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Describe the sights, sounds and smells along a busy street ! Language123

A BUSY STREET adjectives

Identify adjectives in the sentences
Describe the sights, sounds and smells along a busy street ! Language123

Descriptions: 1) This woman has long, straight hair. She is very active, but she is not careful because shes not wearing a helmet. 2) This person is carrying a lot of heavy things. He is very nervous because he thinks a young child is going to crash into him. 3) This thing is long. It has white stripes, and it is very important. People walk on this thing, so that they can stay safe when they cross a busy street.

Answers - adjective: 1) This woman has long, straight hair. She is very active, but she is not careful because shes not wearing a helmet. 2) This person is carrying a lot of heavy things. He is very nervous because he thinks a young child is going to crash into him. 3) This thing is long. It has white stripes, and it is very important. People walk on this thing, so that they can stay safe when they cross a busy street.

Exercise 2: identify adjectives 1. This is a very busy and noisy intersection. 2. The lady with curly hair is stressed because she is unsafe. 3. A young woman with long hair is a reckless driver. 4. The man in the wheelchair is handicapped and very nervous. 5. Two cars are damaged because there was a bad accident. 6. The boy and girl are active, but they are not careful.

Answers: This is a very busy and noisy intersection. The lady with curly hair is stressed because she is unsafe. A young woman with long hair is a reckless driver. The man in the wheelchair is handicapped and very nervous. Two cars are damaged because there was a bad accident. The boy and girl are active, but they are not careful.

The worst accident I have seen The outline: 1. Where? When? 2. How it happened 3. My own feelings 4. Ending (conclusion)
Word-meaning: Injured = hurt Involved = mixed up Mystery = something not yet understood or known Shortly = soon To overtake = to come level with and pass To crash = to strike suddenly and violently Railing = fence or barrier made of rails and supported by upright bars To be trapped = to be stuck To lie unconscious = to lie without knowing anything To be involved in = to be concerned with

1) An Accident

I have seen many accidents. The worst of them was one in which three persons were involved. I still remember that accident very clearly. That day, I was travelling in my uncles car. Suddenly, a car, running at great speed, overtook our car. There was only one person in it, the driver himself. My uncle at once told me that very soon that car would cause an accident. That my uncle was right was proved shortly. We found the car inside a big river. It had crashed through the railings of the bridge over that river. The driver was still trapped in the car. No one tried to help him, though there was a big crowd around.


When Where Who

What Happened?

On the bridge itself, a young lady and a small girl were lying unconscious with blood all over their bodies. The right hand of the lady was missing and the girls head was badly injured. Their bicycle was crushed. Soon, an ambulance arrived and took the lady and girl to the hospital. There was a lot of blood on the bridge. It was indeed a very ugly sight. I felt very sorry for all those who were involved in the accident. But what actually happened to the man in the car still remains a mystery to me.

What did You see? Describe

Your feeling?

Describe the sights, sounds and smells along a busy street

I walk out of the well-lit, peaceful, cool air conditioned comfort of the book shop. Immediately I was hit by a blast of hot air from the street. Wow, the difference is so great. Out on the corridor, I break into a sweat. I walk down the pavement. Next to the book shop are two sundry shops. The smell emanating from these shops tingles my nose. The mixture of onion, garlic, dried fish, pepper and spices make a potent combination. I hold my breath for a moment as I walk quickly past the sundry shops. I always wonder how the people working inside the shops can stand the smell. Perhaps they are used to it.

There are many people walking along the pavement on both sides of the street. It is about one oclock in the afternoon and many officeworkers are out for their lunch break. So I see these smartly dressed men and women hurrying towards the eating places further down the street. During the lunch hour, the street is uncross able. I want to cross to the other side. I look at the traffic. One look tells me that it is too dangerous to do so. The cars and motorcycles are moving at considerable speeds and they do not seem to be in the mood to make way for any pedestrian. I decide to cross the street via the lights-controlled crossing down the street.

On my way towards the crossing I pass many other shops. They were mainly shops selling clothes, shoes and watches. Near the crossing is a supermarket. Throngs of people can be seen at the entrance. A beggar sits on the steps, arms outstretched, eyes leading for alms. I drop 20 cents into his unwashed palm.

