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Gempur Matematik (Tingkatan 1) Topic: Cuboids and cubes 1.

Complete the following table Solid faces Cube Cuboid 2. Name the geometric solid formed by each layout below (a) (b) Number of edges Properties Vertices

Topic: Volume of Cuboids and cubes 1. Find the volume for each of following cuboid. a) b)



d) c)

Volume= Volume=

e) A tank has sides of length 2m, 2m and 1 m, calculate the capacity of the tank in: (i) m3 (ii) cm3 (iii) liters. Answer:

2. Find the volume of cube. (a) (b)

Volume= Volume= (c) d) Calculate the volume of cube with a side of length i. 12cm ii. 5cm

Volume =

e) A cube has area 81 cm. i) How long are the sides of the cube? ii) What is the volume of the cube?