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Analyzing Data Through Advanced Visualizations

Analyzing Data Through Advanced Visualizations

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Published by Amarjeet Kumar

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Published by: Amarjeet Kumar on Aug 27, 2011
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Analyzing Data with Advanced Visualizations


A picture speaks a thousand words!


A quick demo .Why is visualization so important? .

It is equally important to do the correct visualization .



Visualizing Unstructured Data .




Visualizing Analytics .


Other non-standard visualizations .




What is the moral of the story? .

.How is it accessible? .How big is it? .Who will use it? .Identify the information that you want to visualize .Where is it? .How many perspectives does it have .

Decide on how best to visualize the data -Track rises and falls over time .Tree Map .Line graph .See parts of a whole .Network Diagram .Pie Chart .Scatterplot .Block histogram .Bar chart .Word tree .Matrix chart .Stack graph .Categories Stack graph .Bubble chart .Compare a set of values .See relationships among data points .Mapping .See the world .Analyze a text .Wordle .

-Chose the tool that allows helps you visualize the information .In memory analytics .Build a framework that allows you to integrate the visualization with the sources of data .BI tools (commercial or open source) .Build and distribute the visualization .Specialized visualization tools .Get feedback and improve .

Thank You .

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