Advanced Geotechnical Analysis SS 2011 Exercise 1 – Determination of soil parameters

TU Dresden Institut für Geotechnik

Example 1
The data files oedo-d.dat and oedo-l.dat contain data of soft oedometer tests on dense and loose sand, respectively. The structure of the data files is as follows:

• column 1: vertical stress σv (compression positive sign) • column 2: horizontal stress σh (compression positive sign) • column 3: vertical strain εv • column 4: void ratio e.
Determine the soil parameters (a) compression index Cc for loading and Cu for unloading and (b) oedometric stiffness Es (σv ) = Es0 ∗ σσv re f (c) plot the stress ratio K(σv ) = σh ! v using the free softwares gawk and gnuplot!
σ w

for virgin loading and

19. April 2011

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