andconnections between seeing thingsin toward "see the kingdom.e." Thomas(5) Logos(theword)mayhavebeenthe medium Jesus'message. thesestatements refer moreabstract classes events the future. lt will not be a mafterof saying 'Hereit is' or'Thereit is. and that whichis hidden fromyou will becomeplain to you. "Whenwillthe Kingdom come?"Jesus said. wasthistypeof larger it moreabstract.

the of Whilethe kindof energy energy. theyare the splrit. giveslifeor energy R.and the Spirit like a dovedescended upon him:And there camea voice fromheaven.is the channel the manifestationthe energy for of released 'spirit'.Rather. theyare on a different levelthanthe kinesthetics the "fleshn. 'lt is the spirit thatquickeneth tne [i. and theyare life. Jesusis indicating to him. two mostsignificant by the events that seemto havetakenplaceat thattimearethat1) Johnthe Baptist declared Jesusto be lhe 'Lambof God" and 2) afterhis baptism Jesushad a visionary experience: 'And straightaway comingout of the water.e. and "life" generative represent powerfully a state thatoperates a different on levelfromnormal experience. spiritinvolves release that. of 'Theflesh'lsarx(ocrp() Greeklwouldseemto be moreindicative the physical in of bodyand activity withinthe peripheral nervous system(Ke) whilethe generation of energyand lifewouldbe morerelated the autonomic to nervous system1Xi.'spirit'seemsto be indicative a of synesthesia between central the and autonomic nervous systems that reteases special joinedand consotidated capabilities.. stateof consciousness whichhis revelations a from wouldcome." John6:62-63 In thisstatement. by The implication that'spirit'and can somehow is 'life' become embodied through (a language centralnervous systemprocess). saying. then. Thus." Mark1:10-11 Fromthattimeonward Jesusis reported havebeenfilled to withlhe "Holy Spirit".lt wouldseem thatJohn's verbal proclamation "Word'released awakened powerful or or a stateof 'synesthesia' between visual. released "Spirit" by wouldseemto involve strong kinesthetic elements. The Spirit and The Life Theseinternal visions the "kingdom" "salvation" of and wereinspired Jesusby in an interaction lhe"Word" of withlhe "Spirit" and "Life".]. fne 'flesh'.D. thouart my belovedson in whom I am wellpleased.. an attempt In to Jesus Page 25 - ."Spirit" and "life"represent the partof Jesus'strategy is the leasttiedto a specific that "spirit" sense. By all accounts. saw the heavens he opened. Thesetwo processes seemto havebecome in Jesusafterhis baptism John. flesh profitethnothing: words thatI speak untoyou.4. kinesthetic auditory the and senses.

Jesus indicates the representations that it stimulates notcomemerely fromthe content do of one'sownexternal experiences. but the Spirit of yourFather which speakethinyou. of the information thatappears floatin space." John 14:26 I 'Spirit' provides with the individual information comesfroma largersystem that or'mind'(the"Fathef') identity sensory or thatis beyond one'spersonal conscious experience. a holographic In all to for eachpartof the imageis contained everypartof the recording.he shallteachyou all things. provide Thisanalogy a hologram potentially insight the into can somefurther of processes nature the kindof neurological to of Jesusmighthavebeenreferring with 'Light'. For it is notye that speak. and immediate "Butwhenthey deliver you up. Jesusis implying it is possible us to haveaccess a kindof holographic that for to knowledge aboutour universe. not but he thatshallhe speak: and he willshew you things come. history sensory environment. whatsoever shallhear.he will guideyou into alltruth:for he shall speak of himself. takeno thoughtof how or whatye shall speak: for it shallbe givento you in thatsamehour whatye shall speak. laserhas onlyone specific frequency coherent in A lightwavesas opposed the mixture waves to of thatmakeup the 'whitelight'through Jesus Page 26 - . typeof experiences life with The associated "spirit" personal extendbeyond one'sidentity. whomthe Father will send in my name.is come. and bringallthings to your remembrance.describe stateto hisdisciples this Jesusexplained: 'Howbeit whenhe." Matthew 10:19-20 "Butthe Comfortef whichis the Holy Ghost. the Spirit of truth. truehologram produced of the terms'Spirit'and A is through application a the of lightsource the form of a laser. from process A hologram a kindof optical is whichproduces threedimensional a image recording. all contains of the information the wholeimage. Jesusseems be implying we areall partof a kindof larger that to process suchthat any partof the system 'holographic' can haveaccess to information anyotherpartof the system. process releases then."John 16:13 to 'Spirit'.is indicative a special visionary of that capabilities whichextend perceptual beyond typical the spaceof the individual. Eachpieceof the in hologram. whatsoeverhavesaid untoyou. matter no for howsmall.

imageis recorded a pieceof glass on The holographic whichwe normally see reality. the samewaythatlightmakes seeing whichliterally Je su sPa g e 2 7 - . a a larger was useda translation two different for word'life'in the Gospels The English (nur(q) ((cq) meaning motion activity. it connects withthe Wordor 'logos' in of theyare spirit. windand breath mechanisms air. then. In and vision means'breath'.".to decode seemingly the the themto experience worldon a different representation. generaf abstract life".'psyche'to implications life. In ancient whichmeans principle organisms. 2) "psyche" or and Greekterms:1) uzoe" Jesususedthe lerm 'zoe'to referto the more meaning animallifeand "breath". larger'mind'. whenhe says.."thewords thatI speak untoyou."hewhoshalltry savehis lifeshallloseit.e." The implication this statement Greekwould in is are by the be thatthe /ogos. principle whichallthings connected the universe.a hologram. in Jesusclearly life-giving to stuff. level.In for ol the stimufus or an embodiment pneuma.i. He used." of the morepersonal "the words thatl speak untoyou. one wouldbe ableto perceive entire withinthe largerimage. vitalprinciple living physical ('flesh") are a partof we creatures otherwords. set and smudges pattern that lookslikea chaotic of smears interference as a complex of eye in the presence by light.e. and they are In the statement lrom "zoe". indicating certain that wordsare a kind llfe.i. the indicates special a statesynthesizing to Perhaps Jesus'reference "Spirit" in that systems wouldbe likethe laserlightsource the and autonomic central process.information is generated a kindof 'groupmind' process in the whichthat immanent the system. the word"life"wastranslated for or of trigger a deeplevelof motion activity. theyare spirit.that we are not simplyisolated life a system. larger . represents stateof consciousness allows Perhaps. this statepeopleare ableto produce 'Light'whichallows the In holographic chaotic swirls level.believed be a cosmic. a in creatures.the term"spirit" comesfromthe Latin'Epirifus".'Spirit' a that one access not to mindbut is alwaysaround that to information is typically available the conscious level that by us at an unconscious . worldand see a deepermulti-dimensional of and smudges the sensible 'hologram'of whichhe or she was the In thisstate."eternal referto of or to experience life. The imagemayonlybe sensed the human in normal it the laserlightusedto record initially. fact. embodied to a partand gain localaccess the information fromthe Greekword pneuma(nveupcr) translated word'spirit'was The English philosophy 'pneuma'was ethereal fiery an Greek windor air. are through whichwords On a physical In are formedandtransmitted.. 'Life'represents neurological through in information set intomotion is and becomes embodied physical reality. and theyare life.

of In every nerve in the nervous generates ownenergy. is indeed case. system. energy produced thecellis often it The greater the by than signal hasreceived.neurologically. It should be noted thesignals pass also that that through nervous the do system notdo so in a linear. Like heartrate. might indeed ableto be healbyfacilitating convergence right the of the combinationneural of structures to activate selfhealing regulating the and capabilitiestheautonomic of nervous system." that and and the "life" represents mechanism manifests the that it.breathing keepsour physical bodyalive. mechanical fashion onebilliard hitting like bill another like or passing electricity wires. language serves a point as of convergenceconfluence other or for neural circuits. language could mobilize higher level structures which in could turnactivate deeper the autonomic structures.breathing is mediated boththe autonomic central by nervous and systems and couldserveas a pointof overlap and integration between two systems.Page28 . cell'fires' response cell system its The in to thesignals receives. thisway. mechanical In through systems asthese. / /: Central Nervous System --'\\-- Express Words (LastsBeyond Life of Individual) Pnewtu \ Energy Psyche Support Physical Life Oneinterpretation 'spirit' 'life'. and windmakespeaking hearing and And. of Jesus' of theterms use and then. becomes lf this possible imagine words the it to how might playa deeper thansimply a medium send role people. an individualin theappropriate words if is state.possible. contrast. wordspossible.2 J Nervous System -r' I Synesthesia I I Aurono*i. In words mayindeed able 'give or to 'heal' be life' to by releasing energy vastcircuits of neurons. could that be "spirit" indicates neural the mechanism expresses represents "word. These may circuits extend beyond sensory the representations in thecerebral stored nervous cortex deeper to structures related theautonomic to nervous Minimally. initial such the impulse energy activates chain responsesthesystem of that the of gradually in becomes weaker it is diffused mechanical as by chains events. as to signals between For example. it Neural networks actually can escalate amplify intensity or of the theinitial signal. I mentioned earlier that. that " Spirit" Motion Zoe Breattr -. breath air.on anotherlevel. in of Jesus. the Breathliterally creates the energy and movement giveslifeto bothwordand body.

lll. movements eye downandto the left indicate internal talk. that is. and can helpus gainadditional programs In orderto function mental needthe helpof certain effectively. NLP. example. mentioned Jesusidentified that himself moststrongly withthe visualrepresentational system. in For instance. are giventhe following a we account: "Andlooking up to heaven. position a person's the of eyesat timesof internal thought indication whichrepresentational of is system person using.emqmbered A88|l'"tff Kinesthetic NLP Eye Movement Chart A['JllB?]P""d In the previous I section. movement the leftor righthorizon eye to for indicate listening or remembering sounds.andeye movements self downandto the rightindicate access to feeling states.the visual is to accessing position NLP.' In NLPthe eyes to windows the invisible into are considered functioning the nervous of system well." Mark7:34 Jesus. subtle processes bodilyand physiological called'accessingcues' in NLP(seeAppendix A). Analysis of Jesus' AccessingCues. and saithunto him. he Ephphatha.Thistendsto be confirmed the factthat at by manykeytimesin his lifeJesus reported be looking up . One of the mostinfluential important theseaccessing and of cuesis eye position.In as givean of the model NLP. and strengthen alsohelpto direct thesesensory For upward eye movements indicate internal visualization.Theseeye positions the processes. sighed. identified another of cluesthat set abouthis modelof the world. whenhe was healing deafperson.Page29 . insight Jesus' into accomplishments personality. Ucronltructed Ur. Be opened. It hasoftenbeensaidthatthe 'theeyesarethe windows the soul. the has Our modeling Jesushasthusfar explored clueshis language leftus of has however.

Whenstanding before crowdof fivethousand. lt is onlyafterhe looks up (vi) and sighs1xi.ThefactthatJesusis described having as sighed alsosignificant.power. the At another critical moment. are the for we toldthatJesus. and (Mark6:41).the important phenomenon 'blessing'. for we are told: "These words spakeJesus. thiseye position obviously verykeyelement hisstrategy an important is a of and cluefor our understanding him.and said. houris come. and and said.whicha verbal of in utterance is givenspiritual significance . up and blessed brakethe loaves.Father.we againfindJesusaccessing decision upwards." and with lf thisis so.. instance."looked to heaven.at probably mostsignificant the pointin his life. tifted up his eyesto heaven.. with pneumaandpsyche. addition is In lo its implications reference 'spirit'.thatthy son also thy may glorify thee:"John17:1 Jesus Page 30 .seems be associated this samekindof V->K->A to with synesthesia. the gtorify son. tnatJesusis abteto givehisword(A6) . deepbreathis an lo a accessing associated the activation feelings the modelof NLp. John11:41 A significant indication thisdescription thatthiseye position an important of is is part of the way in whichJesusaccessed communicated "the Father.. raising Lazarus the lastand mostsignificant the of of Jesusworksof healing it is reported: "Thenthey took away the stonefrom the place wherethe dead was laid.and we are givennumerous descriptions Jesusspecifically that movedhis eyesin an upward direction duringimportant eventsin his life. Againthe upwardeye movement precedes verbaloutput. In fact. thankthee that I thou hastheardme. of Eyeposition indicates representational the system person mosttunedin to at a is a particular time. And Jesuslifted up his eyes.. This woutdindicate strong a visual-kinesthetic overlap or'synesthesia' whichthe feelings in (andthe stimulation of the autonomic nervous system) werebeinglinked and strengthened the imaging to by (representations generated within central the nervous system).Father.Just beforehe turnshimself overto the authorities arrestand crucifixion. In fact. The cue with of in indication the abovedescription thatJesuswasderiving internal of is an feelingat the sametime he was accessing internal the visualization.

beingfullof theHolyGhost. perhaps and us andgoalsso strongly. "spirit" the and "flesh' (san)wereto seemingly most a conflict purposes. as 1 Wearealsotoldthatthe martyr prior Stephan. looked up steadfastly into heaven. wasthetime for (pneuma) the This that." of Jesus Page31 - .ThatJesus looked at thissignificant moment a veryimportant is up indicator his of gives a clueasto howhewasableto holdontohisbeliefs strategy. his the of as atter crucifixion. Whenhe is finished aretoldlhal'\heylooked we steadfastly toward heaven he wentup" (Acts :10). maintained his laithby utilizing same position. to being stoned. Jesus. Forinstance. his It is interesting note thissame position reported havealso to that eye is to accompanied inspiration Jesus'apostles well. is Jesus reported have to appeared hisapostles givethem to to instructions. sawthegloryof God.andJesusstanding the righthand and on of God. the eye 'But he." Acts7:55 fnthisdescription upward position the eye occurs thesame at "fult timeas being " of theHolyGhosL Thiswould seem confirm closerelationship to the between vision andthe experience the "Spirit. moving eyes thevisual ownpersonal existence By his position to accessing he presumably mobilized commitment neurology the of necessary strengthen to the connection the higher to level vision thebroader frame and time within which was he to fulfill mission. waseither come to of He to proceed hisvision the larger (zoe) change with lite of or in course order benefit to his (psyche).

vision system. Cenainly.but my words shall not pass away.then look up. cares of this life.an ability distant to as that has manyusesin nonreligious well as religious implied as structure contexts. that summeris now nighat hand.Heavenand earth shall passaway. It seemsto me thatone of Jesus'majoroutcomes histeaching was to provide for the visionand the strategy necessary helppeople the to the to develop ability perceive largersystemof whichtheyare a member to concentrate and respond more to and on goalsrelating that system a whole.Page32 .knowye that the kingdomof God in nigh at hand. the Gonsider neuro-linguistic elements the following statement.When theynow shootforth. is "Andhe spaketo them a parable. and allthe ye trees. with as Jesusfollows this description a parable.till all be fulfilled. to to "Andthenshallthey see the Son of man comingin a cloud with power and great gloty.Jesusoftenusedparables a picture that verbaldeviceto accomplish development a metaphorical internal the of Jesus. Thisgeneration shallnot pass away. it this directing to an imageof a dramatic refers. Jesus' Macro Strategy we Withthe information havegathered aboutJesus'microstrategy."According to that lo position whichwould NLPthis wouldbe leading visual accessing themto an internal helpto reinforce reaccess vision is verbally he and the describing. can we beginto defineand someof his higherlevelprocesses createwaysto and operationalize them.So likewise whenye see these thingscome to pass. lt is becomes pivotal the element whichthe restof the communication to interesting he thentetlspeople "lookup. illustrates reviews lt someof the mostimportant and of the strategy believe I Jesususedand sought transfer his followers. "Andtake heed to yourselves.Behold the fig tree. "And whenthesethingsbegin to cometo pass. for your redemption nigh.lV. and and so that day come uponyou unawares.lestat any timeyour hearts be overchargedwith surteiting." Luke21:27-34 In this statement. see and know of your own selves ye. "Veily lsay untoyou. to Jesusfirstmakesverbalreference the visualrepresentational futureevent. and litt up your head.and drunkenness.and liftup your head.

in outcomes His statement and earthshall passaway. the greatpsychologist As and philosopher William Jamespointed out: "ln all ages the man whosedeterminations swayedby reference are to the mostdistantends hasbeenheldto possesthe highest intelligence."(Principles ot Psychology. is adaptthesedeepprinciples changing in challenge to continually to contexts a changing system. personal history and immediate surroundings.ln thiscasethe parable the relating longterm. "Heaven pass away.. The organizational visionthat drivesthe strategy comesfrom"spirit" whichgives one access generative to experience beyond confines one'sindividual the of identity. function to aligna series different lts is of logical of levels in of experience which1) words(logos) embody larger a spiritual mind.illustrated deeper he to levelprinciple wastrying convey. 15) ln ordertobe "swayed reference the most by to distant ends"onemusthave1) a Jesus Page33 - . level. ("this life")thatcan occurin the "heart"and interfere ongoingexperience with principles the awareness accomplishmentthe longer and of termgoalsand deeper represented the "word.internally relates the ability derive to represented.but my words shall not that. worldwill Jesusis saying thatthe physical and life The change the coreprinciples values but thatsupport willstayconstant. He thenwarnsof the possibility conflicts fromthe content our of coming of present. and that defined through (i. and than thosewordsare morefundamental pervasive the physical content 'heavenand earth) thattheyencompass. p. to to evidence future fromobservations madeof the external environment the present."reiterates importance language. structure hisstrategy On a macro the of seems center to around the process moving lrom visionto of actionthrough processes language the of and emotion." by The overall implied herereflects patterns uncovered strategy the we during our microanalysis his language.e. Thisis an important powerful and strategy. dependence the whole of the the of placing ol implications 'logos'. the heart(kardia) the mechanism is 3) through whichvisionis translated the specific into beliefs values and thatguideone'sactions and behaviors. 2) it is through vision(horao) identity ableto comprehend larger is thatthe individual the mindand relateit to our personal existence. He is clearly the strategy the 'word"andthe broader on implying the processes relationships highest valueon words.

that goalin a changing means achieve to a rangeof possible seemto me to be in the areas abilities thinking The strengths Jesus' strategic of and of the and leadership manifesting expression deeperprinciples of creativity the Thatis. thatdoesnotcomenaturally most.detectprogress world. motivation energy keepafterthoseendsuntilthey are reached.2) an evidence and procedure determining progress towardthoseendsand 3) the awareness. and towardthe goaland otherwords. that 34 Jesus Page - . for In to flexibility.of a way of perceiving building representationthoseends. with lifeintocongruence fundamental to but be a strategy Jesusperfected. of bringing detailsof and contexts situations.one needsa wayto fix a futuregoal. valuesintodifferent specific Thisseemsto for higher levelprinciples living.

