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000 m (13 ft 1 in 2.014 m (6 ft 7 in) 3. a more powerful. has been developed and certified as a completely new training system with the objective of meeting the expectations of modern air forces over the next 30 years. The PC-21 has a superior aerodynamic performance when compared with any other turboprop trainer on the market. the PC-21.749 m (12 ft 4 in) typical 2.000 m (3 ft 3 in) 4. ����� 2.pilatus-aircraft. flexible and cost-effective integrated training system than any other jet or turboprop trainer and a life-cycle support cost equal to current turboprop benchmarks. both in terms of capability and life-cycle cost.221 m2 (163.736 m (8 ft 11 in) www.108 m (29 ft 11 in ) 1.848 ft2) 9.497 m (8 ft 2in) 11.388 m (7 ft 10 in) dia.PC-21 MODEL BUILDING PLAN Pilatus Aircraft Ltd’s newest turboprop product.233 m (36 ft 11 in) Wing area 15.com . 2.

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