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Published by: Prasoon Purwar on Aug 28, 2011
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Background € Inventors of Witricity € Witricty Technology: Resonant Energy Transfer € How Witricity Technology Works € Application € Conclusion

€ 1856-1943 € Innovations:

¾ Alternating current ¾ Wireless power transmission

experiments at Wardenclyffe



¾ Able to light lamps over 25 miles

away without using wires ¾ Shut down for security purposes

We humans love electricity. Trillion of dollar invested in infrastructure

We use batteries in almost every electronic device. About 40 billion are manufactured annually

An very expensive power. One kilowatt cost up to Rs.15,000Rs.20,000. At last, they are dumped.

All things in universe have ¶natural frequency· that they silently vibrate at. The movie shows the glass shattering using a 5W sine wave audio tone in the 800Hz range

Wireless electricity is achieved through ´electromagnetic resonanceµ which is physical phenomenon were objects with the same resonance frequencies can transfer energy between each other. ´Resonant Magnetic Coupling: Magnetic coupling occurs when two objects exchange energy through their varying or oscillating magnetic fields. Resonant coupling occurs when the natural frequencies of two objects are approximately the same.µ

A ´power capture coilµ is brought within range of power source coil.

The magnetic field induces current in the capture coil, and a magnetic field around it. The magnetic fields of the two coil couple tightly, and transfer energy efficiently

Non-radiative power transfer uses magnetic near field. Magnetic Field are safe for people and animal. Highly resonant coupling minimizes energy transfer to ´off-resonantµ object.

More Convenient:

No manual recharging or changing batteries.
More Reliable:

Never run out of battery power. Reduce product failure rates by fixing the ¶weakest link
More Environmentally Friendly:

Reduce use of disposable batteries. Use efficient electric ¶grid power· directly instead of inefficient battery charging.

WiTricity, if successful will definitely change the way we live. Imagine cell phones, laptops, digital camera's getting self charged! Wow! Let's hope the researchers will be able to come up with the commercial system soon. Till then, we wait in anticipation!

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