2) The language combination the spiritual in with statereleases untapped inherent the system energy in (Life zoe). 4) Otherstructures within autonomic the nervous system(Heart kardia'1 or respond thesedeeplevelvisions to enhancing expanding personal and the emotional significance the wordsand principles. alsoto incorporate of but useful elements those of processes our own experience. 5) Breath(lifeas psyche) activates flesh(sarx)in orderto embody the and (eipon) deeper declare our experience the concrete into sensory worldof (eikon). or 3) Channeled the appropriate via accessing cues.moreimportantly. processes neurological thatcan give us a wayto not onlybetterunderstand mindof Jesusfromour the modern models the world. pneuma-> zoe -> phos-> horao-> kardia-> blepo-> psyche eipon-> satx-> haptomai-> eikon-> rhema -> Word '> Spirit -> Lile -> Light Visbn-> Heart sight -> breath declare flesh-> touch image words -> -> -> -> -> -> In the modelof NLP. in Our microanalysis Jesus'language patterns of and accessing cuesuncovered an intenreaving cognitive neurological of and elements which. Summary of Jesus' Cognitive Patterns It wouldseemthatour neuro-linguistic excavation leadus to discover has an intriguing of cognitive patterns set and neurological through whichJesusmay have perceived interacted the external and with world. lt appears be a process which to in multiple levelsof humanexperience ableto be perceived organized a are and into harmonious fromwhichcoordinated structure actions the worldcan be taken.thisenergy actsas a kindof Light(phos) whichreveals represents structure implications and the and of theseprinciples within larger (like reference the system the beamin a hologram) through special a kindof vision (horao).V. in 1) certain formsof language word as Logos)serveas a pointof (the convergence neuralactivity for withinboththe central and autonomic nervous whichcan createa special system state(Spirit pneuma) or that makesit possible perceive to deepprinciples within larger a system. eachof theseelements be related can (directly or metaphorically) specific to cognitive and. into We can summarize basiccognitive the elements Jesus'process a of as sequence whichverymuchresembles initial our approximation his strategy. of Jesus Jesus Page 35 - . Logos'. of mobilizing neurology the thatallows oneto be ableto see(blepo) connect and thesedeeper levels to a moreconcrete levelof experience. images touch(haptomar) spoken and words(rhema).

begin become which if it to clearer wecompare withother strategies. thesequence. instance.Theoutput of is visual in system science also external thatthe'proof'of itsbelief system provided experimental is by demonstrations onecansee. wouldinfer of we is that information inputintoJesus' neurology through auditory the representational internally an interface via system process consisting a synesthesia of internal accessed a special by feelingstate. is probably the"word" such be seen This why is an important element thestrategy. ln the language NLP. seem be based to upon external input."hears' lhe 'Word" whichaccesses mobilizes internalstateol "life"and "spirit" . theother and hand. Incontrast both most to science religion. arttends be an expression and of to feeling thatis.thestrategy For if with visual input instead 'the began external of probably a resulting Word'we would have to than belief structure closer science process religion. fact. or an (via This stateservesas an interface the Wordwhichis transformed organized for and lhe 'Light") intovisualimagery whichJesus"sees"the meaning. and Mostof thesciences. instance.6e) Even thissimple level cognitive at has of structure. input on and goalis to deal is system alsolanguage. lt to in for that combinations functions therepresentational and of is of systems a crucial element the strategy. is important keep mind.Page36 . through of thevarious one mediums artistic At=rnusic. theiroutput Religion philosophy.theybegin an internal with feeling which translated expression is into (V=painting. it seems Jesus'strategy that is probably suited designed dealwiththat more and to which cannot externally or measured. model Jesus' of strategy our important implications. Jesus. A6=po€try.The auditory representations organized are visually transformed through output an and interface. thewhole for In would based external visual be on observation. I indicated visual as above. heart. in (eOi) Words (Ke) (Synesthesia) Vision (Vc)-t Heart --> -r'spiritual'State 1ri1->Actions -r words(A.Thesesvisions in are connected his 'heart"whichtransforms whathe seesintofeelings to and stimulates to respond him with his "body"and mouth act according the internal to to visualmap and tell the "Word". of Oneinteresting to view major way is the divisions human of endeavor by categorizing as a function thefundamental them of in differencesthebasic strategies theyemploy require. whichproduces feelings drivehis physical the the and ultimately that his verbalbehavior the world. Their with function purpose what the and of we seearound rather us thanitsstructure. that primarily language.

The strategy an operational is process that can be applied an ongoing on basisby an individual produce to actions the concrete in worldthatare congruent deeper to level valuesand beliefs. course.actions of and wordsunconsciously embodies particularly a powerful fundamental and strategy perceiving for and operating the world. An artist. in that the religious experiences. in Athletics.. . in Jesus. In the nextsection wouldliketo demonstrate Jesus' I how strategy be applied can to personal pragmatic and situations our own livestoday..is thattheyare different waysof thinking perceiving and the world. of begins withexternal bodily (Ke) and produces actions external bodilyactions. etc.etc.). At a deeperlevel. I np u t .the purpose whichis to create similar of a feeling the observer..Page37 .my beliefis that a largepartof Jesus'influence throughhistory comesfromthe factthatthe description his tife....the typeof strategy out in of laid the Gospels a description a fundamental unconscious is of and neurological program thatallows person perceive respond the worldon multiple a to and to levels.Ke=dance.Ao xl. scientist a philosopher experience sameexternal a and can the event but perceive differently it because the way it is processed of through strategies the or 'neuro-linguistic programs' define that theirprofession. and religion fromart. O u t p u t Field of Endeavor Scie n ce Philosophy Religion & Art Ath le tics ve.. .In otherwords. pointremains whatdistinguishes the that science fromart or religion..Ke WhileI am admittedly presenting a verysimplified of thesevarious only view fields.a strategy couldproduce kindsof actsof healing..w Ao. the Judeo-Christian and values and culture that havesprung fromthe dissemination the Gospels.xi Ke.

certain systems typesof situations nervous and amount flexibility mustbe allowed.other With regard this claim.it is important keepin mindthatNLPbegins fromthe assumption the mapis notthe that to his in territory.Whenwe havethe smaller we and replicated the average by assemble achieve largerpieces. at and spiritual issues. "Spirit". the themto moreconsistently raisedabove. processes be of transferability. are onlyableto manifest knowledge we and our representationsthesehigher levelprocesses skillsand capabilities of through specific the pin we haveacquired. applyhis cognitive to provide very Certainly Gospels the onlyverybroadhintsaboutan undoubtedly process. Jesus'teachings notintended simply to specify cognitive a Theywere mostoftenmessages identity values.Page 38 . like etc. a way.The objection mightbe raised thatthe amount detailwe are ableto derive of "howto"thinklikeJesusor to fromthe Gospels notspecific is enough tellus exactly to patterns anything pragmatic.is not evennecessarily it desirable suchgenerative that for in to described too muchdetail. of mapsandstrategies successfully manifest deeper the to of strategy. the level at One of the advantages knowing of about Jesus' cognitive linksin detailwe are ableto achieve NLP. the sametime.In order themto be adapted the manydifferent possible possible human a for beings. process invisible so immensely and actualneurological wouldstillbe unconscious. allows to uncover us on to The is the basicbuilding blocks of whichmeaningful behavior manifested. can then person.. We need and to specific levels our experience. readers "Logos". were strategy. directed the higherlevelsof beliefs.However. is Understanding wanting do something not enough. in complex Furthermore. of Jesus.our internal In are cognitive strategies the linking between the spiritand the flesh. linksto be filledin to Thereare manymissing complex and sophisticated we At applythe structure haveuncovered specific to situations. Obviously. mightfeelthatconcepts "Light". Evenif Jesuswerealivetodayandcouldbe interviewed greatdetail. valueof out pragmatically NLPis thatit chunks process a downto a level that it maybe applied so pieces.lf we knowwhatto do but don'tknowhowto do it we willjust become frustrated. thatwe can begin fill in missing is to through relationship howJesuswas ableto do things a larger lt level.and in contrast the objection to to "Life".aretoo life abstract fromany actual to and distant concrete experiences be of any practical value.PATTERNS PART ll: IMPLEMENTING JESUS' COGNITIVE we One objection mightbe raised this pointis thatthe analysis havemade at that process of Jesus'mental irrelevant the meaning Jesus that to thusfar is essentially reported message was aclually tryingto convey. terms that it wouldnot be possible exhaustively to describe.

can start fillin the missing to knows A thatone hasto go frompoint to pointB.Therewere phenomenon special him manyinfluences workto produce as a specific at and "clone" Jesuswhowouldproduce individual.Page 39 .and physiological makeup on the other. otherwords. his typesof abstract especially thosethat embody spiritual experience.but rather extract elements can to key that significantly enhance livesand experience ourselves otherpeople. canfill in missing the aspects Through technology NLPwe can piecetogether the of of the process. in The ultimate a of value thosewho choose use to to strustured enough and flexible enough be of practical to it. strategic details fromothersources withwhathasbeenuncovered Jesusin orderto lill in the in derived applications. one you by In if of yourmodel. therewillnever another be being exactly Jesus.Oncewe haveidentified general framework the to employed an by like we linksanddefine moremechanical individual Jesus. influence limitto whichsuchabilities maybe developed. certainly the thesekindsof in skills can be released people average of in ability a waythatgreatly enhances their competence personal and experience.purpose modeling NLPis to produce mapthatis richenough. Onceyou haveidentified of of strategy enough the keyelements the microand macro pieces inference. blanksand createsomething hasverypractical that processes are A thirdobjection maybe whether kindsof mental we the to or ascribing Jesusare evenpossible acquire transfer. to the and visualizations. Jesus. to like Obviously. goalis notto makean exact Our of the exactsamespecific actions andwords.lt couldbe contended to that formthe typesof synesthesias createthe the ability achieve typesof states. onemayuseother toolsto fillin thethe pathway get there.Andthatwhileone'sown life on unique experiences the one hand. the of The and belief system NLPis thatthe fundamental of neurological capabilities formthe that basisof Jesus's are in strategy latent everyhuman being. capabilities talents or thatare notpossible the average for are completely unique person develop.

lt is a is of a specifically organized of wordswhosepurpose to stimulate mobilize is set and neurology a consistent in fashion. the flesh is weak.in manyaspects lifeone encounters conflict of between the will benefit in the longrunandthe painsand pleasures our immediate us sensory of experience.An example of whatJesus'means "praying" givenby his'Lord's (Matthew is by Prayet' 6:9-13): 'After thismannertherefore prayye: Our Fatherwhichart in heaven. develop on concentrate theirwork. his Yet. lightis the mapandthe spirit the the is the forcethatallowhimto accomplish mission. etc. Hallowedbe thy name.Justthinkof howdifficult for people eat to healthily. Operationalizing the Integration of Long Term and Short Term Goals In Jesus'macrostrategy.as withany organization of elements."Matthew26:41 but Operationally speaking.as it is in heaven.Whilethe payoffs a longer of termorientation oftenquitelarge." In the model NLP. Jesusis implying eventhough spirit(long that term the goalsrelated the 'larger future provides guidance.ln the termsof NLP. to mind'of the wholesystem) its' the influence be overridden otherfactors the immediate can by in relating environment to (short the levelof the 'flesh' 'psyche'). strategy are the required attain to themis notalways is easy.As I saidearlier.As Jesuspointed out: "Watch and pray.Jesusseems suggest one method keeping to for focused that on longterm goalsconsists usingthe visual("watch") of and verbal("pray") representational systems reinforce internal to the stateof the "spirit". Everyone no doubtexperienced struggle has the between luturegoalsand immediate needsor desires. exercise consistently. thanitsweakest and wanting something not enough. related the individual termneeds to To effeclively address kindof conflict needs this specific one tools. The 'flesh"(ourbody'sresponses) be influenced a varietyof can by inputs.Page40 . Thy kingdomcome. prayer a kindof neuro-linguistic program. chainis no stronger the perceiving link. Thy will be done on earth. needtoolsand methodologies achieve in We to themin the concrete world.whatwe mightcall 'toolsof the spirit'.l. goalsthat certainly. goodstudyhabits. wordis the trigger. thatye enternot into temptation: spirit the indeedis willing. neural mobilized in the circuitry orderto represent system elements of the defined the verbal references a 'Father by to Jesus.

kingdom' 'earth heaven'. 'Hallowed a These words up space. 5. Facing extend of moment to thecontext thisactivity. the your your 4. thetimeframe theprogram.uptime).to yourwhole to a timeframe life. takea deep breath turnaround. a and and person's andexperience yourself theimmediate (i. thenreach withboth arms touch out and both yourpartner's of shoulders. takea deep breath turnaround. close eyes. you fully reach yourrighthand 3. of tasting smelling and right now. Look theother at you hearing. feeling. be completely aware what areseeing. an example. in heaven'.mentioned I with of termprocesses theimmediate awareness verylong NLP elements goalor pathway defined.Look eachothers and eyes takea breath together the at same time. is essential elements of TheLord's Prayer anembodimentoneof themost of his multiple frames integrating time the macro strategy: ability entertain to Jesus' moment. face in moment 2. you a of 6. yourself present. When areableto experience out and in of of touch shoulder theperson front you. short term Erercise: lntegratingTime Frames 1. that trigger words with. theform a touch a called in employs process in of Jesus. larger your whole extending life." suddenly factthatJesusfollows these immediate frame more representations much to a of veryhighlevel these anchors reference. Remove hand.€ive us thisdayourdailybread.e.Page41 . a and and creates a'coming name'. Thisprocess 'anchoring'NLP. close eyes. Face again. and yourpartner into 8. Remove hand. and yourpartner yourperception timefromtheimmediate again. Find partner stand sitfacing or each other within arms reach. or reach yourlefthand touch other the out and shoulder theperson front you. than into yourpastandfuture. of are that earlier oncekeystrategic links new for may to technology be used fill in missing andcreate tools accomplishing goals. that of confluence representations open a kindof neurological The and of and representations areverybroad deepin terms space time. of in of your your 7. thephase lifethat to of of to of youarein. the of As try to coordinating issues with Todd below I developed mycolleague Epstein a as that exercise described reference for experience theintegration longterms of and means create personal to a timeperception. When areableto experiencesense timeapproaching eternity timelessness.NLPhasdeveloped extensive technology managing for and an those many relating theperception time.

instance. term "anchoring" refers the establishment stabilizing to The is to between experiences. for are anchors longtermandimmediate perception time established thenactivated state and simultaneouslycreate neurological in to a fashion. Thewordsthataresaidalongwithmaking signof the crosstendto support this the (touch hypothesis. the pointof viewof NLPthe movement the touchof the handsbothguidethe movement the eyesandtouchoff anchors lhat of serveas an unconscious reminder rehearsal a particular mental and of sequence. just likeJesus'own strategy.lt consists touching of handin a motion a the and thatoutlines cross. leftshoulder the finally rightshoulder.Pavlov foundhe couldeventually ringthe bellandthe dogswouldstart salivating.A voice an or tonemaybecome anchor a stateof excitement confidence. and of In NLPthe process has beenexpanded include to otherlevels than picture environment behavior.the forehead.Rather thanbeinga mindless jerk reflex. !n the behaviorist's conditioning formula. touchon the leg maybecome anchor for an A for a visual for fantasy evena belief. The wordsgo. In this exercise.' and the Holy(touch shoulder) Spirit According the model NLP. general is The interpretationthe movement thatit the of symbolizes Yet. whichbothmodes perception be experienced an integrated in may of An NLP Interpretationof the Sign of the Cross Incidentally.Page 42 . "ln the nameof the Father forehead) and the Son (touch (touch left chest) rightshoulder). By associating soundof a bellwiththe act of givingfoodto in the just hisdogs. may embody levelsof process From and simultaneously. Amen. person A mayconsciously choose establish to or kneeand retrigger for theseassociations himself. of to of thesegestures wouldpromote activation the Jesus.The association considered reflexive not a matter choice. is that our Anchoring a process on the surface similar the 'conditioning" the of to a technique usedby Pavlov create linkbetween hearing a bell and salivation dogs. anchor an becomes toolfor selfandinterpersonal a empowerment. remembered maybecome anchorfor a and A an particular internal feeling."The signof of madeby Christians the beginning ending prayer and or the crossis customarily at of justpriorto important trying partsof the bodywiththe or events. however. chest. already beenorganically incorporated spiritual toolsin manyreligious as Consider ageold Christian the the custom making "signof the cross. typeprocesses NLP and cueshave suchas anchoring accessing rituals.links of on the shoulder. stimulus-response eventhoughno foodwas given. stimulus always environmental and the is an cue the response alwaysa specific is is behavioral action. it several Jesus'crucifixion.

that standin between Lightand its physical the -The Light"[the big picture] "Thekingdom heaven" of "Father" "The Word" "Holy" fo 2 ke "TheFlesh" "TheHeart" "Son" Whilethisis not necessarilydirect a expression Jesus' of it strategy.. The "HolySpirit" thejoining internal expression.Page43 . lhe signof the cross' implies integration the central the of and (head nervous autonomic systems and heart). fne 'Son"is the bodily (Kl) words(A6) and emotions is of flesh(Ke).The "Father heaven" in with seems be associated the internal to vision the larger of system of whichwe are a part. 'thesignof the cross' On a cognitive level. and Jesus.The "HolySpirit" to a feelingstate. establish sequence which to represent provides visionor the that the it connected. kinesthetic manifestation and expression thatvision. a the to to On neurological level.Specifically. the leftand righthemispheres and of the brain(language feeling).Thatthe "HolySpirit" indicated a movement the verbal by from to positions alsoconsistent auditory-to-kinesthetic described kinesthetic is with state givesaccess the wordand inspires special earlier.systems be mobilized order the to in stimulate sensory two fundamental synesthesias.wouldindicate the "Father" manifestationthe Light of through heart the andthe Lightgl.andthe "Sonof man"withthe earthly.Thefactthatthe movement of connecting "Father" the and with the "Son"goesfromup to downis consistent the visual-to-kinesthetic overlap identified is earlier. in the and theyare eachof theseconcepts.doesfit in withthe generalstrategy elements havebeenemerging that fromour study. indicates reinforcement an the of (communication) emotion in unconscious explicit but strategy whichlanguage and provide mediating processes necessary movefromvision action.

