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History 102 Course Topics

History 102 Course Topics

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Published by: Charles Salazar on Oct 01, 2008
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HISTORY 102 Modern Europe Instructor: Dr. Celestina P.

Boncan Geography of Europe Beginnings of Modern Europe Political Consolidation Economic Expansion Intellectual Quickening Religious Upheaval Dynastic Statecraft The 16th Century: The Predominance of the Hapsburgs The 17th Century: The Predominance of the Bourbons The Rise of Parliament in England The Expansion of Prussia The Expansion of Russia FIRST LONG EXAMINATION Revolutionary Transition FILM: The Last of the Mohicans British Expansion Overseas The Enlightenment The French Revolution FILM: War and Peace The Napoleonic Empire Political and Nationalist Unrest The Liberal Revolutions of 1830-1848 The Romantic Period The Second Napoleonic Empire The Making of the German Empire The Making of the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary The Making of Italy SECOND LONG EXAMINATION Europe and the World The Industrial Revolution Progress of Science and Medicine FILM: Lawrence of Arabia Movements of Social Protest and Reform The New Imperialism The Road to World War I World War I


FILM: Dr. Zhivago The Russian Revolution The Road to World War II FILM: Patton World War II The Twilight of Europe THIRD LONG EXAMINATION


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