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Social Science 3 ± Jose Rizal¶s Life, Works & Writings
CHAPTER 9: Rizal¶s Grand Tour of Europe with Viola (1887)

Dr. Maximo Viola ± Rizal¶s travelling companion. Received Paciano¶s remittance of P1000.00 THE TOUR BEGINS« May 11, 1887- Rizal and Viola left Berlin. Dresden ± one of the best cities n Germany.


May 13, 1887 (1:30 pm) ± arrival at Leitmeritz Two great scholars met in person. (Rizal and Blumentritt) Hotel Krebs


Rosa ± Blumentritt¶s wife Dolores, Conrad and Fritz Beer garden ± best beer of Bohamia were served. Burgomaster (mayor) Meeting of the Tourist¶s Club of Leitmeritz ± Rizal is a speaker. (fluent German)


Dr. Carlos Czepelak ± renowned scientist of Europe Professor Robert Klutschak ± eminent naturalist. May 16, 1887 (9:45 am) ± departure. PRAGUE« Dr Willkomm ± professor of natural history in the University of Prague In Brunn ± nothing important happened.


Vienna ± capital of Austria-Hungary - Queen of the Danube. Norfenfals ± one of the greatest novelists in Europe. Masner and Nordmann ± Austrian scholar.

DANUBIAN VOYAGE TO LINTZ« River voyage FROM LINTZ TO RHEINFALL« Salzburg, Munich, Nuremberg ± one of the oldest cities of Germany, Ulm ± its cathedral is the largest and tallest in all Germany, Stuttgart, Baden, Rheinfall ± its waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Europe.

GENEVA« Swiss City ± one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. June 19, 1887 ± Rizal¶s 26th birthday June 23 ± parted ways. Viola to Barcelona, Rizal to Italy.

RIZAL RESENTS EXHIBITION OF IGOROTS IN 1887 MADRID EXPOSITION« EXPOSITION« Exposition of the Philippines held in Madrid, Spain Igorots mocked by Spanish newspaper El Liberal ± exception ³in favor of holding an exposition but not an exposition off odd individuals showing our countrymen as a curiosity to entertain the idle inhabitants of Madrid.´

RIZAL IN ITALY« ITALY« Turan, Milan, Venice and Florence June 27, 1887 ± reached Rome (the Eternal City and the City of the Caesars) ³Grandeur that was Rome´ June 29th ± Feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul Vatican ± City of the Popes, capital of Christendom

³I am tired as a dog, but I will sleep as a God.´

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