" formof commandment.Page44 .Eachpartof the system perceived to of is andtreated if it wereas important special any otherpartof the system. did not nameone of the." a in without having engage the activity to in that is beingforbidden somedegree. and withallthy soul. Thereis noneothercommandment greaterthan these. to if to out "Thoushaltnot imagine person a bikini. whenJesuswaschallenged answer to whatthe greatest Commandment was. you hadto think as to to of whatyou werenotsupposed butthe sinwasthe thinking to. andyourstrength. is an inherent there difficulty in the "Thoushaltnot. second The commandment extends principle that beyond experience the of the individual the othermembers the system. as and as Basically." commandments. Whichis the first commandment all? of "AndJesusanswered him. notimpossible.askedhim.Thoushaltlove thy neighbor as thyselt.namelythis. and withaltthy mind and withall thy strength: fhtsts the firstcommandment. kindof linguistic This formulation would be classified a goalstated a'negation'..." LoveyourGodwithall your heart."Thou He shallnot. firstcommandment the above states principle the of congruencethatall partsof the system aligned purpose. It is interesting notethat. did not namea specific He rule.he shifted a higher to logical level.froma strategic to perspective..yourmind.and havingheardthemreasoning together. loveyourneighbor yourself. Operationalizing the Great Gommandments Perhaps clearest the and mostdirectstatement Jesus'macrostrategy of is expressed through following the account: "Andone of the scribescame. is. The problem withsuchnegations thattheyplant suggestion whatyou is the of are notsupposed do. itl Jesus' declaration a description whatto do... ruleabout as as a whatnofto do as opposed to whatto do. And " as Jesus.!n order knowwhatyouwerenotsupposed do. Mark 12:28-31 Fromthe NLPpointof view. Thefirstof allthe commandments Hear O tsraet. is of yoursoul. The Lord our God is One Lord:And thou shalttove the Lord thy God with all thy heart.he described deeperprocess the by whichsuchrulesare generated shifted conversation (he the lrom rhematotogos).lf any are towards highest its partof a system leftout. lt is difficult. can remember to I beingrather confused the dilemma by this posed a boy..ignored suppressed system is or the function fullyor cannot ecologically. makesense of the statement.ll. 'And the secondis like. and perceivingthat he had answeredthem well.

hasanother and network deeply of "roots" nourishment a different of kind. insights tools. and will incongruity. is rather description a strategy a of any particular beyond is for life that approaching .it is the coreof ourbeing. the leaves of our neurology and and branches the of largerfamily. networks whichprocess perception our personal our of beliefs and capabilities as Externally. theirheartand souland mindand strength and killing for are of Jesus'commandments a statement a verydeepphilosophy lifethatgoes religious lt for structure.Phenomena of 'Joy.a strategy insuring the entirespaceof humanexperience of I beingstruck the by into brought the consideration anydecision. and NLP can provide somevery powerful we levels Throughout monograph havereferred the different this to that makeup our provides verypowerful The model framework for humanexperience. identity expressed well as physical beingand environment.mindand does specifically. and of Jesus. enrichment growth thesetwo systems "roots" the unseensystem and of of whichgrowsin the soilof our bodies. theirneighbors. our relationships. multi-level a implied Jesus'commandments.. to notevennotice you can 'trespass was Everybody serving theirGodwith during Crusades the inquisition.the question one'sGodwithone'sheart. can remember that I alwayshad was "HoW wisdomof thesewordsevenas a child. of and another themand understand respect Thisseems be the kindof thingthat against them'. soul. doesone loveone'sneighbor oneself?" is herethat strength?" "How.. by in and branches a treebothshape "roots" the form of neural invisible in our are by Similarly identities suppoiled internal. onego aboutloving lt as And exactly. The roots that reachintothe lightandair to provide of andare shaped the ecology whichtheyexist. is through our participation the larger professional in in systems whichwe participate: family." "compassion. if and but Ukewise you onlyhaveinternal congruence alignrirent are not ableto person's you can abuse model the world." "commitment" "love" "fruits" lhe spiritas and suchas "healing.Page45 . the and happened . community the global and system whichwe are a member. operationalizing strategy the by systematically is Our identity likethetrunkof a tree." are of manifested and through identity are expressed strengthened our and through development. community globalnetworks whichwe are a part. yourself thenyou will be ableto trulylovepeople around But yourself. Yet.Thetrunkof a tree network unseenrootsthat reach from a seedby growing support a of unfolds organically lt intothe ground provide to strength nourishment. if and within then if you are not aligned you probably treatyourneighbor as with hatred exactly you treatyourself. values.yourself onceyou do in factlove within and Onceyou are aligned congruent you as you wouldyourself. you aretornby conflicts hateyourself.

arefreeto 'love neighbors'through our to closest us we extend network limbs. system we areableto that creatures eventually of theglobal universal all or and comprehend. of compassion love people. healing. could through be and playing anyof an infinite be number possibilities. hasto do withdeveloping inner growing everincreasing we an thisis done. dance. peace. lt through beliefs. of Profession Family 'Fruits'ofthe spirit= love. of or of and to their systems roots branches.compassion. ldentity Light (Phos) Ai (Pneuma) Beliefs/Values System innerroots of to connecting the strength andnourishmentthe of bodyand Tlesh'. 46 Jesus. through beliefs values towards highest spiritual your (your (your your and heart). Breath (Psyche) Capabilities Hearl (Kardia) Behavior Environment for timein thefirstmoments I canremember holding of mytwochildren thefirst each by shaped 'blank to after Rather slates' were be mechanically that theirbirth.wasclear methattheyalready to lt of embodimentspirit.Page . keywould how The healing. joy. identitytheywere and complete their ownspecial unique journey ways they for life be seemed methattheir through would search howmany to theywere the of release specialness thatspirit into systems which out could their and participants via through environment their their levels links of through building different language. Once of This our behavior strength). strongly richly were and they able grow yourself to the Jesus'first commandment to be outlining strategy align seems (your purpose your your (your and God). music.Global System Community System Limbs. capabilities actions. sense selfor identity soul). of branches and leaves connecting the to larger systems whichone is a part. with of and branches leaves starting the people of systems vaster vaster and and through oursense wholeness. thanbeing possessed a reflexive lt lo reactions theirenvironment. capabilities mind) your of (your network 'roots'.

the model NLP.A. system as ldentity involves totalcommitment the of our nervous system.Page47 . Capabilities intoplaylonger call termplansand mapsand require the involvement evendeeper of levels neurology.mindandstrength.we are provided with a powerful roadmapfor aligning heaft. ln of eachof these different levelsis embodied through successively deeperand broader organizations of neuralcircuitry. of Logos pneuma phos zoe horao kardia eipon blepo psyche laleo sarx haptomai eikon rhema Beliefs Values & YourHeart Word Spirit Light Life Vision Heart declare sight breath speak flesh touch image word Ad Ki Larger System Hologram vi Ki VC Synesthesia Ki Autonomic Nervous System ai9 o vie Kie AE Central Nervous System KE KE VE A: Peripheral Nervous System Jesus. one moves As fromthe simple perception the environment the of to activation behavior of within thatenvironment. of Beliefs values represented and are and manifested through mobilization neurotogy callsintoplaystructures deepas the of that as the autonomic nervous (such the heart). Allgning Neuro-Logical Levels: lmplementingthe First Commandment By synthesizing concept thesedifferent the of logical levels withthe micro-analysis we madeearlier Jesus'language accessing of and cues. commitment neurology more of mustbe mobilized. soul. Spiritual experiences involve resonance the between own our mindand nervous system withthe larger systems whichwe are a part.

I wouldlikebe morealigned training and in situations. Sometimes the middle the week.Using with processes experiences neural and associated eachof thesedifferent guide. (ToAudience) NoticehowW. is to standin the environment spaceand to W thinkaboutthe environment whichyou wouldliketo be morepersonally in aligned. learning. and and rightnextto eachother. described thesein a verymatterof factway .l havedeveloped process levels specified NLPas an interactive a through by whicha person into The process can bringall levels themselves alignment. for level Your you. Verygood. is in the RBD:O. RBD: And whatI'mgoing askyouto do first.on a larger level. beliefs values.Page 48 . W: OK.I'ma trainer. health.whichis veryappropriate environmental descriptions. of uses spatialanchoring accessing levelsof thesedifferent and cuesto activate and integrate experience. I'vedonethat.likethisone. to Transcript: Demonstration the Logical Level Alignment Process of process RBD:I wouldliketo demonstrate logical withW. Thefirststep levelalignment the is to physically outsix spaces eachof the different levels. capabilities.access andconnect Through to NLPmethods is possible systematically it levels. where in Berlin. for environment. And.sometimes little smaller. WestGermany. W: Usually room. to as and Canyou describe someof the environments you are in as a trainer?The that question "Where being.sometimes the in at and of weekend.and the neuro-logical patterns haveuncovered a strategic the cognitive we as guide.K. W: Well. Describe timesand and whenyou do training?" somespecific places thatyou do yourtrainings. People oftentempted environment simply is whatyou seeand heararound are to makejudgments interpretations theirenvironments opposed describe or about to as Jesus. has proved be a verypowerful lt to and to experience an tool for people address issues ranging frompersonal to conflicts. RBD:I agreewithyouthatit is veryimportant be congruent aligned a teacher. Youcan placethem behavior. number people a A a bit of between fifteen thirty five. lay for one identity spiritual.

I'm what's sometimes just watching goingon if it's a largegroup.I'd liketo haveyou stepintothe behavior in andat thosetimes. For at wouldbe wouldbe ableto record it was in the environment. to to writing down. is about as important describe to onlywhatyou senseexternally.notas oftenas I wouldlike. just record.The amount gestures movements of and increases. The thatyou do whenyou aretraining thoseplaces things question nVhatdo you do in thosewheres is. to seeingthe relationship between myself andthe others.) Now.Going the flipchart.) Now I'd likeyou to stepintothe capabilities "Whatis the know-how the mental you needin orderto sit.sometimes standing.I use my capability structure to things and to structure information. of RBD: O. actions that a videocamera if Videocameras don'tjudgeor interpret.I use my ability go to 'third'position. Oo W." that For at it wouldbe a judgment theirenvironment. listen. thisexercise.he hadsaid.(ToAudience) describing set of behaviors a not making interpretations. I I'm I'm sometimes walking around."l workin a hostile environment. RBD: Again. this level. Sometimes I'm presenting. usemy into I capability alsoin a morebroadrange structure to overtime. And the question hereis." thesewouldbe judgments 'behaviors' aboutbehaviors.l'm often around. or strategies skills and walkaround.'sphysiology changes he stepsintoeachnew as space. I use my knowledge to of of instructional designto put that structure words.Page49 . spaceand describe kindsof the CfoW. things trying makesenseout of whatpeople to are saying and doing. In in 'wheres' and 'whens'? W: Well. behaviors you engage in those that timesand places? W: Sometimessit. is simply Good. W.and I use my capability to go intothe perceptual position the groupmembers see thingsfromtheir of and perspective.actionand behavior.lf someone said. Listening. I'm sometimes demonstrating. |Io audience) Notice howW. this level. And. notice howW. they space. hearing.usethe I capability makesense whatI see. stand. literally He involves more Jesus.did. I alsouse my capability to makepictures whatI'mgoingto do. writeon the flipchaftand respond you aretraining as in "Howareyou ableto do those'whats' those thoseroomsin Berlin?" otherwords.hearandfeel.K.ln a littlegroupI'mtryingto support themby asking questions saying walking and things them."l behave lf wellor poorly. andwhens?"Whatare the actions and in.justwhattheysee and hear. this process. and responding.

I'd liketo haveyou stepintothe betief you use thoseparticular capabilities act in thosewaysin thoseenvironments?" to Whydo youchose useyourabilities structure. lt is almost if you hearevenmoreof himspeaking. speaks bit moredeeply in He a and slowly.I'mbelieving respect.The question hereis. in respect otherpeople.of himself. Alsoas he describes different the levels.Page 50 . thereis a change histoneof voice. is speaking as He fromhis heart. support. lookat to thingsfromotherperceptual positions picture and whatyou are goingto do? What sortof beliefs values and leadyouto usethatknow-how takethoseactions and in thosetimesand places? W: Well. putthings intowords. and love. In the behavior spacehe beganto gesture with his armsand move around little.I wasthinking about thatthe other day. couldsee hiseyesmoving and searching around moreas he accessed skills his and abilities.) I'd liketo haveyou stepintothe identity spaceand answer question "Who the am I that. relationships. in it's to RBD: So you valuerespect. takemultiple to perspectives visualize to and the future?" "Whoam I thatI havedeveloped strengths demonstrate. do aboutpeople. valuelotsof skillsand believe love?" in "Whoam I that I woulduse my mindto structure. believing in I'm in support otherpeople for and myself. The kindsof wordshe useschanges.in my heart. space. the environment at In spacehe hardly movedat all. the wantgoodrelationships.I'mbelieving having goodrelationships. sit. walkaround. eachlevel.Canyou say anything skill aboutwhy you've chosen manifest to thosevalues through in training particular? W: Well.svoicebecame evenmoredeep. putthings to to to intowords. "Whydo CfoW. listen. ffo audience) question are exploring The we here is "Whatbeliefs you haveaboutyourself. writeon a flipchartand respond people thoserooms in to during weekand on the weekends thatpartof thisplanet the on people call "Whoam I as a trainer?"Whatkindof a trainerareyou? Whatkindof a Germany?" Jesus . (FoW. aboutdoingwhatyou and guideyou? Notice do?" Whatbeliefs howW. the capability you a In space.Respecting waytheyare for the living theirown lives. RBD: That'sas gooda beliefas any. the to to stand. supportpeople.I wouldrespect livesof others.) Now. moreof his neurology. order enrich in to whatwe can do here. I'm believing love. Theyindicate morebroadreaching and personal processes.andthe answer haveat the moment I is justthat I loveto do it. And I believe goodto havea lotof skills do things.

Letyourself in the it. perhaps evensacredwords.What to to are you willing say aboutyourself?Evenif it's notthe rightanswer?Try usinga to rnetaphor an analogy. a beyond beinga drop in the ocean. what is important hereis to nottalkabout but rather talk"it". lt's RBD:Yesit is difficult search yoursoulandevenmoredifficult shareyoursoul.Page 51 .. There lot'sof paradoxes. a trainer as as as thatvalues respect.. skilland love. to RBD: So.. W: (Pause) experiencing everything perfect. intoa space thattranscends yourself intoa spiritual space. Thewords don'tevenhaveto be 'your'words. I don'tknowhowto put it into lt to but words. and in andwho sitsandwalksand listens talks and and responds with his bodyto groups fifteen thirtyfive peoplein thoseroomsin of to Berlin?" W: (Longpause) hassomething do withlove. to It's likelightgoingall over. or W: (Pause) Well.. the dropin the ocean. Raise your headand youreyesso you are looking and imagine couldsee beyond up you your own lifeandyourownidentity a moment.one metaphor wouldbe thatI am likea dropin the ocean and kindof goingwiththe flow.personare you? Whatkindof 'soul'areyou? W: (Pause) difficult. maybeit'sjustfeelings... for Whatis yourpurpose? Whatareyou serving thisidentity a lighthouse? in as Whatdoesit meanto be a dropof waterin the flow of life? A lighthouse what? A dropin whatkindof ocean?Whatis yourvision for and mission atrainer? as The question hereis 'Whatis the visionthat I'm pursuing or representing a lighthouse.and are it is yet Jesus. Thesewordsare impodant words. to be presence this"larger of mind". them Let emerge flowfromyourneurology. Another metaphor would thatI am likea lighthouse. Maybeit'sjust colors. support.you are likewaterandyouarea channelfor light.that I'm that is nothing needs be changed.tt be has something do withtight.like timeless. describe or Just what's goingon as you experience it. I'd liketo haveyou takefinala stepbeyond being lighthouse. RBD:Takeyourtime.and who structures verbalizes takesdifferent and and perspectives visualizes his mind.

timeis llowing.experiencing Andat thatsametime. Keepyoureyes yourexperience who you raised.that is perfect at the same life but but timefullof paradoxes. a soul. Andthere'sa feeling of that larger system. being of timeless yet in time.Yet. who of or you are as a trainer. paradox timelessness love. Just for This is obviously verypowerful a noticehow muchhis breathing changed.it'shardfor me to putintowords.you can restate addto yourdescription.You're justa lighthouse.. anchor Andthen it. takea fullbreath howit enriches of andjust notice your are. that timeis flowing. fill l'd now liketo askyouto takethatsense energy thankfulness.I believe is possible bring it into thiskindof awareness our daily to experience. and Oo W. has Theseare experiences we don't that perhaps oftenopenourselves to . And yetthe space themis always We for therein our neurology. it is timeless.this is the levelof experience gives'day-to-day' meaning experience that and purpose. get so caught in the immediacy 'conducting'our thatwe forgetlifeis alsofullof up of lives light. beingan of and of part important of thatvastocean andthatlight. Honor holdit. person.except up whenwe are neardeathor someone we loveis neardeath. That'sright. whatI'd liketo askyouto do is to takea moment just fullybe in this it.lt'slikeadding kindof excitement a to it all. RBD: So you're justa dropin the ocean.and and Jesus. as as W: I canfeelit but. RBD: Thatvision yourneurology a powerful andthosewordscan mobilize in way. it withspirit. youridentity spaceand bring thisvision andthosewordswithyou. lf you wish.They can bringit alive.but find it hardto holdon to themor perceive in theirrelevance 'day-to-day living'.Page 52 ..it's getting muchmoreenergy. W: lt'salsoa sense being of thankful. all RBD: (ToAudience) levelof experience W.) W. at once. mind. stateof light. of not that there's awareness an you are partof that light. that larger excitement emerges of thosewords that whenyou bringtheminto out andthatvision you. not there's awareness you are an an that embodiment thatocean. gratitude. of of and physically stepintoyouridentity movebackto space andbringit withyou. Eachof us hasprobably experiences had such as this.andthe awareness beingpartof something of bigger. metaphors. bothat the sametime.

