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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Teenage rebellion Talking about young people and how they rebel against their parents and school rules. Incredible stories Some stories in the newspapers seem too amazing to be true. Naming and shaming What is the best punishment for a crime? One modern solution is naming and shaming. Neighbours from hell Everyone has had them! But what do you do about them? What's in a name? Where do our names come from and why do we choose the names we do? You've got mail! Emails have come to rule our lives. How do we use the internet? Price and value Everything has a price, but does it have a value? How much do we spend? Are we all criminals? At some time in all our lives we have been tempted to commit a crime. Things that go bump in the night! Haunted buildings, ghosts - many people believe they exist. Living longer As life expectancy increases, many problems arise. Giving to charity Which charities are worth supporting and which are not? Jewellery for men More and more men are wearing jewellery. Is this a trend we should encourage? Who cares about the environment? Some issues are worth fighting for, but some are fairly minor. What are our priorities? The power of prayer How many people pray and what benefits does prayer bring? Revenge is sweet! How strong is our desire to get our own back? Probably stronger than we think! A matter of birth and death Couples who cannot have children try other means. What are the ethics? Folk wisdom Where do our folk sayings and traditions come from? I'm on the train! The growth in use of the mobile phone has been phenomenal. How do you use yours? Children and discipline How should parents and teachers discipline children? What is acceptable? Ever eaten dog? Some cultures eat animals which others don't. What is acceptable in your culture?

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21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 A healthy lifestyle Deciding what constitutes a healthy lifestyle - does it depend on exercise, diet or what? Public figures, private lives Should people in public life be allowed to keep their private lives private? Holidays from hell! Sharing stories about different aspects of the worst holiday you have ever had. The dating game Meeting a partner through lonely hearts ads and the potential problems. Newspapers Discussing the content of newspapers, newspaper language and different newspapers. To tip or not to tip? Different cultural traditions of tipping and personal experiences. Royalty Should countries with monarchies keep them? Is it better to have an elected President? Fashion Talking about fashion and the famous and personal fashion preferences and statements. Is it right to eat meat? The arguments for and against becoming a vegetarian. The exploitation of animals The ethics of using animals for entertainment and sport - particularly bullfighting. Why get married? More people are divorcing or remaining single longer - the pros and cons of marriage. I hate my boss! The problems employees have with bad bosses. What makes a good boss? Scams - how can people be so stupid? Some people are very easily fooled. Why do some people spend money on scams? Bad habits Some people's bad habits are anti-social. Which ones are we prepared to admit to? Killed by a flying duck! Many everyday activities can result in injury or even death. Survivorsl Different extreme situations and how we would react if we were involved. Do you spoil your kids? What do we mean by 'spoiling' children? Discussion of parenting style. Do you drive? Driving, cars, speed cameras, driving tests. Special days and dates Different countries have different public holidays and some days have special significance. Where do you live? Talking about houses and planning the ideal home.

dropped out of school or college. we asked the photographic company to tone down the hair colour in the photograph. We also allowed her to be in the photograph for the whole year group. was furious when the headmaster of her school.Discussion Look at this questionnaire appropriate boxes. How long had Ashley had pink hair? 4. Our code of conduct clearly states that pupils are expected to bring credit upon themselves by their appearance and we do not feel that pink hair fulfils this requirement. How did the headmaster feel about her hair? 5. Why do you think the headmaster wanted the colour of Ashley's hair changed? 2. about what you. What did she think the school should have done? 3. started smoking before they were 14. All of my friends were asking what I had done to my hair. o o o o o o o o o o Compare your answers in pairs. Why was Ashley furious? lit IP: lIZ lit -f -f . 16. Neil Watts. had an unusual hairstyle. Tick the You o o A friend o o o o Reading o o o Someone in your family o o wore an earring or earrings. The school should have given me the option either to be in the photo and have my hair airbrushed or not be in it. and people you know. If I had been given the choice. we feel strongly that. as the photograph is a record for the school. However. always wore black. we were assured that she would return it to the natural colour over the holiday but since Christmas her hair has remained pink. Ashley's hair colour does not bring credit upon the other pupils and the school. My hair was a mousy brown and it looked ridiculous because you could still see all the pink through it. We have not excluded Ashley from school and we have allowed her to attend normal lessons in the final year of her exams. did. I was just fuming. Read the following news item which appeared in The Daily Telegraph. wore very unusual clothes. Therefore.there is no way I am going to change my hair colour now! 1 Teenage rebellion We have been trying to resolve the issue of Ashley's pink hair since before Christmas. Why do you think Ashley was furious? 3. as teenagers. or do. 50. Discuss the questions below in pairs: Schoolgirl Ashley Wallace. Despite this we have acted very reasonably.. lit lit lit • lit lit lit II:: lit: 2. I would rather not have been in it at all. In what ways did he feel the school had been reasonable towards her? -= II: -= i ~ ~ Instant Discussions . I was so annoyed that I went straight to the headmaster and complained. One thing is certain . Why do you think Ashley dyed her hair pink? 2. 1. In what other ways do young people express rebellion? THE HEADMASTER'S VIEW 1. 1. ASHLEY'S VIEW I couldn't believe it when I realised what they had done to me. Now read the views of Ashley and the headmaster and answer the questions below. ordered the school photographers to change the colour of her hair from pink to brown in the final prints of the official school photographs. Initially. wore rings on other parts of their body.

. what? Have these or any similar situations you or anyone you know? happened to a. Their 15-yearold son arrives wearing shorts.. Mark has insisted that he gets it cut before a family wedding. First. Her mother wants her to wear something different for the wedding. He arrives at the church with short hair . 2. Protest Some forms of popular music are influential shaping teenagers' opinions. and move into a flat with three of her girlfriends. Look at these quotations and discuss the questions: in Tour sons and your daughters are beyond your command. I sought an immediate meeting with the head. Your old road is rapidly agin'. get a job (any job will do).' (Bob Dylan.. c.' (Ice Cube.dyed bright green. c. . Should you say anything about the way he is dressed? If so. I'd like to make it dear to you that classes will take place as normal. She has dyed her hair black and uses black eye make-up. Should she? And if so. Jenny is 16 and gets good results at school. She wants to leave school at the end of term. You have invited your neighbours and their children to a party at your house. 3.Ashley or the headmaster? Why? 2. we were told .. Ashley uses quite informal language. an orange T-shirt and has a number of chains round different parts of his body. What should Mark say or do? 4. Put these sentences into more formal English: 1... I was so cross that he did not sort out the problem of the timetable. you got to look to yourself as a parent. We've decided that your son should not come back to this school. Are there any better solutions to the problem of Ashley's hair? What are they? 3.) Do you agree with this or not? Why? Is there anything parents can do to stop their teenage children rebelling? "I think he's swallowed his father. Mark's 18-year-old son usually has shoulderlength hair. Find the informal expressions she uses to say these more formal phrases: a. Should her parents persuade her to stay on at school? If so.The Times They Are A-changin'. Compare your answers with other groups. how? 5. we've let her come to school as usual . We haven't thrown Ashley out of the school. Jessica wears old black clothes all the time. I'm going straight to the boss. h. First. There's no way I'm going to let him into my classes again. what? Language 1. Who do you think is right .. in an interview in 1990. d.. Her brother is getting married soon. what? 2. I was extremely upset.Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: Discussion Discuss these situations in pairs: 1. black tights. 1964." Instant Discussions Teenagerebellion 1 . Find the more formal expressions the head uses to say these less formal phrases: 3. pupils ought to show a bit of self-respect ..) Are these lines relevant today? Do all teenagers rebel against their parents? Do you know any who haven't? <IfI'm more of an influence to your son as a rapper than you are as a father. She has rings in her ears and her eyebrows. If a 16-year-old arrived at school one morning with pink hair in your country: what would her friends say? what would her teachers say? what would the headteacher say? 1. 5. 3. I have no intention of '" 2. Should she say anything to her? If so. h. We've been trying to sort out . 4.. Mary accidentally finds cigarettes and beer hidden in her 14-year-old daughter'S bedroom.

~" .~.z II: .\ '.tr.c~~mhram~l~. !I: E ~.." .k·~l~s~hio~Rp~ee:d~~'~j~I~~'~~~hE~~~.IIlst1tiiJ~_ ":. f • • • -= • • • -. ".'" . Discuss these questions: 1. Reading Read the stories below.:~tam~rbr~n[tg'~~esih~NIT:~e~'::I:t.. Who was involved and what happened? Compare your answers with other groups.. landed: '" .' .. .l5 hours 37..arep. What is the most extraordinary true story you have heard or read recently? 2. '.IEI.:." British Lib(..JJlstpql)li$ed . 11= 11= ~:~w~."..that.- • • .~~~~k~iiii. • "has'. l h . II: II: Discussion Discuss these questions in small groups: 1.".. The companyis making the whole<lsC~riJbac~wardr " The also developinga cooker whichwill learn climb and descenttopk. '.Jhe higpesrIiiQtll\iaimiriBrlWp. .i. ~ SAVETHE:BEST1.J1Shing machine. minutes.~'" ' " '.:.. Six are true and two are false. lf.a collectionofthe..1f~oost iridexeso1.goneorisaleinIndia.'..: "s.th~!e.'.. " .$~:mtharoPton. Do any similar things happen in your country? For example.: how cooks like to cook their food. Decide with a partner which are which.~'haS."' .'"".. Think about the people involved in each story.slri¢J.'.etitioJlofastxew ~S.'".'•.". have people been evicted from their homes for unusual reasons? Are there any university courses you consider strange? Are there any unusual world championships held in your country? 3.'. v: . "".'The II: -= 'ofltsfirstt._ . Which story do you find most extraordinary? Why? 2..' . What do you think are the reasons behind their actions? 2 Incredible stories Instant Discussions • • -j • . .iI.'.:~ -= ~ .Discussion Work in small groups.~ It II: 11= II.iJking". which.' Ne~is. !~(fr_~.Ll4ST "~..cl':.n{)tbe.""'.~~n. .~. .:.

Language 2 Complete the text below using the correct forms of words from the exercise above: SECOND VICTORY FOR LANCASIDRE This year's hill climbing (1) between the University of South Yorkshire and Lancashire College of Education took place last Saturday at Whernside. Lancashire College of Education (5) last year's success. · . (6) of the Lancashire team." Instant Discussions Incrediblestories 2 . 1. NEW FUEL FOR CARS OF THE FUTURE 2. ·. Write a paragraph or two for each story. ·.11 Language 1 1 l 1 1. VERB manage contest repeat guide launch operate oppose collect ascend descend . ·. · . winning by four minutes. Teams from each university were expected to complete the (2) and (3) of both Whernside and Ingleborough. NEW NATIONAL FLAG APPROVED 8. THE SHORTEST CD EVER 5. whose (8) and support has been an important factor in our victory. . TWO NEW OLYMPIC SPORTS 7. Helen Wright... It was a narrow victory.." "And don't forget your optician'S appointment. Complete the table below with words from the texts above: Discussion NOUN management Work in pairs or small groups. . ·. ·. We would also like to thank our coach. as well as the words from the text. said afterwards: "We would like to congratulate our (7) on a hard fought race. COMPUTERS THAT THINK 4. ·. ROBBERY WITH LOVE AND PEACE 3. STRANGE MEETING IN SAHARA DESERT 2.. Make up stories to go with three or four of the following headlines. ·. which could go in the second column. (4) badges from a number of checkpoints on the way. · .. MAN BITES DOG 6. Think of other nouns. . Alex Bolton. Make the stories as unusual as you can! Then compare your answers with those of other groups. ·. .

1. Match the following punishments to the definitions below:

1. a fine

2. a prison sentence 3. a suspended prison sentence 4. community service 5. tagging 6. the death penalty 7. corporal punishment 8. solitary confinement a. you b. you c. you d. you e. you f. you g. you h. you go to prison have to pay money as a punishment have to spend some time working for the local community are beaten or punished physically in some way are killed (for example, by hanging, electrocution, or some other way) can live at home, but if you commit another crime, you will be sent to prison are kept in prison on your own - away from other prisoners have an electronic device fitted to your body so that the police always know where you are

-= E

• •


-= II:


2. Discuss these questions in pairs:

1. Which of the above punishments are used in your country? 2. What other punishments are used? 3. What is the reasoning behind each different type of punishment? 4. Which punishment is the most effective? Which is the least effective?

Read the article below and then answer these questions:

1. What sentences were given for a) shoplifting b) drunk driving?

2. What does one woman think are the benefits of these sentences?

LE~:Tl:lE:PUNISHMENTwhos~daughterhe ran'over, At the bottom of Fi~:~I-tECruME!······~ath,.c~equeijehad t~··write'!"Qf causing the 1n'a'htimb6~·ofcoin1:s ·in.theUS'naiTling and.: ··death:qf.yourdaughter.' sh~iTIirig'isw()tRing.Ifyouarefoundguilty};hamed offenders oftendo not-like their of shoplifting, you may expect a fineor a short ...sentences - and that is the point. 'Shame makes prisensentence.rbut you might actually receive you stop and think,' says a woman with a a totally different punishment. You could have recent conviction for theft. 'It gave me to spend a couple of weeks walking up and humility, which helped me. And if other people down the street outside the store you stole see the sign, maybe they'll think twice before from, carrying a sign that reads: 'I am a thief. they commit a crime.' Do not steal! This could be you.' The only question is: how far will we go down This somewhat eccentric sentencing policy has '.this road? Will each town revive its public all effect. Consider the drunk driver forced to stocks? Will we soonbe going along to throw confront the consequences of his actions every ..' tomatoes and rotten eggs at convicted week for five years. His sentence was.to writea .criminals? Andis this a step forward or one-dollarchequeeveryFriday to theman '3, steptiack? .'




Naming and shaming

Instant Discussions


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Look at these statements about the article you read. Decide if you agree or disagree.

1. I don't think humiliation is a good way to


punish people. In schools we don't humiliate children any longer when they misbehave. We shouldn't do it to adults either. 2. The punishment for the drunk driver is not enough. It's a clever idea, but this man should also be spending a substantial time in prison.
Compare your answers in pairs or small groups.

3. I think the punishment for shoplifting is far too lenient. A few weeks in prison would be much more effective. 4. These types of punishment are a step back towards the middle ages. Surely civilisation has progressed since then. What will these people want next? Public hangings?



Find these words and expressions in the text above:



sentence cause the death of .. , prison

an offender commit a crime a criminal

conviction a fine find someone guilty of ...


Complete the text below using appropriate forms of the words and phrases above:



Darren Jackson, 31, of Oxford Road, Abingdon was (1) yesterday of ..................... (2) Abigail Hunt while driving under the influence of drink. Judge Barbara Mowat (3) Mr Jackson to a £1000 (4) and three years in ....... (5) saying: "You have (6) a very serious crime. And what is worse, you have a previous, similar (7). You may think you are unlucky. I think you are a shameless (8). I am giving you a harsh sentence in the hope that it will be a warning to other potential . . . . . . . (9)."
Correct the wrong endings to this sentence:

He should be

locked. put in bars. sent in prison.

In an effort to stop petty crime, your government wants to develop a new and radical system of punishments for dealing with minor criminals. Work in pairs and devise suitably imaginative punishments for people who:

1. steal stationery and pens from their employer

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

break the speed limit when driving leave a restaurant without paying the bill pick pockets park illegally steal mobile phones

For example:

"Excuse me, madam, but I have reason to suspect ... "

People who steal mobile phones should: - be made to work in a call centre for two years. - spend one day a week for a year cleaning public phone boxes. - be fitted with an electronic device that blocks mobile phone signals for a distance of ten metres from the wearer.
Compare your answers with other groups.

Instant Discussions

Naming and shaming


Tell a partner if you have ever had any of the following problems with a neighbour:

1. They were making too much noise.

2. They 3. They 4. They 5. They 6. They

regularly held wild parties. left smelly rubbish on the street. lit bonfires in their garden. threw rubbish on to your property. kept dangerous animals.

• • • • • •

Tell your partner what happened and how you reacted. What would you do if a neighbour did any of the things above?

Read the newspaper article and answer the questions below. What five things do the Thompsons say that Miss Hill has done to annoy them?
",'_ ".' l

• •
"How are you getting on with your neighbours now?"
thought they


~.,.. ..


«, ....


led to the fIrsidisagreement. . Miss Hill ... becameiincreasingly unhelpful ab~titkeeping the drive clear, often leaving her car parked there and forcing the Thompsons

-, o carry bags:pf shop~ing 50 t metres to.theirJ~W$e. This was followeclby a dispute over land. When Miss Hill .,.--.. ., replaced-a fen¢~oetween'jhe two 'properties, ...thy..... Thompsons accused -her ofit~alingastripof land fiPmthem:Afew ~~~ks la:t~r she .cur down:a tree whiCh the ·Thomps()nsail~g~:was tlJ~irs. She then boughta.li!fge AIsa.tian dog, ··\Vhich.Mrs 'ThQhipson CHllrnS has ···.··attacked·her. ori{ftlore one :~-;.' ~'::,~~ ': occasion, "She knows I hate dogs,'; said Mrs Thompson. "Sllbcloesn \rleed one and only boughtit to frighten me." The last straw came when some fish disappeared from a pond in the Thompsons' garden. "We
",_'". .

.. '

.. . 1]aV~"'~b¢en i stolen by a:.caior. abir~,'.'.sai,4,¥t' ThompsQfl, "bur ~at~verli~gsh~· had. a barbecue in.. erga.r(i'elI1li)d h shekept~!louting t()llstbat·she'd .. got SomeJovely fish:::]". kIioiYth~:Y:'; .: were our·~sh, She:sc~)Inplete.ly .. mad." .. .....' .... :~ ....


The ThompsoQs\Vant·tbw~~ebtlt are~nableto.·sellthey-ho~$(;'::whi!y·.. the feud Ggntillues i'hey.are~9\V . seeking ·.·165,OOQ ·coIllpeM#lon·. '. frOIrl .Mi·;'!;Hill ...fOT. Jl1e.lQSsin . v~lue ·ot:theirhoJ!1~::"r can't. understand what. the:pfQble~ .is," protests Miss Hill.r'Lhaven'tdone anything ··wrong.· hei'homp$ons T used to be quite friendly but now they're just causing trouble." The case continues.

Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups:

How do you think Miss Hill might try and show she has done nothing wrong? If the Thompsons are correct, how do you think the judge should deal with the situation? If you were in a situation like the Thompsons, would you go to court? Or would you try and deal with the matter in a different way?
4 Neighbours from hell Instant Discussions

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



2. f. a tree in your neighbour's garden starts to block off a lot of light from your house and garden. call the police and tell them? c. Note: people who cause trouble are known as b. I . 3. you want to go on your neighbour's land to repair your house. What wakes you up is the father shouting at the baby. go and join the party? (Well. Instant Discussions Neighbours from hell 4 . It's like a jungle . Which of these verbs is often used of someone defending themselves? c. Which of these words would you use about arguments between families or countries that last for a long time? 2.• • • I I I I I I I I I I I I Language 1. The new baby in the house next door often cries in the night. Your neighbour's garden is a mess. That's not a problem.full of rubbish and rats. a. h. your neighbour decides to keep pigs in his garden. What laws are there in your country governing relations between neighbours? 2. report him to the local council? c. d. Do YOU! a. b. who was invited to the party but didn't come. Study this sentence and answer the questions below: Questionnaire Answer the questionnaire below: The Thompsons accused her of stealing a strip of land. your neighbour paints his front door a horrible shade of bright orange. What happens in the following situations? a. you want to put up a shed in your garden. You have to get up at six to catch a plane. It attacked them on more than one 5. Study this sentence and answer the questions below: Expressions Complete the following from the text: common expressions II Arguments had led to a cycle of hatred and violence. wait till he goes on holiday and then buy some powerful weedkiller and rat poison? d. do something else? 2. Do you: a. You are having a party in your garden one sunny summer's afternoon and your neighbour. take your guests inside and ignore your neighbour's behaviour? b. a. They just trouble. e. do something else? 4. That was the straw. you want to build an extension on your house. roll over and keep trying to get some sleep? b. go round and ask him to put it out? c. ring social services and report him? b. Do you: a. Why are these verbs often used in newspaper articles about court cases? 1. ask him politely to do something about it? b. 1. 6. do something else? Discussion Discuss these questions in small groups: 1. decides to light a bonfire so that the smoke blows over your garden. It soon to the first disagreement. Find three other verbs which mean 'to say that you think something is true'. It is two o'clock in the morning and there is a very noisy party going on in a flat across the street. g. find your garden hose. missing four hours' sleep isn't too bad!) d. c. I I t b. . call the police? c. your neighbour puts up a new fence and 'steals' a few centimetres of your garden. your neighbour has a dog that barks a lot during the day. It should have been a come true. 4. They had a dispute land. Do you: a. talk to the baby's mother and find out if everything's OK? d. Find three other words meaning 'arguments'. do something else? 3. troublemakers. lean over the fence and put it out yourself? d.

~WiS conSid~abo/• Hindl.:..•Riv~r(li~ver Pbpenix)~%e we. Hindu deities..'c.Discussion Write down your five favourite and five least favourite names for boys and girls: Favourite boys' names: Boys' names you don't like: Favourite girls' names: Girls' names you don't like: Compare your answers in small groups and discuss why you like or dislike these names. Bob or Bobby. Names from mythology and literature Daphne and Hector are examples of names which derive from Greek mythology.ij~Ihes¢QItle'.the . then report to the whole class: • II: Instant Discussions.~~fidBevfrley Sills. Think of some examples of names in your language from as many of the sources listed below as possible. C 'c cc C.]~~~t~!~E~~§~g.l1ris. If you have children. What about your parents' names? 2.0 . And boys' names can be made into girls' names. C ..tianscripiures...iismbri~gsus Krishna andSita. C r . Reading Read the text below about where names come from.Frqrll Yo~bula':YWQ("ds cCc' Cc' :" '(. :~I~~~es#~~~&~r'!f~&r~~Eit~t~~£~ ~j!.' . Is there a tradition in your family of using names of grandparents 3. Compare your answers in pairs. '~:-Wh~~~d():.zdl. Robert becomes Roberta. It It a a a: Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner.nlltTIl:i¥ of vatiationsof . J<ic6band ··ordiIlarywords. why did you choose the names you did? 5 What's in a name? for children? • ••• It ..g.1eUrsat. increasYdPythe.names' .:".' ".!t~4m~~~lij~hi~s:.ekamplesfrml1.aV. ccCC ccfirsfniuries 'c 'c~cc'c c cc in 'res:ent times: fo.frOll) become tTI91'e Slavic thesy have commonly used' as cccc c. Nicolas becomes Nicola or Nicole or Nicky or Nikki.:£i§~fi~~~:~:e.lFknowd an II: II: II: ~~i~i.r~ligi9u!).~:' .Ma(thew dMaryare ManyrieJ" names are~t~o created from .narnes-of traditional. Fal1lilyc~ame& ' 'cCc cccc ccc c' Cc .~~X~I1afues'~ecscri~!uial n<ll1e~. .Reb¢ct<i fromrheOld Testam~nt.. cCc . Jessica can be Jess or Jessie.. . Arthur and Elaine from Arthurian legend.':~ --.intosh.lIna:n~dKaacn. Isliurigives . Shakespeare gave us Cordelia.'Can1ero(lMacl\. C"C'::. ' ':cfUPlrur ••• dec~~paa~~aec..'JaqelJade Jagger) and·· .C'. ~.~~fuAci~f\r::~~~:ss 'These'6?ticepf~~ePattic'ulariYcomn16n in E E • • • • • • • • • • • • • t ~ iuunes'hkeF'n~derickaild Matilda...each' name thatcan b6createcLRobert c~ also be Rob.m.frODlZ :. Robbie. frorh.'.r¢xampl¢.". c" .§cripl~ al~cn. and Jessica..theNewTestament. K II: . a 1.··~l~y~~. Tell a partner the origin of your names.

