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August 26, 2011
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Character Word RESPECT Demonstrating honor and value through actions!

Weekly Words – Test September 2 6. honey 7. monkey 8. donkey 9. valley 10. hockey Suffix: -ian

Reading: Understand how knowing the characters, setting, problems and solutions help us to understand text. Writing: Continue types of sentences, parts of speech, and parts of a paragraph. Math: Continue to identify place value, write numbers in different forms, compare and order whole numbers. Science: Compare the physical properties of rocks, and identify changes in the earth’s surface.

Prefix: dis-

Aug. 31: Book order due Aug. 31: Candle sales end Sept. 2: Dismiss @ 12:15 Sept. 5: No School Sept. 7: Progress Reports Attention Parents!!
Thank you for helping to get this school year off to a great start!

Home Reading Log
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Tuesday Sept. 5

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(Total at least 100 minutes)

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