Starting Our Journey

On our way and learning every day! Mrs. Hawley’s Class—Room 106
Week of August 29, 2011

We are learning:

Sight Words to Practice
the and was

To use picture cues to help us understand the story About rhyming words To illustrate our stories and label objects in the pictures To identify shapes and to sort objects by characteristics About our 5 senses



Math: Science: Social Studies:

How to recognize the feelings of others

We will get our new Writer’s Notebooks today. We will use these all year as we work on writing skills. The fruit of the day is peaches! What fruits do you eat at your house?


Math Class
In math this week, one of our activities is identifying shapes. Students need to identify 2D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rhombus, etc.), and describe them. For example, students area learning that a square has four straight sides that are all equal length. It also has 4 corners. At home, identify shapes you see in pictures or objects around the house. Practice square, circle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, oval, trapezoid. Can you find other shapes as well?


We will work on rhymes today. Can you think of two words that rhyme with bed? Our special area class this week is Arts & Humanities. Tell your family about the activities in this class. Have a great weekend. Read lots of books together and practice the 3 ways to read a book.



Kindergarten Common Core Standards:
    I can count to 100 by ones and tens I can correctly name shapes regardless of their orientation or overall size. I can ask and answer questions in order to seek help, get information, or clarify something that is not understood. I can identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.

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