little one.. and fox. It is common for schoolchildren to give each other nicknames such as Ears (for someone with large ears). I adore .birthdays or name days? What happens on these days? Language Here are 8 verbs and 8 adjectives following way: we use to talk about things we do or do not like. I'm fond of . For example. Andrew can mean brave. Does your name have a special meaning? "Yes.dislike a no strong feelings + like very much I love.. When you are ready.. tell the 1. Which first names are most popular in your country at the moment? 2. and third child.. Match the names on the left with their origins on the right: 1 1 J t t Names Origin Cara Slavic Andrew Celtic/Gaelic Pavel Japanese Fatima Welsh Tokala Vietnamese Kunto British Meredith -------.. we are Mr and Mrs Smith. Pet names: Can you think of typical names in your country for the following animals? a dog a cat a fish a pet bird Instant Discussions What's in a name? 5 . I quite like .. was known by two nicknamesMaggie or The Iron Lady. moral. Were the same names popular amongst your parents' generation? What names were popular then? 3. Curly (for someone with curly hair). Margaret Thatcher. but we want to book in as Mr Pearson and Miss Jones. I detest . Nicknames: The former British Prime Minister.. What nicknames can you remember from school? 3. I don't mind . Changing names: Everyone knows that Marilyn Monroe's real name was Norma Jean Mortenson. Decide which of the following rest of the class what you think: ideas you want to discuss. Do you like the following names or not? Use the words and phrases talk about them. just to make it more exciting.. Why did she change it? Why do people change their names? Would you like to change your name? Should women be forced to change their name when they get married? 2.. Mark them in the .. Cara can mean sweet melody. beautiful ugly gorgeous powerful awful OK strong pathetic above to help you Work in pairs. I think it's a beautiful name. Which are more popular in your country . daughter of the prophet. eagle. I loathe . good. African Duc Greek Washi Native American Chloe Arabic Some names have special meanings." Discussion Discuss these questions in small groups: 1.f I I The origin of names Work in pairs.. For example: I just love Anastasia. I hate . Hilda Arnold Bernard Dolores Jemima Gwyneth Madonna Russell Roger Wayne Cynthia Edith Discussion Work in pairs.

~~~ii!lil'I'~1 • "i!ifr£tfu~ltty}M~ylfyari4~.. -= -= -= a:: -= -=: -= II: 8: ." :.'_ . upi~~s!liey~Iillowyouvef)T'w~h~! . Do you use the internet? If so. Do you print out your emails or do you leave them on the computer? 6. ')~Qi:tb'i~~~~m~:i!liiif~rmammdlo~g2Wffiaea!i put . Discussion Answer these questions. ". what are they like? Reading Read the text below. Do 5. Have you ever sent an email that offended someone by mistake? 4. Do 6..' i ..>1.:' :. as H.. Many British companies now monitor employees' emails.II. 4. c. The good thing about emails is that you can delete them so quickly. Ernails are a good way of sending jokes. Do 4.~:" • • _'_ ~ '~. -.kely til"f'mdit~offensiv..y" f{eiaus~!. 1. < a: '. Do you you you any surf the net? Which websites do you visit most often? visit chat rooms? Who do you chat to? What about? have your own website? If so.'.X " ". Do you reply to emails immediately or do you wait a while and think about what you want to say? 3.' !~. what is on it? of your friends have their own websites? If so.~or .'~jii" . 3. is it right for companies to monitor their staff's emails? Is this an invasion of privacy? 6 You've got mail! Instant Discussions • . True or false? Read the text above again and mark the following sentences T (true) or F (false): -= -= a: -= a: II: 1.-).. ' . Do you send people jokes by email? What about pictures? 5." ". 2.'~#. II: '. Then discuss your answers in pairs or small groups.'- " '-~.:t.. --~- .eiliaiis seetrtloexp~tt ' 'people ~e -c just. Do you send emails? Who to? Why? 2.':.':"'" . .Discussion Answer these questions.Bin. Give three reasons why emails are 'dangerous'.:'.-' . how many times a day? What for? 3. ~ _'. Then compare your answers with a partner.Dfihelt~speed.'~ " .lflrr. There are no rules about how to write emails. 1. What sort of style do you use when you write emails? 2.

Teenagers spending too much time on it. visit download go key in surf burn switch on musrc aCD online a website the internet a password your computer Letter 1 Dear Anne rve recently started gOing out with someone I met through an internet dating site.._.. Buying things with a secure system of payment.. Sometimes I'll (6) some new music and maybe .I I I I I Language 1. .. 3. 4. . Match the verbs on the left with an appropriate word or phrase on the right: Problempage Worki~ pairs~~ small groups. Do. . ..One'of illY' "Can't talk now .. Should I tell them how we met? Or should I ask him to lie and say we met in a more conventional way? What do you think? Amanda·· 1 1 I I I 2. . I don't often (4) the internet. What do you think should be done about any or all of these problems? Instant Discussions You've got mail! 6 .d . Then I log off and start my homework.. . .I'm chatting. . Children seeing unsuitable material. wh.nt¢thodofmee6ng p~9Ple?. homeetspeople w throughan itltern~t dating site? ·Wha t kind o£people 1:lse>this.a·£riend... " Discussion Which of the following is the most serious problem with the internet? 1. Lett~ti DearAnne .often those of my favourite bands. When I do. (2) and (3) to check my email. .you haye·. Complete the text below using words or phrases from the exercise above: i. 2. . Look at these problem page letters and discuss the questions below each one..aIJ.y? ... 2. People using work time to send personal messages. key in my . . Wh..atateJh~advant<lges. disadvantages· of meetingpeoplethis way? 3.toAmanda? When I get home from college. (7) my own CD. the first thing I do is (1) my computer. I usually (5) websites that I know . We~re going to start meeting my friends and family soon. TmijttnYtiflq{peal"iJtc(JlIege..Whafadvicewould'yougiv. . .

Reading Read the article below and compare what the stars spend with what you thought was reasonable. nannies at £1.000 a week (including the solicitor to make sure they don't sell your story to the papers).Discussion What would you normally spend on: a new shirt food for a week a haircut a flat a coat for a child a hi-fi system a one-week holiday a wedding a car a night out a pair of shoes a party for your friends decorating a bedroom a nanny/childminder for a week a year's membership of a gym What do you think is a reasonable amount of money to spend on: Compare your answers in pairs or small groups. 7 Price and value Instant Discussions • • It .ask. Cars: well.000.5m on hers. PR peopleall at prices you and I probably wouldn't believe. Homesahdhorne life is always the biggest expense.ddsup to about £30. I'd do the same. Then there's clothes.lhat'an:Artleric~ movie star needs £36.000 a night. Sometimes it's wasteful. How do you feel about it? Choose from the options below. allow anything up to £lSO.And what abCiqt}hat::w. holidays. £720.an<laSwedish massage every week? It illla. THEP:RICE OF. and as for children's clothes! A Gucci baby leather jacket is £900.THE VALUE OF NOTHING! the American film-industry cosy'.EYERYTHING. The Beckhams spent more on redecorating their home than the house itself cost.000 ayea. they're not doing toobadl~!~ _ ·.make-upandgrooming. Cucci baby clothes are not very expensive. while Madonna. The Beckhams then spent £3m on refurbishment including £20.7S0ayear!).000 glass kitchen insralledEsm a year to run a house. please: Weddings: Madonna spent £I.-a Ferrarifor Mr Beckham.. British movie stars still aren't in the same league as their US counterparts but at £ISm a year to keep it all going. Figures quoted !ilCiude.· CelebiityinBritain comes a little cheaper but will:stillleave most of-us gasping. b. They've earned their money. 4. American movie stars spend more money maintaining their lifestyle than British movie stars. On average. Mrs Beckham describes it as 've_ry ~at. Ybf£eiyinagclfil)e.000 on fibre optic lights to recreate the night sky in Brooklyn's bedroom.had a £200.000 a year.r:bnMir..'b}pli. a to pers()i1~rtraitIer£695for 12 sessions (you can't justjQinthegym at £1. and £286. Take celebrity g.oOUCin·holidays.Sm for a seven-bedroom mansion in Hertfordshire.'.~?~ili:iI1g:·ayisit a top stylist will cost £125. what? • • • iii • • It ~ • • II. whereas the Beckhams' was cheap at only £500.:. a. the p legw. but sometimes they're just doing what they have to to keep in the business. On average British movie stars spend more on grooming than American movie stars. staff. e.65m to ·. recently published the astonishing 'fact' lifestyle. If I was a movie star. Do you have a different reaction? If so..i:airt~~~vie-star -= II: II: 11: lit It ~ -= lit __j True or false? Are the following sentences true (T) or false (F) according to the passage above? -= II:: -= R It a: 1. Hospital fees at the time of the birth at £1-2. 2. the Beckhams a modest Ez. Children: don't.£l~:stilayearonentertaining. GuyRitchie and Madonna spent over £Sm on their London home.eekly edicure and manicure. I think it's disgusting and wasteful that they spend so much money.OOO-. 3.ax.

Only £10 per person for three courses. If you were buying a CD for yourself. Give Jim a pay rise.000 £13. c. He's invaluable/economical. If you were buying a birthday present for a friend.: • I' Instant Discussions Price and value 7 . e.000! £18 for a CD . something else? 3. I . use it to start your own business? d. We had a great meal and it was so cheap/pricey. I 1 I I I Discussion Answer these questions. would you buy the normal version or the limited edition? 4. You can buy a normal version of the CD for the usual price. would you buy the normal version or the limited edition? b. put it in the attic. f 1. 1.500 £1. d. something else? 2. You win £10. A very rare Rolex watch. signed by the author. l I I I ~ • • . 3.I I I I ~ Language Put these adjectives in the correct box: cheap pricey expensive worth/costing a lot valuable inexpensive exorbitant extravagant invaluable economical worth/costing a little 1 :J t :a I Cross out the wrong word in italics to complete these sentences: 1. She bought a painting that cost over £20. 7. but keep it because it is part of your family history? b.That's a bit expensive/valuable. 8. He only paid £25 for his suit! He's very cheap/economical. Then compare your answers with a partner. b.That's quite invaluable/inexpensive really.384. 4. Match the following amounts to the items below: a. A Rembrandt painting. A stage costume worn by Elvis Presley. We can't let him leave the company. In her will your grandmother leaves you a valuable painting of her grandmother which you have never really liked.That's an exorbitant/expensive price for a hotel. 5.000 £30. A first edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. £28 million £10. £12 for an excellent bottle of wine . or you can buy a limited edition of the CD signed by all the members of the band. You go into your local music store to buy the latest CD by one of your favourite bands. £2000 a night! . sell it because you would like the money? d. hang it in your living room to impress your friends? c. What do you do? a. She's so extravagant/exorbitant. What do you do? a. but it was £10! I thought that was a bit pricey/valuable.000 in a competition. It's very pricey/valuable. I I I I I 2. invest it? c. a. 6.000 A pair of pistols owned by George Washington. 9. for twice the normal price. isn't it? You really must get that diamond ring insured. spend it on a fantastic holiday for you and your partner? b. I was going to order a hamburger.

wbuld R _.OOOfio1Uthe"bank£i'n~lng ~~i!fIi~~~:i~e . coun¢jl1or. What did Stacy Truman do with the money she found? 2.Have you committed a crime? First answer the following questions on your own: 1.J II: Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: II: II: II:: ~ L 2.". 3.:. Have 3. Have 2.'_" -c Tw(} bpys who hanqe<:iin a~~perrnark:et carrier:. would you have given them a reward? How did Stacy Truman think she would get away with her crime? Do you think her prison sentence was too lenient.fQuudthe baginAbushort"their . Reading 1.. .al polite statioti:police· ideriiified th~·. Have you you you you you you you you ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever stolen anything from a shop? taken something from your place of work or study .~§~D '\~()LI.theYa're mteriding to' spel1d.~~ footbaIl~l1irts aJ1~(:Qmputel' 1I()N~:~TYr~A.-.~f B -= ~ -=.~~nteIlc~ . -. way R to a ~ at R a: a's.. Read the two articles and answer these questions: 1.bag containing. Have 4. 8.irius. or about right? Why? What would you have done with the money in each situation? 8 Are we all criminals? Instant Discussions • • • I a ...".60pin cash wereJ~raisedby tl1~'PQliceY~~terdaY<L· John. Have 5.whltfh. too harsh..El . . otheI. What did John and Darius Herbert do with the money they found? • • • • • • • • • • • • • It ~ ··'°tii~ftOffAO.to $c~t}()l and tookKtQ the liSc. or about right? Why? If the money the boys found had been yours. perhaps? Now compare your answers with a partner. 4.some paper or a pen? photocopied something at work or college without permission? not paid in a car park when you should have done? sent a private email while you were at work or used the office phone? kept something that you found? not declared something you should have done on your tax form? broken any traffic laws .'-..speeding or parking. Have 7. would anybody have found out? Do you think their reward was too much.illldhis brQther D.·Berbertl ll.hagfrtiM. 5. too little.ionging a iocil' . If the boys had kept the money. harsh'@<1saidshe ··5~:appea1illg. The bo¥sviere siv~n a reward of£166. ':Jr.:"-. Have 8.¢qntents 'asb{.. 6. Have 6.

You see someone shoplifting in a supermarket. the police want to .. As it was his first offence.even for a rape or a murder. So they searched the flat where these guys were living. the thieves are saying that they don't know anything.. Apparently. The stuff was given to them by a friend who's gone to live in Australia. Almost a third said they would not give details of people using drugs. but he gill: away with a fine. B: Wow! What's going to happen now? A: Well. We thought he would go to prison. but it turned up in a box in the attic.. B: That's great. appear f let someone go free 1. a murder? 2.. Do you: a) tell one of the assistants? b) tell the shoplifter to put it back? c) do nothing? d) do something else? 4. 31 31 ~ ~ a. You find a carrier bag full of money in a public toilet. A: No. investigate d. children buying alcohol underage? 8. a burglary at the home of someone you don't like? 5.. I thought we'd lost that book. B: That's not a very good story. They don't think they'll win if the case goes to court. 5. 6. the judge let him off with a warning. Nearly one in ten said they would not give information . a rape? 3. Do you: a) assume she's stealing it. Do you: a) call all your friends who live abroad? b) tell everyone you know about it? c) tell the phone company? d) do something else? Compare your answers with other pairs. but say nothing? b) assume she's borrowing it and say nothing? c) tell the boss/principal? d) ask her what she's doing? e) do something else? 3. a shopkeeper selling alcohol to underage children? Moral dilemmas Discuss these questions with a partner: Language 2 Complete this conversation with the correct form of the underlined verbs in 1 above: a ~ ~ 3 :i 2 ~ 2 2 3 3 I J I I I I A: Have you heard? The police have caught the thieves who (1) Jack's house. The police are looking into a number of burglaries in the area. Would you contact the police if you had information about the following crimes: =If =II 3 :2 3 ~ 3 ~ ~ 1. a burglary at a friend's home? 4. young people using drugs in the city centre? 6. 4. You discover a phone box that lets you make free international calls. They found a couple of guys who (3) the description that the bank clerk gave them. They really should be going to prison. but I think they may (5) it. Numbers varied according to the type of crime. A woman answering to the thief's description was caught on CCTY. Do you: a) keep it? b) leave it there? c) take it to the police? d) do something else? 2.~ ~ ~ Language 1 Match the phrases underlined in the sentences to the meanings in a-f below: Discussion Recent figures in Britain suggest that more than one in five people would not give information about a crime to the police. them (6) with a warning. the police were (2) a bank robbery that happened last month. You see a friend of yours removing a computer from your place of work/study.. match e.. enter illegally b.. (4). 1. They didn't find any money from the bank. 1. escape with a very light sentence c. I Instant Discussions Are we all criminals? 8 .how did they catch them? A: Well. 3.. Jack was off work for weeks after it happened. B: That's terrible. but unfortunately for these guys a video recorder and a CD player from Jack's house . But it's been ages since the burglary . the son of a friend who is using drugs? 7. The thieves broke into the warehouse and stole some valuable carpets.

It suddenly charged towards me and gave me the fright of my life.an"c!roul. S = The speaker was just surprised.ancling.•.grandfjthertellingofa'hqy.WjfeBetty. In Britain.wn accord.. I heard it on the news last night. 4.~'.···· ·1airi¢sriuhcan. I'll never do that again. who sold ttie cottage to theDuncans. '..f.' .... vil1agti~IJhlSlifJ.wh()pqugQta}OO~year-old cottage ill Applefidd.'.. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . what would you decide? Why? Language In the article above James Duncan says: 'I've been scared stiff at times. who has "lived in the. What does Angela Cooke say? BUYE:RSl. 9 Things that go bump in the night! Instant Discussions '. I nearly jumped out of my skin.I II I rt Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: !I 11 J I 11 I I I I cottage in-the late eighteenth century. If you information that be relevant.rep{iym¥l1tqfthe·£46. Iliyedth'erefor ten years. . ...tnoved into the cottage.eyals. 3.' Angela Cooke. 1. and we sometimes wake atnight with the. When he took it out of the bag.·:a~d'lii'~..ole t fro. 72.~:. ...oftheiI".id(ml(Je&rge b¢akin.thlngs move. What are the Duncans claiming? 2. toc?Urt'~cause.~~.ma rt~Iliberof local people that ·. 3.QOO they paid for the cottage. 25.fterthey. " . MrDuncan.pe1ngstrangled' in the I I I am at Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1..f!. Do you know any ghost stories which people believe to be true? If so.been scared stiff times. You could have knocked me down with a feather.A.·.J~~~F. 5. 1.. J've. are dem. I wasn't expecting it at all. Should sellers have to tell buyers if a house has a reputation for being haunted? case about the paranormal or the forces of evil? Or are the Duncans hypersensitive or perhaps bit crazy? were the judge in the case above. 't'tiidn'tbelieve in ghosts before Llived hi~tS~d '••.. It frightened the life out of me. sensation of hands around our throats. Is this just a 3.A yquIlgCoupJ~'. n.· alJrubbish-but tliere~ defmitelysomethl[ighere..~TIieydaimlliat'tIi~y became aware of an'evil'pit.. about any reputation. N0l1hY~n1(il1rre:i!I:e t<ikmgthe sellers.tfiecottage had.' Look at the expressions underlined below and mark them in the following way: F = The speaker was frightened.sence'a.t11~Y.. .. said: 'This is complete nonsense. 2. Are there any buildings or places near where you live which people believe are haunted? Where are they? In what way are they haunted? 2. tell a partner. What does George Deakin say? 3. unexplainable smells.~remembers his . I couldn't believe my eyes.Sel)qKy:repuiati()n.o.were·:~~HQldthe property was ··haunted..r:thougliFli waS··.' is "Th~re are suddenehail'gesintempentture.. Applefiel~f~~. It took them completely by surprise. a university lecturer. You should have seen their faces. With a partner discuss what you think 'it' might refer to in each example. r never saw a ghost ancllnever he(:lfd . 6.. . you have to tell the buyers about any important might 2. Do you believe in ghosts? Why/why not? Reading Read the article and answer these questions: 1. if you sell a house.

dseeing strange figures.:~~liiJburgh'sghos~. These . been" investigating ".··.ofEdinburgh's ' ghostly ·".unted.were <believed to be "hW. • Feel the ghosts of Gerald and Diane in the Hotel de la Poste in New Orleans.'. .•.\~:ffArd\Viseman. the Take an 18-day tour of the US. • Hear the pathetic sighs of Alice in the Hotel Rosario.'. for '.in places with a .. • Meet face to face the blue-eyed girl in Resurrection Cemetery. volunteers who . Would you like to take part in such an investigation? WhylWhy not? and volunteers led by Universityof . Would you go on a holiday like this? WhylWhy not? 2. What sort of people do you think go on holidays like this? 4. " Read this article and discuss below: the questions Read this advertisement questions: and discuss the HAVE A HAUNTED HOLIDAY! . Pennsylvania.:~AJeani()fsciehtists b~. Chicago. Only .of. Things that go bump in the night! 9 Instant Discussions . really exist: Decide which of the following are real and to what extent you feel they I I I I spaceships from other worlds black magic angels witches extra-sensory perception communicating with the dead Compare your answers ghosts the Bermuda Triangle the Loch Ness Monster faith healing fairies crop circles with other groups or pairs.R. Find more holidays like this on the internet.. and' they were taken :bothto'. stay in haunted hotels and visit spooky places! Put together your own personalised trip chosen from our carefully-compiled list of the most amazing paranormal experiences the US has to offer.antltoplaceswith 'no 'reports of ::1g1u)sts aU. at 1.an. Orcas Island.phlcestbat .\r~Plltation ...Het. like this in your country? Where and when? 2.qt~~.. How would you explain the findings of the investiga tion? 3. Call 0800-635-5747 and ask for your free 'Haunted Holidays' brochure. Have you heard of investigations 1.cloiliespullecl. I I I I • • I I I I I I I I I I Reading XslnY3Nt "The story goes that he once lived in this house and he hung himself through loneliness.Qeingha.k:tiew?o!hing .tJ()iashi~e_ 'has.• • I II Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. Do you think this tour would be an interesting experience or a waste of money? 3. • Experience strange happenings in The Logan Hotel...ii\'e~i$t~!:!v~::~ "'..•.A high frequency of unusual ·"f~perier1ces'wasreport~cl.historyweresdested. New Hope. but we just ignore him.

." .obD A:." Reading Read the text and find the answers to these questions: t t ':I: . average life expectancy would not be increased beyond 85. a theory illPP()ftedoyProfessor Edwin Baker Of the University of New Malden. 9fbiQethiGs~~tMancbester. arid .possjblyevi~lldeath..I: 1.pi.the abs()lllte sanctity of human life.t~jf? ~ «We're hoping to be recycled. _. What problem do they foresee? ·~JtAI}w.ihat geneticengifleeringc()uldexterid that figW:e. · .•.:~riggeststhat ageing. '. profound iirlplicatiQrisesp~ciiI~Y. 19Q9~rl)'eiiievi!~ble. "It is possible that we would have to reconsider the idea of.Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1.~f'~e.~ . Recent work. Up till now scientists have believed that even if medical science found cures for the major life-threatening diseases. "Some form of 'generational cleansing' would undoubtedly be necessary to clear away the dead wood. What is meant by the expressions 'generational cleansing' and 'to clear away the dead wood'? 2. Would you like to live to the age of 120? WhylWhy not? Make a list of the benefits and disadvantages of having such a long life. what questions would you like to ask them? 2." said Dr Baker." 2:: ~I: =-= :a: I ___j rai ~ :ti Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: sA 1.J()hnHarris. ~:6hg~~~~:~e~~lIld'have'::~:'" . Do you agree with Dr Baker? Why/Why not? 10 Living longer Instant Discussions = . 'however"suggdts. What do Dr Harris and Professor Baker agree about? 2. If your great-great-grandparents were still alive.professbt.. for advanced technolcgicalsocienes. fa • [I: • • • • • • • • • • [I fa !W.' .§:~i:6~qeby.JBllch further by~~~ucing ':.: ~ "l]r4~ersity..iet~J:itattiCltin the journal "._.may soon no..

train more nurses and doctors 5. and we were young. aged 100) Do you take care of yourself with a view to living longer? If so. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living with your in-laws when you get married. Now complete the text below using the expressions. pay more tax 2. But young men think it is. . We use the simple past (lived) in the conditional clause.. how? If people lived till they were over 100. (4) is one of the latest developments in medicine and I guess it is only a matter of time before scientists discover how to slow down or even halt (5) as well as treat or prevent a variety of illnesses. medical. work longer 4. decide what we would have to do in these areas: Discussion In some countries when a couple get married.' (Shirley Conran) The writer is talking about cooking. to be sure.'(A. However.w. of course. . jobs housing medical services transport pensions sport entertainment Instant Discussions Living longer 10 . Housman} Why do you think the writer said this? 3. . Nowadays. . 4. Famous quotes Work in pairs or small groups to discuss these quotations: In many countries it is usual for elderly people to live with their families. is nothing much to lose. . b expectancy c. Pitkin) What do you think he means? Do you agree? 2. the diseases engIneenng of human life Complete these expressions from the article: a. . it's probably true to say that it wasn't until the nineteenth century that medicine began to have a serious effect on (2). the husband's parents immediately move in with the newly-married couple. 'Life is too short to stuff a mushroom. we would have to build more old folks' homes. Make more sentences like this using these ideas: r 1 1.. I'd have taken better care of myself. . Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. E. It was only then that doctors learnt how to deal with a number of (3) and as a result people began to live longer. What did she mean? Can you finish this sentence in other ways? Language 2 Look at the verbs in this conditional sentence: Life is too short to .' (Walter B. is often thought of as being the 'father of medicine' so I suppose you could say that he founded (1).. If people start to live to the age of 120. . who lived in Greece around 400 Be.' (Eubie Blake. There are organisations in these countries which run courses on 'How To Live With Your In-Laws'. lifee f. 'If I'd known I was going to live this long... the ageing. then would have to in the main clause. . II II ~ ~ ~ ~ language 1 d. it suggests a situation where five or more generations could be sharing a house. learn to live together With a partner.. 'Life begins at 40. How would you feel if you were living wirh your husband or wife plus 10 other people: your children (aged 2 and 4) your parents (45) your grandparents (70) your great-grandparents (95) your great-great-grandparents (120) 1. . have bigger houses 3. :t: 11 S :I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 Hippocrates.. 'Life.

