What is Human Resource Management? Ans- Human Resource Management is the process of acquiring ,training ,appraising and compensating employees , and of attending to their labor relations ,health and safety , and fairness concerns. The concepts or techniques perform by HRM Person are-

Conducting job analyses

Planning labor needs and recruiting job candidates

Selecting job candidates

Orienting and training new employees

Managing wages and salaries

Providing incentives and benefits

Appraising performance


Training and developing managers

labour compliance and maintaining industrial peace. . The HRM function in India evolved over time .focused functions exited.” personnel” first took over hiring and firing from supervisors. personnel’s advice and oversight became even more indispensable. The emergence of union legislation in the 1930s added “protecting the firm in its interaction with unions” to the personal department’s responsibilities. With the development of the knowledge industry and the resulting high demand for people the HR function started to take a strategic focus. training. The focus on human resource development emerged during 1985-1995 after popularization of HRD concept in Indian Industry. after independence in 1947. technological. and nature of work trends mean that human resource managers have taken on several new responsibilities. ran the payroll department. as new equal employment legislation created the potential for discrimination-related lawsuits and penalties. Then.While the traditional welfare-and labor-relations. Later the focus in many parts of India was on confronting the aggressive unions.Building employee commitment THE CHANGING ROLE OF HRM In the earliest firms. Globalisation. the trade union activity intensified and labor laws were introduced. and promotion. Initially the personnel departments were involved more in welfare activities. and administered benefit plans. the personnel department began to play an expanded role in employee section. As technology in areas like testing and interviewing began to emerge.

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