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Final Legal Stuff Book 2010

Final Legal Stuff Book 2010

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Published by: Jim Skoog on Aug 26, 2011
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1. How do I get a student loan?

The best place to get advice and information about fnancing

your education is at your school’s fnancial aid offce. Advisors

there should have information and applications for several aid

programs, including various types of loans, grants, and work/

study programs. Your credit history may affect your ability to

obtain such loans, and such loans may also affect your future

credit record.

2. Should I get a payday loan or a
security lien?

Even if you need money quickly, try to avoid commercial

loans like payday loans or liens on the title to your car.

Although these types of loans are processed quickly and

look reasonable, they are often diffcult to pay back in time.

The interest rates can be astoundingly high, and as a result

ultimately cost a great amount of money.

If you need an emergency loan, contact your county social

services for information about any emergency assistance

programs available. You may also be able to secure a

personal loan from your bank.

banking and ConsumeR RighTs

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