million pounds really doesn't go veryfar these days. There is a famous saying in English: Charity begins at home. lmeanca. Which people do not give to charity? 2. worth about £8 million.Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner. How much money do you give each year to charity? a) nothing b) very little c) more than one week's wages 2. Which person does give to charity? 3. Michelle Of course I give. [I: l~ [2: a:. to a charity. I can read. Somehow. Brian We used to be able to rely on the government for things like health care and education and pensions but nowadays we have to pay for these things out of our own pocket. the poorest 10 percent give 3 per cent of their income. Which person works for a charity? • • • s: ~ Pete· No. In fact. What do you think this means? Do you have something similar in your country? • -f -t a It ~ • ~ Reading Read the four texts and answer these questions: 1.so. But if 1 look round the schoolplayground when I take my kids to school I'm by no means the richest person there. no. write. the Harry Potter author. fa: 11 Giving to charity Instant DiSGussions .000 in tax last year and I got nothing back for it . It's frightening that there are some people who are not prepared to try and improve the lives of those living in extreme poverty. I can see a doctor whenever I need to. I paid about £40. JK Rawling. I'm probably somewhere in the middle. how much do you give them? a) nothing b) just some small change c) a decent amount 4. I have clean water and enough to eat. we're trying to moy~h6\lSeand we're considering moving to a house. vote. Figures show that the richest 20 percent of individuals in Britain give less than 1 per cent of their income. Which charities do you give to? a) local charities b) national charities c) international charities 3. I have a job. There are people who have none of these things. Sure. If someone is collecting in the street for a charity. If I won a million pounds on the-Lottery. Overall. Are there any charities you would not give to? Why not? 5. that's worth amillion and a half. does it? It wouldn't even get us the house we want. watch television.Jdon'tgive to charity. then compare your answers with others in the class. Vikki There are a few high earners who are extremely generous. One very wealthy government minister is reported to have given £47 million to charity last year. I have to. Of course I give. one in three people last year gave nothing. How could I not? I have a roof over my head. I don't feel very generous when it comes to giving away my money. 1. has given the royalties of two books. I'd be pretty disappointed. But these are exceptions. lreally don't thinkI'mthat well-off. we fund-raisers have to change these figures.

He's never really the shame of losing his house. Match four of the verbs with these meanings: 1.we can take your mother's clothes. a charity for the victims of a recent earthquake in Latin America 9. . it as soon as I was paid. How do you feel about Pete and Brian? Do you think Michelle is caring and generous. recover from b. manage financially Instant Discussions c. Use the correct form of these phrasal verbs in the sentences: give back give away give out get back pay back get by get over give up . He couldn't the bank so they took away his house. . a charity that helps the poor in Africa 5. distribute d. when it comes to giving away my money. 6. 2. money to good causes. .you shouldn't expect to .. You can give it all to one charity or you can divide it up between a maximum of four different ones. Design a poster for the charity. a charity for old people in your town 8. a charity that helps artists who have financial difficulties 2.. Think about: Language Look at the following underlined expressions from the texts above: I've got nothing back for it . Decide how you will divide up the money.or make one up. or just naive? 3. something . She's so generous. 5. Work in small groups. an international AIDS charity 7. 7. My parents really don't like accepting charity. . but I . 4. You have won a million pounds to give away to the charity or charities of your choice. How do you think charities could encourage more people to donate to them? Discuss these questions with reference to your own country: 5. a charity that looks after cats and dogs which have been found in the street 10.. 1. How many people give to charity? a) most b) very few c) about one in ten 6. Giving to charity 11 . Do you think men and women have different attitudes to charities? 4. . She's always a. 8. but not her. Then share your ideas with other groups.Discussion Discuss these questions in small groups: 1. How generous is your government to the Third World? "I'm sorry ." Discussion 1. . Work in small groups. a charity which looks after homeless people in your town 3. Choose a charity that everyone in the group feels comfortable with .. spend time - what you want people to do how to catch their attention what images you might want on your poster what information you might want to get across a slogan/catchphrase how people can give moneylcontact you Compare your answers with other groups. 3. Charity is all about giving . What reasons are given by the four people why people do not give to charity? What other reasons do you think people have for not giving? Are these the real reasons? 2. but they just can't any longer. Do you have door-to-door collections? 8. Do people collect money on the streets? 7. I had to borrow £100 last week. .. I a couple of hours each week to address envelopes for a children's charity. a charity for children from poor backgrounds in your country 4. a charity to train guide dogs for blind people 6. Here is the list of charities. She's been leaflets encouraging people to give money to the earthquake fund. . a charity doing research into cancer 2. .. .

l:rri.-'. even if they could afford it.~:.L611di:>n's:sfreet for jewellers.. wearing your wealthis a tradition among nomadic people.. . · .sure that·David·. both. . How expensive is/was it? 4.'." . would not gofor Becks' diamond-studded accessories...."'.~sme?"._._.:!"J_~-' .:. II i: z:t ta::: ~ a:± rat 11~ J: <.' _.. ..':~_:'.. £50. How popular are wedding rings amongst British men? --= ~ fi\I~~~illil£ to be justcrazy abolltdiamorrds thesed:iys.. _ •. I wouldn't ._. diamond-studded crosses on his ears. Make a list of all the jewellery you own.' says .Beckh~.ijow tas£eand style.. Of course. .. __ ' ..':<"<:":".000 of diamondstudded watch. many wear a ring on their little finger..':'>:i"><>~:':. .PisplaYing showy . 4.c »":'~_"'.~well.:. Why do you wear it? 5.'That:s()pn~s like a red card and backJp the dr~ssing rooiIHor Mr David. 6.. iUldexpensiye jewellerY't¢li~the ies~~f·~e . _'_'_~_:. YOu't~rich.. author of De brett's New Guide to Etiquetteand. QUESTIONS FOR MEN QUESTIONS FOR WOMEN 1. .. .Beckh~r L.:. >< _'?'-'_' ".' 12 Jewellery for men Instant Discussions . . Why does Mona Drewitt think that David Beckham wears this kind of jewellery? 3.' . of displaying his wealth/says M6na Drewitt..>.your m9neyro-ound· with you because you don.-_'/-'/: . : :". just on special occasions? Do you know any men who wear jewellery? What do they wear? Do you think that generally men look good in jewellery? Would the type of jewellery a man wears influence your attitude towards him? Which of the following do you think men should not wear? a) earrings c) brooches b) necklaces d) toe-rings at 1a at EZ -== s:z tt Reading Read the article below and answer these questions: a:: 1.'ttrustbanIcs.. And she's right. a diamond-studded ring on his littlefinger.. He probably had most of one £100.:: . John Morgan..000 weekly wage packet dispersed about his body as he stepped into the studio that night. . What type of jewellery does David Beckham wear a lot at the moment? 2.recomm~nd it toanyon~. Are there other items of jewellery that you would like to own and wear? What? 6.. .lg~.~<.Discussion Answer the appropriate questions below.. .. __ ". ~·. the more resistant people-are to male jewellery. -.~·$ecret w challenge: 'Are you·doing·. or sometimes.... or a wedding ring... Mona Drewitt from HattonGarden.'s taste"i:s a c~~Jcious:w~y. ""-J. C.Modern Manners warns: 'The higher up the social ladder you go. Do you wear jewellery every day or 2. Do you wear/have you ever worn jewellery? 2.. :. . .<. like carrying.alsQ.N.' • -.. Would you wear any of the following? a) more than one ring b) an earring c) a necklace d) a brooch 1. . ... (co.. _ _. daringly. However. But does such·~~(jjspla~._.or is it just plai~naff?[)oreal~Iilen w~aiJ~\Vels and rings? Whilst most British men. :-. ·. orld that. Now compare your answers in small groups. 3. 5._.. Try and make sure the groups are not all men or all women.'_:::' :-:::.~:_.

what would you say to them? 3. What about women? Do you think they can sometimes wear too much jewellery? Language Label the pictures with the fol/owing words: locket 1. Do you think men should wear jewellery? WhyfWhy not? 4. Which styles of the items above do you like? I I I I I Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. Why do people sometimes 'wear their wealth'? 3. Look at the pictures below and discuss these questions: 1. What do you think about the amount of jewellery that young sportsmen and other celebrities wear? Does it show good taste or bad taste? 2. Do you like what the person has done to themselves? WhyfWhy not? 2. What would you say to them? 5. How would you feel if one of your children came home looking like this? 4. Would you ever do thisr/Have you ever done this? to look like 1 I I I t l Instant Discussions Jewellery for men 12 . If this person was a friend of yours and they had suddenly changed their appearance this.• I I Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: D I I I I I I I 1. rIng necklace brooch tiara bracelet chain earring I I I I I I I I Discuss with a partner which of the items of jewel/ery above you like on men and which on women.

For all we know. b. measuring 2 em from nose to tail. What has been done in each case? 3. Yours faithfully -= a:: a:: -= -= -= -= -= a: -= S! s:: tR:: . on the south coast of England. any trees or plants which are protected What is being done to ensure that these things are protected? Reading Read the letter below and answer these questions: 1. damaging property and possibly taking lives? Yes. the lives of other species. it might already be extinct and 1. What three conservation issues does the writer mention? 2. any areas of land which are protected 3. the environment is important . • -= -= II: Dear Sir I follow your environmental news section with interest. However. as a result of a number of recent stories. We really shouldn't worry about it at all. Is this sensible? The snail was last seen seven years ago and nobody has seen one since. Who do you think the letter is written to? 2. We should be more thoughtful about what we protect. How much will the people who live there be disturbed if the sea breaks through the sea wall.a:: ~~ Reginald Wells a::: Read the letter again and answer these questions: 1. We should do everything we can to protect it. Why should we suddenly care so much about it now? At Worthing. Make lists of: 1.Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. any animals or birds that are endangered or protected in your country 2. I believe that we have begun to take conservation too seriously.000 trees have been cut down for no reason at alL The world's smallest lizard. Which of the following is the best summary of the writer's view of the environment? a. which was being disturbed by the building work.000 trees have been cut down in the north of England to create a nature reserve for a tiny snail. c. s: :. has just been discovered in the Dominican Republic and immediately placed on the list of endangered species. and a sense of perspective. work has stopped on a sea wall in order to protect the habitat of a rare flower.but more important is human progress. You report that almost 1. Why? A week ago we didn't even know it existed. How does the writer feel about each issue? 13 Who cares about the environment? Instant Discussions .

she worked for a multinational oil company? 5. two-centimetre-long lizards. 2. All the items on the list below are threatened with extinction. You have the power to save just three.. There are plenty of green open spaces around the world...Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: Discussion 1. 6. you never know . but .. but . Work in small groups. It's natural. 2... what they put in commercially unless I make produced . We have to do something to keep people away from these birds' nests. 1. We need houses and factories.... f I don't know about you... c. Describe them to a partner and explain the arguments on each side.. 3. And it's pointless trying to stop it happening.. How far do you agree with the writer? Give reasons. Humankind has always exploited the resources of the planet . I hate discussing important issues with Rachel. move! Language Look at the underlined this sentence: expression with know in For all we know. She's such a know-all. I didn't mean to embarrass her. .not ours. It has the meaning of 'this might be true but we just don't know. .. elephants. Few species are worth saving: lions.. it might already be extinct. 4. I really can't see the point of struggling to save species that will probably die out anyway. If someone disagrees. someone will try to steal the eggs..' Read these sentences and complete them with expressions from the box: a. definitely not. Conservation? Don't talk to Gerald about conservation. d. Work in small groups. People shouldn't get so angry about the use of land. What is your opinion about what is happening in these cases? 1. .... Use phrases from the Language activity. mineral and vegetable. 2. b. . . change the statement so that everyone in the group agrees with it. if appropriate. 4. how was I to know ... Can you think of any important environmental or conservation issues in your local area or your country? 3. Read and discuss each statement below. I mean. 4. . I just refuse to eat hamburgers them myself.. Instant Discussions Who cares about the environment? 13 .. It is nature's problem . 1. You know as well as I do that . He doesn't know the meaning of the word..animal.. Plants and animals have been dying out since the beginning of time. giant pandas maybe. If you need to be near one that badly. 3. Which three would you save and why? the Sicilian fir tree the giant panda the Sentani rainbowfish the Chinese alligator the Virginia round-leaf birch tree the bowhead whale a type of Sri Lankan ant the red wolf Compare your decision with other groups. 2.. If everyone agrees with a statement. ones. leave it as it is. e.

theplanereash~a~deate.:marl~g~9to. before a meeting? 9. reported in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine.:MountPinatriPQ. t . when you have been ill? 2.tliepl~ne. before going to sleep at night? 5. 14 The power of prayer Instant Discussions .· ." e. I can well believe it's true.ste~df!~:for 'llie passengers'illldcrewoR b.ANllGET PREGNANt .bl~kedthe·alriRtlikes. when you have been rushing because you were late for something? 8.safeiY:aeMariila·airport.·Ash~ttolllilievolqan~..y¢.-= a: a: a: z: "Nostradamus (1503-1566) was a French physician and mystic. when you have been in an aircraft that is taking off or landing? 6. A scientific study on ~·gr~upof womerl . before a sporting event .'lloweY¢1".an important football match or race. 15? ~ ~ flY~i:froll1'~ePhii~ppt.6atd a .wcmea who were prayed for had a 50% chance of becoming pregnant. Compare and discuss your reactions in pairs or small groups. perhaps? 7. e: That's interesting.f.r¢S. when a close friend or relative has been having an operation? 4. • • • • • • • • • a It • • • • • • R . Reading Read the three short articles below and choose one of the following reactions for each one.. Hindus.f:air PRAY . . but I wonder if there's another explanation. compared with 26% for women who were not prayed for.z: . -= a: t: . b: That's fascinating. undergoingfertilitytreatment suggests"·' that prayer gives women a greater chance of getting pregnant. You will find lots of websites devoted to his ideas.1 • • . and Christianson the plarte Our Gods must have heard us. before a meal? 3. He has many followers today. "~~~!1:!~ti~ogt~~ ~ would shut agtWi:·The:r·~WereMushms.'fpere~~s aJu~~.j~t :I-i()ngl{ong.iGteAii.~sca~~.. In this study. famous for publishing prophecies.iies to theIri: once andJ~ded forcingWeengiB~~tosi~p~Thepilot. Do you have a different reaction? a: That's just nonsense! I don't believe it..• .ttm ~. after a success of some kind? Compare your answers in pairs or small groups.Discussion Have you ever prayed in any of the following situations? 1. .

• Prayer is just a form of meditation . the world would be a far better place. Read the following attitudes to prayer. I've always suspected that. Mark each expression as follows: "Well. Your own beliefs 1. then report to the rest of the class. I can easily believe that.nothing else. I've no trouble with that. 10. • Prayer is pointless. 4. Do you believe that prayer really has the power to increase women's fertility or to help the sick? Or do you think that the research is flawed in some way? 3. Are you surprised that sales of the Bible rose after September 11th 2001? WhyfWhy not? 2. Discuss the questions. That seems unlikely to me. 1 don't believe a word of that! I'm sure that's right. Holy places Are there any places of pilgrimage in your country? Have you been to any of them? Why? Do you believe that these places possess special powers? Do you know anyone who has been cured by visiting one of these places? The power of prayer 14 . I've never heard such nonsense. 8. • If more people prayed. • Prayer makes you feel better. You're kidding. • I pray 6 times every day. • Prayer is a natural human response to a serious or dangerous situation. 5. Religion in your country What are the main religions in your country? How important is religion in your culture? How important is religion in the history of your country? What percentage of the population is religious? Is religion more important or less important than it used to be? 3. 3. but it doesn't actually make any difference. really! You'd think by now he'd have picked up English!" B D = = it expresses belief it expresses lack of belief Discussion With a partner. Which of the expressions above best describe your own view? Comp_are your views with a partner. 2. • If a lot of people get comfort from prayer. Do you think prayer was in any way responsible for the engines restarting on the KiteAir plane? 4. it will help them if you pray for their recovery. 7. • A lot of people only pray when they're in some sort of trouble. 6. Do you pray when you get into difficulty? If so. in what sort of circumstances? 2. • If someone is sick. why knock it? Instant Discussions Would you say that you are religious? Do you pray? When? How often? How about your friends and family? Is there a tradition of religion in your family? Is religion more important for the older or for the younger members of the family? A recent survey suggests that 70% of people start to pray when they get into difficulty. • Atheists have just as good a life as believers. 1 have my doubts about that. I find that difficult to believe. choose one of the three areas below. 9.Discussion Discuss these questions about the articles in pairs or small groups: 1. 1.on the person praying? And on the object (person or thing) of the prayer? language Look at the expressions below to do with believing and disbelieving. What effect(s) do you think prayer has .

Have they behaved well.~a~e~~en. What would 15 a feel about what the different people have done . 10 and 8.!f::Ol1~ :i:~~l~~~ld'6:~~~~~¥i R to liWs. Mrs Lucas. How do you think Rev Hughes felt? 3. ' The Lucases have three children. Did Dr Lucas go to the church so that he could embarrass 6.l.Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner: Have you ever been really embarrassed in public? Was it your fault or did someone else embarrass you?What How did you feel? What did you do afterwards? happened? Reading Read the first paragraph of this newspaper article about a vicar and choose the best headline below: SCANDAL IN CHURCH VICAR CHEATS ON LOCAL DOCTOR DOCTOR ATTACKS CHEATING VICAR Discuss these questions: • • • • • • • • • I.Dr Lucas.htriI·sffici..B:u~""iiefi~he started preaching to people how tolive·tljeir saw ~~d. What do you think happened 4. is believed to have left the area with Rev Hughes. Rev Hughes and his wife have a grown-up daughter. Rev Hughes. What do you think happened next in the church? after the church service? "They suspect arson.S:said:<ihad not intended rhal<~~~"scene. What did the other people in the church do? 7. . " Read the rest of the article and answer these questions: 5. Not£ven for the sake. • • It It • • • 1. a teacher at St Mark's Primary School.J R it -= a R Discussion 1.. How do you Mrs Hughes? 2.thecJiUr~handLri~"oue·has seeri. badly.of th~ children. r~o~'tshare a hou~e:~ith her any longer. Mrs Lucas.IriYsoIidtbTan(Fam seeking adivorce. aged12. How do you think Dr Lucas felt? 2. Where is Dr Lucas' wife now? Rev Hughes? a: ia: of -= a a a .~~~~~~~~:. or just like normal people? you have done if you had been in the church? you have done if you were the vicar's wife -left him or stood by your man? Instant Discussions • ~ a: Revenge is sweet! .'Dr Luc<i. What would 3.. Mrs Hughes was not available for comment.

d. unpleasant jobs to do. ~. would you: a) add it to your favourites . .it will help you with a present problem. I couldn't help getting angry. They (1) a couple of years ago when James (2) with his secretary. But then when that didn't (3)._" _. thiligstobLiyr~' 4. . 1.I I Language 1. e. f. Complete the text below with the correct form of these verb phrases: have an affair leave get a divorce work out be together split up I don't really understand Helen and James at all.. Discuss the questions below: 1.{~. c. Your partner (boy/girlfriend or spouse) has run off with your best friend. \":.you know you will need it. We've really got something to celebrate.ide~s for 2. Now they (6) again and they seem to be as happy as ever. Instant Discussions Revenge is sweet! 15 .it's a stupid site.' " • Has-someone treated you badly? DriYQu'h~edto:~getOlJf ownback?y " . he moved back in with Helen. With a partner. . When she accused me of lying.~:. decide what you would do in the following situations: a. b) read it . If you were surfing the internet and you found a website like the one below.'. 'r " 1. I just 4.': " ' . . .? ilil. ••••• -. . He couldn't pretend he was innocent. You bought a car from someone you know and it keeps breaking down. Can you imagine ever using anything on the list below to get revenge on someone? What might you use the items for? a box of melted chocolates itching powder a bunch of artificial black roses a miniature tombstone an old love letter from a friend's ex-boyfriend a photograph of a friend as a fat 5-year-old child an empty box for flowers a subscription form for a rude magazine 4. Let's Discussion Work in pairs. A friend borrowed £200 from you last year and has never paid you back. Your boss keeps giving you really boring. A colleague at work keeps telling everyone how wonderful he is. 2.. b. 2. He 3. . She is avoiding you. Are you generally vengeful or forgiving? Give examples.fr~~f~~~~f:~r!§~~~1i o -. helpournl~mbe~~ I'~~~hg~i ~>~ / • " ~ 3. I'm not surprised he .~. Then she (4) him for her tennis coach and at that point I thought they were going to (5). He was extremely embarrassed. ~!~sic rey~~ge'i19r1es 3. . . "~ev~rige t9'r~think their behaviour: We do hope that the' id~as y~u 'may find here wilJ'b~ usef~l.~_"""_'. c) move on . 2. A friend borrowed a CD from you two years ago and has never returned it.. Complete the sentences below with appropriate forms of the following phrases: paint the town red go red be caught red-handed see red . ~'" .

b. It is wrong to bring children into the world with no father present. It was wrong that the sperm was removed without Stephen's consent. How do you think the parents of Stephen Blood felt at the birth of the first child? Do you think they are happy at the idea of another grandchild? 3. 2. b. c. What is the situation in your country? at at Itt . Diane Blood was treated in Britain. Do you think that more couples are childless because they don't want children or because they can't have children? 3.:: -= z: a. b. a. Stephen Blood is Liam's father. It was right that Stephen Blood's sperm was removed. 3. try to agree on one alternative from each of the following: It It: It!: at 1. The law is very strict and it is very difficult to do something like this. b. Diane Blood died after a fight. Do you know any couples who have had IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment? Was it successful? . a. Diane should not have been allowed to do this a second time. Are you aware of any cases like Diane Blood's in your country? 16 A matter of birth and death Instant Discussions . 2. Mark these sentences T (true) or F (false): 1. This is a matter for the individual. • • It It 8: It at -= -= It: Discussion 1. It is crazy that governments should become involved. He would have agreed. 3. My country has no official policy on things like this. It was a disgrace that she could not be treated in Britain. A single mother can be just as good a parent. IIf 11% e Reading Read the article below. 4. 4. a. With a partner. 2. a. The law is very progressive and Diane Blood would have had no trouble doing what she did.. b. Britain is right to have such strict laws about this kind of thing. Do you know any couples who are childless? 2.Discussion 1.

