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Electrical Series

Electrical Series

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Published by Pevita Heatherfield
A presentation about electrical series.
A presentation about electrical series.

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Published by: Pevita Heatherfield on Aug 28, 2011
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Electrical Series

‡ Resistance is the tendency of thing to against the flow of electric current, change electrical energy to the other type of energy. ‡ It symbolized on R.

The law of Ohm
‡ The higher the potential difference of electricity, the higher the current that is flows. And vice versa. ‡ V=I·R
± V = potential difference (V) ± I = electric current (A) ± R = resistance (Ohm or )

The factors those are influencing resistance in conductor
‡ The longer the conductor wire of series, the higher the resistance is. ‡ The wider the area of wire longitudinal section, the smaller the resistance is. ‡ R= ·l/ A
± R = resistance ( ) ± = resistance density of the wire ( m) ± l = length of wire (m) ± A = area of longitudinal section (m2)

Series series
‡ In the series series, there is only one track of electric current. ‡ The series built on ascending with no branch.

Parallel series
‡ Parallel series built of some current branches.

Intervention series
‡ In complex series, there are any series those are the intervention of series series and parallel series e.g. the series in the electronics.

Current cutter
‡ To prevent the short connection, the current cutter must be used.
short connection

soft wire burnt and being cut

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