I. Other-Centered (1-13) II. Courageous (14-26) III. Judicious (weeks 27-39) IV.

Resourceful (40-52)

Week 34
When You’re Taking It All Too Seriously Awake maybe 10 minutes, barely moving, luxuriating. Amazing! After a whole night it still feels so good to be just here.

Say ”Whoa!” Things seem out of balance. You’re jumpy, irritable, one-track mind. Some symptom pops up. Your posture declines.

Real humor is seeing yourself as the fall-guy in the story or joke that makes you laugh.

I can’t say enough good about meditation. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It can raise your peace quotient!

Senses alive! Do you hear the geese flying over, honking bliss? Michelangelo shouted “Breathe, damn you!” when completing Moses.

Wonder without ambition, something like “I wonder what the purpose is of a covered bridge.”

Be a child. Count the cars in the next freight train that goes by; the one that stalls your travel to an important meeting.

Photograph by Cher Cox

Dispersed I need to spread out like the bands of an old clock wound tight. I need to tick tock out—walk away, down the stairs, tell the time without care, walk the fields of tall grass without paths, grab the silty sand with my hand under the warm water at the shore and shudder with joy its slipping through my fingers, feeling my toes sinking in beneath me. I need to hold an ice cream cone, sit in an Adirondack chair, lean back, feel its ribs and watch an old lady walk by leaning on her cane. Smile at her, speak, and she to me. The clock ticks, no longer mine. Join the discussion

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