One particular disappointment for Diane was the refusal of the British authorities to allow her to put her husband's name on her children's birth certificates. 2. In spring 1992 Annie (5) birth to a baby girl. Their first child. Then he met Lucy. you will find more about the ethics of cases like this. seven years after the removal of her dying husband's sperm. As a result. Lucy loved Jason's children but really wanted some of her own. 3. Jason and Lucy decided to (9) a baby. Discussion 1. there were complications at the birth and Annie died a few days later. a couple in their mid-forties who have just got married 4. a couple in their late thirties who have been married for twelve years and cannot have children 5. There are thought to be about 40 women in Britain in a similar situation to Diane Blood. which they did in 1999. a lesbian couple in their thirties who want a child 3. a couple in their early fifties who have grown-up children by their first marriages. Which of the following is closest to your view? 1. All four grandparents were present. If you look on the internet. a son. (7) in love with her and they got married. however. Do you think any of these people should be stopped from adopting? 1. but want to start a second family now that they have re-married 3. but Mrs Blood had had to go to Belgium to be inseminated. Tragically. The baby was born in Britain. Annie loved children and six months later she (4) another baby. It is better for children to grow up in a loving family in the West than in an orphanage in their own country.IVF Which of the options below do you think are acceptable courses of action for a couple who are unable to have children? • IVF treatment in which the mother's egg is fertilised with the sperm of her husband or partner • IVF treatment using the mother's egg and sperm from a sperm bank • paying another woman to have a baby using your husband's sperm 2. Adoption What kind of people should be allowed to adopt children? Here are six different situations. 4. Jason's son and daughter think their new baby sister is wonderful. Instant Discussions A matter of birlh and death 16 .~ :n ~1 Language Complete the text using the correct forms of the appropriate verbs from the box below: expect marry be glUe adopt start raise fall lose Jason and Annie (1) in March 1990. Very soon afterwards they decided to (2) a family and Annie became pregnant very quickly. Finally Diane Blood gave birth to her second child. After (8) two babies in early pregnancy. Jason gave up his job and (6) the children on his own for five years. Joel Michael. the doctors told her that she was unlikely ever to be able to have children of her own. Many people adopt children from abroad. (3) born at the beginning of 1991. a couple of gay men in their thirties who want to bring up a child 6. No child should be adopted by people from another country without the consent of the child's natural parents. another boy. a young man and woman in their mid-twenties who have been married for three years and cannot have children 2. It is immoral to remove children from their own country and culture. This is a very difficult issue and it depends on the situation of the children and their natural parents.

and. cr~ating oth~rr~lated'principles .. L__ ~~_ •• ~ _ --------"-"." • If anythi ng Just cannot go wrong. red sky in the morning. . :Ero~ hisflrst and mQ~tJamolislaw _' 'Ifanythingc~~i~'g .~.p.simpr~"idea about the·". shepherd's delight. . How serious is the writer? 3. my~t~i)~~SW~~~'9rfate. Red sky at night. . itwill hi..history. Do you have similar 'laws' in your country? 17 Folk wisdom Instant Discussions . Do you think they are useful? 3...-~-~~--- Discussion Work in pairs or small groups.one fi. .pos~i~. What part of the world do you think they come from? 4. Can you think of any examples of Murphy's Law applying in your life or the lives of people you know? 4.> It . but-equalled-by none. . . th ings tend to go from bad to worse... then CJJifthway..¢'t. A further important rule to remember is: • A knowledge of Murphy's Law is no help in any situation." '. Ttwill anyway.inR~t$:9f ou~time.MUf:phy'sih$piratiQnis oftenseen~sad¢triingmomentiJ) .-J~~~~~~~~~~~~\ji~=~.: it . the one tha(willcausethe most:rJ~rn~g~vvil. copied by many. global .. ha~$i. .'. What do we know about Murphy? 2. Note: Ifthere is~ time for 50m~tbihgto.. Do you have any similar sayings in your language? Reading Read the text below and answer these questions: 1. . . Discuss these questions: 1.' • IfXf)jJ§~e:~h"atlh~reNe.'.~.wiIJ'-~MlIrphY:Yv~l"It91"1Oto d~y~lopljj$the(llies.folJr. if win.Introduction Read these two sayings and discuss the questions Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.llg9r'Hves.leway~in Which 50metb[n~¢a~'go wrong. 1. take prElcautions'agair)~~ these.~mng.cango wrong... you have obviously overlooked something. What do the sayings mean? 2. .'. What is the basic idea behind all of Murphy's if anythirigc!ln :gowrong.. o Murpliy"has~een"to :th~'very:h:earr!1fourexistenceand' opened ()ur'~yes·to the .' • • • • • • a • • • • a :.1be theqri..it wi IL.' • If iher~isa::possjbjljtyof se'lleralthings going wrong..~e~r~~ • a below in pairs or small groups: • • • laws? It a wOrse r. How important does the writer say that Murphy's theories are? 2. .. . • Ifan¥thing.ict 'on]he way ~. • • -= • • a a a .lppenth:ell..e togo wrong. tlj~'hal11~n'mind.. .go wrong. teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.ndo9MedIY. " . that gQY. which you have not prepared for. Tbi~'.jive.ay t~~~grld'YEfl<S. .rlf:~~PJa'ni~ditselfi'J)..'. • If everything seems to be going well. . It • a a • Left to themselves.'.~ith a 'deep and 'l~sting~~ff.~e mostimportat1tth.: ~ .. shepherd's warning. willsuddenlydevelop.·· .

The idea that it is lucky to put a horseshoe over our front door comes from a time when it was believed that witches rode on broomsticks because they were afraid of horses. 4. 3. 8 today's anger until tomorrow. People their character by what they laugh at. For example: :11 ~ If anything can go wrong. Making a wish when you cut your birthday 1. explanations for a lot of our folk wisdom. 7 . 3. it will. 2. 7. 2. Where do you think each saying comes from? Match each of the above with the following sources: I I I I 1 cake. Nothing succeeds like success. Heroism of hanging on one minute longer. it would take seven years to save the money for a new one. Shaking hands with your right hand (not your left). 4. bad and convenient. it will come true. insightful or just stupid? Do you have similar sayings in your country? What are they? Gennany Norway Japan Iran the Philippines Spain France Native American The light at the end of the tunnel is a train. Touching wood. have see postpone consists grow IS show has 2. Putting a horseshoe over your door kept witches away. 3. Children more need of models than of critics. Doubt the key to knowledge. Making the sign of the cross. 3. Compare your sentences in pairs or small groups. fashion is even shallower. Never argue at a crossroads. 5. Complete the sayings below with words from the box: 1. If your nose itches. Liberty no price. Those who know the least will always know it loudest. There are three kinds of memory: good. 6. What is the point of each saying? Have you heard any of them before? 2. a mother and a tombstone all in one day. Everything tastes more or less like chicken. What about for these actions? 1. Work in pairs. 6. If you tell a dream before breakfast. Add to the list of sayings below with ideas from your country/culture: :I' 3: ~ 3 :I 3 3 3 2 J 1 I I 1. Beauty is only skin deep. Do you think there is any truth in any of them? Are they amusing. If you walk under a ladder. Sometimes people claim that there are rational. 2. If you broke yours. The idea of having seven years' bad luck if you break a mirror comes from the time when mirrors were very expensive. Putting a tooth that has come out under your pillow at night. somebody is coming to visit. You can't the whole sky through a bamboo tube. 4. For example: Discussion 1. Can you think of any rational or historical explanations for these sayings? 5. you will have bad luck. Don't let grass on the path of friendship. 4 . 2. The tail of a fox dead of old age brings good luck. or even historical. 5. 3. proverbs and 'laws' are often told using a form of conditional sentence. Instant Discussions Folk wisdom 17 . Never touch a baby.:0 ~ Language Sayings. An expert is someone with an opinion and a word processor. Some more sayings Here are some more sayings. 8. Discussion 1.

I'm on the train. • • • • • • • • • • • a • • a: II of _j a II Discussion Work in pairs. Orllow about the thoughfthh{we mightlook a completeidioton the 6.'".a :re1igious :Ceremoily 'J~~illli'&fl::~':~!!!I~'r::: • a for <irtr"pbone?It won'thappentcil11e.':':t'1::" ::. What is the most irritating ring tone you have heard? 7.__:~ ." Reading Read the article and tick (.. b.:"'~:' ..J1fhis····n¥~tfight into ..~.". Do you think the stories in the article are true or not? Do you know of any similar stories? 18 I'm on the train! Instant Discussions • • • • • &: .1s.'t"" >. c.. What is the most amusing ring tone you have heard? • • • • • • II (I "Hello ... How many people do you know who don't have a mobile phone? 3. :~'~~ \' :~.yeah ..:. Good heavens.lpj:.~_~. ..l1f'~x~s. In fact.'. too many people have mobile phones. What risks or dangers are mentioned in the article? Can you think of any other risks or dangers not mentioned? 2.~. why not? 2. Discuss these questions: 1. I'm in mobile heaven.. mobile phones are fantastic. What is the most embarrassing situation in which someone else's mobile phone has rung? 6.:~~~::" ': . What is the most embarrassing situation in which your mobile phone has rung? 5. do you use it for both calls and texting? How often? 4. no! Not. Discuss these questions: 1.q~J~~J..me! For me they're an endless source amusement andfascinrition.Discussion Work in pairs or small groups.·iGlt'siii.: ' :~\~l~~"l~~. the correct sentence below: ) The writer thinks: a.15 fromPaddington saying 'I'm on the train'. people worry about how to behave with a mobile phone.ldrnl¥~rIDig?':(')tZthe:ltallill1·priest:whointermpted.. ~".~.ttt~~rIQH~ly neg9t!~tlIlgtl1~Jt(rn. Do you have a mobile phone? If not..~ "" c_~.~~. If you have a mobile phone..

possible punishments for breaking the rules I'm on the train! 18 .. He couldn't walk straight and he laughed too loudly. ringtones 6.. I think he was a bit pissed. Match the underlined slang word in the sentences 1~8to the definitions in the box below: 1.Language 1 Study this sentence: (She was) sitting opposite some bloke.. They asked him where he got the whisky. having no money d. Slang is a kind of colloquial language which can make speech more vivid and interesting. I could smell the (4) on his breath and there was a bottle of whisky sticking out of his pocket. Does the article surprise you? I got on the train home the other day and this . Anyway. who was talking noisily and at length into his mobile. 6. 'Bloke' is a slang word meaning 'man'.. man . =-------. (1) with red hair got on and sat down opposite me. He rang his girlfriend and started talking to her. Instant Discussions 2. lavatory h. I knew he was a (2) as soon as he got out his mobile. Think about the following: 1. However. the next thing I know a couple of (5) got on the train and came up to him. joe's down at the police station. Read this short article and discuss the questions below in pairs or small groups: Language 2 Complete the text below with appropriate forms of the slang words from the exercise above: 1. 4. stole f alcohol g. Do you think the punishment is too strict or not strict enough? Why? 2. could you? I'm skint. 8. After a while I realised he was (3) as well. I've just seen the cops go in there. Just a minute! I must go to the 100 before we go. So they arrested him because they reckoned he (6) it from a shop just outside the station and they'd got him on the security cameras. a. when and where it is appropriate to use them 2. -.. And then she dropped her glass and spilt red wine on their new carpet. you must be careful not to use it in inappropriate situations. drunk c. Let's go somewhere else for a drink. the type of conversations allowed 5. 2. when and where it is not appropriate 3. stupid person b. The whole carriage could hear what he was saying. You should ask that g!!y over there .. He nicked some CDs in the new shopping centre and got caught.. police e.. Does the punishment surprise you? 3. 3. the length of calls 4. She's such a plonker. He looked a bit embarrassed. 5. Work in pairs or small groups. You have been asked to draw up a list of rules for people using mobile phones in public. I'll bring some food if you could bring the booze. You couldn't lend me some money.:----~ \ "Spare the price of a cup of tea?" --- Discussion 1.. 7.the one with the green hat.

We suppozealu live in a civilised societu.' 'Children should have the same rights as adults. Some people argue that laws are needed to stop excessivephljsiwl punishment. was smacked as a child. but more as a shock tactic to stop a child from misbehaving or in some circumstances to stop them causing damage to themselves or other people. mentattq harmful and completelq unacceptable in the 21st centuru? Smacking. Is this a reasonable punishment to give a child in a civilised society? 2. so they should not be allowed to hit children either. deoradinq. and parents and teachers who practise this disgraceful activitlj should be brought before the courts. at J af . better ways of disciplining children? 19 Children and discipfine Instant Discussions -= ~ -== . Jack Wallace Laura Flynn R: a: a:: at Discussion Work in small groups. -= ~ ~ t: -= a: It: &! ~ a: would like to see all physical punishment banned. thinks the laws are acceptable as they are now. thinks smacking has more than a physical effect. should be made illeqa! immediatetu. What age of child is it suitable for? 3. For each punishment on the list discuss the following questions: 1.. Every parent needs the right to be able to give a child a smack. but there are quite clear laws dealing with assault and bovlillj harm. Which one do you agree most with? Why? Dear Sir 9 think it is quite ridiculous that the government should be considering teqistation to han smackinq. not in order to cause phusicat harm or pain.Discussion Work in pairs. /vtlj father used to give me the slipper and it never did me any harm. Who can give this punishment to a child? Parents? Teachers? Other relatives? Reading Read these two letters. 9f a parent causes phusica! harm to a child. Make a list of ways in which parents and teachers discipline children. indeed anlj form of phqsica! punishment. Can we at last realise that pnusica! punishment is unreasonable. then the police can use these laws to bring the parent to justice. ~ . Adults cannot hit other adults./IjYlYI • f . Discuss these statements: -= <Anadult hitting a child of any age is not right and there are much better ways to discipline children.' Do you agree or not? Why? Are there other. Laura . What is all the flAss about? 7ack Wallace Make four true sentences: Dear Sir Thank goodness the government has finalllj begun to see sense regarding the punishment ot chitaren! Let us hope that theu have the couraqe to via awalj with the phljsiwl punishment of children..

I I if I

Study this sentence from the second letter. Notice the phrasal verb with two particles 'to do away with' meaning to abolish.


Let us hope that they have the courage to do away with the physical punishment of children.
Match the phrasal verbs underlined in the sentences 1-8 with the definitions a-h below:


1. My brother was always in trouble but he was

I I I 1 I I


too honest. If I was in trouble I always denied doing anything wrong and I usually got away with it! 2. When I look back on my childhood, I realise my parents treated me really very fairly. 3. If I ran out of money, I would sometimes 'borrow' some from my mother's purse. 4. Sometimes I wished my dad would just give me a smack. It would have been better than listening to him going on about 'responsibility'. 5. I can remember the first time I stood up to my dad. He wanted to punish me for coming back after midnight when I was 15 but I just told him I wasn't a child any longer and he couldn't tell me what to do. 6. I don't exactly look down on parents who smack their children, but I do think that they could find other ways of disciplining their children if they really thought about it. 7. I was really badly behaved when I was a teenager but I seemed to grow out of it when I reached my early twenties. 8. I didn't get into much trouble at school except for once when I was caught fooling around with some chemicals in a science laboratory. a. to not run away from, to resist b. to escape without punishment c. to consider inferior d. to think about something in the past e. to become too old to do something f. to not have any left g. to behave irresponsibly h. to talk about something for a long time and in a boring way
Work in pairs. Look at the sentences again. Are any of them true for you? Do any of them remind you of people you know or knew?

"Frankly, I feel he over-disciplines his animals. "

Work in pairs or small groups. Discuss these questions:

1. Which, if any, of the punishments below do

you think are unsuitable for children above the age of three? a. a quick smack on the hand b. a quick smack on the back of the head c. a smack on the bottom d. a smack on the bare bottom e. a blow from a slipper on the bare bottom f. a blow from a belt on the hand g. a blow from a cane on the bottom Would it make any difference if the child was a boyar a girl? What other factors might determine whether a particular punishment was reasonable or not? 2. Which, if any, of these punishments do you think is acceptable? a. sending a child to their bedroom for an hour b. not allowing the child to play with their friends for a week . c. stopping the child's pocket money d. not allowing the child to watch TV for a week e. making the child stay behind at school to do extra work f. giving the child extra jobs around the house 3. At what age do you think it is no longer necessary or appropriate to discipline children?

Instant Discussions

Children and discipline


• • •
Mark the items listed below as follows:

2 3 horse shellfish

o = I have never
steak dog

eaten it. 1 = I have eaten it once or twice. fish eel or snake

= I eat it quite often. = I eat it a lot.
ostrich deer bacon goose chicken/egg insects


Compare your answers in pairs or small groups.

Read the article below and then answer these questions:

1. What did the writer do? 2. Why did he do it? 3. How did he feel about it?



dog casserole.


Neighbouring diners watch~cl with interest as this Westerner appreciated their fme Korean delicacies! Whilst not a sight they will ever see again- too strong are my vegetarian sentiments - I must stress it was not an experience about whichI feel any guilt.

True or false?
Read the article again. Mark the following sentences T (true) or F (false):

1. The writer had been sent to research some articles on Korean cuisine. 2. Koreans rarely see Westerners eating dog. 3. The writer eats a lot of meat at home. 4. The writer liked dog so much he plans to make it a regular part of his diet.
20 Ever eaten dog?
Instant Discussions

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Work in pairs or small groups and discuss the following questions:

1. Work in pairs or small groups. Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups:



1. Do you think the writer needed to eat dog to be able to write an article? 2. If you had been in the writer's position, would you have eaten dog? 3. Would you ever eat dog? WhylWhy not? 4. Are there things which people in your country eat that people from other countries find unpleasant? 5. Is eating dog any worse than eating lamb or veal? WhylWhy not?

1. What is the most unusual thing you have ever

2. What is the most unusual thing you have ever

been offered? 3. Are there any common sorts of food that you really hate? What are they? Why do you hate them?
2. Where do you think the following things are eaten? Match the country or region to the food:

Describing food into the appropriate group 1. Put these adjectives below:

South Africa Colombia Cambodia

Burma Japan California


1. deep fried tarantula 2 chocolate-dipped scorpion

3. grasshopper marinated in soy sauce
4. deep fried ants

fatty tasty rich sour

tough sweet spicy bland

delicious appetising bitter inedible oily disgusting mouth-watering tasteless

5. cockroach kebab 6. termites fried in tomato
Have you ever eaten insects? If so, what sort? What did they taste like? If not, what do you think they taste like? 3. Read these articles and discuss the questions:


a. to describe the general quality of food

b. to describe a particular quality of food

1 I
2. In the box above, mark each adjective:

1. Is it acceptable for Sepp Blatter to try and stop


+ = positive - = negative
3. Choose a negative adjective from the box to describe each of these foods:

the Koreans eating dog? WhylWhy not? 2. Does a sports organisation have any right try and interfere in the eating habits of a nation?


a. steak b. salad dressing c. coffee d. curry e. lemon
4. Think of other types of food which can be described by the above adjectives. For example:

1. Does Brigitte Bardot have any more right than Sepp Blatter to take this attitude? WhyfWhy not? 2. A Korean politician has said: 'Foreign criticism of dog meat reflects lack of understanding of our nation's ancient culture.' Do you agree? Why! Why not?
Why not have a look at the following website? www.tomatoesareevil.com Is there one which you would like to set up? Ever eaten dog? 20

Oranges can be bitter. Frogs' legs probably taste disgusting.

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qk ~~. She thinks the government should let them look after themselves rather than provide a health service for them. 4. eating meat living alone keeping a pet yoga tea salt crisps alcohol flying smoking running sunbathing sugar coffee stress watching TV vitamin pills being vegetarian 8i Compare your results in pairs or small groups.hbU IdbEi. "o{"'""~'-# th'¢yare g6i~g:t6. 21 A healthy lifestyle Instant Discussions { • -t \ ai at ..:\lJhat they ?h9u Id b..stopitellin9"" people what isli~dfi:if. 5.lJq .~.. Reading Read the two letters and answer these questions: Which writer a) follows the doctor's advice? b) thinks the doctor could give better advice? ·1~~~~?~~liiil~j~hi~: theroselvesand:takin9:plE.teatand.'(tth~e~.:t:h~ro. a: az a:: a: True or false? Mark these sentences T (true) or F (false): a: Itt It: 1.r.'. He has done some research into the effect of happiness on health.:0I~f.Recent res.6~:h~~Jthy. aboutit.f~~11ittle '' -= z: a: It: a:: ensour~g j ng people' tgEf~~t9ciddaoQJ~t th~f!lselves. bepos'itmii.' " Andrew (.~9:less~nd w!iaqhey want. 6. 3.~~eylre goihg '. She thinks the health service spends a lot of money on these people.Eio:pl~'w. do' . tH~h ~ -= -= • • -= -=- It: a: ~~i}J~~1~~~ii~~I~~i~~Eji~~' . 2..with the iiJjv~.out'6flife. Angela thinks a lot of people ignore the doctor's advice.Discussion Put a tick (II) by the things that you think are good for your health and a cross (x) by the things you think are bad for your health. Andrew thinks health and happiness are not connected.p..~~~t~.'. He thinks the doctor should try to make people happier rather than healthier..earcnsDowsthat. (Newcast(~f wrq ng.·. ~~'~result/ I thinKYQ1E~h()uld...'t.' .

Who do you agree with most: Andrew or Angela? Both of them? Neither of them? 2. excellent. Do you consider yourself to be happy? 7. To what extent do you 'look after yourself properly'? 4. His health is .. diet. I Discussion With a partner. that kind of thing. climate. Interview one or two people and note their answers. 2. .busy or laid-back their own health over the past few years their past family health history whether they drink or smoke A healthy lifestyle 21 . make up a questionnaire to find out how healthy people are. 8. reasonably extremely perfectly 3. She is disgustingly partially healthy.. Do you eat the right food? Smoke? Drink? Take regular exercise? 5. . Cross it out.the kind of thing they eat the amount of exercise they take the amount of stress in their lives whether they consider they are happy Instant Discussions their lifestyle ... 7. It's a healthy environmen t. bread.things like brown bread. but nothing very serious. what you need is a . 6. 3.. poor. 6.. major. What a great tan! You're looking ! Where've you been? 7. Her health is "Actually.. lifestyle... delicate... I can recommend everything. Then use expressions from the box to fill the gaps in the sentences below: I I I I I I I I I I I I perfect.. I'm afraid my grandmother is in very . Tell them how healthy you think they are. 4. and 3 there is one word which does not collocate well. 2. When writing questions you might want to think about some of these areas: • • • 1 1 people's diet .. for a man of his age. He's got a few health problems. My father's 75.. 2. Write some praise and/or advice for people based on their marks total. The dry climate of Switzerland makes it a very . What are the most important points that they make? 3. Decide what total of marks mean that people are healthy or unhealthy. If you don't mind me saying.n 11 Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: n r J r r I I 1. I • I 1. madam. Do you consider yourself to be healthy? 6. First decide six questions. fresh fruit. Do you agree with Andrew that there is a connection between health and happiness? Language In 1. Give marks for each answer.. muesli." I • ~ ~ 4. 5. She's almost 90.. Think of three different answers for each question. 5. 1.

a: . courts. And he is not usually unhappy about seeing his name in the papers.!~l~~iaf~~~¥E!~~~: . phot9s t()ptove . Andtheyh~Y~'tl1e.'FAKl'tl!I. Tom Farrell was on a Caribbean island. if' anything. F arrellJs seeking damages for 'embarrassment' and the 'negative effect on his personal and professional reputation'.. What aspects of their private lives are reported in the press? 5. ~a~:peeII~~hll~y~ "Surprise!" ~ ~ Davies. the'papers concerned. With such a high-profile lifestyle.. Why does the writer think that Tom Farrell will not get very much money from the courts? 4. Are there any public figures in your country whose private lives are often featured in the press? 2.Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1. private lives • ~ ~ . he gets" from the . But far more importantly.beinreresring to see how much. Do you think this is fair or not? Why? 5.'~. Do you agree with this attitude or not? Why? Instant Discussions a:: a: a: a: &: II: II: 22 Public figures. 4.. Are any of them only 'famous for being famous'? 4.~ -= II! It:: -= a: 8: .it!:: Despite swift' apologie~ 'from :all. if. edlt~l'S.it wasn't . Mark these sentences T (true) or F (false): 1. 2. 3. What seems to be the writer's attitude towards the journalists who took the photos? 2. Natasha Davies was on a Caribbean island. what does the writer's attitude seem to be towards gossip about the private lives of famous people? 6. Tom Farrell has never met Natasha Davies. In general. Farrell has had well-documented relationships with a number of actresses and pop stars. The newspapers did not admit their mistake.'.. Who are they? Politicians? Film stars? Pop stars? Sportspeople? Who else? 3. Surk.' . it will. Do you approve of what they did or not? Why? 3.E II: lIZ • -= a: ~:". However. him with NatashaDaYie~. Do any of these people object to what is said about them? Why? • -= -= II: Reading Read the newspaper article.th~hWho wash? Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1.

