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Himalaya Drug Company


Case Breifing
y Ayurveda was considered as the age old branch of

medicines. y Companys effort to promote the message that Ayurveda is as modern and vibrant as science as any other. y Companys decision to bring all its brand under the umbrella brand Himalaya. y Followed by change in the logo of the company

Three prolonged steps :-

Present ayurveda as contemporary medicine.

Unusual Brand ambassador- Dadima.

Tagline- get on with your life dipicting the products ability in helping people cope up with the pressure of modern life.

Q.1. Role of dadima in the success of ayurvedic concepts.?

y There are two main role played by Dadima campaign

in the success of ayurvedic concepts, which are:It helped in breaking the clutter. Breaking the steriotype image of ayurveda which was percieved as the ancient knowledge.

Q.2. Rationale behind bringing all its brand under

umbrella brand Himalaya .?
y Enjoy the research credibility. y Extra cost of brand creation was not required. y New broduct launch becomes easy and cheaper. y New product found ready recoganition and market set

y Single brand identity helps to build the sence of

familiarity in the consumers mind.

Q.3. Discuss future prospects of HDC?

y The future prospects of HDC are prominent and

bright. y Common masses are more health conscious which will enable Himalaya to target this segment with natural Ayurvedic products. y The herbs used by HDC are of better quality. y HDC has developed a unique technique over the last 81 years to manufacture their products with quality and consistency.

y HDC has transformed the niche market of

Ayurveda to mass market by making it Omni present. y The attitude towards Indian herbal products in Middle East is very positive. HDC has 20 products registered and marketed in Middle East. y The rigorous processes and systems at Himalaya ensure that every product meets with WHO and FAO standards. y Herbal Products with Scientific research drives the future of HDC.

New positioning statement

Some positioning tag-lines

y Himalaya- the natural care and cure. y Himalaya- the scientific Ayurveda. y Himalaya- direct from the nature.