It is imported and marketed by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL).  In the year 2004. ahead of L¶oreal.  It started in 1957  The brand came to India in 1995.INTRODUCTION  Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever.  By the end of the dove firming ³Real Women´ Campaign. Garnier. Unilever won the µmarketer of the year¶ award for its brand Dove . dove has become a national talking point and was ranked number three in the body lotions market. Neutrogena and Olay.

4 P¶s OF MARKETING price product 4P¶s place promotion .

PRODUCT STRATEGY  A combination of moisturizer and softness so as to satisfy the particular need which was earlier not met.  Point of differentiation-moisturizer and pH =O and also met consumer needs. .  Focused on women(³non-models´)± beautiful in their own way.emotional connection between brand and consumers.  Strong personal .  Based on global study on perceptions and attitudes of women with regard to personal beauty and wellbeing.

Dove soaps .

PRICING STRATEGY  With the entry in Indian market in 1995 it was priced at Rs.50² NOT SATISFACTORY FOR THE C0NSUMERS  People with higher income level did not consider it worth buying.  DOVE then changed its strategy and lowered its price to Rs. .  Works --.28²thereby attracting the upper middle class Indian consumer.WHY NOT PAY A LITTLE EXTRA IN ORDER TO HAVE GOOD MOISTURISER AND NOURISHMENT.

 Competition with home products like.  Competitive advantage± using 1 distribution channel to provide their various products to retailers.PLACE STRATEGY  The distribution channels used is no different that of HUL except ³Kwality Walls´.  More popular in Metropolitan cities. Pears.Lux. .

 2.DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS  HUL's products. are distributed through a network of 2500 redistribution stockists covering around one million retail outlets.  HUL provide tailor made services to each of its channel partners. wholesale. .3 million outlets.000 suppliers and 2000 distributors serve HUL¶s 37 factories reaching 6.  The general trade comprises grocery stores. kiosks and general stores. chemists.

The promotional video of dove was seen by over 30 lakhs internet user on the youtube.PROMOTION STRATEGY  Positioned as REAL BEAUTY and is considered to be good for people of all ages.  Various promotional awareness : --DOVE Self esteem fund in 2006  --AD commercials on TV by doing comparison with other products of same range  REAL beauty campaign in 2008  Promotion with the help of study VOICE. .

.segmentation y Dove segments the market on the basis of : demographic segmentation psychographic segmentation y Demographic segmentation: Gender: females(working women) Income: high income groups & upper middle class y Psychographic segmentation: it trys to change the psychology of an average looking women that she can look equally beautiful.

y Dove uses the market specialization concept. . 28). y Targets on the higher income groups because they are the only people who can afford a soap which is priced at a premium rate (Rs.targeting y Targets girls and women of all ages. y Especially targets the working women as they have busy schedules and cannot take out time for themselves so by using one soap they can get the benefits of a soap as well as a moisturizer. shapes and sizes.

Image differentiation: it is now considered as a ³moisturizing bar´ and ³beauty bar´. Points of differentiation: maximum moisturizing content. . y Dove soap positions itself not as a soap but as the mildest bathing bar containing ¼ the moisturizer. Product life cycle stage: Dove is currently at its growth stage.positioning y Dove is positioned as a personal care brand. As the add campaign of dove says that use it on half of your face and see the difference.

y Product quality leadership: high levels of perceived qualities with price just high enough not to be out of customers. y Dove products are priced at a premium.y Price quality inferences: consumers perceives high prices as an indicator of quality. .

Line stretching: dove launched its soap in 1995 in india and there after launched a range of its beauty products. . dove offers a set of its product range as a gift pack. Product bundling pricing: dove offers a pack of three soaps or so providing a certain amount of discount.


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