European Human Rights Act) Who is right? Discuss the question in small groups. private Jives 22 • • . . . 4. 8. his home and correspondence. . . a(n) casual partial intimate sexual business 3. . . . . . We always try to good with our customers.. . « Where do you stand? The famous argue: Everyone has <theright to respect for his private and family life. . .. . . . If the case goes to court. Can the story/photos be in any way considered to be 'in the public interest'? 2. Should the press be allowed to publish the story/photos? Why/why not? 3. 7. have establish open break off maintain a relationship with . The stories in the press about his behaviour have completely . . . Instant Discussions Public figures. Don't buy one of those cars! They have a very for reliability. They were together for five years before she. . a relationship fine growmg well-earned poor broad reputation I I J 2.' (Article 8 . but she has for high quality work.I I I I I I Language Cross out the collocation in each group which is not natural: 1. .European The press argue: Human Rights Act) Everyone has <theright to freedom of expression. For years I thought we just had a fairly and then suddenly she asked me to marry her! Discussion Use the three questions below to discuss the situations in pairs or small groups: I I I I I 1. She only started her company last year. 3. .. 5. •. 2. . . •. he has finally as the best lawyer in town. . 6. . We just have a We never see each other socially. After years of hard work. what should happen? . freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority. . 4. have destroy damage establish abolish a reputation I I I I I I I I I Complete the sentences below with complete expressions from the boxes above: 1. ' (Article 10 . .

. Tell each other: • • I I Then 1. • One of my fellow guests killed two mice which had come into the hotel dining room from the garden. tlil1li 23 Holidays from hel/! Instant Discussions • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I III I . r never got to sit in the front seat. The man who ended up sharing a room with someone who smelt bad.wokeup torrnd 10 cockroa.that'famous' Briton.H6wever.'TheYnatuntlly live all over the place. I couldn't eat in the hotel restaurant. a 50%' refund. I had to share a room with another man. • While on holiday in India. ' Insectsareab~tteibet.Pexttime you .-\<'. r caught a cold when the air-conditioning in the coach was switched off and the windows opened.)l$nCnmal.' Mice ate no good ataJ1.'-'_" _.the judge 'you A can remeve the insect~d C 0I1.~ftheiive-$iringed guitar and ofimitatin~animiU"#oises! $t.}Hmbingthe side:of his" ..but t?be. ~~ordirig:to. some do demand attention.e wOrrian\YI1~.go.::_. • Even though passengers changed places every day on our 14-day coach tour. I've got a photo to prove it! Reading Read the text and find out if you were right.the floorbyh~rbed got.on holidaY.>. but by po means foolproof. Poor chap! The man who caught a'cpld because the airconditionirig on the coach was switched off and the windows opened received a similar lack of sympathy.I I I Discussion Work in pairs. CharleiW~terton..- ".~h¢s 'on. andth~manwhb discovered~~ :~y~f artts. so if they find-their waYf'ro~\he'garden into the dining room. bedgot25% Dack. Also from the Berlin man who never got to sit in the front seat on his coach tour. GERMANllOLIDAY 'PRf:)BL~MS lJnsucGess6. Tell each other about the worst holiday you have ever had. snored and 'behaved strangely during the day' had his claim refused. Nor are travelling companions a source of refunds. what went wrong and why 2.i~#Y. how you felt at the time 4. what you did about it 3."J:eco~kroach ontllecold buffetor an . decide the amount you should get. While some of these' claims are laughable.insectiii:abow!ie.f saini is apparently-not enollgh to spoil-a hol. :. a. Tll. decide if you should get compensation for the following complaints.' .. And some the stranger ones even deserve sympathy =Iike the cruise passengers whose entertainmentturned.'.ho were upset because the t~ilings onih~ir balcony blocked the seaview when-they lay on their deckchairs. and during the day he behaved strangely. • I found an army of ants marching up the side of my bed. • I found an insect in my soup. it's notreally allYbody'Sfault. it lTiay" outiohe'fheaper y~uthink! aUY of turn ~. He snored. how things turned out in the end With a different partner. • Because I was travelling on my own. After that.lii~te~. He did not smell very nice.>. o I saw a cockroach on a plate of cold meat on the buffet.o< ". • The railings on the balcony blocked the view of the sea when we lay in our deckchairs..ilC'IiilTi~came from the couple". • I switched on the light in the middle of the night and found 10 cockroaches on the floor beside my bed.

to 7. Of course he wouldn't book in advance. Discuss each of the following quotations. I travel not to go anywhere. What's the worst hotel you have ever stayed in? 2. Which (if any) of the claims do you feel were completely unreasonable? 3. but Dennis certainly knows how (3). We went there (2) getting a bit of sunshine and relaxation! Well. 4. When we got back. in 5.. a . by hope of means 2. Instant Discussions . 3. 5. 6. He's awful when he's ill but I really didn't think he any (6). Quickly make a note of your answer to each of the following questions. the weather was OK. We eventually found a very nice guest house. To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.Discussion Discuss the following questions in pairs or small groups: 1. one of us had to go and find the Tourist Information Centre. most places were full. Fortunately. Complete this text using appropriate forms of the expressions above: Dear Jill Just got back from a week in Devon. to deserve . to place a holiday 3. 1.." Holidaysfrom hell! 23 . So I told him I had never wanted to go to Devon (8)... He travels the fastest who travels alone. but then he managed (5). Work in pairs or small groups. 1. in the 6. I travel for travel's sake. As it was July. all a cold the place 4. It was (l) the worst holiday I've had. so we had to drive (4) trying to find somewhere to stay. Love Amy Discussion 1. 6 "Well. So he spent the week complaining about how he was feeling and I had to listen to him. I think we're friends again now! Hope to see you at the barbecue on Friday. Travelling is the ruin of all happiness. He complained that I had shown a complete (7) for his condition.use a dictionary if necessary. we had a terrible argument. Were you surprised by any of the courts' decisions? Which? Why? 2. What's What's What's What's What's the the the the the worst flight/boat trip/car journey you have ever made? worst beach you have ever been on? worst thing you have ever eaten on holiday? longest delay you have ever had while travelling? worst holiday illness you have ever had? 2. Have you ever complained to a holiday company/travel operator? What about? What happened? Language Complete these expressions from the text above.. but to go. What do you think they mean? Do you agree or disagree with them? Why? Travel broadens the mind. Check that you understand what they mean . of sympathy 8. There's no looking at a building here after seeing Italy. Which of the situations would you have complained about? 4. but it certainly wasn't the best. Then compare notes in small groups..

•.t?.In the ~nd I met 12. usually ":.I think 7$ "'§~~~~t~lia§l~in(eHigent. S. 'missed attheiriitia:l" . Do you ever read 'Lonely Hearts' ads in the newspaper? 2. nd a ··moreusual fnethods .Discussion Answer these questions truthfully. ··thoseof some of the 1.. One :wasfaiioo . wotrtel1 whb'do not have tft~ tiiri~. Do you ever look at 'Lonely Hearts' websites? 3.'. Do you know anyone who has ever placed a 'Lonely Hearts' ad or replied to one? What happened? Was it a successful experience? Reading Read the passage and answer these questions: 1. And it works! ~~I~~~l~:~~~~~~~~~g~?~...~as 36. Professional women use the ads because they don't have much time for socialising. >.. were .:: .sulJlrising.ma:t(yjJ. fatter?rugli~t than their photos . ¥leatJy.lglemothersOh yes . .'fol@Nthegood-looking.Edirit>urgh.in~is. 4. one ii~ed jp.)tealisethey were.suggested.e.~l. 0. speaks fo(it$Nf!')~omeohhe replies "~ere touching. for"a'..":ul1sultable.. what happened? Who replied? How did you follow it up? Was it a successful experience? If not.. I did it. Of these. a bej~tiftil.5 million sit. :The last one Imet\. Have you ever replied to a 'Lonely Hearts' ad? What happened? S..y'Heart~~a:ds:~he tli. . _ was suc~"ful.A. examination.. Most people who use 'Lonely Hearts' ads don't have many friends.few people 'dearly did nothave sriffiqi~mt: self-knowledge '. Then compare your answers in pairs or small groups. some wer~. The writer thinks that over four million people use 'Lonely Hearts' ads. kind. 'lhuch older.tnykll~. Why has she done this? -= lit • • • • • It II: II! it a WeU.sing'iLonel... intelligent.:9tliets:were.qhY (and he was a i'bite mati) but I wa1it~dalo'~g~ieiilifriend~ not :A16ng-distance one.liars. 7.. who have obvious difficulties in getting out. a: a: a: a: R It: True or false? Mark the following sentences T (true) or F (false): 1... Have you ever placed a 'Lonely Hearts' ad in a paper or anywhere else? If so.10~~0ntething:man "replies. 1. She met her current partner through her ad. .some .~ppealing and some ":appilIirng. 3.'ariety of reasons. do you think you ever would? WhylWhy not? 4.. two were nerds.nerds.GSOH. 'defiWiel){'.of finding a partner and sitting across the table from the as I write 'this.and tomorrow hemovesinto my flat. What has the writer done? 2. 2.enthusiastic "~~~ut puttinghisti~d ori.am '~ha • II: ~ -= -= It: -= a: a: QaYfu.. 24 The dating game Instant Discussions • • • -= 11= . Some people lied when they replied to the writer's ad.

They got engaged. Put together the descriptions from everyone in the class and mix them up. They started going out together.• I I I I I Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: I I I 1. They split up. They got married. Mark and Lucy started to have rows. Write a description of yourself in 25 words for a 'Lonely Hearts' ad. Lucy became pregnant. Mark proposed to Lucy. If you ever placed an ad or replied to one. What does the writer mean when she says 'I did it'? 2. They went on their honeymoon. o o o o o o o o o o o o o Discussion o o Now use some of these expressions to tell a story which is true for you. They got on very well. Lucy got custody of the children. Emma and Katie. Lucy asked for a divorce. What do you think are the advantages 'Lonely Hearts' ad? and disadvantages of trying to make friends through a c. Mark had an affair. Put the sentences below in the correct order to make a story: I I I I I I I I I I I ~ 1. Ask the teacher to read them out one at a time. How do you feel about people who place 'Lonely Hearts' ads? Do you think they are sad and lonely? Or are they just normal people who are too busy to meet the sort of people they would like to? 5. Do you think the writer really does have a 'wide circle of friends'? 3. Mark fancied Lucy. He asked her out on a date. Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: a. She had twin girls. In your country where do most people meet their partners? in school/at work in bars and nightclubs at parties through their family through 'Lonely Hearts' ads some other way h. Are there any dangers involved in meeting people through a 'Lonely Hearts' ad? What advice would you give a friend who told you (s)he was going out tonight on a lonely hearts date? Instant Discussions The dating game 24 . would you lie about any of the following? a) your age b) your appearance c) your job d) your income e) your past Language Work in pairs. 1 1. They fell in love with each other. Can you recognise the writers? Has anybody lied? Here are some typical expressions from these ads: solvent lady own house with own teeth romantic professional male down to earth easy-going blue eyes looking for fun intelligent guy strong body enjoys cmema sincere and caring likes dancing biker athletic 2. Are 'Lonely Hearts' ads popular in your country as a way of meeting new people? 4.

wouldh1rve.quick -thinkingankh~rcourag~ savedmydaugVJer's life.·· . bravely b..theter&fiedgi~l .cries. She'sawonfjerfUI.\vho pluckily pli. .whi:r~tbut ona·sch()oItrip.. Have you ever . Why do you read thatpaper / those particular papers? • • R Reading Read these two articles.. m certmri ge4Y by draggiIlg. Who saved her? ··q~i~¥hifIi~§. .s~ Selitia~'Her. . pulling the girl d...~(j. and answer these questions: R III 1.North .. Note that the matches may not be exactly the same grammatically... a disaster e.: .g. The RiverWharf~. ".~l£daught~r pf~ioPknoq~n.CaraRhillips. bravely jumped iht9the water and pulled the girl to safety.Qiabbirtgyoung ·Cata.' tra than usual aftettRe~1"e¢eIltheavyrains.. Match the words and expressions on the left with the words and expressions on the right which convey a similar meaning.""-. pluckily 3..... aged 11. .K!"e Deifi~e'q~er. . which report the same incident." ' .p'~ariI1g the girl's. I I I t I 1.. Give further details where possible..pupi1sab()utthe incident.~d!irageof teacher Dehise Carter.·~ SelmaiR~i4ip·!>. .Ms Cariet. 1. yesieitl~y.. . . i\It!>..I I I I Discussion Discuss these questions with your partner.hadamiiaculous~scape: ••. . 1"-' R Aschoortriptoth~RlveiWhaife itl.. ~- . recently laid . It It It II: II: lilt II: Language 1 Look again at the articles.. What happened to Cara Phillips? 2. an almost certain tragedy 4..endedin· disas't~r yesterday biItfofth¥.•... . . North Yorkshir~p()lice willtoday be questioniIlg staf'f~Md. yorkshiie... apaged to avert an alll10~t: . . running faster than usual after recent heavy rain Instant Discussions • • • • II:: ..todeciqe whetherthesch6tiI:had prop~fly followed the guidelines f()f§chooltrips.Cth-~ <: II SCHOOLTRtP:~I'SXSTERAVOIDED .. plunged 5. Th~YW11i~~trYI1J. Which newspapers do you read? Do you read a paper every day? 3.: :e~f4~f~h:..jumped c. MIRACLEESCAPE· -. rain-swollen 2.- . had your name mentioned in a newspaper? had your photo in a newspaper? written an article for a newspaper? had a photo you took published in a newspaper? had a letter published in a newspaper? 2.· woman.1 down by the gov¢irlluent.lllgetliptq:tbe ragiM tmTent.' rfiI:~::~2::::.B~~.Dinningfaster a a R and deeper a R It ~!~r~~:ab~~. . C::u}~I"·..~' . dragging the terrified girl 25 Newspapers a. swept away on~'gf:hetptjpils.

.':":_~-:~.<:. and realised it had just been delayed for 24 hours! 8. will you? I'm a Scorpio. Compare your articles. . Throw me the . .~ ."r.:. It's just so difficult. Which article looks at the wider picture and the consequences of what happened? 6. Which 8.. Work in groups of four. '0". . regional.' .~ •• .PH@trOGRAPH:ERi:. 4. It has by far the best . Which are local.. you ought to buy The Daily Telegraph. Which article has a quote from Cara's mother? 4.<.' -'. . but then I read the . 5.\" '". I'm never able to do the in The Independent. Which 7. . Divide into two pairs. I thought there'd been another plane crash. The were terrible. He's Canadian and I believe he was the first foreign of a British newspaper..a :a ::a ~ ~ a a a Discussion Read the articles again. Did you see it? Instant Discussions Newspapers 25 . "~'~ fc PRINCESS Hti~t:'. . I don't think I'll bother seeing the new Fred Durkin movie. Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: Discussion 1.~. >">:' . . If you're keen on football and cricket... Explain to your partner the following: =~ 1. Have a look at my TV guide horoscope proprietor headline retneu/s .'. Which article is the more factual? 5. =II ===II ~ Language 2 Complete these sentences with appropriate forms of the following words and phrases: =II 3J ~ ~ editor obituary crossword sports article 1. Which article mentions Cara's mother? Why? 3. the other pair writes a short article from a quality newspaper about the headline. Work in pairs.. Which 5. Write down the names of 6 or 7 daily newspapers in your country.~". Which article is more concerned with news and which with 'human interest'? 7. news.". Choose one of the headlines below. 9. ~ <. Which have the biggest circulation? 2. 6.~ . .:"". or national? are tabloid (popular and sensational)? are considered to be 'quality' papers? contain the best news reporting? contain the most gossip? contain the best sports reporting? do you read regularly? 2. '~ :. . Which 3. I was so angry about the government's plans to raise taxes that I wrote to the of The Times. Which article uses the more colourful and emotive language? 2. 7. Which 6. My letter was published yesterday morning....:. When I saw the . 3. Which is probably from a tabloid (or popular) newspaper and which from a 'quality' paper? 8. One pair writes a short article from a tabloid newspaper about the headline. I want to see if there's anything worth watching. =~ ~ 31 a 31 21 • • • • • • • :I and tell me what it says for today. ". Which do you prefer? 1.. I'm staying in tonight._.. Which 4.. 2. Did you know Jason Matthews had died? I saw his in the paper this morning..

I never know what to do. Soon the money became known by its initials: TIP.. there's no point. Do you always tip when you should? 4.:- -= a: IR: -- ~ . • • I II It E E I: I::: I: &: I: Reading Read the statements below. Customers were encouraged to put money in the box for better service. I eat out a lot on business. no tip! If I've just had a very expensive meal. no matter what the service has been like. That's nonsense! I tip everyone everywhere .and then they hang around waiting for a tip. I just give the driver £10. I tell them to keep the change. coffee houses in Britain had a box on each table. Is it normal to tip in your country? 2. Employers should pay their staff a decent wage. I never leave a tip.I I I I I I I • Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner: 1. Decide if you agree or disagree with each one. -= II: a: -= -= II: ~ II: Where I come from. I've had excellent service and truly awful service. I reckon it's part of their job. I only tip if I know I'm going back somewhere. A notice on each box read: To Insure Promptness. Just to be on the safe side. If they don't. I leave a 10% tip. Then compare what you think with your partner. I only tip taxi drivers and hairdressers if they chat to me. lit :. When? How much should you give? 3. I never tip. No talk.just to try and break down people's prejudices about us. Have you had any good or bad experiences when tipping? Did you know? In the 18th century. I don't want trouble. But if it comes to £6 or £7. If my taxi fare comes to £10. Otherwise. everyone thinks we're tight with money. I don't see why I should pay through the nose twice! 26 To tip or not to tip? Instant Discussions . the staff should leave. How much do you give? 5. They must think I'm mad! I hate it when porters carry my bags to my room in hotels .

5. a hotel porter 9. a waiter in a coffee shop No Maybe 2. I just don't do it on principle. There's no in tipping people you're never going to see again in your life! 6. a waiter in an expensive restaurant 3. a hairdresser 4. In Britain a recent court ruling says that tips added to a bill and paid for by credit card belong to the employer . Instant Discussions To tip or not to tip? 26 . 2. your doctor 11. Should tipping be made illegal . I don't think one person can down prejudices which are hundreds of years old. a taxi driver 5. an assistant in a high street burger bar 7. Discussion Who would you tip? Tick the appropriate boxes: =II ~ ~ Yes 1.after all. 7. the person who conducts your wedding ceremony 10. It's so patronising. it's just an excuse for employers to pay less? b.just to be on the side! 3. Do you think this is fair? What do you say? What do you think British people say when they tip? Tick the expressions you think are possible: o o o o o o "Thanks for everything. We wouldn't need to tip if employers paid a wage.not the waiter. "Keep the change.~' ==II =a =II =II =II ~ Language Complete the following expressions from the quotes: =II 1. Do you think this is fair? d. a steward on an aeroplane 8.1 never tip . your dentist 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 • • II 0 0 6. a hotel chambermaid Work in pairs and compare your answers." "Here's your ten per cent. Should tips in a restaurant be pooled and shared between all the waiters? Or should each waiter keep his or her own tips? c. I don't like to offend so I always tip . Some people have the reputation of being with their money." "Here you are and thank you very much. 8. 4. In Britain tips are taxed. a tour guide 12." Nothing.no what the service has been like." "Here's something. "Just keep the "." Buy yourself a drink. In expensive restaurants you're paying through the anyway! Go back and underline the complete expressions in the examples above. Now discuss these questions with your partner: 0 0 0 =- II • • • • • • I I I I I I I I I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 II a. I hate it when I hear people saying.

II: £: .rigijt.f~ntsihem from a jigsaw club: .meitievaltimes.personal .. of ph~t~gmplls:dfhefseTflUIa herdi·S.t~ttl16Qheen 's own R: I:: I: I: R! by laWt~~atsw~.•popuiji-it§ ()fth~ioyal ·. surfing theinternet... Does your country have a monarch or a president? 2. .' .." about horses. stanis of tlierecipient~ silver :fo~Il1jilsrfdr her shoes. Do you think they are doing a good job or not? Why? 5. Queen no longer receives money from the state.!ttie fr~rri~is rufindiC*tioIl .i . Ia Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1.l1everreads books unless' they ate . Compare your answers in pairs or small groups. Instant Discussions -= a Royalty • . a: ~ • Her personal wealth was recently True or false? Mark the following sentences T (true) or F (false): &: £ ~ 1. .~vola. ~She'alsoenjoys Scrabbleand. then brown..' -: .300cl._-.. _c' 'c· " . Whenshegi'i~Kpeoplepresents .. . Have you ever met the head of state of your country? When? In what circumstances? II It It It It It ~ Reading Read the article below and answer these questions: It "It's a really nice area.fa ra ra ....••. She. paper so that no state or. blue leather frames are the next best..nighf·She. estimated at £300 million..husbtin4.·. Which piece of information do you find most surprising? Why? 2. The 4." .. Queen enjoys reading..secrets are revealed.'.i~per$onihBritainaIlowed .. . " ...'." .. . aplastic has crown i!l her bath. . _ . Queen has a large number of shoes. . The S.. duck and a small' frame~a... '··Sheenjoys doing jigsaws arid ·. Did any of the items make you laugh? Which? Why? 3.' receivemoney from the~tate. • She uses special black blottiIlS' .".the oAl. The 3.b~s b~e~ handecl·doVirl : :from. • It is said that she strangles pheasants while shooting in Scotland.. ..Domestic staff receive unframed photos. .~yforPresidents. No 2. Apparently. . What real power does the head of state have in your country? 4.TEN THINGS YOU DIDN'T It It Il: family.. : . ...' ihiee~btdfbbrns'uitein the Principe '. . It-cost .hoteril1 Milan.'.: . The 27 one except the Queen is allowed to eat swan..:£4.hiredaoextra ' of the..This. she . Who is the head of state at the moment? 3.§pe.. .r. Sheistrrs6 '.' ariel h~r husband are now the orily members of the royal family who:: ." _' .irnQ~~~~9UfrfHKQ{]~IiN·· mute '~wans'on~eRiverl1Iames: . . . Queen uses a fountain pen...Ar~w~rit opinibl1PQIl on the I: It: cO(I)..It r.' '..•.•.~l!ei. "." 1.

If you have a monarch they are above politics. . The army briefly took control. We're living in the 21st century now . the king and his immediate family fled the country. At least you can get rid of a president if you don't like them. What sort of articles are written about them? 4. • The problem with having a president is that it's a political office. • I think it's terrible that someone should become a king or a queen just because of an accident of birth. • Just think of the amount of money spent on a presidential election campaign. (7) for the first time. . .we ought to get rid of these ancient institutions.that's a major advantage.not the 18th! 2. but the leading generals decided the best way forward for the country as a whole was to (5). They're all so boring. . Come on. . Can you read about them regularly in newspapers and magazines? 3. but we're not interested in her family. The first (6) went smoothly and less than a year after the departure of the king. . to my mind. or Swedish? 5. Do you feel the British royal family is a worthwhile institution or a waste of money? 6. abolish appoint ~ elect ~ found a republic a government a prime minister the monarchy opinion election royal personal wealth family campaign poll :I] Complete this text using the correct form of complete expressions from the boxes above: III A recent (1) showed that the (2) in Erefaria was not at all popular on account of their enormous (3). . the people . the Dutch. disagree no opinion 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 • I I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 • • • • I fnstant Discussions Royalty 27 . Spanish. Which of the following opinions best sums up your country's view of the British royals? • • • =• • • • • • • • • • • • • • ~ They're really interesting. tabloid journalists would have nothing to write about. If members of a royal family were visiting a town in your country near where you live.• • • :w a Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1.agree I disagree I don't have an opinion. . The Queen's great. . Fearing for their lives. Discussion Mark these opinions . agree • I'd rather have a president than a monarch. Then compare your responses in pairs or in small groups. . A national movement soon rose up demanding to (4) . • If Britain got rid of its monarchy. How do they compare with other royal families? For example. • Having a monarchy is very old fashioned. would you go to see them? WhyfWhy not? Language Make more expressions from the boxes. it's the 21st century we're living in . What a waste! • Monarchy equals continuity . .

How do fashion designers see their work? 28 Fashion Instant Discussions -= II: E • • a . Match each of the summaries below to one of the paragraphs in the article: • • • -= I: -= -= II: ~ • If • • • II iii c. How do many people feel about fashion designers? 8. Then take turns asking each other the following questions: It: ~ -= 1. What is Bjork's top made of? 3. What is Bjork's skirt made of? 2.• Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. How do many business executives dress these days? 5. What do you wear for more formal occasions and for parties? 4. Read the article again. Where do you buy most of your clothes? 5. Summary What people wear and don't wear today What fashion designers do A very special dress Paragraph number • -= It: II! iii II: Questions in pairs Work in pairs. How many dresses have been made like the one Bjork is wearing? 6. Do you read any fashion magazines? Which? Reading Read the article. What do most people like to wear these days? 4. What sort of clothes do you wear most of the time? 2. Do you buy designer label clothes? Which designers? 6. Discuss these questions: 1. Do you wear different clothes for work/study? In what way are they different? 3. How many people does the writer think would like a dress like Bjork's? 7.