I wouldhavemoreof the capability flowing of and alsogiving direction the flow. listening. Keeping of andyourmission yourheart.takea deepbreath and connect Jesus.and of yourvision As howdoesit of thesedeepstructures.and I'd likeyou takeall of thatintoyour around the and can appreciate wonders yourvision. of of and timelessness timeliness.Page 53 . of beliefs. and that we can perceive that you belonghere is goodevenif it servesno purpose you. And it'seasierto 'let it flow'without having timeconstraints. thereis a sense thatgrowing goodevenwithout but that That's onething. yourperception the capabilities havefor manifesting you your solidify enrich or of identify vision? values. that to talking. youreyes. Takethistotalsense yourcapabilities. identity and your Lift spiritintothosebehaviors. you fullysenseall of theselevels yourself.ThatI can relaxand enjoyit and appreciate wonderafterwonder.bring sense vision or Wouldany newbeliefs solidified enriched? Howare your beliefs andvalues fromyourheart? emerge feel thatwe areall one. and in W: I havemoreof a capability being firstposition of respecting ownpointof of my view. connect space.without alsothe the belief is grow. Thereis I W: Well.. looking.Realize yourskills to that and and of and values.of feeling we are all one.of partof the lightandpartof the vastocean.plants and otherformsof life. andlove. beliefs. and soul.but eveneasyto understand trees. the paradoxes life. being in supporl. am ableto concretely the belief purpose is needing further any thanto thatgrowing good.thatgrowing skill that believing respect.fewer'boundaries'. into the full breathing and deep.it'seasyto seeotherpoints viewandtakewiderandwiderperspectives. Also. to RBD: Now l'd liketo haveyou standin the behavior space and re-experience those going the blackboard. andyourheart yourmind.youreyesup and your physically movebackintoyourbeliefspace. Raiseyoureyesand as you takea full breath capabilities yourspirit yourmission. of of of of RBD: I'd liketo nowaskyouto takethatsense light. living. it. your identity are of capabilities a reflection expression thosebeliefs Yourmindis the way in whichyou manifest and mission. responding..lt can havea purpose.this of soundsa bit funnyto say. of It'seasier understand to othermapsof the world. love. to supposed be herein thistime. whatever word or the is . specific actions youtake.Andthereis alsoa realization I am having any purpose.on one level. teaching. other waysof being.

and hearing and listening being and there. of support.lhemusic. and Also the words. andyourmindwithyourstrengths this in environment. Howwouldyou re-perceive.you'dbe the and and ableto perceive light the thatfillsthemandthe vastocean thatflowsthrough them. and love. bringthe dancethe pictures. skilland love. wonder after of of wonder wheredifferent mapsare understood wheregrowth valued it is whether and Jesus.takea fulldeepbreath andalignyourhighest spiritual purpose yourheart withyouridentity. if it is filled As withlight. wouldbecome sacred a Theyare not onlya placefor respect. lf I would explain I wouldhavethe'why' of something. your senseof re-experience restate and yourenvironmentyou brought light. How might you experience theseactivities How differently? wouldhaving this hologram yourtotalbeing of theseveryspecific. it the of W: Well. The metaphorhavefor allthechanges thatit wouldbe more a I is likea dance.it wouldbe morelikedancing go For if and beingawareof all that'sgoingon around me. or Andone differenceexperience it wouldbe muchlessof doinga job. And thereare manymorepictures. senseof timelessness if this the the but alsothe flowof time.eventhoughit is the sameroom. eventhough places the people the timesstaythe same. the fitteen to the thirtyfivepeople. paradoxes. actions you take? enrich concrete that Perhaps changes quality whatyoudo. of a and yourbelief yourrealization you belong. you thatgrowth goodin andof itself.it changes lot.yoursense being lighthouse a partof a vastocean.backto those groups. liketo haveyou movebackintothe environment t'd space. I would to the flipchail. lt's kindof likehearing music whileI'mdoingthings.strengths a trainer yourmindandto yourheanandto yourmission to your as to and vision. doingit. life Yourvaluing respect. big rooms.Lookup. example.of whatI'mdoing.Takeyourability understand to othei mapsand takea widerview.placeandcity. Theseroomsin Berlin place.Notice howyourexperience yourenvironment of and changes enriches. skill theyare places widerperspectives.Page 54 . RBD:So.I couldadd all of the words. The wordwhich I is comesto my mindis that it wouldbe a special place. is that that can appreciate wonderafterwonder. W: The bestway I can answer thatis its prettymuchthe sameenvironment I would but perceive really it dilferently. little specific wheres andwhens.a sacredplace. moremusic.to havefewer boundaries directthe flowof yourexperience. RBD:Finally.the little rooms. suppott.

| 'd*. Physically out one space eachof the six logical lay for levels. I liketo thinkthatW.'"^**l 2. Perhaps lightandthe oceanfillthe whote the world.-"-*lF*. is a sacred lt in lt space whereyou belongand whereconstraints boundaries transcended. W: lt is beautiful. Summary of the Logicat Level Alignment process 1.has an obvious purpose not. takesplace timebutit alsotimeless. love. The levelalignment process a wayto mobilize is verydeeplevels neurology. growth.'sexperience provides glimpse howJesusmusthave a of experienced worldin an ongoing the way:a sacred space. to W: I thinkit can be.l Jesus.Page 55 f. dancing. for for for for for music.I F-ry I l--'*"*l f. Theyare places wherechange takingplacebut wherenothing is needs to be changed.widerperspectives and love. Standin the "Environment" spaceandanswer question: the "Whenand wheredo t wantto be morealigned?" 3. is a placeof vision and are lt and belief and wonder you cando yourjob andto manifest where yourhighest purpose. widerperspectives. is a placefor sitting walking spiritual lt and around andtalking and demonstrating listening responding. Transcending boundaries through support. of and then. and our wholeplanet a sacred is place vision.Thank you.through process successive a of approximations. Standin the "Behaviot'' spaceandanswer question: the "What I needto do when do .you only for of for for needto liftyoureyesandtakea deepbreath see it. RBD:And perhaps beauty that doesnotevenhaveto be limited thoserooms Berlin to in whereyou do yourtraining. atsothe or but paradoxes. filledwith light. it is alsoa placefor for musicand and and but dancingand gratitude. the transcendence boundaries.Therearethe roomsandthe flipcharts. I myself thisprocess the timein order prepare seminars othercontexts use all to for and in whichI wantto havefullaccess all levels myself.^. following a summary the to of The is of stepsof the process. respect. skill. Flowing time in but alsotimeless. release intoa specific it situation.

An ch o r th es tatethaty ouenter e d in t o in t h e s p ir it u a ls p a c e . capabilities behaviors and . Standin the "spiritual" "Whoand whatelse is that spaceand answer questions: the : person who hasthat identity serving?" "Whatis the visionbeyond that I am me participating in?" 8. 10. an expression "Whatis a metaphor my mission?" of?" for 7. BringYourvision. values into and capabilities the behavior space. identity.am in thosetimesand places?" "Whatstrengths I have?" do . and I Theprocess best is donein conjunction a partner.?" values. environment. Notice how eventhe mostinsignificant seeming behaviors reflections are and i manifestationsall of the higher you. beliefs intothe capabilities and values space.' who serves a kind witness your as of words.Againnotice howit enhances enriches representation or of yourbeliefs and values.Notice howit enhances enriches yourinitial or representationthe identity of experience. Standin the "Capabilities" "Howdo I needto use my the spaceandanswer questions: mindto carryout thosebehaviors?" 'Whatcapabilities I haveor needin orderto do . Bringall levels yourself the environment into of how spaceand experience it is : transformed enriched. you to The'Guardian Angel' helps keep on to trackby asking questions continually 'backtracking'reviewing youhave the and what or (it saidat each thelevels sometimes to write of helps key down words phrases).' 4. Standin the "ldentity" spaceand answer questions: "Whoam I if I havethosebeliefs the I and values and usethosecapabilities accomplish in to thosebehaviors that 'Whatkindof soularethosebeliefs. T a k e t h a t p h ysi o |o g ya n d innerexperience stepbackintothe identity and spaceso you experience at the both i sametime. Standin the "BeliefsA/alues" "Whydo I wantto use spaceand answer questions: the thoseparticular "Whatvaluesare capabilities accomplish to thoseactivities?" important me when I am involved thoseactivities?" to in 'What beliefs I haveor do needto guideme in my heart whenI am doingthem?" 6. with or'Guardian Anget. i i 9. do thoseactions thosetimesand places?" in 5.Bringyourvision. and i I Jesus. the 11. levels of within 12.Page56 . Takeyou experience bothyourvision of andyouridentity bring and themintoyour belief yourinitial space. you yoursetf. identity. Experience t. change enrich capabilities experience or within howthey strengthen. beliefs.

and a likeness placeof a likeness. ability her to painin di{ferent concentrate focus. "Forwheretwo or threeare gatheredtogether my Jesusmadethe statement 18:20).to handle and waysand her ability be awareof to her body. a preparation as for childbirth. Anitaverbalized demonstrated she wantedvariouspartsof how and partsof the laborprocess.and whenyou fashioneyes in place of an eye. and the to the qualities movementwouldhavein touching andthe kindof flexibility of I her of behavior wantedto havein orderto respond I appropriately changes to or uncertainties the hospital in environment the medical and staff. be acutely to Jesus." Thomas(22) process The logicallevelalignment may be broadened allowyou to co-align to yourself withothers. her bodyto be relaxed active and during different the how she wantedher breathing be and howshe wanted act towardothers. the aligning or morehearts. respond to to creatively.and the above like the below and whenyou make the male and the femaleone and the same. I wantedmy abilities communicate. otferher support manydifferent on We started sharing perceptions the environments which birth by our of in the wouldtake place:our homeandthe birthing roomat the hospital.then in willyou enter [the Kngdoml. process this allowed to me levels.According the Gospel Thomas: to of Jesus said to them. visioncan createsomething is greater framework a shared of that thanthe sum of the partson a higher level. Rather thansimply a breathing be coach. and whenyou make the inside like the outsideand the outsidelike the inside.and a foot in place of a foot.The implication this is thatthe name.B. We thendescribed eachother skills to the andcapabilities wouldneedto act we the wayswe haddefined the birthing in environment. usedthisprocess I with together my wife.Page57 . visited We the hospital we couldidentify so specific external cuesanddetails. Anitabrought the importance up of the ability remember things to key evenunder difficult experiences. and a handin place of a hand.so that the malenot be male nor the femalefemale. Logical Level Co-AlignmentProcess in that.Anita. in turn to to I described demonstrated toneof voiceI wanted usewhenI talkedto her. "Whenyou make the two one. Thenwe defined one another to howwe wanted be ableto act in those to environments. As an example.theream I in the midstof them" (Matthew of minds andsetsof strengths together within two souls.

wouldbothbe moreconcrete diffuse various or Jesus . alsoshared values respect. hadneverreally WhileAnitahad beenmarried overthirteen for we talked to eachotheraboutour visions our identities our perceptions the larger for of and spiritual in lt to systems whichwe participated. making use of all the choices available us andof love. thatshe hadmanychoices thatshecouldtrust abouthowto respond.Shesaw herself one of the shells as shells. united fit the withinshells of whichwerelikemagnates interconnected the universe shells all and of lines force.thatI hadmanyskills I thatwouldbe thereto of me of support as unconscious We our competences. multiple and awareof her physiology to recognize manage and thatwe wouldneedin orderto Next. within within shells At the spiritual level.| s haredmy bel i e f t h a t we h a d o p e r a t e d we l| a s a t e a m m a n yti m e s that before. a she wo u | d |ov e. eachone becoming successively in thisvastchain. i j I 1 t .Page58 i i . Sheidentified beliefs way. with In bringing shared vision intoour sense identity feltthatwe werelikea we our of pairof interlocking The shells weremadeof a kindof lightor energy nautilus shells.we shared perceptions whowe wouldbe if we wereableto our of into manifest beliefs our and values through capabilities the birthenvironment.In thisvision position oneof the magnates the the of couldeffect alignment an d o r d e ro fa l l oftheothers .perspectives. outside therewas a benevolent forceat work. linesof forceemanating eacheffecting eachotherthrough invisible the fromthem.that even thatthe experience laborwouldunfoldin the mostappropriate of thoughshe couldnot control whatwas happening.beingeitherveryconcrete or a shell. thosethatweresupporting andthatshewas bringing newlifeintothe worldthat her.we shared eachotherbeliefs values and to in be ableto activate thosebehaviors the and thosecapabilities produce environments haddefined.I as shell. perceived clear myself a kindof lightshining intothe roomto keepeverything as out and in focus. to Afterthis. Anitaenvisioned universe shells a of larger. of vision was of The We explored waysin whichourvisions together.that I was ableto approach situation a pureintention any if with the guidance wouldneedwouldcometo me.ln our the metaphor our mutual for we at identity. verylightanddiffuse a lightspreading or like through room. our Anitaperceived herself a kindof nautilus spiraling openontothe world. we the thatshe couldtrustherbody.can be quitemoving sharesucha level you of experience someone love.Thef u n c t io n wa S t o c o n t in u a | | y a d ju s t t o k e e p th e balance and harmony the forces. I saw myself a kindmagnate a larger in system many of as magnates.andthinkyou know. through theirinvisible of years. and hardlike that couldbe moreor lessfocused dense.

r"*l t-. theywerea single In reviewing capabilities.^. As we thought actions behaviors haddefined we aboutthe specific and it earlier. to actually Finally. as and 'Trust'. the of identity. beliefs and values. Similar W. thatit was a placeof challenges at the sametime. focalpoint which a around manyelements spun.tookon the senseof a sacred a things wouldoccur. rather means no like seemed a kindof mechanical but a breathe spirit and lifeintothe experience. Summary of Logical Level Co-AlignmentProcess 1. beautiful Our has daughter beenthriving in and blossoming a co-created context light. Anita's a single breathing practice longer programming.to create context whichanother in a being could thrive and bloom. to seemed be an integrated to actionfrom like being. legsandfeetof a dancer.points pointol Through coordinated this dancea particular depending the situation. I can testify thatourjointmulti-level allowed to meetthe challenges map us of laborand birthin harmonious coordinated and fashion.andthat we wouldbe able it to handle as a team. I rrr"*I t *"irylf-r.a placeof choices.r"""'"". into and capabilities behaviors our mapof the birthing environment. gaining andfinally another shell. the eyes. almost il as 'Love' belief thatcouldbe expressed simply 'Life'. of life.'s to place. Physically outtwo spaces eachof the six logical lay for levels.around which interaction taking the density the densityrepresented babywho wouldfirstformout of our danceas a pointof focus. wasthe ability createa spacefor lifeto formand grow. neither us hadas a teamthrough combination skills of that of This to coulddo independently.comewhatmay. on place.arms. to and unified."r"'--lFffil Spiritual t. feltthatthattherewas a special we we our capability the thatwe possessed. feeling Our wasthat.Page 59 .I Jesus. placewheremomentous it experience.it wouldbe the appropriate thing. people no longer like reacting an external seemed we weretwo separate to situation Rathelour behavior or reacting eachother. was Ourexperience but.hands. was Thisnewpointof wouldform. vision we Within frameof ourcommon andidentity reviewed beliefs the the that Theyseemed be muchmorepresent we had sharedearlier.loveandtrustever since. brought totality our shared we vision. enterthe danceas another density untilshe became interlocking shell.

