This shows the percentage of K-12 students who had exemptions to one or more of the required vaccines in the 2010-11 school year. PERCENT EXEMPT ≤0-4 4-8 8-12 12-16 16-20 20-24+

7.3% Kitsap Clallam Island


Skagit Okanogan Snohomish Ferry Pend Oreille


Grays Harbor

Mason King




Pacific Lewis Cowlitz

Pierce Kittitas Grant Adams Yakima Clark Skamania Benton Klickitat Walla Walla Asotin Franklin Whitman Lincoln Spokane

Name of School (District)

Number of Kitsap elementary school students that are exempted from getting vaccinations. Percent of kindergartners exempt in 2010 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 1.32% 2.08% 2.67% 2.99% 3.17% 3.49% 3.51% 4.76% 4.82% 4.88% 5.08% 5.26% 5.36% 5.41% 5.56% 5.56% 6.12% 6.25% 6.25% Percent of kindergartners exempt in 2010 Brownsville Elementary (Central Kitsap) 6.52% Sidney Glen Elementary (South Kitsap) 7.14% Suquamish Elementary (North Kitsap) 7.84% Clear Creek Elementary (Central Kitsap) 7.95% Poulsbo Elementary (North Kitsap 8.00% Odyssey Multiage Program (Bainbridge Island) 8.33% Cougar Valley Elementary (Central Kitsap) 8.64% Mullenix Ridge Elementary (South Kitsap) 9.43% Discovery Montessori (Private, Port Orchard) 9.52% View Ridge Elementary (Bremerton) 9.64% Burley-Glenwood Elementary (South Kitsap) 13.11% Burley Christian School (Private, South Kitsap) 14.29% Ordway Elementary (Bainbridge Island) 14.29% Vinland Elementary (North Kitsap) 15.49% Esquire Hills Elementary (Central Kitsap) 15.79% South Colby Elementary (South Kitsap) 18.33% Christ the King Academy (Private, Poulsbo) 20.00% Off Campus (Central Kitsap) 20.00% Silverwood School (Private, Silverdale) 20.00% Capt. Charles Wilkes Elementary (Bainbridge Island) 20.31% Capt. Johnston Blakely Elementary (Bainbridge Island) 20.51% Pal Program (North Kitsap) 22.22% Explorer Academy (South Kitsap) 40.00% Home School Support Program (Bainbridge Island) 42.86% Name of School (District)

Crosspoint (Private, Chico) Pinecrest Elementary (Central Kitsap) Voyager Montessori Elementary (Private, Bainbridge Island) Woodlands Elementary (Central Kitsap) Emerald Heights Elementary (Central Kitsap) Olalla Elementary (South Kitsap) Hidden Creek Elementary (South Kitsap) Armin Jahr Elementary (Bremerton) Orchard Heights Elementary (South Kitsap) Crownhill Elementary (Bremerton) Green Mountain Elementary (Central Kitsap) Sylvan Way Christian School (Private, Bremerton) East Port Orchard Elementary (South Kitsap) Hilder Pearson Elementary (North Kitsap) Richard Gordon Elementary (North Kitsap) Peace Lutheran School (Private, Bremerton) Breidablik Elementary (North Kitsap) Sunnyslope Elementary (South Kitsap) Island School (Private, Bainbridge Island) Silverdale Elementary (Central Kitsap) Cottonwood Elementary (Central Kitsap) David Wolfle Elementary (North Kitsap) Jackson Park Elementary (Central Kitsap)

Source: WA DOH Immunization and Child Profile Program School and Childcare Assessment Database (IMMENU), 6/2011

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