Dated: November 1,2004

Prepared by the Bartlesville Redevelopment Trust Authority and the City of Bartlesville, Oklahoma


governmental. when. This Redevelopment Plan has been prepared pursuant to the provisions of the Neighborhood Redevelopment Act. as amended. Its purpose was to provide a document to serve as a guide for the development of a vibrant and healthy downtown for the Bartlesville community. known as the "Bartlesville Downtown Master Plan: A Community Vision". the "Redevelopment Plan") is intended to reclaim this significant but neglected and deteriorating central area of the community by ensuring the stability and vitality of the heart of Bartlesville through actions to prevent further blight. to provide for redevelopment of blighted areas. Bartlesville Downtown Trust Authority.6%) of all residential housing units within this area are 35 years or older. This Bartlesville Downtown Redevelopment Plan (hereinafter. All such applicable laws and ordinances are made a part of this Plan. as well as to the residential neighborhoods which lie adjacent to the CBD and provide support as an important residential center. under provisions of the Act of Congress of 1900. This document shall be serve as the "redevelopment plan" for the district. Adams Boulevard on the south. and other applicable laws of the State of Oklahoma and ordinances of the City of Bartlesville. the "CBD") is an important business. required by Section 40-104 of the Neighborhood Redevelopment Act. to encourage needed rehabilitation. -1- . cultural. In early 2002. Its strength and wellbeing is important to the overall economic growth of the community. This area is an older part of the City of Bartlesville (hereinafter. hereinafter described. for both publicly and privatelyowned areas and properties. deterioration. 86% of all owner-occupied units and 70% of all renter-occupied units. the Caney River on the east. and obsolescence. The plan sought to provide a community vision for the Downtown Bartlesville and the steps necessary to realize that vision. This document. the first official survey of the townsite of Bartlesville was initiated and was ultimately platted in 1903 as part of the Cherokee Nation. This area is generally bounded by Santa Fe Avenue 011 the west. the Bartlesville Development Corporation in partnership with the Bartlesville Downtown Trust Authority commissioned the preparation of a plan for the CBD and surrounding area. Seventy-six percent (76. through appropriate public-private partnerships. the area also includes adjacent residential areas. the CBD has suffered from a lack of maintenance over the years. Sections 40~101 et seq. and to foster economic development in the community's central area. was approved by the Bartlesville Development Corporation.2004. as amended. of the Oklahoma Statutes. Title 11. and retail center for the Bartlesville community. the "City") and includes land that was platted as far back as 1903 prior to Oklahoma Statehood. whether expressly referred to in the text or not. institutional. however.INTRODUCTION The Bartlesville Downtown Central Business District (hereinafter. and adopted by the Bartlesville City Council on February 17. and Hensley Boulevard on the north. Like many older commercial and residential areas.

Range 13 East lying west ofthe Caney River. and The East Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 12. or inappropriately developed structures. of the proposed Redevelopment A sketch showing the above-described boundaries District is attached hereto as Appendix "A". as amended. Range 13 East. of the Oklahoma Statutes. containing 80 acres. more or less. and That part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 7. or residential neighborhood contains blighted conditions and the conservation. and All of the East HalfofSectionl2. State of Oklahoma. Township 26 North. Map Showing the Boundaries of the Proposed District. Township 26 North. more or less.I. obsolescence. or improper maintenance and care. containing 153 acres." Factors which contribute to this finding in this Redevelopment District include the following: • • A substantial number of deteriorated or deteriorating properties or buildings. or areas containing obsolete. Township 26 N011h. or are a menace to the public health. as those which "substantially impair or arrest the sound development and growth of the Redevelopment District.. to-wit: • • • • • All of the Northwest Quarter of Section 7. more or less. Arrested economic development and conditions which create economic obsolescence. more or less. Range Thirteen (13) East of the Indian Base and Meridian. more or less. due to age. morals or welfare in its present condition and use. Township 26 North. or constitute an economic or social liability. Washington County. Township 26 North. Range 12 East. Boundaries AND MAP OF THE BOUNDARIES OF THE PROPOSED of the Proposed District by Description. Township Twenty-six (26) North. the Mayor and City Council of the City of Bartlesville hereby find and declare that a portion of the commercial. SUMMARY OF THE BLIGHTED CREATION OF THE DISTRICT. non functioning. B. safety. Range 12 East. containing 80 acres. CONDITIONS WHICH JUSTIFY THE Within the boundaries of the Redevelopment District. and The East Halfofthe Southwest Quarter of Section 12. The area being proposed for inclusion in this Redevelopment Plan consists of that part of the East Half of Section Twelve (12). Such conditions are defined by Title 11. -2- . Article 40. development or redevelopment of such area is necessary to promote the general and economic welfare of the City of Bartlesville. containing 320 acres. II. more particularly described as follows. A. DESCRIPTION DISTRICT. industrial. Range 12 East. containing 160 acres. (such area being hereinafter referred to as the "Redevelopment District").