Standin the "Behaviofspaceand answer question: 'What do I wantdo when I the am in that timeand place?" Describe eachothersomespecific to behaviors and actions thatyou wanlto manifest yourshared in environment. Standin the "ldentity" spaceand answer question: the motivations capabilities manifest and in to thosebehaviors thatenvironment?" yourperception yourself relation the beliefs.T o g e th takethatphysiology innerexperience stepbackintothe identity spaceso you and and nVhat experience at the sametime. Standin the "Capabilities" spaceanddescribe eachotherthe capabilities to haveor needin orderto manifest in thoseactions thatenvironment.(a 2.Answer question. Answer and into space. verbalize in Usinga metaphor of to va lu e S.Bring identity. identity. "Whoam I that I havethese 6. time)thatyou share. values capabilities the behavior into beliefs.Answer question. Standin the 'Spiritual" spaceand answer question:"Whatis the visionI am the pursuing representing?" or Describe eachotheryourvisions the larger of to in system whichyou are participating.capabi | i ti es andbeha v io r s y o u h a v e id e n t if ie d . and : : : l Jesus. the beliefs 10. "Whydo I wantto use 5. Standin the "BeliefsA/alues" the spaceand answer question: thoseparticular Disclose eachother capabilities accomplish to to thoseactivities?" the values and beliefs thatmotivate are reflected the capabilities in and and you behaviors wantto manifest yourshared in environment.Exp lo r e inw hi c hw ay s thetw ov is io n s f it t o g e t h e r o r c o m p le m e n t e a c h oth e r . i : i B .Page60 . "Whoare we together?" both the ' is our jointidentity?" 9. Bringall levels yourself the environment into how of spaceand experience it is transformed enriched. "Whatwillbe manifestationsall of the higher levels within of the our jointactions together? 12.BringYourvision. 11. 'Whatcapabilities we haveas a teamthatare beyond individual do our capabilities?" yourvision. 7. Describe of to 3. Takeyourshared experience bothyourvision of andyouridentity bringtheminto and yourbelief "Whatareour shared and values?" spaces. and space. Bothstandin the "Environment" an spaces and identify environment placeand yourperception thatenvironment eachother.Answer questions. you 4. the beliefs values the capabilities question. Notice how eventhe mostinsignificant are and seeming behaviors reflections you.

.for theyknownot whattheydo. difficult.Page 61 . to "Yehave heard that it hath been said. and hate thine enemy. to and in particular thosewhomit wouldseemthe mostdifficult love. And if ye lend to them of whomye hope to receive. whatthankhaveye? for sinners also love thosethat love them.blessthem that curseyou.lll.for he makethhissun to riseon the evil and on the good. and pray for themthat despitefulty you." Luke 23:34 Jesus.. do good to them that hateyou.and sendethrain on the justand on the unjust. whatthankhaveye? for sinners alsodo eventhe same.what thankhaveye? for sinners alsolend to sinners. But I say untoyou. and persecute use you'wouldcertainly seemto require special skills. receiveas muchagain.reallife'. mostpeople. it Jesusoftendemonstratedin his it actions. Perhaps mostsignificant the indication hiscommitment thisprinciple the of to is response hadto thoseresponsible his owncrucifixion death: he for and "Father. maintained: as He "Forif ye love them whichloveyou. Matthew 5:43-45 The ability loveone'senemies. Thou shatttove thy neighbour.That ye may be the childrenof your Fatherwhichis in heaven. forgivethem.yet.Loving Your NeighborAs yourself The co-alignment process certainly a powerful to takestepstoward can be tool 'loving your neighbor yourself'. but unpragmatic evendangerous attempt . the of and one Yet. Loveyour enemies. For Jesus'comments seemstikea nice. to "bless themthat curse you. and persecute you. Taking Multiple PerceptualPositions. as Understanding someone else'smapof the worldon all levels certainly deepens sense connection relationship haswithanother.. And if ye do good to them whichdo good to you..it and to in seems thatJesusdid notintend as simply admirable impractical it an put ideal. In addition continually to encouragingin histeachings. do goodto them that hateyou.lofty sentiment.Jesusseemed havesomething to evenbroader mindwhenhe spokeof in 'loving your neighbor yourself'. to Luke6:32-34 Jesusclearly seems imply to thatloving one'sneighbors extends all of humanity. and pray for them that despitefullyuseyou.

Of all of the thingshe couldhavesaid. Butthisis evidently Jesus' not indicate he believed that urging and encouragement thisway of thinking acting for and was potentially in thatthis ability latent everyone. and It mightbe easyfor someto saythat it was onlybecause Jesuswas 'superhuman' perspective. Jesus'dyingstatement the crossindicates level. whentheydo notperceive as or or others in fact'human' like whenmy wifeand I firstbrought newbabydaughter home. are perceived they as acts stillhaving positive a intent are unable identify the system but with beyond themselves. 2) it wasthe onlyalternative from or he or experienced a particular at moment to express frustration. I mentioned the beginning thismonograph NLPis basedon the two primary at of that presuppositions 1) the map is notthe territory.condemn cursehis 'neighbors'he implores for and forgiveness them. a mercy Obviously. Jesus' moving and stunning to believe ability congruently statement demonstratesremarkable a that his own persecutors killers but and werenot inherently or malicious. to his of andlovewas morethansimply fanswheneverything goinghis was bunchof nicewordseasily saidto a groupof adoring justifiable Jesusto be way. to protect People oftenharmothers act in unproductive in an attempt ways or themselves because they perceive otherchoices cannot no or comprehend otherperson's the Jesus Page 62 . seekoptimal states health of of thesetwo presuppositions together thatthe actions behavior all organisms is and taken positively or is essentially to intendedthatis. belief the of the system NLPis thateveryone that they perceive available themgiventheirmodelof the worldin that moment. instance. ratheracting bad out of blindness ignorance. In NLP. message forgiveness. themselves. constant His that he couldthinkthisway. Jesus. respond a perceived to to threat or get attention.Jesuschose thesewordsas his'logos'. it is an attempt the organism correcl by perceives itselfa its optimize own stateor the stateof the system whichthe organism of makes bestchoices member. For our our threeyearold sonwouldsometimes things do thatwouldeither scareher or hurthernot because was a "badboy"but ratherbecause he it either1) he didn'trealize wouldbe painful frightening her pointof view. In the NLPmodel. 2) liteand mindare systernic that and processes naturally of One implication that and balance.In otherwords. that he shared this belief a deepand personal on people and hurt whentheyfeelthreatened perceive Usually onlypurposefully others no otheralternatives. example. to incomplete impoverished model evilactions and behaviors or arisebecause a narrow. In the moment for whenit wouldhavebeencompletely and rightto thinking onlyof himself in the moment whenJesushadthe mostreason hate. for whensomebody selfishly. of on of the worldrather thanout of evil intent.

The ability act and promote to ecological change fromthe belief positive in intent greatskillandwisdom. burning witches The the the of and heretics.because are its hurting and persecuting others.identity always is validated.Page 63 . thattakesintoaccount multiple levels timeframes. the In NLP. of like Jesusechoed this approach parables the prodigalsonandstatements in suchas: judgeafterthe flesh. and Eventhe most positive intentions. OK for themto continue say.I judgeno man. Jesus' mission to bringabout was change. thusthe waysto direct for the and andchange whichare moreappropriate stillsatisfy positive themto otherchoices but intent. Actions that seemtotally or incomprehensible evil at one leveland in onetime framebegin makesensewhenconsidered the context another to in of logical levelor a different timeframe. intention The key in NLPis to separate person's a fromhisor her behavior. inquisition. of takingdifferent'perceptual Delozier. is onlyas valid obviously requires it or as the skills andcapabilities support manifest Certainly abilities perceive that and it.. 1990). of For in Jesus." John8:15 "Ye judgethe behaviors The implication this statement that mostpeople is (fhe of simply flesh) otherswithoutlooking the deeperlevelsbehind person's of at a actions. 'holy the wars'. is important statethat it to the positive intention doesnotjustify behavior its repercussions. hadto demonstrate otherchoices and helphim to discover otheralternatives. Similarly. the to different timeframesand recognize different logical levels crucial support are to this principle." significance the principle 'positive The of intent' of comes from understanding deeper motives behaviors. WhileNLPseeksto separate intentions frombehaviors. example. pointof view can be unecological whenpursued froma single of and dangerous."Ohwell. Perhaps mostimportant necessary loveone'sneighbor oneself that the skill to as is positions'(Grinder. Dilts. to not people blindandignorant.etc." out Obviously.perspective. crusades. wifeand my I did not allowour sonto continue hurtor scareourdaughter to because was positively he intended We and didn'tknowany better. Thus. 1989. been nor the lt has pointed thatthe "road hellis paved to withpositive intentions.the In notion perceptual positions of acknowledges any interaction that within system a necessarily involves multiple mapsandperspectives the sameevent. NLP.Likeany otherbelief value. they keyto ecological behavior comesfromhaving rich modelof the world a perspectives. then and validate intention otherbehavioral alternatives wouldsatisfy the whileoffering that the positive purpose the intention moreecologically.are goodexamples positive intentions of expressed through limited a perspective.

12:25. between perspectives maybe taken: FirstPosition one'sown pointof view. maintained: and For he "Therefore ye allthings whatsoever wouldthat men shoulddo to you. and then shaltthousee clearlyto castout the moteout thy brothels eye.a beam is in thineown eye.Letme pull out the moteout of thineeye. sensitivity the feelings thoughts others His werereferred quiteoften.Certainly. of Thus. others of Matt. to Jesusmakes impofiance taking metaposition withrespect oneself the of a to even moreclearin statements suchas: "Andwhy beholdest thouthe motethat is in thy brother's eye.in NLPlanguage.Luke5:22." following second the commandment wouldminimally involve taking"second Thatis. example.. of Clearly. musthavehada highly Jesushimself developed ability takesecond to position.Luke11:17). 6:8.His parable Luke the goodSamaritan the reports his owncompassion equanimity certainly and and of imply ability empathize others. Thereis also between whatis knownas 'ThirdPosition'which a kindof an 'enlightened' position the meta is pointof viewof a wiseobserver who hasaccess the points viewof boththe firstand to of secondposition. 3) MetaPosition the pointof viewof an and observer looking the interaction at oneself and one'sneighbor. do ye evenso to them.tt alsoseems implya kindof metaposition oneself. yourneighbor yourself' presupposes ability It seemsobvious the to that'loving as takethe perspective yourneighbor.first castout the beamout of thineown eye.9:4."Matthew 7:12 perspective the with Jesusis essentially saying integrate to one'sownfirstposition position perspective another determining to act toward second a in how of them. to putyourself another's into it model the worldandvalue as muchas yourown. deeppresuppositionthisstatement the ability consider subjective is of the experience to person.and behold.2) Second 1) that Position the pointof viewof one'sneighbor. firststeptoward the position."Matthew 7:3-5 Jesus.but considerest the beamthatis in thineown eye?Or how wilt thousay not to thy brother.Luke9:47.three and thereare minimally the mostbasicinteraction oneself one'sneighbor. to to of and On numerous thoughts of occasions Jesuswas saidto have'perceived' or'known'the (Matt. with the to perceptual positions Thisprocess shifting of seems be at the heartof manyof to Jesus'teachings actions.Page 64 I I i I i ' : .. whichone of another in to to is looking one'sown actions at withrespect someone else.

of Perhaps mostpowerful dramatic and example Jesus'use of MetaPosition is the in represented the following account: "Thenthe scribes broughtuntohim a womantakenin and Pharisees adultery;and whenthey had sether in the midst,They unto him, say Master,this womanwas takenin adultery, the veryact. Now Mosesin the in law commandedus, that such shouldbe stoned:but what sayestthou? This they said,temptinghim, that they mighthave to accusehim. But Jesus stoopeddown, and with his fingerwroteon the ground,as thoughhe heardthem not. So when they continuedaskinghim, he lifted up himself,and said unto them,He that is withoutsinamongyou, let him first casta stoneat her. And again he stoopeddown,and wroteon the ground. And they whichheard it, beingconvictedby their own conscience, went out one by one,beginning the eldest,evenuntothe last:and Jesuswas at left alone, and the womanstandingin the midst. WhenJesushad liftedhimself, and saw nonebut the woman,he said unto her, Woman,whereare thosethineaccusers? hathno man condemned thee? Shesaid,No man,Lord.And Jesussarduntoher, Neither I do condemn thee:go, and sinno more." John8:3-11 Thisparticular account demonstrates masterful Jesus' ability sortlogical levels to perspectives. comment, thatis without "He multiple His andto trackand integrate sin you,let himcastthe firststone her," a direct among is at statement thecrowd go to a to to withrespect themselves. metaposition to Jesus' statement the woman, "Neither I to do is condemn thee:go, and sin no more," a clearexample howhe separated of identity from He her without behavior. validates identity condoning justifying continuation the nor the of particular behavior. fncidentally, English word"sin" wastranslated the Greek the from word hamartano (crpoptcrvol) whichsimply means 'err'or'miss mark' opposed 'transgress to the as to implies against God.' Thisis clearly something a behavioral at level, at an identity not or level. Thus,Jesus'statement the woman "go,andsin no more," spiritual to to couldbe interpreted "go,and learnfromyour mistakes." as The sameinterpretation couldbe "He you,let himcastthe firststoneat applied hisstatement, thatis without among to sin her." He wouldbe saying, thathasnever "He madea mistake, missed mark, hirn or the let castthe firststone." Jesus- Page 65

position meta it Jesusis implying second or that,whether is fromfirstposition, position, should we never our or devalue own perspective modelof the worldnor anyone elses. Jesus'encouragementtakeotherperspectives not in orderto weaken was to or negateone'sown perspective rather makeone wiser.And,in fact,we can only but to beginto truly understand otherperspectives whenwe havesolidified own - whenwe our havealigned heart, people soul,mindand strength. wantto takeother Sometimes perceptual positions because if theirown is weakor unclear. I pointed earlier, our As out just project own incongruency own first position weakor unclear, will mostlikely is we our and lackof selfworthontoothers.In the wordsof the Gospel Thomas: of Jesus said, "lf those who leadyou say to you,'See, the Kingdomis in the sky,'then the birds of the sky willproceedyou. lf they say to you, 'lt is in the sea,'then the fish willprecedeyou. Rather,the kingdomis inside of you, and it is outsideof you. Whenyou cometo knowyourselves,then you will becomeknown,and you will realizethat it is you who are the sons you dwell in of the living Father. But if you will not knowyourselves, poveftyand it is you whoare thatpoverty." Thomas(3) Jesushimself certainly not represent with did or someone a poorselfconcept low selfesteem. was sureof himself his mission an individual encouraged He his and as and followers acknowledge pursue to and theirown missions, evenin the faceof resistance and persecution. hiswords: In ' No man, whenhe hath lighteda candle,puttethit in a secretplace , neitherunder a bushel,but on a candlestick, that they whichcome in may see the light." Luke 11 :33 "Letyour lightso shinebeforemen,that theymay see your good works,and glorifyyour Fatherwhichis in heaven." Matthew5:16 perceptual Jesus'continual references his 'Father' important to bespeaks another position a thirdposition metaposition'. in or'enlightened The "Father heaven" madethe "sunto ise on the evil and on the good,and sendethrain on the justand on the unjust.' The Fathe/sperspective clearly is verywideand impartial all models the worldare of perspective his treatedequally. eventhough was notJesus'own position And it first in roleas a human it being, was a perspective he wasclearly that ableto takeand encouraged others takeas well.Consider following to the statement: Jesus- Page 66

"But love ye your enemies,and do good, and lend, hopingfor nothing again; and your rewardshall be great, and ye shall be the childrenof the and to the evil. Be ye therefore Highest:for he is kind unto the unthankful merciful,as your Fatheralso is merciful. Judgenot, and ye shall not be judged;condemnnot, and ye shallnot be condemned: forgiveand ye shall Luke 6:35-37 be forgiven." Jesusclearlyintends portray, urgeothers to assume, broadand to to and the pointof viewof the 'Father'who is'merciful" benevofent and "kinduntothe unthankful position perspective. of and to the evil."This is a perceptual outside one'sown individual yourneighbor The ability takesucha pointof viewalsoseems to essential 'loving to as yourself.' Because therewill neverbe "onerightmap."Jesusis "themapis notthe territory," persepectives. main arguing that wisdomandtruthcomefromtakingmultiple The message his statements "judgenot"and "condemn seemsto me to be that no of to not" one hasthe rightto impose theirmodel the worldon anyone of else.The basisfor all injustice, oppression, abuseand prejudice, intended, evenif it is positively stemsfrom either the confusion one'sownpersonal mapfortheterritory; the belief a) of b) thatone is in possession lhe rightffiap;'or c) the inability perceive valueanother's of to and model 'Truth' the intersection many of the world.Thereis no one rightperspective. is of perspectives. Therefore, morerichone'smapis,the morechance the one hasto approach somekindof "Truth". In summary, addition perceiving in to multiple timeframes and multiple logical levels, involves ability integrate perceptual Jesus'cognitive strategy the to multiple positions. Rather thansimply spewing hardandfastrulesabout'good' out and 'bad' behaviors, Jesusadvises to guideour actions makeour decisions this lifeby us and in perceptual positions. constantly assessing multiple Thisis clearly expressed in statements suchas: "Judgenot, that ye be not judged. For with whatjudgmentye judge, ye shallbe judged..."Matthew 7;1-2 "Andforgiveus our debts,as we forgiveour debtors." Matthew G:12 To makesenseout of thesedeclarations, mustgo to a metaposition we and consider relationship a madeup of threeperceptual positions: our'Fathef ourselves, , our neighbor.

Jesus- Page 67

MetaPosition The Meta Mirror yourneighbor yourself. that seems I believe it reflects many theprinciples of difficult 'love to that Jesus sought convey. thisparticular BeliefSystems NLP Changing with In transcript term"Meta the position used denote Fourth" is whatI have third" to been calling 'enlightened the position. you Whatis it thathedoes? What would callit?How doeshe act?ls he insensitive?he rigid? ls Jesus.Page 68 . process Thefollowing a transcript theMeta frommybook is Mirror taken of (1990).) 1: Step Naming Othels Behavior the R:lmagine person right this is here front you. up. provides concrete to manifest to and a way them. perceptual it in where multiple to assume co-value and specifically situations yourneighbor'. I have that multiple For developedprocess I a takeandcoordinate the calltheMetaMirrorthat an NLPprocess sorting'to develop ability uses called'spatial positions. requires ability perceive integrate To love and to as then. a number different of ways to NLPoffers the simple powerful pragmatic to develop abilities but and some perspectives.comes Why up. Does anybody havesuch a timegetting along you a problem? don't come B. the perceptual positions.?(B. example. in of you Givea name thebehavior really makes difficult it when arearound that to that person. Transcript: Demonstration The Meta-Mirror of you R:Thinkof somebody have hard with.