I reach the crossing. The lights are red, so I wait with a group of people. Cars speed by sending their obnoxious fumes into the waiting people. However no one flinches. A bit of smoke is not going to prevent anyone from crossing the street. Presently the cars screech to a halt behind the white lines across the road except for one that makes a dash past even though the lights have changed to red for him. Some pedestrians shake their fists, but no one is hit. The pedestrians are too seasoned to trust the traffic lights completely.

I cross briskly with my group to the other side. The group from the other side cross over to our previous side. Once across I make a bee-line for the busstand. There are too many people trying to crowd under the shade of the stand. There is no place for me. I stand under the sun. The smell of food wafts over to the bus stand from the food stalls nearby. My stomach growls in response. My bus comes. I board it with several other people. There are no more seats available. So I stand on the aisle. Soon the bus picks up speed and leaves the busy street towards home where my lunch awaits. ***** **** ****

Describe the house you are living in. Why do you love it?

The house we are living in is situated in the suburb of Kuala Terengganu city, within thirty minutes drive off the central city. We have lived there for more than twenty years. This is a fairly large house surrounded with a luxuriant garden. My house consists of four bed-rooms, a living-room, a bathroom with a shower, a dinning-room, a kitchen and a toilet. It is airconditioned and well-furnished. The livingroom is decorated beautifully. Paintings by famous artists are hung on the walls.

At night, the color neon lights increase the beauty and cosiness of the room. There, on Sundays and holidays my father usually spends his time playing chess or drinking tea with his friends. My mother and my two sisters are diligent and hard-working women. They often keep the house clean and tidy. On suffocating hot days, we usually take meals in the garden. It is fairly cool and quiet here. We enjoy our meals amid the melodious twitters of birds. On stormy and rainy nights all whole family members gather in the living-room, watching television or telling each other about their daily activities. I love my house very much because it is the place where I was born and have grown up in the education of my father and in the tender loving care of my mother. I have spent my whole childhood in the love and affection of my dear ones with so many sweet memories.

Describe your favorite


My favorite subject is Art. It is my favorite subject simply because I love to draw. Ever since I was a toddler I remember picking up crayons and coloured pencils to scribble on books, pieces of paper and walls. Of course there were instances where I had to be spanked for dirtying the living room walls and making a mess of my big sisters books. I have learned my lesson and I do not scribble wherever I please any more. There are only four periods of Art per week in school and I find that it is hardly sufficient. I notice that time virtually flies during an Art lesson. Eighty minutes feel more like eight minutes when I am drawing something. One moment I am taking out my Art materials, the next the teacher is asking us to hand in our work.

I do not really understand why I love to draw. The fact remains so. Every chance I have in between periods, I find myself doodling or sketching something. My classmates say that I draw very well and I am inclined to agree with them, without bragging about it. Perhaps it is because I spend so much time practicing my skills. I particularly love drawing cartoons. This is one area where my creativity gets regular workouts. I sometimes draw things that amaze even myself, not less my classmates. One could say that I have a fertile imagination. Sometimes though the imagination borders on the absurd, I have to be careful not to get carried away. I have caricatures of all the teachers I know. Some of them are flattering but some cannot be shown to the persons concerned for they will certainly get upset. They are for my classmates and me to see only.

I also love to draw still life in color. Coloring is really an art and I have developed considerable skills in it, much to the disbelief of my classmates. Again, as I have had so much practice in coloring, I have a distinct advantage over the rest of the class. Often I show them the finer points in drawing and coloring. I am certain some of them have improved tremendously in their drawing and coloring. In fact most of my classmates are above average in Art. Anyway that is what our Art teacher says. Finally I have to say that I find I always feel good when I am drawing something. Perhaps that is why I love Art. It is because of the good feeling that arises every time I begin to draw. I see drawing as a natural avenue for selfexpression so the feeling must be good. There is nothing to remember or work out in Art as in the other subjects. All one has to do is to follow ones feeling and the result is always pleasing.

How should people protect and preserve the natural resources?

Conservation concerns mens safeguarding and preservation of natural resources and his responsibility for improving the environmental conditions in which he lives. An important task of conservation is the prevention of waste waste of forests, soil, minerals, wildlife and human life. Trees help to preserve land because their roots bind the soil and retain water. Without trees, heavy rains will cause soil erosion and the remaining land becomes poor and worthless. Terrible floods often occur in the areas where trees are cut down in great quantity. Forest conservation also means the prevention of bush fires and the attention to planting and looking after new, young trees.

