The Kala Rite A Feri Ritual of Purification

Adapted from the Traditional by Storm Faerywolf
The Kala rite is arguably one of the most important pieces of Feri tradition practice. From the Hawaiian word meaning ³to loosen, untie, or absolve´ this simple ritual provides us with an opportunity to transform negative energies and blockages within ourselves, as well as to reclaim the power that these blocks have ³tied up´ within our energy bodies. What follows is a simplified version of the rite suitable for use by anyone. Items needed: A glass of clear, fresh water Ground and Center. Perform a Three Souls alignment. Recall something that you wish to be free of« a bad habit, negative trait, a fear, a bad relationship, etc. Allow yourself to really feel the presence of this thing, along with any emotions that may be attached to it. As you continue your meditative breathing allow these sensations to build within you. When you feel that these feelings are at their peak, breathe three deep breaths of power, and will this negative energy out of your energy-body and into the glass of water, which now appears to your mind¶s eye as thick, black, heavy, and toxic. Begin to charge yourself up by breathing the Blue Fire. When you have a good charge built up place both hands palms downward over the surface of the water and will some of the charge into it. Sense how the negativity in the water is now being transformed« what was toxic and dark, is now beneficial and light. See the water shining with a crystalline luminescence, humming and singing with sheer and pure power. When you feel that the transformation is complete, drink the entire glass of water feeling how the light is now merging with your body¶s fluids and spreading out to every part of you. Feel how this power ²your power now transformed and purified² is breaking down all blocks within you« spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental« and is making you strong, whole, and healthy.