B: Indifferent. Step2: Naming YourOwn Behavior R: Now physically moveto meta-position observe yourown response relation and in to whenhe is indifferent. Whatwouldyoucallyourown behavior? [the]otherperson B: Rigidity, maybe. Inflexibility would suitbetter. R: So thereis indifference himandinflexibility you.I wouldlikeyouto consider in in this: couldhe stillbe indifferentyou werenotinflexible? if Wouldit be possible himto be for indifferent you weresomething if other thaninflexible? pointis this:in any human The systemwhatyou do determines otherpeople as muchas whattheydo how act determines you act. how

lnf lexible


Diagram Unsupportive of Relationship ls this person indifferent yourbehavior to youridentity? to or B:Tomy identity. R: And whatare you inflexible about? B: Aboutwhat'simportant me in thisrelationship. for

Jesus - Page69

R:Yourvalues? B: Yes. R: fro audience) wantyou to notice | thatthe people thatyou probably havethe most ditficult timeswithare the onesthatyou allowto affectyouridentity... you aregiving muchof yourserf thisperson? [Io B.):Maybe too to B: Yes. R: And your rigidity aboutyourvalueshasn'tmadehimany lessindifferent you? to B: No,because lwas sucked hissystem. nowI'mstuck, into And lcan'tget out. Step3: The Relation between Two Me's the Now I wantyouto physically moveto a fourth position overhere. Whenyou lookat howyourinnermeta-position is trying change self yourouterfirstposition to self,and the way you are communicating thatperson, with whatis this relationship (Robert like? pointssuccessively 1 and 3.) at B: Between and me? me R:Yes.We wantto explore question, the "Howdo t relate myself reference the to in to person?" other B: The innerme thinks thatnothing outerme doesis going haveanyeffect that the to on otherperson anyway. R: In a way,you aredoingto yourself whathe is doing you.The inneryou alsoseems to indifferent the you stuckin that relationship. this process metamirror, to I call the because oftenthe way the person treating is a reflection howyou treat is you of yourself. problem not onlythe otherperson evenhow I react The is or to the other person, problem alsohere,in the system the is between two me's.Thatis an the important of howthe totalsystem part works. Howdoesthe outeryou reactto that innerindifference. Jesus - Page70

B: She is verytense.She is afraidshe will loseher identity. between rockand a hardplace. a She'sstuck R: No wonder outeryou is rigid. the
lndiff erent

l st Position 4th Position
lnf lexible


Diagram Total of Relational System (the thesepositions inneryou andthe outeryou) I thinkit mightbe interesting switch to whatif you hadswitched places the first-position the of outer around.Forexample, you,so thatyouwereindifferent the otherperson you withthe innerposition to and withyourself! Perhaps moreinflexibleam aboutmy I inflexible aboutyourvalues the withme,the morecreative can be in my behavior him. I with values

4th Position

a*Fn\ Position


Inllexible \



Perceptual Posilions the Unsupportive Switching In Relalionship

Jesus- Page 71

into of Fora moment is verydeep she in thought. R: Whatwouldmakeyouwantto communicate? B: A moresincere person. R: And if thereis no moreretationship.J t { . you then can starta newoneevenif it.Page72 I 1 . the what if you do that?Justtakethesetwo and physically shift themaround? B: lt seemseasythatway.(Laughing) R: Whathappens? the relationship ls the B: I thinkthereis nonenow. of to Youonlyneedto change relationship the between elements.thaveto change like the elements the system finda solution. R: what kindof relationship wouldyou makesurethatyou had hereif you evertalkedto thatperson the future? in B: Thetrouble nowis thatI don'twantto communicate anymore. Jesus.The nicethingaboutworking systematically thisis that you don. you wantto Do havea relationship this with personnow? I I B: No. yourself thisotherperson's put into position a moment. whatwouldmakeyou a moresincere and authenlic person? [B' physically moves the position the otherperson. inffexible aboutyourvaleswithyourself. a R: oK' Now.notat all.swiththe sameperson? B: Yes. R: Now let'scomelookat thesetwo:thisparl same? thatis in meta-position that is being now. second for into position' you are experiencing lf the worldas thisperson. bit moreauthentic.

wantyouto notice R: Nowcomeallthe wayoutof thissystem thefourth to I important here. if sucked especially I am inflexible herein thirdposition. I because wantyouto notice that"openand listening" not indifferent is to who I am andwhatis important me. youact in a waythat makes if him out confident. at R: But alsomaking surethatyou keepyourinflexibility aboutyourvalues herein the out meta-position. Self-Confident 1 st Position 4th Position OTHER 2nd Position Support Self-Confidence Diagram theNewFunctional of Support System Jesus.Openand listening notgoingto be getting to is in.B: Self-confidence. out So I can be moreopenand listening thatperson with because havesupport I from myself. something lf you bringconfidence of thisotherperson. Hereis the big question: Howwould you act to makehim moreconfident would be in linewithyourownvalues? that still not B: Certainly by beinginflexible? R: Whatway wouldit be? B: By beingopenand listening.Page73 . position. thenhe is goingto be moreauthentic. least.

R: Howdo you feet? B: Muchbetter.Step4: Entering NewRelationship the R: Fromfourthposition visualize youin firstposition this newrelationship the in being open and listening the otherperson-but to supported the meta-position who by you knowswho you are and is inflexible aboutyourvaluesand identity-step the first into position and lookat that otherperson. stepsto firstposition laughs. R: Thankyou. metamirror The technique creates context whichwe can keep a in shifting perceptual positions inside and outside problematic the relationship we find until the mostappropriate ecological and arrangement elements the relational of in molecule. Veryottenthe placethat you havedifficulty communicating another with personis a mirror imageof howyou are relating yourself. an interesting combination all of the of Jesus. is lt otherones.):Whathappens withthat person? B: lt is morecomfortable. (8.Pagel4 . Thiswilloftentransform the wholerelationship. [Fo B. thenI can restructure system that I am supporting the so myserf. is not really to lt the otherperson who is either problem the solution.) and R: (Tothe audience): Lookat that physiology. the or lf I can stepbackto see howit is really reflection a of my retation withmyseff. is completely lt different.

Noticehowthe way you are actingactually reinforces triggers behavior the or the of (lf in otherperson the system. belief.Howdoesyourbehavior appear fromthatperspective? Fromthis perspective. Putyourself the otherperson's into position). "pushy. 3. Nowtake a stepto the side(the"metaphof'position) lookat howyou treatyourself and "judgmental.Visualize person a fromfirstposition that (associated) namethe traitthat makes and that person difficult." in this interaction. ldentity person with. Reassociate the revised first-position location the replaced the formerthird-position reactions). 6.g. howwould otherperson the acl? his Couldthe otherperson continue or her responses?) 4." "insensitive.. "angry. is and Jesus." "creative. "denial. in to e." "irritated. put yourthird-position yourself) the reactions wayyou havebeentreating into firstposition you havethat levelof response the otherperson. yourformer so to Put first-position responses the third-position into location. to on this relationship? 5." Notice which etc. with That (the is. at logicallevels(behavior.' "incongruent. onethat has been 8." i." etc. shoes(second Viewyourself fromthe otherperson's eyes.Page75 . the interaction. perspectives add choices responses appropriate L Continue switch to and (at of level) untilyou feelthe relationship morebalanced functional. Fromthe "meta-foufih" switch two positions the associated yourself.Summary of the Meta Mirror Process you havedifficulty 1. "scared.9.e. (dissociated the relationship) visualize yourself from 2."rigid. capability.. youwerenotthere. by level Noticehow your reactions and pointof viewhavechanged." "helpful. Stepbackto metaposition in and Nameyourown behavior relation the otherperson. Notice howthe switch changes system transforms expression the the and the of responses. so €. Thinkof whatotherwaysyou couldrespond that person. 7. ln whatway is yourresponse yourself mirror whatthe otherperson doing? to a for is position.. you Perhaps havetriedto to yourown reactions you change Whatmakes continue actthe wayyou do already. otherperson's what into (i.. do you needor wantfromyourself. identity) different the responses are operating." "judgmental." etc..e.

yourownpoint view(1stposition) Acknowledge it feels from what like of in thatexperience. Still touching heart. your 5.For in instance. is of the Heart'. positions that usesanchoring applythesebroadened perceptual to | .Expanding one'sframeof perception within leads thirdposition. Withyourhand touching heart. Keeping hand yourheart. point view(meta 2. until 4. (1st return yourownperspective position) the to in yourframe awareness youareableto perceive situation.The process takingmultiple perceptual positions be relatively of simple very but can powerful. your put 3. begins one to experience everything andextension oneself. toward spiritual with soul. of . (3rd your theother Broaden perception youcanexperience until thatbothof you area partof much larger vaster and system or'mind'. one expands if one'sframeof perception within firstposition. i j i 'Mind ol The Heart' Process 1. T h e G u a rd ia n An g e listo co n tin u e to m a in ta in h isorherow ns yourheart back youtaketheexpanded of alignment. your yourself still move a position between in to and person position).Think a person an situation person causes problems of or involving another that or difficulties. From observer position) an of access state being a of aligned yourhighest purpose yourheart. continue touch and to and 2nd. o n e e x p e r ie n c e s b e c o m in g . as 3rdand1st position perspectives difficult inthe situation Jesus Page 76 - . i j i lf youareable do thiswitha partner Guardian (or to Angel). yourself theperspectivetheother into on of person (2nd position) your perceptual deepen sense being thatperson's of in position youfeel'onewith'himor her. a levelprocess we explored the levelalignment that in In seminar that we developed calledTools the Spirit. Widen of until everything you around as an extension yourself. o n e wit h ' th e o th e r (or individual object). oneto the experience bothoneself the otherperson of and beingparta muchlarger The following a briefdescription an exercise. colleague of my RobertMcDonald and I havepeopleexpand positions a higherlevelby extending thesebasicperceptual to the time frameassociated position with and bringing higherlevelsof visionand spirit. we call 'The Mindof the system. have or heralso him just : access aligned an you your state help anchor bytouching heart and to area below yourhand and placing or herother (thus his hand thecenter yourback in of supporting andbac k ing y o u u p ) . The threebasicperceptual positions also be broadened incorporate can to someof the deeper process.lf oneexpands as of one'sframeof pe r ce p ti o n w i thi ns ec ondpos i ti o n . mind strength and and physically thecenter your touch of ownchest.

P a g e 7 7 ." The intent change to someone else's model the worldimplies judgment that of a of model. it is one'sownfirstposition focus. in multiple levels experience multiple frames. the of of that genius a person who hastwo greatideas" is and spends restof his lifetrying get the to Whenone hasbecome in themto fit together.from constantly widening enriching mapsby: and our 1) Taking perspectives all relevant the system whichone is interacting. and personal social change. and is wisCom. is something participate an ongoing it in way.Thisis an important to learn but wise. order become goodat something. not necessarily unecological froma passionate Genius comes commitment the integration multiple to of perspectives. Bronowski.claimed "a J. we multiple Since worldis in constant the change.one begins approach to process taking Wisdom comesfroma passionate commitment the constant to of perspectives. you rather. change creating offeiing and alternatives . an attempt in with of to conjunction our understandingJesus'cognitive abilities integrate alignmultiple and to time implement someaspects Jesus'profound of perceptual positions our dailylives. to in 2) Considering aligning of levels and all experience relation the system is in. excellent several different areasandthenis genius. of and implications problem clearlyhaveimportant for Jesus'microand macrostrategies healing leadership. patterns. cannot relyon yesterday's you as Wisdom not something do or get. author thethe bookTheAscent Man.Noneof us are omniscient enough knowthe 'right' to mapor takein all of the within within systems systems systems might etfected ouractions. muststayassociated ln in to one single way and andprogress. in to on necessary ecologically 3) Respecting timeframes all to incorporate change within that system. that be by Wiseand ecological comesfromdiscovering.Strategies lV. Summary of lmplementation in Thissection explored has somewaysin whichwe mightuse NLPtoolsand skills. J e s u s. Ultimately however. it solving.In fact. seems me thatJesus'strategy onethatproduces to I havealwaysmaintained excellence that comesfroma passionate commitment a to perspective. is answers beingtrue for tomorrow. ableto synthesize them.In the wordsof Gregory Bateson: "[Wisdom comesfrom] sittingtogetherand truthfullydiscussingour differences withoutthe intentto changethem.sometimes produces it repercussions.

of cognitive strategies accessing and cues. perspective by timeless and benevolent of humanity partof a muchvastersystem.we can describe notion the 'three person's one God'as the processes the of in of Logos.Second Third Cognilive Processes Word-Spiril-Light First Meta. is expressed the formof of This in personal mission vision. Eachlevelof representation and description involves perceptual positions different combinations timeframes. in ln the concept the HolyTrinity of thereis oneGodin threedifferent forms: Godthe Father. through threefundamental the Godthe Father represents Spirit manifested as through expanded an thirdposition perspective characterized a very broad. The "OneGod"wouldnot be any oneof the individual perceptual positions the nor Jesus.Second Third Vision. Godthe Son represents as Spiritas embodied through expanded position perspective an individual the first of humanbeingin which everything seemslikean extension him/herself. It is interesting notethatthe process multiple to of description seemsto havebeen embedded Christian in doctrine earlyChristian by leaders the formof the HolyTrinity.Page 78 . Lightand Spiritexpressed perceptual positions.Godthe HolyGhostrepresents Spirit the formof a and in the kindof expanded position perspective "speaks of himself" 'teaches second who not but "brings things remembrance" "shows things come". you all to and to who becomes'one with'thelarger mindor hologram. In the interpretation havebeendeveloping we here. of and processes shownin the tablebelow. allthings".Mela. cognitive as Level Spiritual ldenlity TimeFrame Beyondone'slife EtemalTimeless One'sWholeLife Perceptual Posilion(s) First. ability consistently appropriately The to manifest and deeplevel principles values concrete and in experience requires mapping thoseprinciples the of and valuesthroughsuccessive levelsof representation.and Godthe HolyGhost.Life Heart(emotion) see.hear-declare rnove-breathe-speak image-word-touch periodof one'slife F irs t -Me t a -S e c o n d Beliefs Values Signilicant & Capabilily Behavior Environment Timeframeof the context ln the moment lmmediate First Meta First(aware sell) ol First(extemally aware) According NLPthe combinations thesevarious to of dimensions our subjective of experience embodied the formof neurological are in whichmay be activated circuits and mobilized throughpatterns language.thatis. Godthe Son.Of course. wisdomcan onlybecome manifested actions firstsynthesizing as by the manyperspectives hastakenandthenfinally one bringing themintoone'sownfirst position perspective.

but ratherrelease amplify or and that is already inherent within in us. was something operated It seemsto me that whatJesusreferred as "Spirit" to that of to and to similarly the process resonance a statethatgavehim access knowledge conscious experience. whosefrequency is smallperiodic stimulus may be produced a relatively by amplitude period the system. to Mentors our innerwisdom as who are individuals phenomena do notteachus or instruct the typical or us conscious knowledge wisdom way. vibration Resonance is of the the sameor nearly sameas the natural that occurin emotionalstates also definedas "thecomplexof internalbodyprocesses suchas rapportor empathy"(Webster). through with theirrelationship us.' us our According Jesus. a and to to 'believe it we movemountains. and the systems whichwe are participating. perspectives resonance allthree of .willrefer thesekey individuals 'mentors'.the the threedifferent the that integrates toolsand skillsof NLP a I wouldliketo present finalprocess fromJesusin orderto we withthe principles strategies havebeenmodeling and together produce kindof 'resonance' of implied the concept the 'HolyTrinity'.etc. example. Jesus. but expressed in. by the The Resonance Pattern influence two vibrating that refers a kindof non-linear to The term'resonance' if that are haveon one another. order in Thisinvolves greatdealof wisdom commitment. corresponding similarly The samekindof resonance occurbetween can otherguitarwill beginto vibrate. that be 'persons'. of the positions key individuals our livesas a wayto develop perspectives perceptual of in and I and support. haveto saythe word. In mechanical eleclrical and noteson a pianoand a tuning corresponding refers the process whichvibrations largeintensity and resonance by of to systems. wisdom beyond confines his own personal the of Fulfilling individual missions oftenseemslikeit requires to 'movemountains. fork.principles are metato.notdoubtit'in our hearts'and that process to helputilize The purpose the Flesonance is willcometo pass'. wouldrather the deeper but perspectives.Page79 . one hastwo guitars For or objects systems the stringon the tunedand plucksa stringon one of the guitars.