The clothing industry has gone crazy this year. Then vote for the person in your class who is the most I least fashion conscious. They seem to have fashion. you would never wear you would like to own 31 T'-shirts jeans trainers a :II dress! suit And fashion isn't just about clothes! It's about other lifestyle things. 4. You don't see supermodels with rings in their nose or their eyebrow. 5. always .. what would you think? How embarrassing! Where can I get one? What a waste of money! 3. Everyone's wearing orange this summer. What ARE you wearing? Do you think extraordinary Are fashion designers attention seekers or artists? Who's your designer? =~ clothes really do challenge the way we live? Why? Why not? :a :aI Language Cross out the word in each of the boxes which is not a natural collocation: street current passing be in come back into leave go out of ==3l fashion fashion factory high follow 31 Complete the sentences below with the correct form of a word or expression from the boxes: :Il 31 21 ~ 1. It's very much fashion. Alan must spend a fortune on clothes.. 3. 2 31 Discussion Complete this questionnaire on your own first: 31 How fashion conscious are you? Fill in the table below with appropriate brands you own jeans a a brand/designer names. I reckon I could wear my 60s tie-dyed 'l-shirts again now. What would you say if you were introduced to them? I just love your frock. brands you own watch JI brands you would like to own brands you would never buy • • • • • mobile CD player car computer Compare your answers in groups. 6. fashion.. Everything from sports clothes to fashion. If you arrived at a party and someone was wearing a dress like that. Instant Discussions Fashion 28 • . 2.. Whatever he wears . How do you think Bjork's outfit sounds? brilliant outrageous decadent 2.. I'm sure it's just a fashion. Those ones fashion about five years ago.• • :a =II !II ~ ~ Discussion Discuss your reactions to these questions with a partner: 1. You must get some new sunglasses..

Anyway. the number of vegetarians increased dramatically? b. .: ·. Do you know why they are vegetarian? 6. and they live' to a great age.•.o.·.~lee . What do you think would happen to sheep.••• .OYan. Q .. eairplir .. II: IE: It: Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1.t.~:1'Q'EA'-dMEA'fJ '. ..Wt·..•.It. s11' .'. c. Do you know any vegetarians? 5. Ibve didn'teat'l1iea!..":'~':'NO. '. not . ••. teo.QUld!Jn.• .". V m·.. '.tllib..·e· . 'f".a .thd:.• 'U6fcours'e wedon '1 need to eat meatl'm:82 years old o e . '" Is. ~In fact. . According to the texts which person: •• •• I: m: "Their protective colouring sometimes makes them very difficult to hit. :I:! 11: 'I: Reading Read the texts below and answer these questions.~.:~~W ·i~iamPle. e:e '. '.i. How well are food animals treated in your country? 5.'d' .'.w. nJg.' .~~~el1allanim<t1sare vegetarian . '.... everyone was vegetarian? 4. cows etc.:eu:~.· . Are they ever aware that they are destined to be eaten? 3. d.. .QP "":ii1~)[e..•U.·...eJa[.... Sure. . " a.cth fe.. :s. . Are you vegetarian? 2...Discussion First answer these questions on your own: [8 1.f~1~i~h.":"Eoridon'MaratllOn yeat~ So~epeople se~rrito think last '+itiitamralto eat meat=-but thaFsn()fs()..' I rmillie .ahlma1s:tIi~a. '_-I ~\"'.:'uirt~e: •. they are •':"~norn1?U~ly strong.ookatelephants..:. Do you think it is hypocritical to treat animals well and then kill them and eat them? 7.S. b..•.. Do you eat fish? How often? 4..".£nOer.e. animals willi abitor~rndries~~nd respect.. Are you happy with the way they are treated? 6. " ". Are there many vegetarian restaurants where you live? Compare your answers in pairs or small groups.unforhinate. ·..ee r·. •·. if: a.•.thip¥.'a.. II: I: SQrile people.OU...slpd •·· . .. Do you think it is really 'necessary' or 'natural' to eat meat? 29 Is it right to eat meat? Instant Discussions It: £: lit It: It! IJt • . Do you eat meat? How often? 3. b. I':l11 extremely fit andaciive.d:.I.' '~ ..•• :. What's l3utthe~wa:yTl()()kafit'iithis. .nne . for they live 011 grass' " ~cl hay.tmellf of animals -cmly to them ai1deat them! icih tz E: E: I:: II:: £: wp.'~@aT'ye:~eI1 a vegetarian si!jce:lwas25.••.tI1i~iILariidealworicl~\Yt...·.·.:s~¢~§'abithypocritical to:preach for@ebetter beVegetacians'Al()(6f PQor '. but that-was before "we knew togro\V ~nough fruit and vegetables.:.••.. •. we used .ib~eatIl1eatinthe past. enjoys eating meat? has been a vegetarian for a long time? enjoys watching animals? thinks the other is a hypocrite? It: • • :YES T .·...-. . Do animals really 'face the prospect' of a premature death? 2.:" ~.

b. c... c. Do you grow your own vegetables? a.. b. Do you buy genetically a :II JI modified foods? a. but. I hate the thought of what they do to our food. I always make something which is vegetarian.!. I usually buy wild fish. I always buy the organic option.II • • • • • • • • III 311 ~ • • • • • Language Underline the following words and phrases in the text and notice how they are used: the way I look at it is this sure. Yes. > I agree with you.. c. Never. b. 5. Then add up your score at the end. what do you do? a. they never cook meat for me! 2. we're not in their situation and we have a choice. c. 4. I sometimes buy the organic option . What sort of fish do you buy? a.1!lenb e41lnoqe psuieouoo . I always buy the non-organic option . It doesn't make any difference to me if they are GM or not.lea nOA le4M moqe lie Ie aiao nOA oa 'e"OJdUl! pue NIIsnUl AlleaJ no"" 'SI!qe4 poof aUlOS e"e4 no..!. half tinned or frozen.die or eat an animal. 3 we need a balanced diet! It's perfectly possible to be a vegetarian and eat healthily. there's not much I can do.!. 11 W I '14BnOlH aUlOS I! DU!"!D lJl3lS isruu . Vegans always seem to look pale and in need of a good steak! I don't intend changing my 4. then compare your answers in pairs or small groups. What sort of produce do you generally buy? a. from local farmers.lIeaJ no"" [.. Ask someone who is starving in Africa which they would rather do . No. 3.l 'lea nOh le4M!0 Ne" eJe no"" jauop lIeM :8JOW JO 6~ '::1tj::le8 JOJ ~ pue ~q tj::ll!9 JOI Z ~I! 4::11!9JOI e: 9JO:lS 29 II I 1. b. 2.l 'Jallaq op pmoo no. from local markets. I haven't eaten meat for almost 40 years and fundamental belief that it is cruel to eat another creature. Discussion Complete the questionnaire below. H uetjJ SS''l H Inq Jalleq qonui op pinoo no"" :e:~ - 'lee nOAle4M a"OJdUl! 01 sAeM moqa llU!4. inq peq 001 ION :B~. b.it's usually cheaper. but a friend does and he gives me some.p~ 'no. b.. Mostly fresh. I always buy organic food. Only if there is no alternative.it's a symptom of the growing affluence of society. No. You're absolutely right. . . b... Where do you buy most of your food? a. Now use these expressions of course anyway to complete the following situations: what's more for example . • • • • • 311 c. I usually buy farmed fish. but . When you buy eggs. I'm not so sure about a vegan diet.. 5. I can't actually afford to buy organic stuff. but when they 1. I never eat fish.. however. I know what their answer would be! > that's understandable. Sometimes. Given the choice between organic and nonorganic foods.!. 21 1I 1I HOW CONCERNED ARE YOU? Answer the following questions. 6. so in the end I don't really have a choice. About half fresh. c... from supermarkets.. . c. Never. invite me back. Mostly tinned or frozen or ready to cook.unless it is much more expensive. 7. I know all the arguments. . how often do you get free range eggs? a. all!1 eq 01 SJe410 apensred 01 N. when I invite them round for a meal.. 1. lseelle '!. I just can't bear the thought of eating all the pesticides they spray on fruit and vegetables. Always. I've got a few friends who are vegetarians and they drive me mad sometimes.9JOOSnoA' PIP MOH Instant Discussions Is it right to eat meat? .

show jumping 8.'.:Ill=i~b:uis~:~f~. performing 4. Do other animals suffer in bullfights? 8. i"'.{YfJghtsh(Jnground'.a They are f1ght< 'already jired whep:jhey'~i:.heir necics-for we~kSl?~(pi~..=:~t~rt~:~. Which is pro bullfighting? Which is against it? It It I'Jext 2. . o Bulls(lTe kept irii~(lTkri~~s~for48·. .()rdinatioll and prey~nt~ . take turns to ask and answer the following questions about the texts: ··. Are bulls always killed cleanly in a bullfight? Why not? 7. -.h~urs beforea fight. . ·.. which is supposed to sever the spinal column. The final death blow. ut into-theo ..M?eiI1 fr0l'11. • Often the result of a bullfight is not immediate death.: It I:: I:t simligQf. What happens to bulls in the 48 hours before a fight? Why? 5.$J~atwW.'..1Jril1d." . What do Spaniards feel that bullfighting symbolises? 2.:.ft~~::~n.'~ena they are tlje.Thebiillb~s. How do bulls 'navigate'? 6.... wp¢n they:~go. I '~bUllfightmaf~¢ari'gllt. a bullfight 5.properly. but just excessive mutilation.pavigatiI1g:' ..:UjO!!~ljali~eof.:. .. I:: I: I: Ie I:: . a cock fight 11. Reading Read the two texts below.'. a performing bear or monkey 1.Jiteith~arella.k~fcire~.' .:" '. a fox hunt 10.~:l~'~.. . Their vocal cords are "sometimes cut so that :tb~iicries cannot be heard by the crowd.::. ' is 1..It It Ii Discussion Tick the items in the list below that you have seen: 11: It II!: 7.J.1Ut'it.·~· here<lferepOI1. Horses are . animals in a zoo 6.~ not a . I It It: Itt ·.. dog-racing 3. What animals suffer and how? 30 The exploitation of animals I:: Instant Discussions • • • • It It .'. horse-racing 2. ... a dog fight animals in a circus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 lit lit lit It 12. ~·'Ratherthan beingacle<ir1 kiIl. frequently fails and a fully conscious but paralysed beast is dragged fromthe arena. the bull tormented and tired' out betorethe tnatadot fmallyattempts to kill it. I•. . a pheasant shoot lit It It Compare your answers in pairs or small groups.e4hytPe ··.iY1Jlllls. a dog show 9..:1.fair figh~.' ..r~~~:.taken into the arena. I:: I:'~O? t>eatenand have·lieay:y. How popular is bullfighting in Spain nowadays? Why is this so? 4.rih .ili~~n~etre~~: ••'. Questions in pairs With a partner. • Bulls are not the only victims.'.are T Rea~on. How are bullfighters treated in Spain? 3.often drugged and blindfolded before being .

a . . these animals fight each other in the wild. After all. • II Instant Discussions The exploitation of animals 30 . 7. I'm afraid I have to you up on that point . What I mean is . Dog shows should be banned. Most hunters do not eat the birds they kill so the majority of the dead birds are buried in specially dug holes... that's their business. 3. They are not useful activities. Performing animals in circuses are unacceptable these days and yet people seem quite happy about show jumping. to a discussion? Which ones would you use to correct someone? Which ones would you use to make a positive contribution Which of the expressions are rude? Discussion Where do you draw the line? Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Discuss them in pairs or small groups. There are too many faxes and they need to be killed. Look. Why don't you shut up and for a minute? I think you've what I was trying to say. that's not my at all.. Fox hunting is just another form of pest control. That's not the point at all. 2. Do you think bullfighting is an acceptable 'sport' or should it be banned? 3. There is nothing more offensive than seeing some of these dogs being shampooed and treated as if they were children. No. 6. Sorry. They humiliate dogs. they are just two different ways of getting gamblers to spend money. " . I'd like to come in here if I may. . =31 311 ~ • a I think you've got the wrong end of the here actually. If I could just say at this point . 9. 4. . How far do you sympathise with the Spanish view of bullfighting? 2. What I'm trying to say is . stick another take something interrupt misunderstood listen point 3 5. Complete the sentences using these words: minute clearly 1.. Should the EU be allowed to make bullfighting illegal in Spain. Nobody worries about killing rats. Just a .. Perhaps I haven't put this very. Fox hunting is as good a way as any to do it. Let me put it way. in which one animal fights another (like cock fighting or dog fighting) are illegal in most countries.IJ Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: :181 :aI =:a :w ~ ~ ~ 1. . 10. If people want to dress up in red jackets and have a party at the same time. Try to use the expressions from the Language activity above. but I must you there. or not? Language Here are 10 expressions to use during a discussion. • • • • • a • • • JI Horse-racing and dogracing should be banned. It seems odd that 'sports' II • • • I 36 million pheasants were bred in Britain last year just for the start of the pheasant shooting season. S. . This is a disgrace and should be stopped immediately. The sport should be banned. Show jumping horses are nothing more than performing animals. The sports should all be made legal..

.pij&'~lasiSat-Uti.'Cheney.ifh. "He'st£. " " £ ~ said I: I: £ ~ 2. In your opinion. Do you think marriage is 'a thing of the past'? 3. Are married people treated differently from single people in your experience? In what ways? Share your opinions with the rest of the class. will you make me the happiest man in the world and divorce me?" II: • It II: 31 Why get married? Instant Discussions • It . Why do you think there is such a high divorce rate in many developed countries? 5. Do you know someone who has had a long and happy marriage? Why has it lasted? 4.~'~§~rjii.~ri'the 1. He ah~ays thought Johri ~o~ey. .htY:..:''''~km~~clo~1l the aisle in1987. "'-.. Reading Read this newspaper article and answer the questions below in pairs or small groups: . It I: I! 'W~hid. Why hasn't Cheney got married? 3.he'nghtpef~9ri. Mike.... What was the prize? ili~rn~]"Hfthe gr(/uPtog~6iIFed.:hi$~ffiilm~~af a. what are the three commonest reasons people decide to get married? 2.lVen'tfound t.~!r. Why did they make the bet? Do you think a group of young women would have made the same bet? Was John Cheney's wait worth it? What is a 'confirmed bachelor'? £ :It It "Belinda.: '::~~-j::~-. • a It B It It It .I I Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner: • I I I I I I 1." said..~-:-~:.F~~:~~Il~e~bkchel()r:.

start having marriage problems With a partner. Rutgers University in the US released the results of a study which lists the top 10 reasons men are waiting longer these days to get married. plan the wedding 8. walk down the aisle 15. In 2002. In pairs or groups. situations. • • =:aI ::II 2. start going out with them 17. talk about marriage 4. b. discuss the following: 1. Your son/daughter is now 30 and you want them to settle down.. d. get engaged 16. have an affair with someone 14. see a marriage counsellor 18. Make a list of the benefits and drawbacks of such marriages .. get pregnant 6. You have been going out with your partner for 3 years and are looking for a bigger commitment. go on honeymoon A = after marriage 12.. get back together again in the box and put them in the ideal order for you. Try to talk them out of it. What special problems do you think arise from a marriage between people from different countries or cultures? 3. discuss if you think each is a valid argument. meet their family 7. Your best friend is deciding whether or not to get married. choose one of the following minutes. Instant Discussions Why get married? 31 . find someone attractive 21. • • • Language Divide the following expressions into two groups: B = before marriage 1. Would you consider marrying (or are you already married to) someone from another country or . Your best friend is deciding whether or not to get married. choose 10 of the expressions • II :81 • 1II Discussion 1. start to get close 22. then have the conversation. With a partner. • culture? 2. become friends 5. 1I 2. Try to persuade them to think about getting married. c. get divorced 20. have kids 10. Prepare your part in the conversation for 2 31 1I 1I a. have a stag / hen night 9. Try to talk them into it. Try to talk them into it. propose to them 13. get separated 19. =- 31 ::II ::II 1I :II 1I :B! 211 :. bring up children 11. 31 • • a Intercultural problems With a partner. meet someone you like 3.

.." I: ~ ·4. He basically he 'says'.PI£ASE DON'T BE MY FRIEND! Oh. ~*pe. "..Jrthe·.~·..~. If he sees me on the phone.worka. come on! She's our boss! She comes into the staffroom during our breaks trying to take part in our conversations and share in bits of gossip.ff1i:·(.~¥. Do you think it is simply expected that people dislike their boss? 3.fll~:plaG.:.. ..~er inolOl course $he.<... ~... I mean.·· .\. d. THEN DON'T HIRE ME! I'm finished with my job.h~. .~~i·~~s~n1~~W.N1)<.Discussion In pairs or small groups...r~~~~~~~s .much as she does! I'm .t~~pJ?l~:\l§\~h¢ us-to love the jorta§. .. Which of the following would you do if you didn't like your boss: a. IF YOU DON'T TRUST ME..cts ~ '::sij'.h)y bosssometii1I~s~·l'.•. ··I. .t.•..'..{~ANT I DO A~TfIING'RIGI-I:r.Theu)·w~¢nth~work gets noticed.o~nhWbecdp. Decide which problem you most sympathise Have you or someone you know ever been in any of these situations? t I t t t t t I: ~ it·~~f~0. Have you ever had a boss you didn't like? Why didn't you like him/her? 2.piease. . :·les6:o?ClockringoiiiglioiilekBffhenI'vehad enough! . My boss doesn't trust me or anyone else at work.:.'.} don't know how she. . .:~¥t~s.'..~ . Give me a break! I am.~!~f. " .nd takes allthe. resign and find another job? b. something else? l t with. ...so tired of my boss pretending she's our friend.. 32 I hate my boss! Instant Discussions E £ R: ~ I: lit: It It: -= 8t at ..'..\~!~'. Reading Read the complaints below from a popular website. '.:".?.. He walks past people working at computer terminals to see if he can catch them playing games! Last week I even caught him checking people's desks for. ignore the problem and hope your boss will leave? f.""" .~::1~~o. '.'.:..'l.·the'wQ~k!'I'msick of this! ..bossiss.'..~fie. he tries to listen in to see if the call is work-related. but somebody who is doing half the work I'm doing and getting twice the pay does not deserve equal status with me.fsh~'sdoirtg! ' .~rl~tibe!ieve..credit... go to the personnel department and raise the matter with them? d. discuss the following questions: 1. discuss your problem with your boss? c. wh91S in ]ovewitA. He letspe(}pleassull1e that-he did.~. he doesn't sayit was me. I'm sorry. 5. .'got her job! She doesn't <k~p\V~h<l. . talk to your closest colleagues? e. .i:.dc)this'and 'do that'.a... .iDp~tent.' .se my. '.<':. '. . .goodness knows what! He's a creep! Compare your answers and share your stories. 6.ETS:ALL THE CREDIT.'·'<.IT@ALL·T:HEWCYRK··A.

..'_...~ •• II> . :. Do you think all the people should just leave their jobs? 5. =- • :. Discussion So what makes a good boss and what makes a bad boss? :II :II :II 1. Instant Discussions I hate my boss! • 32 . When you finish. the other should list what makes a bad boss. 3.~' ... 5.. ~. =- 2.~'". 3. Give me a ! 4. Work in two groups.- •• <II". I don't know how much more of this I can . 31 ::II a a til 111 . I've had ! 6.• ==~ ~ Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1. Each situation had an expression word to complete these sentences: in it that means the person could take no more. :II :21 :II -'.A good b$ss never .'" . 2. Which ones have very obvious solutions? What advice would you give? 4. "~~'". I'm finished my job. Do you agree? Are good bosses like good teachers? Talk about the parallels and the differences . 2. What would you do if you heard one of these complaints at work and realised it was referring to you? =II ==II =:II =:II =- Language 1. Do you have equivalents for these expressions in your language? Work with a partner and translate them.... find a student who made the opposite list and compare..:. I can't it any more. . Which of the six situations did you think was the worst one? 2.. Did any of them seem 'silly' to you? Which ones? 3. One group should make a list of what makes a good boss. -'. I'm of this.. Find the missing 1.

Look at this list of ways to spend your money.' The 'incarnation' would allow Linda's spirit to enter her body. It & 5 3. t: ~ ~ It 1. We were going to spend the money enjoying our retirement. George nearly gave up. and that each session took more work. for a fee of $50 initially. Tick the sensible ones: I I I I I I 0 0 0 0 0 the lottery a new house getting your palm read psychic readings playing the stock market 0 0 0 0 0 a college or university education a new car renting a flat yoga classes a big traditional wedding 2. She had already managed to can him out of over $7. Who is the 'they' he refers to? 3. How old do you think the person who said this is? 2. I have nowhere to go. The psychic insisted that she needed to buy more special materials. who Stockton says he met at bingo. has become the latest victim in a rise in money-making scams aimed at the elderly. We didn't have any kids. According to the psychic. I paid her the money. talked him into visiting her house where. this would allow him to speak directly to Linda.000. That's too expensive." The initial $50 fee increased to $100. "Enough. Is this kind of thing uncommon? 2. How much money does he have left? 6. But then she died." The 'money' George refers to was his life savings of $48.' 1." lamented Stockton. "I do miss her so. Give some other good ways to spend money? And bad ones? • Reading Read this quote and discuss the questions below in pairs: t t ! I I: 'For years my wife and I saved our money. 72.000. I've been had!" Police are still searching for the scam artist. his eyes watering. Stockton says a woman approached him with an offer to 'put him back in touch' with his deceased wife. How much money did she manage to get from George? 5. It must have been like taking candy from a baby. Compare the items you ticked in pairs or small groups. she would receive 'messages' from his departed wife.Part 2 I said. At one point. I was devastated. The psychic offered me a new chance. Linda. hook. so much. I've paid too much money already!" That's when she offered to do an 'incarnation.Part 1 George Stockton. requiring higher fees. "It's all gone now. as if she was really there in the room with him. "She lured me in and 1 fell for it.I I I I Discussion 1. West Virginia. How did George Stockton know the woman? Before continuing to read Part 2. I thought it had to be real. What do you think 'taking candy from a baby' means? Now read this man's story and answer the questions below: e t ~ Had . discuss this question in pairs or small groups: What do you think happens next? E £ It I: Had . Why did she suddenly offer an 'incarnation'? 4. Is what she did illegal? Does this happen in your country? 33 Scams . "She seemed to know so much about her. "This was an offer I could not refuse. of Wheeling. "1 guess I was taken in by that." George recalls. Maybe that's why they found it so easy. line and sinker.how can people be so stupid? Instant Discussions • • • It ." The woman.

. A: Do you think he . . A: How much did you pay for it? B: $15.. . Can you think of any others? Discuss in pairs. George Stockton's sad case is perhaps an extreme one. then as a class. . Somehow. it? B: I certainly hope so! Dialogue 4 A: Have fun in Las Vegas. that's right.. • • • • II II • • • • I I I "It worked! We've sent each one home with a gerbil. and now the police are after her. . . I called in sick. .. But what if she had stopped at just $500? Or $50? Should it be illegal? Language Go back to the article and underline expressions that mean 'to fool someone'. Do you think the psychic specifically chose George Stockton? Why? 2. .how can people be so stupid? 33 . . . how did that happen? B: I don't know exactly. But be careful! B: Why? A: It's very easy to be . she . The psychic managed to take over $50. all the noise and excitement and spend a fortune! cigarette advertising home contents insurance beauty products sales in shops double-glazing offers revolutionary diets spending on defence psychotherapy alternative medicine self-help books anti-ageing creams cosmetic surgery pet funerals cures for baldness 3. • a . " it. A: You've ! Dialogue 2 A: You're getting married. Instant Discussions Scams .. Dialogue 3 A: So. Do you consider them scams? l==:II 31 311 • • :II 31 ~ 1.....000 in the end from George. George? B: I'm afraid so... . are you coming fishing? B: Yes. A: Well. I told him I had an 'extremely contagious' virus. Have you ever felt you've been 'had'? What happened? 2. Look at these situations.. Compare with a partner. What techniques did she use to make him give her money? 3.Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: Discussion 1. Then use the expressions you underlined to complete these dialogues: Dialogue 1 A: Is that your new car? B: Yes." I I .000.

Which one is the strangest? What do they all have in common? II II II II It • • .. 50.-----------"---.rieglectedfdines at a: house authorities said was used as 'animal retreat'.~~/. DeL on ViUal~a.: •.:·'It W~foul.pseof their owner in his .{i.>Y~_:'Sevet. "actually going towards you ~ mouth open.I I I I Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner: I I I I 1.-. Did you use to have a bad habit that you've given up? How did you do it? 4.i. Are there any bad habits in other people that really annoy you? Share your ideas with the rest of the class. How do you know it was a big job? 3.abahdQnmentandW.- II: I: ~ ~~-~~ ... some-in ··:pi~tic~~gs.-- Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: E: II: 1. : . partment..ioshow. Del(AJ.Anolli~r 24 p~t~. Police said the dead cats were an John Caldwell said-that the lizards are "alive and well". said police C.pt.YliaOW~f:-vlio ·lived:41oiie.were alS~~!founa. He added that one of the reptiles recovered was acting aggressively.h6me. Why did the authorities go to Antonio Villalba's house? 2." .St9ner Jr.'" '.In~YOf the.New:rrl):.~~~~. up for wbt.. .!~s~~ ' I: ~ £ officer was arrestedifter authbriti~sfoUI1d67 dead cats and dozeQsof other '. Reading Read about these people with unusually anti-social habits and answer the questions below... believe· .n>.soft spot for itPando~ed animals and habitually1!roughtihem ". 'J\udreyWeed. Were all the cats in Audrey Weed's apartment found dead? 4. Do you have any habits which you consider bad habits? 2.k. I"f~ighbOurssaid had ~. Why do you think someone would keep all those cats? 5. It It "Y~ed I: It MAN~OUND DEAD A1'HOMELI:ZARDSEATIN$ mSBODY QOVER. Do you have any old habits that you can't give up? 3.a. I: It '~~I~i~f~~!i±~' .M~il1E. police were called to a l{QnaldHuff's apai1IDent iIl. . ··.butbecarrieoverwheImed.~pet lizards w¢~e found eating the cQJ.'o/a8charged with" animal: . w~ilaken\yedneSday after he'faiIed.'.\s awaiting triaL . police said. What size were the lizards? 34 Bad habits Instant Discussions 5 R at It B . . Do you think Ronald Huff was killed by his lizards? 6.ihthewoman's refrigeratorcandrteezer.:urtderfed.

