THE ONLY BOOK YOU NEED I come as One although I am are referred to by many names, by many concepts, by many

perceptions. I am are a collection of projections of understanding, projections of perceptions, and projections of revelations that souls have had over eons of time. I am the collective consciousness of all souls. I am super conscious. I am soul consciousness. I am many things for I am are all things and to whatever degree the inquiring mind and the awakening soul would like to proceed toward the wholeness and completeness I am, and to proceed with certain names and suggested, let us say, titles along the way, so be it. For these are but steps along the pathway of awakening. It is apparent to those who have taken many steps that there is only one step to ultimately take and that is the step that brings one into total aligned consciousness with the energy flow from the Creator. This is the ultimate step of realization of illumination, of enlightenment, of conscious union with the Source. This is the ultimate Source of Oneness. Along the way, there are many paths and many steps that seem to be necessary to take in order to discover the one step and the one path. There are many stories that are told about various souls who have progressed into various pathways and have experienced a multitude of both three dimensional and multi dimenisonal experiences. There are many stories that reveal word by word, a greater meaning than what the story is presumably dealing with. So it is important to look at the stories that are being told regarding your environment, regarding your involvement in the relationships that you are currently participating in, stories regarding the dreams and aspirations that well up from within your awareness. All of these stories are most beautiful and are being lived moment by moment as you give attention to the elements of the story that is being unfolded. It is important to realize that with each chapter of each story you are living, there is always another chapter, that each chapter is only a statement of the perception and involvement and perhaps certain attachments that one is temporarily participating in. Each chapter is part of the awakening and part of the alignment with what to some seem to be a fantasy or a projection of imagination; but when seen and experienced in the light of wholeness and Oneness, each fantasy and each step of imagination is simply stretching and taking one into realms that are beyond the three dimensional limited perceptions. So each chapter unfolds. Each chapter is a step along the way. Look at the story that is being told in your various relationships. Look at the story that is being unfolded in your perceptions of your world around you, and look at the story that is being revealed from within as you bring all other observations into alignment with the impulse from within to go beyond and to search the caverns and distant stars of that which is being revealed from within. There is so much more than is apparent at any given moment and that is the next chapter, that which is more and that which takes one into the eventual alignment with the totality of the entire book that is being written. You see there is only one story being told. There is only one book although there may appear to be many chapters. That one book is the story of who you are as a soul, who you are as a statement of the divine presence of the Creator in the universe. It is a most beautiful story and as it unfolds, chapter by chapter, you see and feel and know more and more about the totality of the book that is being read. So feel the story. Let it unfold. Know there is always another chapter and know that when the book is finished, the consciousness of Oneness will be your only reality. The Love and Light of the universe is infinite. It is the alignment with that infinite Source that is the final chapter of the book. It is the alignment with that infinite Love and Light that is the healing or awakening process. Healing is simply awakening to truth. I embrace you in the awakening and healing energy of the Love and Light of the Creator. I hold you in the

. and the Life of the universe. We are One. I AM. the Love. the Light.perfection you are as a soul.

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