onetimein herlifeshe with At you hadbeenafraid thewaves could of that crush likea toothpick.(B. about whohave but their or that only you. hada personal She relationship theocean. befriended vastmysterious'creature'. Jesus. stepintoit andputyogrself fullyas youcan intothatsituation. wouldyou liketo helpoutwiththisdemonstration? B:Yes. you'd to have like you So B. notsureI'llhavethe wherewithal dealwithall of it. theywill be threatened and throwup roadblocks. (8. choose mentors Generally the around in thatsituation. . and through formof 'presence' takeforyou. kindof physical a a space'. Whatis important thatthese or is mentors havebrought or out released important powerful yousimply in whatever something deep."GreatSpirits havealwaysbeenopposed mediocre by 'problem minds.) and : : R:That's That enough. fromouthere Meta in Position. that as moment doubt.) R: Canyou thinkof a situation whichyou experience anticipate in experiencing or doubtaboutyourbeliefs mission? or B:Yes. breathing His shallows his bodytensesnoticeably. influenced animals. my they to a When waspreparing andgoing she for labor. you Now.comesup. I'm to R: As AlbertEinstein said. Mentors be people you've met.Transcript: Demonstration the ResonancePattern of R: B. stepsforward. looks a tough like Now and that situation.Sure. can that that through people you've read writings creations. of Because theydon'tunderstand whatI'm tryingto do. tookit as a She personal challenge learn serf. stepback leave experience there themoment. places.Page 80 ! 1 . to to and this important Shestillgoes to the when needs make to down be near ocean she decisions reaffirm or herself. chose ocean as through she the mentor.Forexample. I thinkI'm to in and goingto havesomerealdifficulty resistance with froma number key people. for over to anchored thefloor. inanimate Theymaybe even objects physical or living deceased." What I wouldlikeyouto do is to create space. of B: OK. I'mtrying bringaboutsomebigchanges my organization. I would to have identify like three people youknow 'mentors'. wifeused go surfing lot.

he foldshis arms.whatever mostcongruent thismentor. breathing His Jesus.steps intoa location to wherehe was standing next whileexperiencing diflicult the situation. B: I'd liketo go to my son next.I'dput my professional mentor me.)would | say." Do position moveintothe perceptual R: Good.Now.to one related to and values. to second position with him.Whoelseis goingto try?lt doesn't matter whattheythink. bodymoves His and sways.. startwith my professional l'll mentor.Page81 .(B. do else.. staying MetaPosition.sort overmy rightshoulder. person helped out a lotwhenI that B:Yes. His posture becomes erectandconfident. R: Fromthe perceptual whatmessage of wouldyou sendto the B. R: OK..Have selected and th e m ? A me mentor.on my leftside.. Andthethirdis my awaynow.wouldlikeyouto arrange I thesementors Where wouldyou place around you who is in thatdifficult the situation.) and position thismentor.. look.One is a kindof professional pointin my life. And as muchas possible. Now. in R: Good. movesintothe physical spacejust wherehe was standing whenhe was experiencing difficult behind the situation. Go assume the kindof physiology mostrepresents mentor you.Another my father. it.butwe werereally close threeyearold son. Sendit through is lt can be words. in thatdifficult situation? whateverchannel mostappropriate... has is He was a youngmanand at a pivotal passed whenhe wasalive. I wouldplacemy father And behind of out in frontof me.Youras goodas anyone B: (ln roleof professional mentor. I liketo havepeoplepickone relating theirbeliefs you to of theiridentity one related theirperception the spiritual.and maybe little a aboveme.. themwith you?Above you?In yourarms? respect you?In frontof you?Behind to B: Well. touch. a a is the to "Just it. that that to (8.Nowstepout of thatmentor's position and of oneof yourothermentors.I thinkI wouldplacemy sonnextto me.I'd liketo haveyou pickone of the mentors put yourself his into and perspective. B: Alright.

mentors message was "Justdo it.Page 82 .Who elsewillif you won't? it." "l believe you."Whatwouldbe the metamessage Do or deeperlevelmessage behind that? B: The message behind thatis something "You likeme. Whatwasthe message and metamessage yourlittle of son? Jesus. who'isin the ditficult out situation. nodsandstepsbackfromwherehe hasbeenstanding.) R: lt lookslikethatwasan imporlant for space you.Nowlet'sgo to yourthirdmentor.l'm kindof stillprocessing it. Aftera moment. are makethingshappen."Youare likeme.' And in R: So. yourtime. yourprofessional For instance."Believing someone.Youknowhowto like. but Thenhe walksbackto his metaposition. Youras goodas anyone else. in thatsituation? B: Thereare no wordsreally. (8..relaxes and a smilecomes hisface.) he R: Good. (8. walksto a position frontof wherehe hadbeenstanding the difficult in in experience.. reaches his handas if to touchthe handof the B.you knowhowto getthings whatyou are doingis done.And in a moment likeyouto review R:Take I'd eachof the messages that your mentors sentto thatyou in the difficult situation see if you can verbalize and whatwouldbe the metamessage assumption Thatis. I believe you. important. presuppositionsmessages. foldshis handsandstands silence a period time breathing He in for of regularly deeply. R: That'sOK just sendin whatever way is mostappropriate." "What you aredoingis important.can yourothermentors? be a verypowerful Whatabout thing. like eachof thesemessages comefromdeeper I'd or you to findthe higher levelmessage wouldgo witheachindividual that message. or behind eachmessage.) to R: What message wouldyou sendto that B. B:Yes. and in in evenwhentheydon't.

Whatis the metamessage? wiseadvice R: That'snice.Page83 . Whatelseareyougoing do.That'showyou really they will respect change thingsanyway.Whatever froma threeyearold. "Ofcourse. eachof thesementor's positions moretimeandjustcommunicate common one that message fromeachof theirperspectives. but R: And the metamessage? was."Relax just as B: (Grinning) justexplore. if to say.commit whatyou believe andthe like.he wasjustsortof touching hand. in if or B: (Stands professional in mentor's location. Whatis important thatyou commit it andthatyou act withintegrity.my and Well." "Theuniverse a friendly is Whatwasthe message metamessage yourfather? R: Alright." R: Thereis clearly lot of wisdomin yourneurology. a Takea moment now and find 'resonates' whatkindof common message between threeof thesemessages all Whatsortof message and metamessages."And like. wasas if therewasjustthiskindof light going it B: WhenI wentto my father's A lt myself thatsituation. to in guidance support be there. is lt to will doesn'tmatterwho theyare or whattheythink."lt doesn't B: The metamessage really matter howit turnsout. seems be inherent all threeof to in your mentor's messages? B: lt'ssomething "Bewhoyou are. lightanda feeling.Pretty wouldbe something "l loveyou and ltrustyou.people recognize integrity. and you." will thing. Notice whatwaysit changes enriches." will and R: So the guidance support be thereif youjustbe whoyourandcommit will and to whatyou believe Now I'd liketo haveyou revisit in. any. and of position. lt'snotevena matter to of Jesus. Holdsbodyerectandfoldsarms. was likea sense being in of totally awareand engaged happyand proudat the sametime.Let's happens be the right De.) Here. it becomes kindof. B: Wellthe metamessage place. That'snotwhatis important.

. you sendinformation As through the circuit it. B: (B stands son'slocation. or enriches by processing situation of it the through partsof your nervous system that havenot beenmobilized utilized or with respect to it before. but we are the embodiment everyone haseverbelieved making of who in the worlda better place." or lt's R: OK. B: (Moves father's to location.And that are their to thattheyare sending thisdeepcommon you "Be message. that Thatwe arenotjustus as B. is flexible aligned.yourson is nextto you holding in your hand. Moves a to placea stepbehind wherehe initially stood).) to of R: lmagine thesementors eachcommunicating messages you. this situation. Nextmentor. mentor behind is you telling to do it andthat he believes you. justseems deepand so strong lt so and so obvious. piece there's another thatgetsadded thatis something "lt can like. takesa deepbreath and He and looks around the locations his mentors.commit to Jesus.Sage adviceagain. Whenyou go intoeachperceptual position access circuit you the that is resonant withthatmentor. to location.lt doesn'thaveto be difficult. be enjoyable. smiles he moves in He as andrelaxes body.) From thispointof viewit seemslikeI am partof something is beyond that me. Nowwhat I wouldlikeyou to do is to standin a location is just behindwhere that you initially stoodwhenyou wereexperiencing difficult (8. who you are.. moves hismetaposition (8..Yourprofessional are you.believing doubting. And hereI'd likeyou to imagine that all threeof yourmentors around you. R: OK B. Nowsendthat commonmessage fromyourfather's perspective.) In a way eachof thesementors represents kindof neural a in circuitry yourself. that (B. Stands calmly andsilently.sfather or 8. Thatwe are bothpartof something has beengoingon forever.) his Frommy son'sposition. amplifies and enhances certain aspects it.Page 84 .sphysiology centered.and yourfather in frontof youand above is yousending kindof glow." that R: Out of the mouthof babes. Yourattitude and your interpretations are something you choose. destined. comebackto metaposition.

ears. Andanother But is at them. (Breathing deeplyand comfortably. associate backintothatdifficult and withconfidence easeintothe location B. a impofiant mentors helped shape that to identify three or 2. Theygiveme the opportunity demonstrate commitment my integrity. Thenseeing. steps experience. stateof resonance openus up to wisdom systems around us. and my to do. it is so becomes big andso and my vision lts nota smileof disrespect.andfillyouwithits guidance wisdom.Page 85 .Mayyourlighthelpshowthemsomemorechoices alternatives! thatis within pattern a wayto openourselves the wisdom up is The resonance systems system. I can enjoy or with in agreement the way I seethings not. fully message. ldentify situation whichyou experience a (1st of Relive keyexample the experience positionassociated). I can smile them. or doubtabout in 1.lmagine this will and in whatyou believe andthe guidance support be there. with and feeling and resonating yourmentors theircommon hearing. you! Thank wholethingis so different. Go to'metaposition'and releasing unveiling way or yourlifein a positive by 'resonating'with.and was commonmessage a special and the poresof yourskin. thingis. influence Jesus.Our nervous eachof us by virtueof the factthatwe havea nervous comefromdirectsensory that to can haveaccess information doesnot necessarily insights occur world. helpto define whether theiractions me Rather thanthrowing off my path. and R: Thankyou. systems the larger and withinownour nervous inherent Summary of Resonance Pattern yourbeliefs mission. of howyourperception the situation R: Notice partof the planinstead a of become about I as B: lts almost if the people wasworried Theyneedto be doingwhattheydo in orderfor me to do what I haveto resistance." kindof light thatcouldenteryoureyes.evenwhentheythinksomething veryserious.) with associated the difficult changes. theyare it. Spontaneous can reactions the outside to and behavioral stimuli thatis can The a through kindof resonance. situation. as if my heart The child like strongI can seetheirresistance a frightened that I wantto comfort.

7.e. Frommetaposition arrange mentors the around you in the situation which the in you experience doubt. in as mountains. through 9. Onceagain. yourmentors' theircommon seeing and feeling and message associate backintothe problem Notice experience.Page 86 . Physically go associate (i. one related youridentity to and one related yourperception the spiritual. at one a time. (such the ocean. common Visualize feelthe message yourearsand flowing and in coming through yourbodyas light.. Hearing. Standin a position behind you who is experiencing doubt. [Note:Mentors include phenomena nature havereadabout. and etc.l 3. Choose something deeply within one relating yourbeliefs to and values. teachers. Go to 'metaposition' identify 'metamessage' presupposition and the or behind the messages eachof the mentors of 6. i Jesus. common in for just 8.people you'venevermet but can children. howyourperception the situation of changes.) evenyourself.The message to doesnot needto be verbal.and senda message the youwhois in doubt.you. Findthe 'common message'that resonates within messages fromall three the mentors. 5. lt maybe sentthrough whatever is channel mostappropriate for that mentor. to of pets. the the your mentors you Experience surrounding communicating individual their messages thenthe common and message a single in voice. to 2ndposition into with)eachof the mentors. (2ndposition) communicate into associate eachmentor the and message the way mostappropriate thatmentor. the 4.

Jesus.eachneuron bothan individual a member the system a is is linked.Neural Network Analogy is withwhichto thinkaboutJesus'strategy provided the A fascinating analogy by whatare called"neural utilizing mostrecentartificial intelligence techniques afterthe functioning the nervous of networks". the of to Depending the number on of connections neuron a has. Neuralnetworks modeled are system. of to Neurons strengthen weaken or their in connections otherneurons response signals to to flowing through system the learning according a particular to rule. Eachneuron startsoff with equalpotential to 'personality' all of the others anddevelops individual its or'identity' a function the as of number otherneurons whichit is connected the learning to whichit of to and rule changes strength connections others.The energy by patterns collective in of signals coming it fromother'neurons' the system whichit to to Thus.andthe strength thoseconnectionsmayrespond of it to onlyverynarrow localinformation.Page 87 . Individual neurons respond differently input fromthe system to baseduponthe strength theirconnections otherneurons. in has of and is connected many Eachelement the network its ownsource energy to in within individual an neuron released is otherneurons the system. it mayrespond information verydistant or to in areasof the network. and of as whole.

. alsowitha richnumber localconnections. .The intelligence the network inherent the system in as of is as function the number of Intelligent and quality connections of the between elements. the neuron impulses emanate that patterns stimulating activities others."Light" likethe resonance in is that form between in of the neurons the network whichbecome specific embodiments the intelligence the within wholenetwork. of as but of . between "Spirit" likethe patterns energy is of thatpropagate flowwithin system. i i t. f Jesus.| n fo r m a ti oni naneural netw o r k is s t o r e d c o lle c t iv e | y b y t h e wh o le n e t w o r ka s patterns activity the neurons. system's The knowledge from of in cannotbe separated the circuitry a whole. connections between in lf we appfy neural the network model an analogy makesenseout Jesus' as to parallels.Page 88 . the In thisanalogy mayviewJesusas a neuron is connected boththe vast we to that reaches the system a whole.The "Heaft" eachindividual (psyche). of the neuron with it or the Combined breath it energy the individual neuron response the informationis receiving in and of to processing the otherneurons is connected Heart from are it to. The"Word" logosis the learning rule of as as whichthe strength responses through of neurons changed are and evolved. and breath whatmakes 'fire'. behavior emerges organically the network in learning the network is through as patterns experience exposed experience.lf we envision we strategy find someinteresting humanity a kindof as gigantic "God"may be considered represent 'mind'or neural network. to Different the of change strength of 'neurons' the network.'Life" and the is the potential represents core the energy within neuron.Wordsas rhemaare fromthe neuron. the to intelligence the network a whole. expresses releases itself.

whilesomemight the comment a kindof pokeat his see as quitea compliment. followRussell's It was a hot.l for so the of unobscured vastdarkness the subject. lecture successful. the cleared throatand said. to on Harvard givea lecture a newand intriguing to theory an unknown aspiring by but youngscientist The was apparently terribly not namedAlbertEinstein.To from sky. comment actually He out presentations theories precisely opposite theyobscure mosttext books. cameto the United At Whitehead invited Russell cometo States teachat Harvard to University.that sought explore thismonograph interaction profane. I havepersonally as vastdarkness the eyesof my children the moments in in aftertheirbirth. painting on Michelangelo's down heaven thehand Godextending of lying the Earth reaching toward up and Adam on just one to Their fingers outstretched are toward another. In matters are sacred andprofound. to applause a fairamount and of Whitehead finally retook podium. People as if theyactually act of knowwhatis goingon.. his disquieting silence.the miracle in thatspak in between twofingers thespark links spiritual the Thatspark whatNLPandmodeling allabout. andin the eyesof my fatherin the moment his death. Conc lus i o n for is by symbols whatNLPis allis about represented Oneof myownpersonal painting theceiling theSistine The shows in of Chapel Rome.. Gregory tellsa storyaboutBedrand and the (which Mathmatica Principia firstestablished of treatise the co-authors greatmathematical in notion logical of levels. relation mathematical to theory). and do the the vastdarkness the subject. mapandtheterritory. two worked The together in was a student Whitehead. the is that the me. and the dream reality.stuffyevening and everybody struggled explanation of Russell closed scattered Einstein's theoryof relativity. vision action. Whitehead whereRussell of until England.Thisis whatI have is are to thesensual." Bateson claims that. we try to shinearay of lightintoit.V. one point. and Vision Bateson Russell AlfredNorth Whitehead. points that former Whitehead's was student. wouldliketo thankmy colleague Befirand Russell leaving totally "Well. ready touch. between sacred the the and in to . 'vastdarkness the subject' that the of needs to gazedintothat be acknowledged.Page89 . I hopethatthis attempt understand of to moreabout Jesus.

