Case Study Analysis- Vtel

Presented By: Swagat Patra Yuki Jain Anubha Mathur Dhariti Walia LaxmiNarashimha

Scope ‡ 1 metro circle ‡ 9 telecom circles .

Vodafone will also follow in near future) . ‡ Major telecom players are moving into premier segment (Airtel Increased tariffs in 5 telecom circles and planning for the same in few other circles.Market condition ‡ Indian telecom players are baffled with price wars in the industry.



Business travelers. have a strong need for a universal communications portal that will take care of all their communication needs. ‡ All customer segments that we target seek reliable communications that are easy to use. ± Domestic Traveler/Calling Card.Marketing Strategy ‡ V-Tel would target five primary market segments: ± General consumer and business market. ‡ Specifically tailor market offering to each customer segment. ‡ Feature preferences vary in between the segments. .

. VAS ‡ Higher emphasis on ARPU. 2G. 3G ± Main focus is on expanding Broadband infrastructure and services. ‡ Tier III cities 2G.Operational Strategy ‡ Tapping in to rural and semi urban markets ‡ Out sourcing infrastructure and Back-end services ‡ Tier II cities ± Offering VAS.

Sales strategy ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Postpaid/Prepaid services Free SIM Cards with free 500MB Data Dynamic tariffs (5% to 70%) Roaming free in the central and east circles Selling more Data than Voice Small denomination recharge coupons Transferring balance facility .

Sales Programs ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Direct Sales Print advertising Trade shows Web advertising .

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