New York City October 10-16, 2011 www.mobilityshifts.


Wikilearning & Social Equality
Thursday, October 13, 7:30 p.m. 80 Fifth Avenue, room 802
The public libraries, Folk High Schools, low threshold in entering universities by no fees and student democracy are all historical examples of the “wikiness” of the Nordic educational system. Along with these new wikilearning services, however, there is a pressure to terminate many of the traditional “wiki”-features of the system: introducing tuition fees in universities, new forms of management and governance of the universities and limiting academic freedom. In the most critical analyses the system has been claimed to be in a fast move to the direction of academic capitalism where knowledge is primarily a commercial good. The panel discussion will introduce the wikilearning idea in a wide social and cultural context and facilitate critical discussion on the free content and free software enabling wikilearning. With examples from scholarly discussion in Scandinavia and Nordic countries panelists aim to formulate some key thought on how to reinvent learning for social change. The objective of the panel discussion is to produce a mini-manifesto on wikilearning and social equality.

Teemu Leionen (Aalto University School of Art and Design, Finland) Juha Suoranta (University of Tampere, Finland) Tere Vaden (University of Tampere, Finland)

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