private. Sections 40-101 et seq. pursuant to the powers granted under said Neighborhood Redevelopment Act. IV. with or without financial assistance by the BRT A. which are in need of rehabilitation and for which rehabilitation and reuse is economically feasible. PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS WHICH MAY BE UNDERTAKEN BY THE BARTLESVILLE REDEVELOPMENT TRUST AUTHORITY A comprehensive and cooperative approach to redevelopment is necessary to have a successful program. "BRTA") is hereby authorized to act as the public trust authority pursuant to the Neighborhood Redevelopment Act. The City Council for the City of Bartlesville further finds that development will not occur within the Redevelopment District without the assistance and public funds supplied by the government which are a part of this Plan. SUMMARY OF THE TYPES OF REDEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. establish loan and grant programs and provide below market interest rate and market rate loans to owners of buildings. and non-private participants with interest in the Redevelopment District is necessary. as the Trustees of the BRTA deem necessary to achieve the purpose and objectives of this Redevelopment Plan: 1. -3- . Absentee ownership. or those intending to acquire buildings. The purpose of this activity is to rehabilitate existing buildings where they may be adapted for uses that further the goals and objectives of this Plan. the BRTA is authorized to create guidelines. as amended. Rehabilitation may be achieved by owner and/or tenant activity. to achieve the primary objectives of this Redevelopment Plan and to undertake the activities and projects as specified in this Redevelopment Plan. Such authorization shall become effective as of the date of the adoption of this Redevelopment Plan by the City Council. To encourage rehabilitation. Title 11. Deterioration of site improvements. As such. of the Oklahoma Statutes. The existence of conditions which endanger life or property by fire and other causes. the BRTA is hereby authorized to implement any of the following programs and to undertake any projects relating thereto.. and Improper subdivision or obsolete platting or land uses. Unsafe or unsanitary conditions. and lack of traffic controls.• • • • • • Improper street layout. A comprehensive mix of program efforts designed to address all of the factors influencing change in the Redevelopment District and a cooperative partnership between the public. Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings. III. DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY TO THE BARTLESVILLE REDEVELOPMENT TRUST AUTHORITY The Bartlesville Redevelopment Trust Authority (hereinafter. traffic conflicts.

