TUESDAY, May 26, 1999 – 4:15 PM

Sunday August 28, 2011 at 5:15 AM

National Hurricane Center Storm Track Forecast

Reuben F. Bradford, Commissioner Peter J. Boynton, Deputy Commissioner

HURRICANE IRENE CENTERED OFF THE SOUTHEAST COAST OF NEW JERSEY...MOVING NORTH NORTHEAST AT 18 MPH… WIND AND RAIN IMPACTING CONNECTICUT… URBAN AND SMALL STREAM FLOOD WARNINGS ISSUED FOR SOUTHWESTERN CONNECTICUT… At 5:15 AM the center of Hurricane Irene was located at 39.2 North 74.5 West (Approximately 115 Miles South Southwest of New York City). Irene has maximum sustained winds of 75 MPH and is moving to the North Northeast at 18 MPH. Irene is forecast to move up along the New Jersey Coast during the next 4 hours and make landfall in the Stamford area around 11:00 AM as a minimal Category I hurricane or a Strong Tropical Storm. At 5:00 AM winds along the coast were gusting to 51 MPH in Bridgeport. Hurricane force wind gusts may arrive along the coast by 9:00 AM. Very heavy rain at times (especially in Western Connecticut) is expected to continue from now through the passage of the center of Irene around 11:00 AM this morning and into the mid-afternoon. After the passage of Irene a second period of strong West and Northwest winds is likely this afternoon and early this evening with wind gusts to 65 MPH at times. River flooding from Irene is forecast to be major in Western CT and moderate in Eastern CT. The Housatonic River is especially vulnerable to major flooding. Moderate to major coastal flooding is possible with storm surges of 4 to 5.5 feet possible in Western Long Island Sound during high tide Sunday morning at 11:00 AM.

Current Hurricane Intensity Central Pressure

Storm Forecast at Landfall / Closest Approach ETA – Sun 11 AM

958 mb
Hurricane Category

6 Hours
Hurricane Category

Maximum Sustained Winds

Maximum Sustained Winds

75 MPH
Maximum Wind Gusts

70 MPH
Maximum Wind Gusts

95 MPH

85 MPH

Hurricane Warning in effect for Northern Connecticut Tropical Storm Warning in effect for Northern Connecticut Flood Watch for the Entire State Tornado Watch for All Four Southern Counties until 11:00 AM.

Location Bridgeport New Haven New London Meriden Danbury Hartford Peak Wind Gust Tide Surge 51 MPH NA MPH 39 MPH 35 MPH 37 MPH 24 MPH +2.83 Feet +2.38 Feet +1.84 Feet

STORM TOTAL RAINFALL Falls Village Brookfield Greenwich Middlebury Wallingford Southington Essex North Lyme Norwich Thompson 3.00” 4.20” 4.10” 5.10” 3.30” 4.20” 5.83” 3.10” 2.00” 2.60”

Irene is now approximately 6 hours from landfall and forecast confidence is very high. The Department of Emergency This product is a public service of the Department Services and Public Protection will issue another update on of Emergency Services and Public Protection Irene at 7:15 AM.

Utility CL&P UI TOTALS Current Outages 61,948 11,505 73,453 2 Hours Ago 25,778 755 26,533

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