Walking Dead Project Zomboid Mod Chapter One: * Start out in Hospital bed.

* Scope out area for doctors/anyone. * Return home check on family. * Check for sign of family. Notice family albums are missing. * Gather supplies from home. * Meet Morgan Jones and his son. * Take Morgan to the Police Station. * Gather supplies at the Police Station, equally distribute the guns/ammo or scr ew him over. * Morgan says most people were heading to Atlanta to a safe zone. End Chapter One. Chapter Two: * Head to Atlanta to get to the safe zone (on foot, for now :)).

* Be swarmed by zombies on the way into Atlanta (drop some guns in inventory :() . * Take refuge inside a tank or some other place. * Be contacted by Glenn on radio nearby. * Follow Glenn s instructions to get to temporary safe house. * Chat with Glenn. * Follow Glenn back to his camp. * Be reunited with wife and son. End Chapter Two. Chapter Three: * Everything is slightly peaceful for 3-4 game days (maybe some quests to go fis hing with son etc.). * Quarrel with Shane Walsh about safety of the camp and its proximity to the tow n. * Big zombie attack at night. * Rescue as many people as possible, your son and wife are the highest priority.

* Find safe place to hide for the night. * In the morning travel along the highway away from Atlanta. End Chapter Three Chapter Four: * Find Hershal s Farm. * Carl gets shot by Otis. * Spend a few days at Hershal s. * Find prison on a supply run couple map squares away * Inform rest of party at Hershal s Farm of what you found. * Plan move to Prison. * Clear out the zombies remaining inside the prison. * Meet the three prisoners: Axel, Thomas, Andrew, and Dexter. * Try to make the prison habitable and secure. * Plan for the worst (this is TWD afterall). End Chapter Four

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