covenants. by negotiated sale. 4. and shall commence and complete development of the property within a period of time which the BRTA fixes as reasonable. pledge. B) Management: During such time as any property is owned by the BRTA. in accordance with this Redevelopment Plan. or it may exercise the power of eminent domain in the manner provided by any other applicable statutory provision in order to achieve the objectives of this Redevelopment Plan. and agreements by the BRTA may contain restrictions. as well as all real property owned or leased by participants which is assisted financially by the BRTA. or Replacement of Public Improvements. To encourage redevelopment through new construction. 3. Property acquisition IS declared to be necessary to the execution of this Redevelopment Plan and IS hereby made a part ofthis plan to be used to achieve the objectives hereof. in accordance with the provisions of this Plan.2. Redevelopment through new construction may be achieved by public or private property owners. operate. Repair. Redevelopment through New Construction. subdivide. or any other provisions necessary to carry out this Redevelopment Plan. and to comply with other conditions which the BRTA deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this Redevelopment Plan. with or without financial assistance by the BRTA. To provide adequate safeguards to insure that the provisions of this Redevelopment Plan will be carried out to prevent the recurrence of blight. Installation. establish loan programs and provide below-market interest rate and market rate loans and provide such other forms of financial assistance to property owners and those desiring to acquire and redevelop property. or otherwise dispose of any interest in real property which has been acquired. and Reconstruction. shall be made subject to this plan. by any legal means. Leases. assign. lease. Management and Disposition of Property. BRTA is authorized to make such public infrastructure improvements as ~4~ . transfer. and maintain such real property in accordance with this Redevelopment Plan. deeds. as amended. such property shall be under the management and control of the BRTA and may be rented or leased by the BRTA pending disposition for redevelopment or rehabilitation or retained by the BRTA for use in accordance with this Redevelopment Plan. if necessary. encumber by mortgage or deed of trust. Construction. Real property acquired by the BRTA may be transferred to any other person or entity by the BRTA. all real property disposed of by the BRT A. All persons and entities obtaining property from the BR TA shall continue to use. exchange. C) Disposition: The BRTA is authorized to sell. contracts. conditions. Acquisition. including the power of eminent domain in the manner provided in Section 9 through 14 of Title 27 of the Oklahoma Statutes. the BRTA is authorized to set guidelines. as it may deem appropriate in order to achieve the objectives of this Plan. A) Acquisition: The BRTA is authorized to acquire property within the Redevelopment District.

sewer. including such items as murals. and other works of art. New or improved streets. 9. 2. but not limited to: 1. sanitary sewer. street and trail lights. canopies and other weather-sheltering protection of pedestrians. and other plan materials including irrigation systems. Parks and open space. decorative fountains. and -5- . Sidewalk awnings. reconstruction. and to carry out the goals and objectives of this Redevelopment Plan relating to streets. ground covers. 4. 10. curbs and gutters. 11. Vehicular and pedestrian linkages. 7. including bikeways. educational. gateways. such as plazas. benches and other street furniture including signage. recreational. and traffic control devices. Special graphics for directional and informational purposes. water. sculptures. drinking fountains. Facilities supportive of the identity of the area. pedestrian and bicycle amenities. 8. and other public or private utilities. Decorative landscaping. Facilities supportive of the residential and business development of the redevelopment area. soil preparation and/or containers to support same. sidewalks. The extent of the BRTA's participation in funding public improvements will be based upon a BRTA finding on the benefit of that project to the Redevelopment District. communication. Public improvements may include activities needed to carry out the installation. and 13. conference. kiosks. devices for the 12. construction. including trees. and public facilities. shrubs. New sidewalks or other pedestrian pedestrian ways. storm water. parks. repair or replacement of public infrastructure including. 5.made be needed within the Redevelopment District. phone booths. power. improvements. and public art. Tables. Expanded and upgraded utility infrastructure. 6. such as meeting. or cultural spaces. On and off-street parking facilities and structures. parking. Flood control and prevention facilities. water. 3. and trails.