7.Language 1. Do you have equivalents in your language? 2. 9. OK.are you a hoarder? Are you a hoarder? Do you find it impossible to throw things out? For Villalba in the article. fingers b. d. nose d. But aren't we all in some small way the following things you secretly hoard: some people. Match the following to complete the bad habits: :!a ::a ~ ===II :til 1. :::II :21 ill • • _. I can't resist a bargain. I have a terrible sweet tooth. The following expressions are common ways to talk about habits. :lCI 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ordinary plastic carrier bags carrier bags from famous shops empty wine bottles empty jam jars old newspapers old magazines favourite old clothes from concerts or plays programmes pens old cosmetics Find other people in the class who share your weakness. such as Antonio by doctors as an obsessiveaway . 4. hair f. etc. snap your 6. I just can't throw things out. :II a :. 2. b. 3. He stays up all night watching. Underline the verbs. nails 1. I'm trying to cut down. crack your 3. It's a hard habit to break. you can't stop. Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. Are there other things which you are willing to admit to hoarding? Instant Discussions Bad habits 34 . Get your finger out of there! 5. bite your 2. empty cereal packets. knuckles c. 6. play with your a. I'm down to two packs a day now. Once you start. L a. teeth e. pick your 5.I just surf all day long. What habits do the following refer to? :. Some people find it impossible to throw anything bottles. c. this is a real problem . just a drop. I've been meaning to give up. My nails never grow. grind your 4. 8. !:II =II =31 =3 :II :II =- "Hoarder!" Questionnaire .now officially recognised compulsive disorder. I get on and I can't get off .even hoarding used secret hoarders? Tick which of :.

a:New York City. "Our theory is that the bird was-in the afrand hit him in the head. the tifue'"yhen it struck the~ld. punched Eddelson in the head and ran off.. Give each one a mark: 5 = very dangerous t I I I I I I I I I I f i taking a bath taking a shower eating in a restaurant kissing taking a walk smoking Does everyone in the class agree? flying changing a light bulb watching TV driving your car going camping hitch-hiking Reading The following are real news headlines.·.erlyman·\Vhile~ewas.·.0~~. ~~ . ··4"A eG.. ·.!a.sfu..••.·.t.Lower Milimattan's Tribeca neighbourhood around 9:30 pm on Wednesday.I I I I Discussion Work in pairs. ':i. Could any of these have been easily prevented? How? 35 Killed by a flying duck! Instant Discussions • • . MAN DIES AFTER BEING NEW YORK CITY STREET c FATALLY STRIKES MAN IT WAS SENT TO HELP d. ·~.·. . police said. Were you surprised by any of these? Why/Why not? 2. said the Broward County Sheriff's spokesman.n. L-__ ~ ~ ".NeiLEdd~lsotl.e.punthedinthelleMby another man while walking:hlong.:~.~:~ ..g.~m l?bk g for the fire'Prigade~ H~diedii1s. out.aJ..••. '. Rate the following 0= no risk to your health everyday activities on a health-risk scale.·~..'~.·~. try to complete the headlines on your own before comparing with a partner: • a FALLS ON MOVING CAR IN INDIANA. A man died-after he was. The bird's carcass was found nearby and there were feathers on the jet-ski's handlebars.:.'i\. an owner of a boat dealership. Were all of these 'accidents' or 'unintentional'? • • • • • • • It 3. . Another man approached.·~. iri . 39..·.c.· . ~ Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1. 2.~.e . followed by extracts from real newspaper articles.: .. JET-SKI OPERATOR DIES IN HIGH-SPEED COLLISION WITH A . .·'·.•.·t~:c~e . Hugh Graf.·.· .. KILLING TWO ADULTS AND THEIR TWO CHILDREN IN THE HEAD IN b.. . I I I !:f~~=1~t~~~~~~]~%2'" .r~~~ t I I storln The chances of'thai :tree falimgat :. Now read the articles and then go back and correctly complete the headlines. police said.:.~~:..i~.uty~\:'.u.ii~~~~. man dashing agfossalake 'on his let-ski at' abbut 55 mph waskilledin a coUisiol1with a flying duck.. . First. and a friend were walking from a barin.tantly. street.· n." said David Bamdas..· •.~·:.

<Itmay be that your sale purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. 3. . . Do you believe your life is in danger at any time? In what ways? 3. There's been an earthquake in Turkey and thousands of people have lost their homes. How awful! I suppose there are mad people everywhere. 4. . . d. I don't believe it. There's been a crash on the underground and a lot of people have been injured. in an area which has a recent history of violent earthquakes? b. That's incredibly sad.. I hope nobody's been killed. 6. . The most serious danger in any home is fire. Did you hear that a little girl was killed by a falling tree today? II 11 II Ii II II II • awful! How did it happen? 2. There's been a gas explosion in town.. 3.or just uncaring? Killed by a flying duck! 35 Instant Discussions . c. . . Accidents involving often occur in the presence of an adult. Can you complete them using the following words? Discussion Discuss the following in pairs or small groups: 1.. . Do you believe the kinds of events discussed so I I I I • I I I I . Almost 40 % of all accidents which need . 5. . Which is the best natural reaction to each? a. far in this unit are pure misfortune.. How do you feel about living: a. 5. 2.. How incredible! What an awful thing to go through! How + adjective: How awful! How amazing! How unbelievable! That sounds unbelievable! That's I That sounds + adjective: That's amazing! That's terrible! That sounds awful! Complete the following situations using words from the examples above: 1. It spreads fast and is often... in an area where hurricanes or cyclones are an annual occurrence? c. Almost 40% of all accidents in the home involve someone.. ..' How do you feel about this remark? Could it be true . treatment happen in people's homes.. It just sounds amazing! b. • falling children kitchen hospital lethal 1. . . . Do you know anyone who likes to live dangerously? What do you think the term 'adrenaline junky' means? What sort of people are they? S.. Notice these different ways to react to amazing news: What a + noun: What a coincidence! What a terrible thing to happen. that's terrible! awful thing to have to tell your children! 4. What a coincidence! The odds of that happening must have been incredible.. . > terrible! I hope it's nowhere near where your friends live.. or do you believe in fate? 2. near an active volcano? Do you think people in these areas take 'a calculated risk' or don't they think about it? 4. A friend of mine was backing her car into her drive when she ran over her dog. > appalling! You wonder what gets into these people...• • • • • • • • • :I II II II • • Language Here are possible reactions to the four situations you read about. Have you heard the news today? A guy ran amok and shot 6 people in a supermarket in Sydney. the bedroom and the bathroom.. Among the most dangerous rooms are the .. > That terrible. > That terrible! Do they know how it happened yet? > Accidents in the home Did you know that most injuries to people happen within the four walls of their own home? Here are some true statements about safety in the horne. Something terrible has happened this morning. > Oh. .

was GORMAN\.resCrle:wqikerssaid.•."He's SOrile~jng'speciaL He keeps wanting to know how he's going to ride his bicycle and how he is going to run and play with the other kids. your car breaking down on the motorway Reading Read these newspaper articles and answer the questions below. . ". Alex Compton struggled to get to the hospital by himself.:\.A 2.' sheriff's Deputy Michael . he covered himself with dirt and branches at night to keep warm: "We're all-surprised-that he'd. 7.been out there for 30 days and that he survived. ! Lorenci said.anyOIle. he·h~d)~everkhQw~i.weak....' .fcteIit. 36 Survivors! Instant Discussions It It It 8: .. (Ai» .:~~~:S(}~6~~~~~ij~da~ ..a hunter on Monday about 60lTIiles north of downtown Los Angeles. he would have bled to death. being lost at sea in a small yacht 2.living in a dangerous part of the city where people are regularly mugged 6.•• 'tllightoii()pt~e· and •• bleedIIlg. < . being the only one at a party who doesn't know anyone 8. wasfound by." . "It's not every day that something like this happens.: : . Do you think you could have survived? ·nQYUSESIlELT·To·STOPBLE:EDING··. ..I I • Discussion With a partner. travelling to do business in a country where you do not speak the language 3.• "-~' • LOST MANSURVIVESINWOODS·. '.sorescuers I transportedhim by heltcopter to Henry Mayo Newhall I treated . Sean Kelly is an exceptionally lucky person to have survived such an experience. Alex Compton has already come to terms with this incident.lO. 1 Kelly wastoo..._--___j ...·survive said ·suchanacCident. credit cards and passport in a foreign country 4. 6. -.CaJif. Sean Kelly was forced to eat insects.. thetr~cK'His legwas:a1so found. 4. Alex Compton lost both legs. . . If Alex Compton had not used his belt to stop the bleeding.II1bth¢r.LisaCornptqn. - ~t4~Yi~$"io~~. having two fifteen-year-old nephews to stay for a weekend without their parents 7..•.. who. Lorenci said: To survive.Hi:Jearned the techIllquefrorn . Kelly told the hunterhe had been lost fo'r about two weeksilnil'survivedby eating roots and bugs.nefghb6~'fouhdAlex~b~side. ." _ 12: It It j II J I It It I: R: I:: I:: I." Ash1ey'·sind. Sean Kelly went into the woods to go camping.his..theab::.. II lit • cfossingthe)i"acks w~enJri~'f(}ot got . S.9rbne~ Ronni~ . i~iiri~~[~ii/: "_A "_ ." Lorenci said.'/\shley . Sean Kelly was amazingly well after being so long in the woods.ah~fse:·.bur' doctors cbuldri if reattachiL' .\Vho wasreported'missingon September30th.'. '.~<Ul Kelly.::. 2. L__ Work in pairs and mark the following T = True F = False statements: NEI = Not Enough Information 1. .. S. .: '.·to... police saId. '-Memorial Hospital-where he was It It It It I ! I I AbPeyiUe 'CQ~tyC... ' ••. ... 3.yery'brave child.iovedhiS:helr tightened. 8.to walk. decide which three of these survival situations are the worst: I I I 1. • • • • • It II .··... losing your wallet. bereil. Alex C6IriPtort.had studied firstaid atschcicifA.itarohA4his . • . being lost in the middle of a forest S.After. .''i\lex isa'very.1 '.'H'ear-oldman who wandered into the Angeles National Forest a m(}nth ago and got l~sthas been found alive.

You are camping. Instant Discussions Survtvors! 36 . Imagine that! chance. You have just seen a shark about 100 metres away. Does this mean that it is very unusual or that it is commonplace? Divide the expressions below into those that mean 'very unusual' and those meaning 'more common': a :aI II very unusual a. Have you heard there's been an earthquake in central Turkey? 2. There's been another bomb attack in Belfast. It was out of the ordinary. It's not the first time.2 hours have passed and still no help has arrived. e.and she's alive and well! Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. d. o o o o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l 0 Work in pairs. It was a one-in-a-million c. Buildings start moving.Language • • . smell smoke and realise that there is a fire in your house . but you have no food or water. 3. You are on holiday . 3.on safari in Africa. There's been a massive pile-up on the M6 . If you lost one of your senses. It's hard to believe. You are trapped in a crowded lift . It's an earthquake! 4. I'm not all that surprised. Look at this sentence from the second article: It's not every day that something like this happens. their speech. 5. their hearing. 6. You are in a busy street in the city. Do you think the President will resign? 6. b. I think it's highly unlikely. We often read about people who lose their Sight. You are unharmed. It happens all the time. S. All we need is one flake of snow and the trains are off! 8. 4. 2. You are on holiday in Australia. You wake up. They've found that girl who's been missing for six months . which would be the most difficult to cope without? • II I I ~ . g. more common • • • • • • • II o o o o f.nine people are known to have died. Use the above expressions to respond to the following: • II II I II I I I II 1. You are swimming about a mile off shore. t t . h. their sense of smell or taste. The small plane you were travelling in has crashed in the middle of the jungle. There's been a lot of flooding in Bangladesh. i. A very large snake has entered your tent. Discuss the best ways to survive in these situations: 1. Someone's just been found alive after two months lost in Brazil. 7. It's not unheard of.

If you were rich and famous. his brothers and sisters regularly when they seemed to be covered with a white cloth as were growing up. Buying a child expensive toys. What does 'spoiling' a child mean to you? 3." take care that they stayed on the right track The child. h.much crime ifparents would neverintentionally endanger ilibhves of were prepared to punish their kids a little and my children. Were you spoiled as a child? 2. Letting a child watch as much television as he or she wants.'J:that therewouldn't be so. Letting a seven-year-old child stay up till 11 at night.. b. What other things do you consider spoil children? Reading Read the following article. e. his tiny legs kicking. Taking a four-year-old child to Florida to see Disneyworld. how would you protect your children from the media? 37 Do you spoil your kids? Instant Discussions It & ~ . Giving a child sweets every day. m E £ a R • 1= 1. g. Why did Jackson put his son's life at risk? 2.· maintained . What else do you know about Jackson and his children? 4. Buying a child the latest clothes. is Jackson's third Michael 1 ackson claims his fathei beat him. Giving a five-year-old pocket money. Prince Michael II.:r~got) ··favour6f spanking chi1d~~n.I t I I Discussion Discuss these questions with a partner: I I I I I I I I I I I 1.•. The boy. c.. How many of the following things do you consider 'spoiling a child'? a. f. then answer the questions which follow: t t f e E t E I ~ singer said.~'l. He caught up in'the exdt~mentqOhemQme~t. Sending a child to a private school.in~de'~tenjbleri1istakt. What is worrying about the way Jackson is bringing up his children? 3. and and youngest. d.

3. You give him advice on safe sex. as long as her older sister goes with her. abuse a child 2. Your 17-year-old son is going out on his first real date. educate a child 5.. • l1li l1li l1li. b. indulge a child 6. b. b. c. a. You reluctantly give her the money because you want her approval. ! r Language Work in pairs or small groups. bring up a child 4. adopt a child 3. You are the lucky winner of the state lottery .~ C • -. c. 4. 5. a.. l1li •••• l1li l1li l1li l1li • l1li l1li. a. You tell her maybe. Which of the following collocations to do with children have a negative connotation? . They never say no. but you want to approve the design first.e •••• o ••••••• e •• G e • What is your parenting style? • • 1. You think they're dangerous. You don't like the idea. mistreat a child 11.. They couldn't have any kids of their own. c. then discuss it in the whole class: e. look after a child 7. neglect a child 12. raise a child 10. It •• l1li •• l1li l1li l1li • l1li • Instant Discussions Do you spoil your kids? 37 . a. b. Your daughter. You give your kids everything you never had. beat a child 8. You offer to buy him a car on condition he gives up motorbikes. 'Have a great night!'.. You give them just what they need and no more. You tell her OK. 21 • :II • e • • e 21 • • 21 • • II • • • • • . c. Everyone in your daughter's class is getting tattooed. Your son asks you for a motorbike for his 18th birthday. so .$50 million! a. b. c. b. You tell him to forget about it. f. You ask him where he's going and offer him a lift and some cash.a =~ 1. You give him your credit card and say. That's it! Go straight to your room! Discussion Use this questionnaire first in pairs. discipline a child 9. e. l1li • .ee~II) •••• l!fIeeo. He taught me everything I know. c.. You laugh and tell her to do her homework. l1li •l1li • • • l1li l1li l1li l1li l1li l1li It • • • • . 2. You make your kids struggle because you had to. wants to join the club. You absolutely forbid it. You let her go even though you don't agree with it. She's always giving in to that boy. Your 13-year-old daughter wants to go to the movies alone with a 16-year-old boy. spoil a child Which of the above collocations describe these situations? =II 31 31 31 21 :II :II 31 21 a. :21 :JI f/I 31 • • • e G ::. She forgot to pick her up from school again. Where did you get those bruises? d. 18. g. You buy him the motorbike.

Do you think you are a good driver? WhylWhy not? What makes a good/bad driver? 5..:--'. Do you think they will understand that 'it was all a terrible accident'? 4.. What do you think Mrs Dawkins will do when she gets out of hospital? 6._ 0 . I had begun to think itwas quite funny and by the time she finally stopped Twas laughing like hell. do you intend to take a driving test at some time? 2. What would you have done if you had been Daniel Hunt? 5. 15. 0 I Number 131 cr 0 a: Martin's Lane co . . 'It was like something out of an old silent movie.. .owned. 1 Mrs. What sort of car do you have? What sort of car would you like if you had the choice? 3.~.:.".a stop..: :. When shedrove into Mrs Beecham's garden at number 11. Have you ever had an accident? What happened? Reading Read this article.wJl~eler" ._ I It It It It It > Number 151 Number 181 I I Number 171 It It It but oncea'g~iost contro(:2rakhingiht.._ o .. She confessed to being. - .. Do you drive? If not.' he said. Mark Mrs Dawkins' route on the map below and write in the names of the people who live at each house. . Do you know of anything like this ever happening in your country? Instant Discussions II: R It • It It ilt II: 38 Do you drive? ."J.' Mrs Dawkins spent last night in Worthing General Hospital suffering from shockand minor injuries."._'~ .. How do you think some of them felt? 3. Daniel Hunt witnessed the whole event frorilhisfiont' room at no.'?) J ..~y Mr.~". ._."~:.. Do you think all Mrs Dawkins' neighbours felt the same way as Daniel Hunt? 2..I I I I Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: I I I I 1. 6... what? 4.'-: '::.6'tIi6gat~s~in" front of n~rnber .'.-:. and finallycorning t(). • • • I II II '.~.. 'I just could not believe what was happening. Do you think a person's car says something about them? If so.. extremely embarrassed and hoped that herneighbours' would understand that it had all bee~ateITible accident." .'(. and Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: I: It 1. I Number 11 I "0 1 Number 161 It co .

At that point the examiner said: 'If you don't mind. park illegally . (3) . the battery the gates on to the road the car the car into reverse a driving lesson forms of expressions from the exercise above: Check your answers The day of my first driving test was the worst day I can remember! I was going to . Match the verbs on the left with an appropriate phrase on the right: 1. e. driving along a twisting country road behind an old man and his wife who are going very slowly. Discussion Answer the following questions on your own. . 'Doesn't look too bad to me but I reckon it's probably worth a drink'? • • • • 11 • • II II " Instant Discussions Do you drive? 38 . As you reverse out of a parking space you accidentally scratch the BMW parked next to you. but slow down for the speed cameras because you know where they are? c. 2. Do you: a. The examiner got into the car and asked me to drive out of the test centre car park. please. the text below with appropriate a. 2.. Do you: a. Speed cameras have just been installed in your town. I think it would be better if you came back another day. f. wait till someone moves their car so you can park legally? 3. Do you say: a. go to a different newsagent's? c. Do you: a. 6. Then compare your answers in pairs or small groups.Language 1. I (6) of the test centre. First of all I (4) and shot backwards about ten metres very suddenly.you'll only be five minutes late? 5..you'll only be two minutes? b. My garage'll be checking for any damage'? c. (1) first and then go on to take my test... 'You idiot! This car's only three weeks old'? b. and quite gently.you always used to keep to the speed limit anyway. My driving instructor arrived on time and we got into my car.. Mr Williams.. drive more slowly all the time now? b. We set off and just arrived at the test centre in time. You want to pick up a newspaper on your way to work but there isn't a parking space outside your local news agent's... You are in a hurry. 2. Then as I drove forwards (5).' I've never felt so humiliated. • • :. 3.. find a radio station you like and relax . Complete start have charge put crash into turn out in the text. Do you: a. but nothing happened. You both get out of your cars.. 5. d. c. It was dead. scratch the other side of the BMW too so it looks like vandalism? 4. b.. drive as usual. I (2) and eventually managed to . drive as usual. drive off quickly? b. • • • 31 31 1. try and overtake even though it might be quite dangerous? b. 4.. leave your name and address under the BMW's windscreen wiper? c.. bumps into the back of your car at some traffic lights. Someone accidentally. sound your horn to try and make the old fool let you past? c. 'I'll have your name and address.

l__ __ ~ . Reniledy's' ."__ ~____ J' It: It: It It: R Read the information again and make a list of things which haven't been mentioned (because they obviously weren't coincidences).'. • • • • • • • It It It Did you know? • The UK has fewer public holidays than any other European country.~~:'. tWo :(:.__.'::Hncomc:l ence.n -. u Ilothass~ssmswer~ known by their three..r.:~. or too many? Compare your answers with another pair. Maryland..~~'. i~fijt61:~hon~i~~ut great US Presidents..eriI1~dYwasshof in a:i.fttJlfi "~JJJ u ~u . • Both Booth and Oswald were assassinatedbefore their trials.rW~h7~o~sl~u. Kennedy in 1963. • Both Were succeeded by Southerners named .K@i.~::~~. about right. .i~0i":itJ1tlOn~Jo~son. .amed Kennedy.~'d. Ir: &: ~ 1'.'. What sort of things do these holidays celebrate? 3.".~'c!ee..d~~. Do you think the number of public holidays is too few. How significant 39 are the coincidences above? Are there any coincidences in your life? Instant Discussions R Special days and dates IJ: .'~~~.."~ . "..~::"'. • A week before Lincoln was shot. A week before Kennedy was shot. • Bbth names: are (:omp?s¢d of fifteen letters. i. For example: Kennedy didn't die exactly 100 years after Lincoln. -c .~>'" ~:'.• ~". __...: "':'" V~~~..::~..C~O~l'nf.' • ~d' ~ ? II: '. • Northern Ireland has two extra days: March 17th (St Patrick's Day) and July 18th (the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne).:..... ' • Lincoln was-shotat the·theatrell..c.:~".~1:~~1~~t~~~~.. K.·'·E!:~i~!t:edt"ch coiitain ~~y. ::~ 'Read ttiis . What do you do on these holidays? 4. .'. Lincoln's secret<l1)'was named Kennedy.~~~. caught in it theatre.names .) Compare your answers in pairs or small groups.Johnson.n'1~ 18!t6?".~Jev.tw~la·~·S~blojrn~~~lt. he was in Monroe. Tick anything that you already knew: It .rnedY. .".'1 "~~b fill Q:~ou".'~lJ... • There are now eight bank holidays in Britain..Discussion Work in pairs or small groups and discuss the following questions: 1. .' . (In fact Lincoln died in 1865. . How many public holidays do you have in your country per year? 2.fucoln Gar.':'.~rtJ~o~stn!!. It It It It ~ Reading Read the information below.~~:.OSwalci ranfrorn awarehouseand was.~A:br<l11~ibmco'hfwas '~lected to 'yongress'. 'D'v~m-J...~.:~. who succee..erildl:e. . • Boothnm from the the*tre and Vias caught-in a warehouse.~:~m~:. • Before 1871 only Christmas Day and Good Friday were official holidays for everyone in Britain.. he was with Marilyn Monroe • "__ -= It:: I::: I: I: It: • Both were assassinated by Southerners.:'~.1'~t~e~w...":.

What religious festivals do you celebrate? What is the religious significance of these festivals? What happens on these days? 3. You heard about the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001.. The day starts with a (2) through the streets of the village. Your country has decided that there should be one more public holiday every year. Then. everyone goes back to their (7) for a special (8). Do you celebrate any of the following in your country? National Day Independence Day the longest I shortest day of the year either of the solstices (21st March. What has been the most important day of your life so far? Compare your answers with those of other groups. everyone goes down to the . (6) for the fishermen.. After that. Discussion Discuss the following in pairs or small groups: :II: 31 til ill 2l :s :II' • • 1.not even the children. There are (10) for the children and the grown-ups play with the children and chat to each other. when it starts to get dark.. At about 12 o'clock everyone arrives at the (5) and there is a special .. (9) by the seafront.. which you feel should be celebrated.. 2. Everyone has a great time. ... in the afternoon. Can you remember where you were and what you were doing when: 1. 21st September) name days What do you do on these days? 2. What other events do you feel have had a similar impact? Language Complete the text below with words from the box: t- ZII r- procession band fireworks ceremony party church costumes festival games meal park homes til • !II ::m =:II til 31 31 ZIJ· til· Every year on 21st July our village has its own special (1). Work in small groups and decide: when the holiday will be what it is going to celebrate what official celebrations (if any) there should be 5.: -~ Instant Discussions Special days and dates 39 .... either with or without a public holiday? 4. Usually nobody gets to bed before about three in the morning . religious or otherwise. Everyone between the ages of 15 and 30 wears traditional (3) and there is a (4) which plays traditional music and songs..J i' • ::Ill . You heard that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash in Paris.Discussion Many people born before about 1953 can remember exactly what they were doing when they heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Are there other events. there are (11) and there is a big (12) with music and dancing.. It is called the Festival of the Sea because the village is on the coast. Later..

ceptid6~()Om and.~Ie:c~ri9.set in beautiful countryside in southwest Scotland.000. France.' . It has 19 bedrooms. It of modernisation. giy@[ "h~ll1e~.verand~. ··'I~. . What is your house like? 3. roof garOer1.propertie~ are rarely()nthe~market. Describe your favourite room."-. How long have you lived there? 4.(i. . -- I .l r~.rl:l....l~with'6rf.~ti6t»":~J~r.iElE!tlOg ith w ~0. I I It It :~·i~:. ."p-W . par~irig..---_--. this is a-rare chance to acquire a truly fantastlc freehouse with full living acccmmodatlori.. 2 towers. Which property needs some money spent on it? It It THREE EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTIES FOR SALE It ~A6'useb()at.four b~or()Om. In need of some • I]. living roorn.s'ibathroom:.----'-..• • I I I Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1. ---. Set in a park..:Two~bedroomfloating . ·F?.000 .(ji~ti?~.--"_. Which is the biggest I smallest? 3.VieW:nCiW. Answer these questions: It I: 1. Language Match the words and phrases to the pictures: treehouse ungtoam lighthouse windmill palace log cabin • • • • • • • I II It It Reading Look at the three advertisements below.000 • It S It 40 Where do you live? Instant Discussions . It It It It J I i L.· .These . Which is the most expensive / cheapest? 2. Kitchen/dining room. terracesard 65 hectares parkland.--. Where do you live? 2.. 24 other rooms.rice:£990.'·" French chateau hear Poitiers. -. this magnificent property is built very much in the grand manner. __ __! Built in 2000." &~ .SVv~h'lslafidH~fbour... UnbeJievable!Price "£90.Price: £230.dellgDttyl rive(ytE?vY$:J.

