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Green Hrm

Green Hrm

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Published by: sakha_ram on Aug 29, 2011
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A study on Environmental issues with reference to GREEN HRM

. y Being Green«is being fruitful.INTRODUCTION y HRM being Green «is growth. It is taking advantage of new technology. It is becoming more efficient in the operation of your personal and business life by ³eliminating wasteful spending based on habits that no longer serve your purpose´. tools and trends that improve your personal and business life«at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

y GO Green business means«³Turning Unnecessary Expenses into Necessary Profits!´It is giving better service to your customers«more benefits to your employees« and using more efficient. resulting in greater profitability and sustainability of your business. . ³Green´ is an affirmation of life. It is your commitment to live a lush and abundant«economically empowered«debt-free and credit-worthy lifestyle! In many cultures.INTRODUCTION y Being Green«is spiritually rejuvenating. cost-effective technology.

.Water: Basic to Life ‡ HR Green provides water. wastewater and water resources consulting to meet the needs of communities and industries. ‡ Green hrm help the clients to obtain reliable water supplies. meet governmental regulations and protect people and property.

.Wind Power ‡ Wind power will play a major role in meeting the demand for renewable-based electricity. ‡ Wind energy is now one of the most cost effective sources of new electricity generation. ‡ Wind power is growing at a fierce pace and HR Green is providing wind energy development assistance for clients who want to capitalize on this growing utility option. competing with new installations of natural gas and costing less than either coal or nuclear power.

‡ HR Green has the unique comprehensive capabilities to align fixed array photovoltaic solar technologies with energy system requirements. .SOLAR ‡ Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun¶s energy and make it useable. It is lauded as an exhaustible fuel source that is pollution and often noise free.

Examples Of Proud Companies y Toyota Tata J C Atkinson and Son (Manufacturing) y Carillion (Construction) y Co-operative Financial Services (Financial Services) y Pureprint Group (Printing and Publishing) y HBOS (Financial Services) y Saint-Gobain Glass UK (Manufacturing) .

 To study the role of Green HRM practices in industries which helps in reducing Atmospheric pollution  To Understand the Techniques or Methods implemented in reducing Atmospheric pollution  To offer suggestions for the Industries to reduce Atmospheric pollution .OBJECTIVES  To know the Role of Industries which are causing Atmospheric Pollution.

‡ Conducting surveys. ‡ Collecting openion of neighbouring villages.Work plan ‡ Conducting awareness programmers on green hrm to the corporate sector . .

³Environment Management Team´ which drive the green awareness both within and outside to as a social contribution. y Car pooling Using natural daylight instead of electricity . Some practices can be: y Mandating use of disposable paper y Giving option of drinking coconut water in canteen instead of soft drinks y Switching off the system at lunch time.

More than half of the survey participants currently have the following green programs in place: ‡ Using the internet or teleconferencing to cut down on business travel (78%) ‡ Putting Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) or other company information online to .

and healthy living (68%) . fitness.‡ reduce printing (77%) ‡ Promoting the reduction of paper usage (76%) ‡ Implementing wellness programs around proper nutrition.

Questions not to be asked to us but to yourself ³are we the part of the ³go green´ revolution?????´ .

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