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Internships What is an internship? Internships provide UG students with academic credit for work experience during their time as a student. Students get the chance to practice what they have learned in the classroom and develop new real-world skills. (UG-AIT) AIT UG Internships 2/6 .

Internships Requirements Students receive 3 credits for each internship. The key requirements are as follows: Approval of the internship by the Internship Advisor at least one week prior to the start of the semester in which you will do the internship. Completion of a research paper or reflective report based on the internship. Minimum of 200 hours of work during the semester at the internship site. AIT UG students are required to obtain 6 credits of internship credit to graduate. (UG-AIT) AIT UG Internships 3/6 .

you will have to have the placement approved. fill out and submit the internship form. If you find your own opportunity.Internships Steps Steps in the process: Plan ahead: talk to your advisor to plan your internships. Apply: if you have completed at least one year of study and are interested in an internship for the next summer break. (UG-AIT) AIT UG Internships 4/6 . Search: you can search for positions listed by the UG program or find your own opportunity. You will normally do your interships during your last two summer breaks.

and payment is between you and the employer. It is not necessary that an internship be paid. Work should be at least 12 hours per week but full time (40 hours per week) will be expected in most cases.Internships Criteria for internships Internships should satisfy the following requirements: Related to your degree field. (UG-AIT) AIT UG Internships 5/6 . 12–24 weeks in length (maximum of 2 terms). An internship can be paid or unpaid.

(UG-AIT) AIT UG Internships 6/6 . Students must not be on academic probation or have an “incomplete” grade for any required course. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.Internships Eligibility criteria You must satisfy the following to be eligible for an internship: Be enrolled in a BSE or BSc program.

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