put your wallet away." Instant Discussions Where do you live? 40 • • • .it's as safe as . You want to build a house. What do you think are the pros and cons of each of the three properties? 2. Home is where the heart is. I hadn't met Sam before. Yes. we are as happy as in our own home d. 4.. . 1. What size will it be? How many rooms? How many floors? 4. It's on the 6. . . . . ... Plan the ideal house for both of you to live in together. it's very safe e. I know the bridge looks a bit dangerous.'Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: Planning a house Work in pairs. Match each sentence above to the correct meaning below: 1. We got on like a .. 1. hi! Nice to see you. 5. sauna. Which property do you think is the most unusual? 3. we liked each other c. 4. 5. it was not very special b. but you can manage it if you and your partner do it together. 21 J] 1.i'" • • • :at =II :II :at . . Think about and discuss the points below and draw up a plan. . . on fire. that's my home. . Wherever I lay my hat. I suppose we had a good holiday. 2. An Englishman's home is his castle. no. . Where will it be? Will it have a view? 2. Jamie. Come inl Make yourself at . . 3. . No.i. . Which would you most like to live in? Why? 5. How will it be decorated? Simply? Very traditionally? Plain colours? Flowery wallpaper? 5. The weather was good but the hotel was nothing to write about. . We stay at my sister's house so often .. till "On a clear day you can see the ground. be comfortable f . You don't have enough money to build a house on your own. tennis court? Get together with other pairs and compare your designs. What style will it be in? Modern? Traditional? 3.it's like a from . There's no place like home. What about things like a swimming pool. . Will it have a garden? What size? What style? 6. He's great. . But don't worry . . Discussion Work in pairs or small groups. Which would you least like to live in? Why? Language Use house or home to complete these sentences: • :II ~ ~ =- . 3. Charity begins at home.J • . .it's free 1. . . 111'>\ !II '. What do you think the expressions below mean? Do you agree or disagree with them? Why? • • • • • • • • • • • a. Have you ever seen or been in any properties like these? Where? What were they like? 4.

. b. Bob Dylan was one of the most important singers of the 1960's. there is no way I'm . descent. Reading 1 a. We have not excluded Ashley from school. Protest The stories 'Stuck in the Air' and 'Back Into The Records' are false: Stuck in the Air This story was reported by the BBC and other news agencies. Language 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 contest ascent descent collecting repeated manager opponents guidance r It It I I I I I I I I I: I S ~ Discussion Elicit contemporary examples of youth culture from the students. Back Into The Records There is no guarantee that Ben Nevis has not been climbed by someone walking backwards! Language 1 contestant. 5 Initially I'd like to clarify that classes will take place as normal. 5 He felt the school had acted reasonably by not excluding her and by allowing her to attend normal lessons. opposition. Answers: 1 Ashley was furious because they changed the colour of her hair in the photograph. They must start: "Did you hear about the man who . " Instant Discussions . operation. pupils are expected to bring credit upon themselves . 2 I have no intention of ever allowing him into my classes.I Unit by unit notes 1 Teenage rebellion Reading I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I Elicit students' opinions on questions 1 . Note in the Dylan quotation 'agin' .:::ageing'.. Make sure that one person in each group is appointed to write the story down.. collector. Were any of them part of the 60's generation? 2 Incredible stories The stories in this unit can easily be added to from national and local papers or from the internet. Language Can the class think of any pop lyrics today which shape the attitudes of young people? You could ask the class to ask their parents what pop music was like when they were young. Possible answers: 1 I was extremely angry that he was unable to resolve the problem of the timetable. What were the issues of the day? (the Vietnam War. repetition.3. Weaker groups should do 1 and if they do that in a reasonable time.. opponent.. guidance. The cartoon Why is the cartoon funny? You could put students into pairs to make up a story based on it. 3 She had had pink hair since before Christmas. I was just fuming. collection. Initially we were assured . c. contest. 4 We have come to the decision that your son should be excluded from this school. Then read the texts about Ashley's view and the headmaster's view. black rights... 2 a. operator. 4 He thought her hair did not bring credit upon her or the school.. 3 I shall seek an immediate meeting with the director.. Ask the class why they think protest ' was so common at that time.. 2 She thought the school should have given her a choice. We have been trying to resolve . d. We have allowed her to attend normal lessons. Good groups should be able to work with 3 or 4 of the headlines. guide.. c. b... I went straight to the headmaster. Other possible nouns: manager. ascent. but the airline later denied that it was true. launch. ask them to do another. etc) Unit by unit notes You could display the stories around the classroom so that the class can read and discuss them all. women's rights. Find out how they feel about the examples.

isagreement. is a long-running argument. t a 'family feud'. If you wish. At the end of the lesson. The Thompsons say that Miss Hill has: .been unhelpful about keeping the shared drive clear .Slavic Fatima . 1 visit a website go online surf the internet switch on your computer download music key in a password burn a CD 2 1 switch on 5 visit 2 password 6 download 3 go online 7 burn 4 surf Unit by unit notes . Type in 'names for pets' and you will be surprised what you find . dispute. Language 1 found guilty 2 causing the death of 3 sentenced 4 fine 5 prison 6 committed 7 conviction 8 criminal 9 offenders Cara .Welsh Duc .British Pavel .cut down one of the Thompsons' trees .•. >4 ".not used today! la The shoplifter had to walk up and down the street outside the shops he had stolen from with a sign that read: 'I am a thief....Arabic Tokala . 5 What's in a name? You could start this discussion with the names of your class. Ask students to do the questionnaire on their own before comparing their answers with a partner.a wooden structure which held a criminal's legs and arms so that they could not move. this activity could also lead into a discussion about what are appropriate punishments for schoolchildren.Vietnamese Washi .. '~ Discussion aI f'..3 Naming and shaming Discussion Expressions 1 dream 2 led 3f 4c 5h 6e 7d 8g 3 over 4 occasion 5 last 6 cause Questionnaire Ib 2a Reading Make sure students know what 'stocks' are . ~..stolen a strip of land when she replaced a fence .eaten the Thompsons' fish..everything from thousands of name suggestions for your pet lizard to 'pet of the month' competitions! One of the main distinctions seems to be people who give their pets human names and those who give them 'fun' names.allowed her dog to attack Mrs Thompson .••. ask the class if they think naming and shaming is a suitable thing to do. You can the idea that something also that it may not be. eg rotten eggs! A very old form of punishment in the UK .Native American Kunto ... Who has a common name? An unusual name? A nickname? The origin of names 2 She thinks they will make people stop and think. feud ..African Meredith . Do not steal. Would it work in their culture? 4 Neighbours from hell Reading You could suggest that students try an internet site to find the most popular names for pets.Japanese Chloe .Celtic/Gaelic Andrew .Greek Discussion He should be locked up/put behind bars/sent to prison. .. This could be you..' 1b The man had to write a one-dollar cheque every week to the man whose daughter he killed.• Language : . 6 You've got mail True or false? IT 2F 3F 4T language ... This was erected in a public place so that people could throw things at them.. .

pricey. Language worth/costing a lot: valuable. may no longer be inevitable. Discussion I I i 8 Are we all criminals? Reading 'Generational cleansing' means getting rid of everyone of a particular generation. Do you think it is funny? Is it in bad taste? Why? Are there things we should not laugh at? 10 Living longer Reading 1 They agree that ageing. one of the UK's most famous cartoonists. Discussion a. genetic engineering f.life expectancy c. For example: possessing firearms.Discussion This is a good opportunity to bring in any current stories in the press relating to internet use or abuse.000 b. non-payment of fines etc. £13. invaluable.500 d. 2 They took it to the local police station. medical science b. life-threatening diseases e. 3 It is complete nonsense. 2 There would be too many old people. The cartoon The cartoon is by Ken Pyne. £10. the sanctity of human life 1 2 3 4 5 medical science life expectancy life-threatening diseases genetic engineering the ageing process Instant Discussions 'I . 2 A boy was strangled in the cottage in the late eighteenth century. 9 Things that go bump in the night! Reading 7 Price and value True or false? 1F 2T 3F 4T Language 1 The house that they bought is haunted. extravagant. economical The following words are wrong: 1 expensrve 2 exorbitant 3 valuable 4 pricey 5 economical 6 invaluable 7 pricey 8 cheap 9 valuable.000 c.384. Language 1 Ld 2c 3a 2 4b 5f 6e Language 1 broke into 2 looking into 3 answered to 4 turned up 5 get away with 6 let (them) off Unit by unit notes a. £30. You could also raise the following topics: • overall control of the internet • to what extent parents should control their children's use of the internet • should the police and governments exercise tighter control over material that is available on the internet? Discussion In a multinational class you could ask students to discuss what kind of things are sometimes regarded as 'normal' in one country/culture but 'criminal' in another. £1. and possibly even death. the ageing process d. Language 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 She took it and flew to France. She lived there for ten years and never had any problems. 'To clear away the dead wood' means to get rid of something (or in this case some people) that is no longer useful. inexpensive. expensive. This might mean that old people would need to be killed off to make way for younger people. but they weren't told about this by the sellers. exorbitant worth/costing a little: cheap.000 IS 2F 3S 4F 5F 6S You could put pairs together into groups of four to discuss their ideas about 'it' in each sentence. £28m e.

Reading Lb 2£ 3a 4e Sc 6d 14 The power of prayer Prayer and religion are 'sensitive' areas about which people have strong and emotional views. He thinks there are more important things than these particular issues. sad. 3 Language 11 Giving to charity It might be useful to start this unit by listing important national and local charities in your country. Reading 1 A newspaper 2 c 1 Saving a very rare snail.000 trees have been cut down to create a nature reserve for the snail. Treat it with care. 3 A lot of men wear wedding rings. The cartoon Make sure students know the meaning of arson. important building work has been stopped. Brian (probably) 2 Michelle 3 Vikki Discussion 1 Reasons for not giving (from the texts). Language ID 2B 10 D 3B 4D SD 6D 7B 8B 9D 15 Revenge is sweet! Reading 1 giving (money) away 2 gave (it) back 3 giving out 4 give up 5 get (something) back 6 get by 7 pay back 8 got over a b c d get over get by give out give up Note: a vicar is an Anglican priest. I pay a lot of money in tax. Teachers should be careful which classes they use this material with and be sensitive to the feelings of all the students in the class. who specialises in drawing old people. 6 They went quiet. or does it contain some truth? Would old people find it funny? 2 1. It might be worth checking with a class in advance if this is a topic they would like to discuss. I'm not rich enough Other people have more money than me. Is this cartoon funny. He had not intended to. We have to pay for things that used to be free. The best headline is probably: VICAR CHEATS ON LOCAL DOCTOR 5 No. 7 She has left the area with the vicar.• • • • 8 III III The cartoon • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The cartoon is by Martin Honeysett. protecting the world's smallest lizard (only recently discovered) and preserving the habitat of a rare flower Instant Discussions IF 2T 3F Unit by unit notes • . Language 2 had an affair 3 work out 4 left 5 get a divorce 6 are together 2 1 went red 2 1 tiara 5 bracelet 2 locket 6 brooch 3 necklace 7 chain 4 earring 8 ring was caught red-handed 3 saw red 4 paint the town red 13 Who cares about the environment? Reading 16 A matter of birth and death This can be a very sensitive issue. the lizard has been placed on the list of endangered species. Language 1 Pete. Why do people normally commit arson? Language 1 1 split up 12 Jewellery for men Reading 1 diamond jewellery 2 It is a way of showing everyone how rich he is.

of course. Discussion 1 The writer ate dog. the weather will be bad.Language 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 married start was was expecting gave raised fell losing adopt (also of looking an idiot). Language Ib 2d 3f 4h Sa 6c 7e 8g • • • a I: Discussion The discussion could be extended by asking how attitudes to children change from generation to generation. be a sensitive issue if you have students from dog-eating countries in your class. 3 He/She enjoyed it but wouldn't do it again. Other potential risks concern the effects of radio waves on the brain. Discussion What is the point of the two cartoons in this unit? What is the second cartoon saying about people who beg in the street? Is this a valid or a cynical point of view? • • I I I I 1 The writer says that Murphy's theories are of 19 Children and discipline Reading vital importance. 2 Not at all! Discussion 1 have 2 grow 3 is 4 show 5 consists 6 see 7 has 8 Postpone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 France Native American Iran Germany Norway Japan Spain the Philippines Jack Wallace thinks the laws are acceptable as they are now. Laura Flynn would like to see all physical punishment banned. practical skills and teaching people how to look after themselves. it will be a fine day the next day. Language 1 I 1 having no money 2 police I I 17 Folk wisdom Introduction 3 a stupid person 4 lavatory 5 alcohol 6 drunk 7 man 8 stole Language 2 1 I i I I I I I The first is a Chinese saying about the importance of education. Laura Flynn thinks smacking has more than a physical effect. the second has no great claim to accuracy! Reading 1 bloke/guy 2 plonker 3 pissed 4 booze 5 cops 6 nicked The cartoon 1 Murphy was a pessimist. especially for young children. Reading 18 I'm on the train! Reading I: If. 2 Because helshe had to write an article about it. The first has some.claim to wisdom. The second is a British saying that suggests that if there is a red sky in the evening.: The writer thinks mobile phones are fantastic. a: I: I: ~ 20 Ever eaten dog? This can. 2 Things always go wrong. whereas if there is a red sky in the morning. Jack Wallace was smacked as a child. True or false? I: I: [I: 1 The writer mentions the risks of being mugged Unit by unit notes IF 2T 3F 4F Instant Discussions fit .

+/. 3 'He is not usually unhappy about seeing his name in the papers. 7 They got engaged. 2 Because she finds it difficult to meet single men. . .spicy. 9 They went on their honeymoon . 2 Students' own answers.inedible. 5 He doesn't seem against it .in fact he is curious about who Natasha Davies' companion was.. Reading a Angela M b Andrew C True or false? IF 2F 3T 4T ST 6F Language 1 in the hope of 2 in the first place 3 to catch a cold 4 a lack of sympathy 5 by no means 6 to spoil a holiday 7 all over the place 8 to deserve sympathy 1 2 3 4 5 til •. 4 They started going out together.some might say.sour. 8 They got married.Language Language a + delicious. . Emma and Katie. +/. + appetising. True or false? 1 T 2F Language 3F 4T ST . .tasteless b . Unit by unit notes . + mouth-watering. This could lead to a discussion of the problems of growing up in the public eye or it could lead to a discussion of William's mother.disgusting. 2 He asked her out on a date. III 1 The writer doesn't seem to like them much . 11 She had twin girls. . . + tasty. 10 Lucy became pregnant. • • • Ask students who the 'William' of the cartoon is. to her eventual death.bitter. . private lives Reading 24 The dating game Reading IT2F3F4F Discussion • • • .rich. 6 Mark proposed to Lucy. .tough.sweet. Instant Discussions Possible answer (there are many possible ones): 1 Mark fancied Lucy. and the way the press hounded her . 6 7 8 by no means in the hope of to spoil a holiday all over the place to catch a cold deserved (any) sympathy lack of sympathy in the first place 22 Public figures.fatty. 1 She has put an ad in a 'Lonely Hearts' column.bland.' 4 Students' own answers. ~ Cross out: 1 major 2 partially 4 poor health 5 healthy environment 6 disgustingly healthy 7 healthy diet 8 excellent 3 bread t- • t.oily 3 a tough b oily c bitter d bland e sour Discussion 2 deep fried tarantula = Cambodia chocolate-dipped scorpion = California grasshopper marinated in soy sauce = Japan deep fried ants = Colombia cockroach kebab = Burma termites fried in tomato = South Africa Cross out: 1 partial 2 open 3 broad 4 abolish 1 business relationship 2 destroyed his reputation 3 established a reputation/a growing reputation 4 broke off the relationship 5 poor reputation 6 established a reputation 7 maintain a (good) relationship 8 casual relationship 23 Holidays from hell! Language 21 A healthy lifestyle ill ~ ill . 6 Students' own answers. The cartoon Make sure all students know that GSOH means 'a good sense of humour'. 5 They fell in love with each other.he calls them 'ugly old journalists'. 3 They got on very well. Princess Diana. . .

personal wealth 1 opinion poll 1 She almost drowned. elect a government. the second from a 'quality' paper 8 students' own answers Language 2 2 royal family 3 personal wealth 4 found a republic S elect a government 6 election campaign 7 appointed a prime minister 28 Fashion Reading • • • • 2 3 1 What people wear and don't wear today What fashion designers do A very special dress Questions in pairs IE It II 1 horoscope 2 obituary 3 crossword 4 proprietor 5 TV guide 6 7 8 9 sports headline. Denise Carter. found a republic opinion poll. Discussion 27 Royalty True or false? • 4T I IT 2T 3F SF You could ask students to bring in some ads from their own newspapers and translate them. the first with human interest 7 the first is probably from a tabloid newspaper. royal family. Language 1 Ie 2a 3d 4b Sc Discussion 1 the first 2 the first . election campaign. Occasionally one may tip hairdressers. 16 Lucy got custody of the children. in which case it is not necessary to leave a further sum of money.5% of the total bill. 1 2 3 4 decent safe tight change 5 6 7 8 point matter break nose 29 Is it right to eat meat? Reading What do you say? In Britain people commonly say: 'Thanks for everything' or 'Keep the change' or 'Here you are and thank you very much. 14 They split up. when the Queen goes on a pheasant shoot.human interest 3 the first 4 the second 5 the second 6 the second is concerned with news. For hairdressers and chambermaids the sum is discretionary.' Unit by unit notes a b c d the the the the first second first second Instant Discussions It: It It ~ . article reviews editor 26 To tip or not to tip? In Britain it is customary to tip taxi drivers and waiters. leave 1 2 3 4 5 6 went out of high is (always) in street come back into passmg It It It It: It It I. 2 Her teacher. Language 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 bright red ostrich feathers 2. but had a lucky escape. Often in restaurants a service charge is added to the bill. Language I • I • I I I I I 25 Newspapers Reading appoint a minister.000 shiny red glass beads T-shirt and jeans casual clothes (they dress down) one other nobody many people think they are self-indulgent as art It II It II: • Language Cross out: factory. NB: strangling pheasants is an act of mercy administered to pheasants which have been shot but not killed. hotel porters and chambermaids.12 Mark and Lucy started to have rows. 13 Mark had an affair. For taxi drivers and waiters the average tip is 10-12. 15 Lucy asked for a divorce.

Reading Make sure students know the meaning of protective colouring. 5 By using their horns. The first example refers to the birds... For example: I love feeding the pigeons. it might be better to choose a different topic. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 stick listen misunderstood something minute point interrupt clearly another take 1 Perhaps in his 50's or 60's.000 5 None 6 Students' own answers Unit by unit notes . 1 • • • • • • • • I 1 Survival and domination of the wild. Often they become tired.5.• • 30 The exploitation of animals This can be a sensitive issue if there are students in your class from countries where bullfighting is a popular sport. Instant Discussions 3 Because she realised it was her last chance to get any of Mr Stockton's money. sometimes their vocal cords are cut out so their cries cannot be heard by the crowd. the second refers to them as meat. 3 Because they thought they'd all be bachelors for a long time. 10.. II 111 • . . 9. Language 8B 9 A (B) lOA 11A 12 B 13A 14 B 15 B 16 B 17 A 18 A 19 A 20 B 21 B 22 A 32 I hate my boss! Language 1 sick 2 take 3 break 4 with 5 enough 6 stand 33 Scams . 4 Altogether. Part 2 To correct someone you might use: 1. over $55.how can people be so stupid? Reading ~ I . Sometimes the final 'death blow' does not kill them. 4 They are kept in darkness so they are blinded by the sunlight when they come out into the bullring. A 'confirmed bachelor' is a man who has decided never to marry. . Others may sound rude depending on your tone of voice. 3 It means 'very easy' . 8 Horses are sometimes attacked by the bulls. 3 It is becoming more popular because it is a celebration of a uniquely national tradition. 31 Why get married? Be sensitive to students' feelings about using this unit. 2 As national heroes. 6. 3.Language 1 For example 2 the way I look at it is this. 2 Possibly a company sold him something which was a waste of money. Sure (that's understand abIe) but 3 Of course 4 what's more 5 Anyway The cartoon To make a positive contribution you might use: 4. Language Text 1 is in favour of bullfighting Text 2 is against it. 7 Yes. 8. Number 2 is rude. Part 1 1 Students' own answers 2 They met at bingo. If any students in your class are recently divorced or separated. The first page of this unit is a light-hearted look at the topic. Reading 1 Several thousand dollars 2 He says he hasn't found the right person yet. 7. I love pigeon. You could use the cartoon to remind them that some nouns in English can be both countable and uncountable. 6 No. Questions in pairs 1A 2B 3B 4B 5 A (B) 6B 7B • • • • .

they have no mother.it's not clear from the article. The cartoon Possible reactions: a = headline 1 b b = headline 2d 1 How 2 's / sounds 3 What an 4 How 5 How 6 's / sounds c d = headline = 3c headline 4a Make sure students know what gerbils are..R Instant Discussions • It (8 . 1 hospital 2 kitchen 3 falling 4 lethal 5 children 2 There was 154 tons of rubbish. wherever they go they are accompanied by the whole Jackson entourage. I: I: • • • • It • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • II Possible answers: a rock / tree b shot / punched c ambulance / police car / fire engine d s:hark / swimmer I whale I boat Unit by unit notes a child . 10. 3 No . What was the scam? (It is common in the UK for children to be sent home at the end of a party with a 'party bag' full of things like sweets.eg pet funerals. 3 Students' own answers 4 Students' own answers Language 35 Killed by a flying duck! Reading negative ideas are: 1.some were still alive. 5 Possibly .82m) Language 36 Survivors! Be careful about using this unit if any members of the class are particularly squeamish! Reading 1 F 2 T 3 F 4 NEI 5 NEI 6 T 7 T 8 T Language 1 bite your nails 2 crack your knuckles 3 4 5 6 grind your teeth pick your nose snap your fingers play with your hair Suggested answers: 1h 2b or e 3i or h 8b or e 4h Sd or g 6h 7c or i Discussion 37 Do you spoil your kids? Reading (possible answers) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 smoking drinking nail biting nose picking TV addict surfing hoarding shopping eating sweets/chocolate 1 He said he got caught up in the excitement of the moment. 12 a b c d e f g indulging a child educating a child beating/mistreating/abusing indulging/spoiling a child adopting a child neglecting a child disciplining a child . they don't mix with other children.Language Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Discussion 1: been had 2: talked me into 3: fell for 4: taken in by Actual answers: a tree b punched Language c fire engine d flying duck It is very easy to find scam websites on the internet . 4 They had 'a soft spot' for them. The joke partly depends on students knowing that the children have been given an unwanted gerbil instead of a party bag! How will their parents react?) For more information on unusual ways that people die.darwinawards. 11.com Accidents in the home 34 Bad habits Discussion 1 It stank and housed rats. 7.5. Ask them why the family had so many gerbils. 6 Up to 6 feet long (about 1. 2 They wear masks in public. visit: www.

If so. the houseboat the smallest.38 Do you drive? Reading 7 homes The following is a rough sketch of what happened: Number 11 (Mrs Beecham) 8 meal 9 park 10 games 11 fireworks 12 party Number 16 (Mrand Mrs Wheeler) 40 Where do you live? Language 1 lighthouse 2 log cabin Number 13 (Mike Taylor) 3 wigwam Martin's Lane 4 treehouse Number 15 (Daniel Hunt) > o o 5 windmill 6 palace Reading Number 18 (Mrand Mrs Baker) Number 17 (Mrs Dawkins) 1 The French chateau is the most expensive. Ask students if she is remembered in their country. Perhaps they remember the death of someone important in their country. who? . 3 The chateau needs money spent on it . the treehouse the cheapest. where it happened. 2 The chateau is the biggest.it is 'in need of some modernisation'. Language Language 1 start the car 2 have a driving lesson 3 charge the battery 4 put the car into reverse 5 crash into the gates 6 turn out on to the road 1 2 3 4 5 6 have a driving lesson charged the battery start the car put the car into reverse turning out on to the road crashed into the gates 1 house 2 houses 3 home/home 4 home 5 house 6 home 1b 2d 3c 4a The cartoon Sf 6e Ask students what kind of building is in the picture. Would they like to live in that kind of high-rise block? On the 10th floor? Or the 30th? 39 Special days and dates Discussion (second page) The death of Princess Diana was important in Britain and in France. Language J festival Unit by unit notes .