Oil palm

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There are currently 202 known genera with around 2600 species of oil palm, latin name arecaceae or palmae, palms are among the best known and extensively cultivated plant families. Many common products and foods are derived from palms, and they are also widely used in landscaping, making them one of the most economically important plants.

education and provision of transferrable skills Incomes from crops reduces poverty Stimulates local economy Social impact * Palm oil prices are expected to edge up as demand increases for the commodity.92 kg/l Optimum planting Nursery time: 1 year Planting: 9.22 Mt /Co2/ha pa 1 hectare = 137 trees at 47.Environmental impact Renewable natural oil production Replaces fossil fuel Control soil erosion Improves water table Reduces greenhouse gas emission Core information Seed size: 4 to 6 grams or 170 to 250 seeds per kg Seeds oil content: CPO crude palm oil 28% Oil density: 0.8 Can withstand very poor soils Rainfall 1200-1500mm pa Irrigation 6 months of the year in CCF plantations Crop financials and core data Oil palm biomass (bunches and kernel shells) are a perfect feedstock for electricity production. pH 5 to 6. Palm oil also has a large food product market. which meets the international specification.5l of oil/tree pa Number of direct jobs created is 1 person /10ha Number of indirect jobs created is 3 people /10ha Improves farming practices Training. tropical equatorial Optimum temperature is 28oC to 38oC Soil: Heavy clay loam.12 metres triangle spacing 137 trees per hectare No weeding required Bespoke plant nutrition programme by soil audit. 10kg tree pa Pruning at harvest Bio .regional parameters Climate: hot humid high rainfall. Oil palm output per hectare Key facts • • • • • • • • • Yielding of oil starts from 36 months and up to 45 years Carbon sequestered 3. Sustainable and high provenance palm oil is an excellent biodiesel palm oil methyl ester blend. mt oil palm biomass residue Palm oil futures versus crude oil Oil palm cost profile per hectare .

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