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Published by: Aditya Pore on Aug 27, 2011
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aditya_pore@yahoo.com/apadidas@gmail.com +91-9673959943 B-29,Sunder Park, Manik Baugh, Sinhgad Road,Pune-411051,Maharashtra,India

Respected Sir/Madam, I am applying in response to your campus drive and would like to be considered for one of the posts.I have been studying for an Engineering degree in Computer Engineering at the University Pune, where I have completed my third year course and now I am currently appearing for the final year. From your official website it appears that working for TATA TECHNOLOGIES would offer a technically challenging career within a highly professional organization. I have been seeking just such an opportunity as this, and I think my background and your requirements may be a good match. I find this very appealing and feel that I have already developed some of the qualities and experience necessary to make an effective contribution to the company. As you will see from my Resume, the course has given me a good grounding in this field. I was also given the opportunity to apply some of the theory learned on my course during the mini projects that were included in the curriculum.. I learned to adapt to new situations and was able to practice many of the skills, which I believe are needed to work effectively in a professional environment. If you are seeking an employee who stays abreast of his field, understands technology, and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, then please consider what I have to offer. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the post and my own background in more detail, and would be available for TATA TECHNOLOGIES at any time. Yours sincerely

Sinhgad Road. I am aspiring for good career opportunity in esteemed corporate organization.RESUME PERSONAL INFORMATION FULL NAME LOCAL ADDRESS TELEPHONE EMAIL DATE OF BIRTH LANGUAGES 1: SPOKEN 2: WRITTEN Pore Aditya Mukund B-29.83% 88.85% 77.com 27/ 11 / 1990 (DD/ MM / YY) English. .Manik Baugh . I am committed.Sunder Park.93% First Class First Class First Class First Class Distinction Distinction Distinction I am an ambitious 4th. Hindi. Hindi. from SKNCOE. and Marathi English.com apadidas@gmail. willing to learn and sharpen my knowledge base by applying academic and professional skills. Marathi ACADEMIC INFORMATION ACADEMIC DETAILS: QUALIFICATION BOARD / UNIV % OF MARKS REMARKS TE SEM 2 TE SEM 1 SE SEM 2 SE SEM 1 FE SEM 2 FE SEM 1 HSC SSC Pune University Pune University Pune University Pune University Pune University Pune University HSC Board CBSE Appeared 60% 63% 63% 65% 67. Pune . Pune-41.year student pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering.51 020 24358369(Landline) 9673959943(Mobile) aditya_pore@yahoo. Sinhgad Institute.

PROJECT WORK MINI PROJECTS: 1. Year: 2010-2011(TE SEM 1) Front-End: GUI constructed in VB(6. Club Management The project vividly portrays a club which holds a few hotels under its domain control. The project mainly deals with club management database as in 1)Hotel info which gives the data related to various hotels under the club 2)Customer information 3)A hotel chapter relation which helps in tracking any member associated with the club 4)Member information(current members) 5)New member information(person interested in joining the club) The connectivity between VB and Oracle is achieved via ADODC.I have completed my schooling upto 10th standard from S. The eBay web application is intended to provide complete solutions for vendors as well as customers through a single get way using the internet as the sole medium.P. The functional setup of this organization aims at servicing its customers to the fullest possible extent. Year: 2010-2011(TE SEM 2) Front-End: HTML PHP Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Back-End: My Sql . customer to browse through the shop and purchase them online without having to visit the shop physically. Pune-5. Web Based Application e-Bay with Mysql as backend.M English School and done Bifocal Vocational Computer Science course (12th standard) from Fergusson College. It will enable vendors to setup online shops. ADODC is an acronym for Activex Data Object Database connection.0) Back-End: Oracle 8i 2. The administration module will enable a system administrator to approve and reject requests for new shops and maintain various lists of shop category.

3. MS-Office. Certificate Course in C programming(A+ grade) under Seed Infotech Ltd.2004.SKILL SET • • • • • LANGUAGES: C. VC (Win32 SDK) and Visual Studio. Red-Hat Linux 7. 10g. Adobe Dreamweaver.2003. Participation in Blood Donation Camp.HTML. Attended Workshop on PC Maintenance And Networking Organized By ACE 1. 2. SCHOLARSHIPS AND ACHIVEMENTS: 1. Pune. ELECTIVES • • Artificial Intelligence Mobile Computing SEMINAR • Zigbee EXTRACURRICULAR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Active participation in school gathering. OPERATING SYSTEMS: WINDOWS 98/XP/WINDOWS 7. Attended and Actively Participated in Robo Tycoon “A Workshop on mobile controlled robots” organized By Sinhgad Roboclub. Software Tools: VB6. Won Mathematics Scholarships (2000.The London Academy) 2.i. 4. Assembly Language Programming. Won many inter-school competitions.0 RDBMS: SQL with ORACLE 8. C++. Java(Basic). .

4. 2. Treking and Biking. 3. Reading English Fiction.cricket Etc Travelling NAME ADITYA MUKUND PORE DATE 22 July 2011 . OutDoor Games Like Football . Surfing through Internet. 5.HOBBIES: 1.

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