Not only should man preserve forests but he should also realize the importance of wildlife protection. Unless governments have a good system of control or pass laws restricting the hunting, fishing and eradicating of rare animals and plants, they slowly disappear. Natural resources such as coal, gas and mineral ores are limited but the need for them is growing day by day. As they may not last for a century, man should use them widely on the one hand, and look for alternative fuels on the other hand.

Another serious problem threatening human life is the dirtying and poisoning of air and water. This pollution is mainly caused by the fumes, chemicals and wastes from automobiles, industries and homes. It is hoped that for his own benefit, man can soon find a solution to these problems.

Describe the scene in a shopping complex

In every large town now there are dozens of shopping complexes to cater for the ever increasing population. These complexes contain a variety of shops. They sell shoes, sports goods, clothes, computers, video and audio equipment, furniture, musical instruments, cameras and films, food, drinks and many other things. There is one shopping complex in my town that is frequented by many people. I would say that it is the most popular one in town.

The moment I enter the shopping complex via its large entrance I virtually step into a different world from the street outside. The air in the complex is distinctly cooler. The air-conditioning is very effective. No wonder I see many youngster just loitering about the place. It gets pretty uncomfortable outside under the scorching sun. There are armed guards in uniform stationed near a couple of goldsmith shops. Two of these guards look old and feeble. They must be retired army or police personnel. In the event of a robbery I doubt they would be of any use. Judging by the bored look on their faces, the shops might just as well have no guards at all.

On this ground floor of the complex there are many other shops. From where I stand near the goldsmith shops I can see people crowding near a computer shop. An audio tape shop blasts out the latest hits through two giant loudspeakers. A few meters away, behind the receptionists counter, a pretty girl seems to be speaking into a microphone. I can hardly hear what she is saying. The music from the loudspeakers is too loud. There is also a supermarket on the ground floor. From afar I can see that it is just like any supermarket. Shelves after shelves are stocked with cans, packets, bottles and tins of common items like milk, beverages, sweets etc. the salesgirls seem very busy stacking the goods onto the shelves. Shoppers seem very busy removing them from the shelves.

I walk towards the elevator that is going up. I pause to let two persons before me get on and then I get on too. The fist floor look similar to the ground floor except it has no supermarket. Instead there are many video arcades. I can see figures of youngsters inside hunched over the consoles feverishly working their fingers trying to beat the electronic machines. I used to be just as crazy as they but I have got over the madness. The machines are addictive and the addicts spend large amounts of money feeding them.

I proceed to the second floor via the elevator. Again the air is filled with the sound of video games in progress. I walk past many arcades and other shops. Here on the second floor there are less people. Most of the shoppers are concentrated on the ground floor. That is where the bulk of the complexs business is done. Up here there is more room for walking and browsing. The shopkeepers also are friendlier. I walk leisurely around the whole floor. I stop by at a music shop to have a look at the guitars on sale. They are too expensive for me. I leave.

Next I wander into my friends sports shop. I chat with him about the coming Thomas Cup. He laments about the weaknesses of our team. He also mentions he will move downstairs if he can find a place because customers seldom show in his shop up here on the second floor. Finally I leave my friends shop and descend straight down to the ground floor. I notice the great difference in the number of shoppers compared to the higher floors. Perhaps my friend does have a point. Anyhow I had come to the shopping complex to cool down a bit. I feel very much better now, good enough to go out under the scorching sun again.

the cause of obesity? Discuss

What is the cause of obesity? Discuss The most obvious cause of obesity is overeating. But why do people overeat? One reason is emotional problems. For example, consider the case of Mary. When Mary was a child, her parents rewarded her good behavior with candy and other sweet things. As she grew older, she began to reward Herself quite regularly. As a result, she began to gain weight. By the time she was a teenager, Mary had become rather heavy. Her weight then became a target for the other young people at school. They teased unmercifully, as youngsters will do. She was teased so much that she started feeling sorry for herself and consoled herself by eating more and more. She gained more weight, and the vicious circle continued until her self-image was so bad that she could not really perceive herself as anything but fat. Therefore, diets were unsuccessful because she would inevitably get depressed during or after a diet and go on an eating binge to soothe her feelings.

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