Abraham Lincoln. and there is a larger Mind of whichthe individualmind is ontya sub-system.the wisest and mostecological mapsare thosewhich integrate together broadest richest the and number perspectives. Calling uponthreeof my ownpersonal mentors Gregory Bateson. Jesus'abilities a leader as anda healer.by applying and someof the newfilters. wouldhavebeenmanifested the concrete in worldthrough his nervous system a process hasstructure. modelsand perspectives thatare partof our current stateof human intellectual evolution. My goal has beento attempt enrich modern to our mapsof Jesus. frames of time and levels. Jesus'cognitive patterns seemto represent stateof the nervous a systemin whichprinciples relating the "larger to Mind" maybe somehow accessed perhaps a via kindof mechanism similar an optical to hologram andthenembodied withinin a specific context throughthe activation mobilization successive and of levelsof neuralcircuitry.Page 90 .and thus of ourselves our world.tt is but immanentin pathwaysand messages outsidethe body.'butit is stillimmanent the totalinterconnected in socialsystem and planetaryecology. of timeframes and perceptual positions within system one participates the tasksand a as in relationships makeup one'sidentity mission. This larger Mind is comparable God and is perhaps whatpeople mean by to 'God. the and one In wordsof Gregory Bateson: "Theindividualmind is immanent. of All thesesystems mutually interact withone another co-influence another. applying that By someof the modeling principles distinctions NLPwe havemadean approximation someof the and of of cognitive and neurological structures implied the reports Jesus'wordsand actions by of in the Gospels.his cognitive No patterns. Thisprocess allows oneto perceive effectively and manage multiple levels experience. the meaning his message nor of will everbe the one rightmap. Within thisframework.. the fulfillment and of his spiritual mission. the presupposition all lifeand mental and as is that processes takeplace within ecology systems an of within systems within systems. Firstand foremost the fundamental is presupposition that'themapis notthe territory. equally important.. Albert and Einstein | wouldliketo review someof the key points this of monograph. that and Thiskindof multi-dimensional process essential orderto takewiseand is in Jesus." map of Jesus'life. Secondly.the the mindof Jesusof Nazareth notobscured vastness instead been has that but has ableto cast somesmalllightontoit. not only in the body.

wrong. Eventhe most it as to individual act selfishly unecologically or she perceives other altruistic or can if he no his alternative is unaware the impact or heractions having the surrounding or of are on Jesus.'right' commandments whichappropriate may be generated selected a through actions describe process and world. timeframes. rigidrulesaboutwhichparticular kindsof behavior 'good' Rather than imposing are or'wrong'. to it Thetwo corepresuppositionsNLPleadto the conclusion all actions of that spring fromthe positive intent an organism optimize stateandthe stateof the system its of to in whichit perceives itself a member within confines its model the world. thus impossible pointed Lincoln out: to any one person havethe one rightmap. ethical unethical rather or but whether outcome a the of particular is with behavior "aligned" and "ecological" respect all the systems effects.skills and methods In the second we relating Jesus'strategy to to the couldbe applied implement patterns had uncovered how his way in a pragmatic in our dailylivesby exploring we mightoperationalize two greatcommandments. and Whatappears be goodin onetimeframecan appear levelcan seemwrongon another.. can ln is of the another. as the of The of ecology an organism's of is actions a result its ability perceive represent of to and the implications its behavior the systems within of on systems whichit is a part.As Abraham with the will "ln great contests eachparty claimsto act in accordance of God. the terms NLP. question notwhether particular a behavior andof in itselfis good.Bothmay be.right.Since different sure that he rightly sensesthe man is finite he can neverbe absolutely will of the infiniteGod. patterns." partof thismonograph explored we howNLPtools..bad.'ethical' or'unethical'. but one mustbe wrong. logical levels spatial sorting.language perceptual positions mapsof ourselves couldbe employed enrichour own personal to and andsystems around to incorporate alignall levels our us of and the people experience. behavior is appropriate one situation A that in system or in Whatseemsrighton one context can be inappropriate evendestructive another. and accessing cues.and on the of kindsof choices and alternatives perceives beingavailable it.it quite possible purposeis something fromthe purposeof eitherparty.. Jesus' great two or'bad'.presented I somewaysin whichNLPtoolssuchas anchoring. particular No withina changing action can be evaluated outside the context of and within whichit is occurring.. to Whatseems fromoneperspective seemunethicalfrorn ethical bad in another.for and in ecological actions a worldwherelhe mapis notthe territoty".Page 91 .God cannotbe for and is that God's againstthe samethingat the sametime.

the Berlin Perhaps is dueto the lackof someof theseskills it and toolsthat we stillpersecute harmone another of fearand angerand fight and out warsto settledisputes between nations.Our taskmustbe to for free ourselvesfrom thisprison by wideningour circle of compassion to embraceall living creaturesand the wholeof naturein its beauty.havebeenin the in For I that or from situation having decide of whether notto remove to or someone I dearlyloved that the medical support life ln system his that was sustaining physical existence.system. or one'scheckbook one'spast accomplishments makethe decision.One mustmakeone'sbestattempt facethe to to vastdarkness peerintoit to seewhatever or wisdom in and light maybe present that larger hologram and. toward highest spiritual mindsand strength needmorethanfaith." Thosewho havethe earsto hear. instance..a part limitedin time and space. moments suchas these. let Jesus. of This delusionis a kind of prison for us. themhear.a kind of opticaldelusion hisconsciousness.He experienceshis thoughtsand feelingsas separated from the rest-. as Perhaps has beenthe evolution someof theseabilities havebrought it of that down Wallandthe lronCurtain. I can personally that I oftendrawnuponthe processes havedescribed here. onecannot lookat one'swatch. souls.Page92 . the appropriate kindsof toolsit becomes easier manifest ownvision to our and mission and to truly'loveour neighbors olrselves'. to understand of try something the infinite. say I especially situations are difficult challenging. restricting to our personal us desiresand to affection a fewpersonsnearestus. According AlbertEinstein: to "A humanbeingis a part of the wholecalledby us'universe'. purpose To trulyalignourselves our withour hearts.as a finitebeing.. hopeis thatthis studyhascast somemore My lighton howwe mightcontinue enrich mapsand our abilities understand to and our to manifest 'larger the mind'of whichwe area part. alsoneedspecific With we we skills and tools.

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I976) identifiedthe of of humanexcellence. Theneurological regulates otu bodies how function. Basic Presuppositions NLP 1. name encompasses threemost NLP stands Neuro-Linguistic a for that the human neurology.O.1976) theverbalandbehavioral of examined Milton H.E.We of andrespond theworld around primarilythrough sensory to us our representational experience It mapsof realitythatdetermine how we behave thatgive those systems. T. The basics this modelhasbeendescribed a series booksincluding and of of Progrananing / (Dila.T. stand The leners forTest-Operate-Test-Exit. is our'neuro-linguistic' and meaning. et al.T. completely Suchsystems based are upon 'selforganizing' principles narurally certain and seek optimalstates balance homeostasis.Sothefunction anyparticular of a we part of program behavioral from the senses orderto checkprogress couldbe to (T)estinformation in towards part thegoalo: to (O)perate change some of theongoing to experience thatit cansatisfy (f)est so the and(E)xit on to thenextpartof theprogpm. Erickson.I & II (1975.O. language influentialcomponents involvedin producing experience: and progamming. @andler&Grinder.1979) . (Bandler. This modelindicates tlnt that. butratherour mapof reality. Neuro-Linguistic Refrarning 1982) 1980). conceptmaintains that programs revolvearound all mentalandbehavioral havingafixedgoal andavariablemcarsto achieve goal.we setgoalsin our mind (consciously or TESTfor whenthatgoalhasbeen unconsciously) develop and a achieved.We canonly know ourperceptions realiry.T.As a resultof this earlierwork. andUsingYourBrain Grinder.O. 1985). was NLP wasoriginated JohnGrinder(whose by background in linguistics) RichardBandler and (whose was for of and therapy) thepurpose makingexplicitmodels background in mathematics gestalt Their fust work TheStrucrure Magic Vol. of and acknowledged clinically successful formalized theirmodeling techniques theirown individualcontributions and GrinderandBandler Programming" symbolize relationship to thename"Neuro-Linguistic the between brain. of I. Vol. Techniques of renowned Theirnextwork Panerns theHypnortc of panerns MD. of or II. TheT.Delozier. patterns therapists Fritz Perls(thecreatorof gestalttherapy)andVirginia Satir of verbal andbehavioral (internationally family therapist). psychiatrists our times. Jesus . we As humanbeings.aswe think.It is not possible to isolateanypartof the system from therestof thesystem.I & II (1975.O. It is generally external not not realitythatlimits us or empowers behaviors us.E. The processes takeplacewithin a human that being.E.Neuro-Linguistic (linguistic) how theirinterplay and effects bodyandbehavior our mind (neuro)andlanguage (programming). realityitself.(Miller. and founder theAmerican of Society ClinicalHypnosis oneof the mostwidely of Milton Erickson. thatgoalis not achieved If we OPERATE change to something do something getcloserto our goal. FrogsInto Princes(Bandler& Grinder. The T. societies our universe Our our form anecologyof systems and all with andmutually influence each sub-systems of whichinteract other.T.language how system determines with and the we interface communicate otherpeople our progammingdetermines kindsof models and Programming the dynamics benveen describes fundamental of theworld we create. 1960). Model "Thepursuance funre endsand tlte choiceof means their anainment themark and of are for presence rnentality a phenomenon" criterionof tle of in William James Principles of Psychology A mentalstrategy typicallyorganized a basicfeedback into is loopcalleda T. systemic.Vol.Bandler. bodies. canneverknowreality.E. The Map Is Not The Territory.Appendix A: Overview of NLP Programming. Whenour TESTcriteria or to havebeensatisfied thenEXIT on to thenextstep.Page 95 .andbetween human beings their and are and environment. the under in language thebody. Ltfe And 'Mind' Are SystemicProcesses. 2.

T.Specific Behaviors Actions& Reactions Wherc? When? Consraints Oppornrnities & E.Page 96 . acrually moreandmorewidespread of and on our behavior experience.changing change something an upperlevelwouldnecessarily on Gregory effecttheupperlevels.These to: Who Else? Msion& Purpose Spirimal Who? Mission A. While eachlevelbecomes of effect has it from the specifics behavior sensory experience. In our brain was saythat someexperience negative onelevelbut positiveon another on The hierarchies levelsof experience. If theconcept have one to you a comeup with is not uniqueenough will OPERAIEor go through procedure maketheidea will moreufuqueor to comeup with a betterconcept. My Environment-Exterral Corutraints in external conditions whichour behavior The environment levelinvolvesthe qpecific external are place. to level. moreabsracted wholesystems beliefsandvalues of into a sense self. At behaviors a wider setof external to situations. E. plan consolidates inhibit or generalize particular a strategy. TESTfor creativitymightbethatanideais "unique".TE S T Flxed Future Evidencefor Achievement of the Goal EXIT T. Who I Am . x epe I ses t trt a t e Flexibility Means of to Accomplish Goals OPERATIONS you For example.planor strategy guidethem. WhatI Do or haveDone. thelevelof beliefsandvalueswe may encourage. My Belief system Valucs Meanings and How? Maps&Plans and C . For instance. and * Environtnental has a or the opportunities constraints person to reactto. or representational system something "uniqueneis" like based personal on III.Individuals havedifferentwaysto TEST for preferences proclivities.Idcntiry Permission Motivation V/hy? & B . or structure. question the what? Jesus . Anthropologist on a lower level couldbut wouldnot necessarily thanthe level Bateson identifiedfour basiclevelsof learning change eachlevelmoreabstract and levelsroughlycorrespond of belowit but eachhavinga greater degree impacton theindividual. Behaviors to wittroutanyinnermap. perceptual therearenatural and systems on effectof eachlevelis to organize controltheinformation thelevelbelowit. Levels of Processingand Organization might someone People oftentalk aboutresponding thingson different"levels". Identity. O. or way of thinking. factors determine extemal Answer thequestions to where?andwhen? * Beluvior is madeup of the specificactions reactions Answerto or takenwithin theenvironment. like knee takes jerk reactions. Arthe levelof capability ilre ableto select.however.of course. Changing and something thingson thelower levels. My Capabilities Strategies States What? D . language. we alterandadapta classof habis or rituals.

such tone.Auditory (sound). Universe Planet Family Spiritual'Trans-Mlsslon" WhoElse? Mlsslon Beliefs/ValuesPerm lss lo n/Mot lvatlo n whv? Capabilities Dlrectlon How? Behavior Actlons What? Environment Constralnls Where?When? Networkof LogicalLevels IV.[epresentational Systemshaveto do with whichof thefive senses mostdominant the particular mentalstepin thestrategy: Visual (sight).lotiness. Model. This rotei tle-folowing four.R eprese ntatioralsy stemsOientabn . The R. These qualities called"sub-modalities" NLP sincetheyaresub-components are in of eachof therepresentational systems.L. temperautre. Eachrepres-entational is system designed pe-rceiye t-o qualities theexperiences certain basic of it senses.Olfactory (smell).the-role-each playsin theoverallneurological and step "pr6grim". L inks Effect.factors whichareindicated theleneiswhibhirat<e nameof the by up {etermingj !y R.L. preyufet etc.E.Answerto thequestion o? of wh * Spiitwl issues relateto thefactthatwe area pan of a largersystem reaches that beyond ourselves asindividuals our family.Page97 .O. are for .community globalsystems.planor strategy.Tndvalucs providethereinforcement (motivation permission) supports denies and that or capabilities. behavior usedto produce particular a response outcome.-This or involvesidentifyinethecritiial steos of theTenl{ sqategy. Model process to identify_ essential modeling is the elemenrs thinkingand of . .. . . Answerto thequestion why? * Identity (mission) shape determine overallpurpose and beliefsandvaluesthroughour _fa91o1s sense self. The goalof theR. Jesus. to and Answerto rhequestio. O .E.. These includecharacteristics a. Kinesthetic (feeling). L.* Capabiltties-guide grvedirection behavioral a3d to actions through mental a map.who else? Each9{theqeprocesses involvesa differentlevelof organization mobilizes and successively mobilization commitment neurological deeper and of 'circuitry'. E .brightness.O. Answerto thequestion how? * Beliefs.Gustatory (taste). color.

in V e -*l -a j v Stimulates a Fantasy e.T"? o which Generates which Trigge.Page 98 . example. whenyou areseeing something.r. pictures. it in theouside world. of visualizing shape a sound hearing color. in memoryor in your is imagination? Orientation Outside World Exterrnl e InnerExperience Internal Recall Remembered Oeftbrain) r -/>- Imagination Constructed (rightbrain) c 3.inbnsity ' ' I Feeling S yn e sthesla Llnks Jesus .rr..for example.rsa which (JU E S IION a Feeling @ @ @ Sequentlal Llnks Simultaneous links occuraswhatarecalledsynesthesia. Links haveto do with how a particular representation linkedto theother is stepor sensory representations. links Synesthesia haveto do with the ongoingoverlapbetween qualities feelings sensory representations. the of or a lmage brightness movement - f f-* f f f- coU.Sight Visrcl zH RepresentationalSystems v Sound Audttory A K OG Smell Feeling Kinesthertc Ofactory Taste Gwtatory (e)xternally representation focused a sensory is Qrientation hasto do with whether particular towardthe ouside world or (i)nternally (r)emembered (c)onstructed towardeither or experiences. Sequential links actasanclnrsor triggers follows suchthatonerepresentation another a linearchainof events. may be linkedto Certain of certainqualities imagery. For instance. remembered images. ":. something For is in linkedto internal seen theexternal environment feelings. words?Is a particular feelinglinkedto constructed memories of sounds otherfeelings? or Therearetwo basickindsof waysthatrepresentations belinkedtogether: can sequentially and simultaneously. a | I llL t I I b c a ti o n J l l temperature .

laanguage 1 .E. whendeepin thought. b. The R.G. fffect hasto do with theresult. testor to the partof anexperience sensory representation to operate change or to some evaluate particular a or representation. Patterns. Eody Posture postures Peopleoftenassume habitual systematic.le movements.These postures can greatdealabouttherepresentational indicatea system person using.A. deep breathing. Visual: lzaning backwith headandslnuldersup or rounded.modeling elements are: Eody Posture. functionof the stepcouldbe to generate input a sensory or representation.O.E. to Certainly. in to behavior relationship a sensory Effect Generate Input Evaluate Test Change Oprue V. creativityandthegeneral of organization our experiences. eg.Feels Sound Hearsa Feeling of 4. are for or as observation confirmation them. Auditory: Body leantng back.O. into a B. Sound Word or is Followed by a Feeling a or eg.effector purpose eachstepin thethoughtprocess.O. processes. c. orderto function.E. modelelements primarilywith cognitive deal In however.L. Thefollowing aresome the is typicalexamples: a. P. Jesus Page 99 .E.bothof these kindsof links areessential thinking. L in k s .For instance. The and of certainmentalprocesses well asfor theexternal of primarybehavioral involvedin R.arms forward.shoulders folded.L.L. [ccessingcues Qestures. mentalprograms needthehelpof certain processes these bodilyandphysiological for physical and These reactions important theteaching development consolidation expression./\ Sequential AnclorslTriggers A+ 11 Simultaneous Synesthesias /o\ \*. headcocked. slnllow breathing.learning. PhysiologicalClues:Making the R. Kinesthetic: Headandshoulders down.L.

unconscious movements eye particular oftenaccompany processes thought indicating theaccessing oneof thereprbsentational of systems.This typeof to language is. Eye movements Automatic. Audito-ry:.non-verbal "gruns andgrodns". gestures nade aboveeyelevel.gestures iade belowthe-neck. soon. and whichindicate actionioiqualitiesasopposed things. however. Somebfthese idiosyncratic ihe individual-dnd their and are to needto be 'calibrated'to theparticular person. such . point to or usegestures indicating the sense the organthey areusingto . c.al:Torcling or pointingto theeyes. Qestures.2. NLP has'citegorized thes6 cuesinto the following pattern: vcson?tructed vr€mgmbered A[JI]8nlu"d K i ne s th e ti c H?dlta 5. Visg. Visu3l: High shallowbreathing.theycueor triggercertain are typesof representations a numberof in -.touching mouthor jaw.dle" "rough" "connects" "move" . Below is a list of common pred. 3. b. 4. b. Aprimary ry9qtd of Neuro-Linguistic as'predicates'. Dilphragmatic breathing. languagePatterns analysis to search particular is for linguisticpatterns. will oftentolch.s_cratching heads. the ^ c. Auditory: Pointingtowardorgesruingiear theears.hedicatesarewoids.flucrualngvoicetoneandtempb. snapping thei{ fin-gen. squintilg eyes.Manyof these cues. Kinestheticz Touching cluit andsiomach the area.such or of asverbs. adverbs adjectives. breathy deep voice-in slower a tempo.iiates: sensory based VI S T ] AL "see" "look" "sight" "clear" "bright" "picture" "hazy" "bringsto light" "show" AUDITORY "hear" "listen" "sound" "resonant" "lortd" "word" 'noisy" "ringsa bell" "tell" Jesus . associated are to particularsensory processes" a. knittedbrow. or and how that system qgalityis beingusedin theoverallprogram thought. whichin-dicateparticular a neurological representational system sub-midality. Kinesthetic: Deepabdominal breathing. .tlpically selected an unconscious andthusreflects underlying at level thl uiconscioui' structure which produced them. People think with.Page100 KINESTHETIC "grasp" "touch" "feeling" "solid" "heavy" "harl.-differentwaysinclgding:breathing rate. facialexpressions. Sometypicalexamples include: a. voicehigherpitch andfastertempo. . Accessing Cues Whenpeople thinking.

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