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Gesture Controlled Robot(c)

Gesture Controlled Robot(c)

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Published by Amarjit Biswas

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Published by: Amarjit Biswas on Aug 29, 2011
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A Presentation on

Gesture Controlled Vehicle
Under the guidance of ~~ Sri. Sudip Kumar Kuila, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. Presentation by ~~ PRADIP KUMAR MODI SUHADRI SEKHAR PAUL SUBHANKAR DAS RANJAN KUMAR AMARJIT BISWAS GOURAB CHOUDHURY (Roll No-071430103032) (Roll No-071430103036) (Roll No-071430103038) (Roll No-071430103043) (Roll No-071430103054) (Roll No-071430105025)


Agenda ~~

Introduction. Concept. Sensor principle, circuit & setup. Hardware Design. Software analysis. Field of application. Future Promise.

Introduction  Gesture recognition is a topic in computer science and language technology with the goal of interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithms. .  Gestures can originate from any bodily motion or state but commonly originate from the face or hand.  In this project we capture gesture from human finger movement and controlled a robot vehicle through that.

. The MCU produces the control pulses.Concept The sensor outputs are fed to MCU through a comparator. Motor driver drives the motors according to those control pulses.


the light from the IR LED is directly incident on the receiver. . When the fingers are bent downwards. the light from the LED goes out and is not incident on the receiver. When the fingers are straight.SENSOR Setup The sensor set comprises of an IR LED mounted at the tip of a finger and a IR receiver almost at the junction of the palm and the very finger.

. Rx would be of the order of mega ohms and hence the output voltage would be higher. Case1: when no IR is incident upon the Rx. Case2: when IR is incident upon the Rx. The resistance of Rx will sharply fall and hence the output voltage would be lower.SENSOR circuit When the Tx is forward biased. it begins emitting infra red.

When finger is bent. We used IR pair for this purpose. When finger is straight. The sensor is giving two outputs-------i.12V . Sensor type Sensor-1 Low level voltage (logic 0) 3. ii.89V High level voltage (logic 1) 6.93V Sensor-2 3.74V 7.SENSOR operation Here we are using a optical sensor.

Hardware Design .

Developer Board .

Schematic Diagram LM339 L293D .

 500 rpm 12 V dc Motor. .ROBOT Design There are 3 vital components for the design of the robotic vehicle chassis- Ply wood Board. 2 Wheels  Passive castor Wheel.

Software analysis .

Control Flowchart START SENSOR 1 SENSOR 2 0 Comparator Output ? 1 0 Comparator Output ? 1 STOP Turn LEFT Turn RIGHT Forward .

Testing. .Simulation and Design Verification For the simulation purpose we have used the Proteus 7. Proteus is software for simulation.0 simulator. and printed circuit board (PCB) design.

Field of Application .

Gesture Driven systems are simpler and easier to operate. Even physically disabled can gain benefit. It will open a new era in Home automation and Remotely operated utility devices at households. Any common man with basic knowledge can operate it.Field of application Ease of use Generic robotic systems require years of practice and scientific and technological know-how to operate. . This systems tends to penetrate deeper in everyday use rather than being confined in research labs.

With proper wireless connectivity. gesture recognition can provide a simple and reliable solution to household activities. Gesture driven house hold utility devices will open a new frontier. Possibilities are endless««. .Application contd.

This contributes to both cost effectiveness and meeting production deadlines. Motion Capture Technology Complex and realistic physical interactions in animation industry. .Application contd. The amount of animation data that can be produced is extremely large when compared to traditional animation techniques.

Future Promises .

OpenHAN = Open Home Automation Network .2003 it is an encrypted and secure transmission medium. low-power digital radios .15. IEEE standard 802. battery driven devices. Recent Development in OpenHAN networking will provide more utility to the end users.Future Promises ZigBee Mobility ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small.4. Wireless modules consume very low power and is best suited for wireless.

 Advanced robotic arms like these can perform complex and hazardous tasks with ease. Medical science.  The ARM controller will wear the sensor gloves and the robotic arm will MIMIC the movement of the controller.  Proposed utility in fields of Construction.more Future promises Advanced Robotic Arm  Advanced robotic arms that are designed like the human hand itself can easily controlled using hand gestures only. . Hazardous waste disposal.

VR simulation may prove to be crucial for Military. . Wired Gloves. Omni directional Tread mills may produce a feel of physical places during simulated environments. Haptic-tactile sensors.more possibilities«« Virtual Reality(VR) Combination of Heads Up display. LAW enforcement and Medical Surgeries.

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