Additionally. Other Programs. structures and other improvements from property it acquires. pursuant to this Redevelopment Plan if such buildings. and other technical studies as may be needed during the course of this Redevelopment Plan. for personnel. structures and other improvements are not to be rehabilitated in accordance with this plan. Project funds may be utilized to pay for. Incentive Assistance to Private Entities. 8. (ii) the remediation of environmental contamination or hazardous materials such as lead-based paint or asbestos.the importance of the project in carrying out Redevelopment Plan objectives. and (iii) any other types of development financing assistance which enhances the ability of private entities to finance and complete the types of projects described in this Redevelopment Plan. Project funds may be utilized to pay indebtedness associated with the preparation of this Plan. miscellaneous land use and public facility studies. reconstruction. final approval of any activity involving the construction. and (ii) Implementation of plans to support the diligent enforcement of housing. The BRTA is hereby authorized to adopt one or more programs to provide incentives to private entities for the following purposes: (i) the rehabilitation and renovation of structures within the Redevelopment District to ensure compliance with the provisions of any applicable building codes or design guidelines. -6- . to carry out design plans. 5. marketing and promotional materials and programs to assist in carrying out the objectives of this plan. The BRTA is hereby authorized to demolish and clear those buildings. Project funds may also be used to pay. Demolition. and other administrative costs incurred in the management of this plan. Clearance. consulting. zoning and occupancy controls and standards. and to plan for the various activities contained in the Redevelopment Plan. engineering. 01' upon agreement with any property owner. but not limited thereto. 6. It is the intent of this Plan to provide for the effective administration of the Redevelopment Plan. Plan Administration. marketing and promotions. and Site Preparation. 7. Other activities or undertakings which may be taken to implement this Plan may include the following: 0) Implementation of plans for a program of voluntary or compulsory repair and rehabilitation of buildings or improvements. but not limited thereto. repair or replacement of any public infrastructure shall be granted only by the City Engineer of the City of Bartlesville in order to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulations of the State of Oklahoma and City of Bartlesville.

revenue bonds or notes. or lend money. 11. If authorized under the terms of such plans. to a public agency in conjunction with a joint undertaking of a project authorized by this Plan. or from any sources.2005. in property or securities in which savings banks. as authorized by State and Federal law. or other public body. by subsequent action of the City Council. grants. In addition. and the authorizations provided herein. the BRTA may borrow money from. city. loans. 2029. Tax Increment Financing. Section 850 et seq. at its discretion. The BRTA is hereby also authorized to implement the provisions of one or more Tax Increment Project Plans. -7- . public or private for the purposes of undertaking and carrying out this Plan. the BRTA may promulgate rules and procedures for the methods and conditions of payment of such loans. The BRTA is authorized to borrow money and accept advances. In adopting this Redevelopment Plan. as amended. or savings and loan associations may legally invest funds. the BRTA may issue tax apportionment bonds or notes in accordance with the provisions of Section 863 of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes. and other forms of financial assistance from the federal government.9. the City does not purport to create any contractual obligation extending beyond the City'S current or any subsequent fiscal year with regard to the establishment or maintenance of the Redevelopment District. of the Oklahoma Statutes. without limitation. or (ii) January 1. contributions. building and loan associations. TERMINATION DATE This Redevelopment Plan. The BRTA may invest any funds held in reserves or sinking funds or any such funds not required for immediate disbursement. and to give such security as may be required and to enter into and to carry out contracts in connection therewith. Issuance of Revenue Bonds and Notes. from time to time. as authorized by Title 60. If such funds are loaned. to finance the undertaking and carrying out this Redevelopment Plan. if not terminated sooner. V. EFFECTIVE DATE This Redevelopment Plan shall take effect upon the latter of: (i) the effective date of the ordinance adopting this plan. Authorized Investment of Excess Funds. shall terminate on December 31. 10. VI. Financing. as authorized pursuant to the terms of the Oklahoma Local Development Act. Section 176 et seq. that nothing in this Redevelopment Plan shall affect the ability of the City. including. of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes. and may receive and pledge revenues derived from the apportionment of ad valorem taxes as provided in Section 861 and 862 of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes. as amended. however. provided. The BRTA shall have the power to issue notes or bonds. as amended. to repeal. state. county. modify or amend this Redevelopment Plan or the Ordinance approving such plan.

containing 80 acres. more or less. Township 26 North. more or less. -8- . Range 12 East. Township 26 North. more or less. more or less. and • That part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 7. • Total of 793 acres. more or less. and • The East Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 12. containing 153 acres. Township 26 North. and • All of the East HalfofSection 12. containing 320 acres.BARTLESVILLE LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT DISTRICT The Bartlesville Downtown Redevelopment District contains the following land: • All of the Northwest Quarter of Section 7. and • The East Half ofthe Southwest Quarter of Sectjon 12. Township 26 North. Range 12 East. Township 26 North. Range 12 East. containing 80 acres. Range 13 East lying west of the Caney River. more or less. containing 160 acres. Range 13 East.