Jace Beleren Gamer Picture Complete all Challenges in single player campaign.

UnlockCards Mind Of Void Deck (Blue & White) Angel's Feather - 13th Win Angel's Feather - 11th Win Counterbore - 9th Win Deft Duelist - 5th Win Dispeller's Capsule - 2nd Win Isleback Spawn - 10th Win Jayemdae Tome - 1st Win Kraken's Eye - 12th Win Kraken's Eye - 14th Win Traumatize - 8th Win Wall of Air - 6th Win Wall of Air - 3rd Win Wall of Swords - 7th Win Wall of Swords - 4th Win Eyes of Shadow Ascendant Evincar - 13th win Corrupt - 15th win Crowd of Cinders - 8th win Deathmark - 9th win Deathmark - 5th win Demon's Horn - 1st win Demon's Horn - 6th win Demon's Horn - 4th win Demon's Horn - 3rd win Dread - 16th win HollowbornBarghest - 17th win Mind Shatter - 10th win Mortivore - 11th win Nekrataal - 14th win Plague Wind - 2nd win Royal Assassin - 12th win Soot Imp - 7th win Thoughts of Wind Counterbore - 4th Win Denizen of the Deep - 16th Win Flashfreeze - 10th Win Flashfreeze - 6th Win Flow of Ideas - 14th Win Kraken's Eye - 5th Win Kraken's Eye - 2nd Win Kraken's Eye - 8th Win Kraken's Eye - 12th Win

10th win BrionStoutarm .13th win .11th Win Mind Spring .8th win Angel's Feather . Revolutionary .MahamotiDjinn .9th win Claws of Vengeance Angel's Feather .14th win Knight of the Skyward Eye .17th Win Put Away .15th win Dragon's Claw .3rd Win Thieving Magpie .7th Win Thieving Magpie .12th win Angel's Feather .5th win Angel's Feather .12th win Elvish Champion .17th win ReyaDawnbringer .1st win Serra's Embrace .2nd win Angel's Feather .9th win Bull Cerodon .10th win Purity .3rd win Skyhunter Skirmisher .16th win Serra Angel .1st win Elvish Champion .15th win Paladin en-Vec .2nd win Angel's Feather .6th win Cho Manno.12th win Woolly Thoctar .6th win Eyeblight's Ending .7th win Soul Warden .11th win Spirit of the Hearth .7th win Godsire .13th Win Thieving Magpie .8th win Sigil B Blessinlessing .14th win Voice of All .6th win Mass Calcify .13th win Wurms Tooth .4th win Wrath of God .1st Win Mind Spring .5th win Ears of Elves Coat of Arms .11th win Pariah .4th win Sangrite Surge .13th win Luminesce .1st win Wrath of God .3rd win Sigil Blessing .9th Win Wings of Light unlockable cards Angel's Feather .15th Win Thieving Magpie .

3rd win Imperious Perfect .2nd win Hands of Flame Blaze .6th win Dragon's Claw .16th Win Hostility .4th win Talara's Battalion .5th win Dragon Roost .13th win Flameblast Dragon .2nd win Teeth of the Predator Blanchwood Armor .9th win Jagged-Scar Archers .1st win Flameblast Dragon .17th Win Incinerate .5th Win Dragon's Claw .13th Win Rage Reflection . Pit Fighter .6th Win Cryoclasm .2nd Win Dragon's Claw .10th win Wurm's Tooth .12th win Wurm's Tooth .1 win .11th win Nath of the Gilt-Leaf .5th win Wurm's Tooth .8th win Lys Alana Scarblade .3rd Win Cryoclasm .10th win Wurm's Tooth .4th win Demon's Horn .3rd win Broodmate Dragon .11th Win Shivan Dragon .4th Win Kamahl.11th win Crucible of Fire .1st Win ShivanHellkite .14th Win Seismic Assault .8th win Violent Ultimatum .7th win Fervor .14th win Hellkite Overlord .15th win Wurm's Tooth .15th win Shivan Dragon .Immaculate Magistrate .7th win Wurm's Tooth .14th win Rhys the Exiled .9th win Threaten .12th Win Furnace of Rath .8th Win Dragon's Claw .15th Win Scales of Fury Blighting .9th Win Cinder Pyromancer .7th Win Bloodmark Mentor .10th Win Dragon's Claw .

4 wins Karplusan Strider .9 wins Verdant Force .5 wins Wurm's Tooth .8 wins Wurm's Tooth .3 wins Roughshod Mentor .17th win Eyes of Wisent .3rd win Dragon's Claw .10th win Bramblewood Paragon .4th win LeoninScmitar .15th win Demon's Horn .14th win Eyes of Wisent .16th win Hurricane .7th win .2nd win LoxodonWarhammer .13th win Eiherium Sculptor .6th win Mirri.2nd win Shock .14 wins Howl of the Night Pack .8th win Etherium Sculptor .14th win Kraken's Eye .6th win Etherium Sculptor .6 wins LoxodonWarhammer .7 wins Troll Ascetic .17 wins Wurm's Tooth .Blanchwood Armor .11th win Obsidian Battle-Axe .12 wins Karplusan Strider .4th win Wurm's Tooth .13 wins Vigor .8th win Vengeful Firebrand .10th win RazormaneManticore . Cat Warrior .16 wins Molimo.10 wins Karplusan Strider .15th win Relics of Doom (Blue and Black Deck) Demon's Horn .3rd win Kraken's Eye .13th win Wurm's Tooth .11th win Mater of Etherium . Maro-Sorcerer .7th win Bramblewood Paragon .5th win Platinum Angel ( Most Powerfull Card in Game ) .5th win Obsidian Battle-Axe .12th win Dragon's Claw .15 wins Troll Ascetic .11 wins Elvish Piper .12th win LeoninScmitar .9th win Vengeful Firebrand .2 wins Cries of Rage (Red and Green Deck) Borderland Behemoth .1st win Shock .

1st win .9th win TidehollowStrix .Sharding Sphinx .

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