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Readings. You are responsible for the assigned material even if your instructor does not cover everything in class. Complete all readings and assignments prior to your arrival in class and be prepared to discuss topics. Please bring your textbook to class. General Description. Communication Improvement Plan & Presentation: 1.Complete the scale What kind of communicator are you? found in the front of your textbook. a. Explain (1) Your results. Be objective and (2) Your comments regarding your results (e.g. Do you agree or disagree? Why? 1-2 paragraphs. 2.Using the steps found on page 13, develop a plan for improving your communication skills for each communication setting (i.e. public speaking, interpersonal, intercultural, & small group communication). a. Be objective and thoughtful. 2-4 paragraphs for each plan. 3.Identify and explain if there are any relationships between your scale results and your plan for communication improvement. 1-3 paragraphs. 4.Prepare a presentation based on your results and plan. a. Execute this presentation through whatever means you deem as most effective (i.e. handouts, poster boards, powerpoint, etc.) If you are going to be using technology you must come set it up before class begins. You must also be prepared if technology fails. b.You must time this presentation before you present in class. Do not exceed 3-4 minutes. Journals: Each journal should record experiences related to any topics discussed in class or in specic readings. Papers will be graded on both content (breadth and depth) and writing (free from errors). 2-4 pages. / Double-spaced. / 1 inch margins. / Name, title etc., do not count towards page limit. Informative Speech/Outline: You will write and deliver a speech on something culturally specic. This speech must be well structured/organized, include sufcient support, and delivered in an engaging and effective manner. This speech requires 3 main points, at least 5 references, and presentation aid(s). Formal outline / 5-7 minutes / 2 notecards. Critical Vlog: A vlog is a video blog. Instead, of a random rant you would nd on youtube, your vlog should be a critical application of the theoretical concepts discussed in class or in specic readings. You should be thoughtful and reexive when applying concepts to your personal life. Creativity is encouraged! Make sure that I can see/hear you. Poor visual/audio may affect your grade. Do not exceed 3-4 minutes.

Impromptu Speech: You will demonstrate your understanding of effective public speaking through an impromptu speech. You will perform with condence and uency. You will speak in an organized manner with supporting material. 2-3 minutes. Small Group Persuasive Presentation/Packet: As a group you will apply the appropriate theoretical framework for persuasive speeches to a persuasive topic. Your group will demonstrate an understanding of persuasive proofs and present your material in 3 main points with at least 7 references, and with careful consideration to audience analysis, language use, and group delivery techniques. Presentation Aids and audience interaction are required. Formal outline / 20-25 minutes / 2 notecards each. Group Public Performance: Ill let you know what it is once I gure it out! (e)Learning Portfolio: A collection of material, assignments reections, etc. demonstrating an understanding of concepts learned and real world applications. Exams: There is a midterm and nal for this course. The exams will assess your understanding of the readings and lectures through a variety of means: multiple choice, matching, true/false, ll in the blank, short answer. HW/Participation: The success of this course is dependent of your willingness to participate in homework and class discussions.

Assignment Grade Breakdown

ASSIGNMENT Comm. Improvement Plan Journal 1 Journal 2 Info. Speech/Outline Critical Essay/Vlog Impromptu Speech Sm. Grp. Pers. Pres./Pckt. Group Public Presentation Learning Portfolio Midterm Final Total POSSIBLE POINTS 50 50 50 50/50 50 50 50/50 50 100 100 100 800 YOUR POINTS