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Published by: Tim Bruchez on Aug 29, 2011
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* Before you start make sure you have 2 controllers, this is important as you wi ll see later, it doesn't matter

what form of cntroller, i used my rockband guita r This File contains information of how to use the maps Either on your own Gamerta g, or online. I cannot guarentee this, but i'm pretty sure that you do not need xbox live to b e able to play these maps First you will need: Any USB Drive, (External HDD, Flash Drive, Anything, prefer able 2GB+ although 1GB should work) 1) Configure the USB Device for xbox Storage, Simply Plug the Device into your x box, press the Guide Button Go to Settings, then System Settings, Memory And sel ect the storage device, it will automatically configure it. 2) (Optional) Place any game demo onto the storage device to make it simpler to find the directory 3) Plug your USB Device into your Computer, Open USB Xtaf, If it Asks you to upd ate, click yes. 4) Once the update is done Click File then click either Open First USB Drive, or Open Device Selector and Find the USB Drive You will now see two primary direct ories, "Cache Partition" and "Data Partition". 5) Open the Data Partition Then open Content (Simply click the + sign next to it ) you will now see a folder with a bunch of 000000000's. 6a) open the Maps folder and Drag and drop the E0000D1DD702EA8E Folder (Importan t, must be the entire folder named E0000D1DD702EA8E) Into the Content Directory on USB Xtaf, this will now inject the folder to the device. 6b) You will now have a new Gamertag on your Storage Device (BlakOps taco543), t his will be used to "Prime" the maps on every session of playing Black ops that you intend to use them 7) back in the Content Directory you will now need to open the 000000000000 fold er, (same as before, click the +) If you didn't add a demo, i'm not sure if you will see the 0000000000 folder or not, if not, go back to step 2. 8) you will now need to Drag and Drop the 41560855 Folder into the 00000000 Fold er, This will now inject the maps, *Note* this may take a while depending on you r computer's specs and the USB device's specs. 9) Once it is done go ahead and move the storage device over to your xbox, you w ill now need to connect your 2 Controllers 10) On the Xbox 360 Dashboard, you will need to sign into your Xbox (Live) accou nt on controller 1, On the Second Controller Sign into the BlakOps Taco 543 Acco unt, now load up Blackops. 11) once it's loaded go to Zombies then Select Xbox Live, this Should give you a n error message and send you back to the menu. 12) once you're back in the menu go back into zombies but instead of selecting a nything, hit the guide button on the second controller and sign out of BlakOps t aco543. 13) now select whatever mode you want, Solo, System Link, Split Screen or Xbox L ive, and once if done correctly you will now see the extra maps (or in xbox live mode there will be a new playlist option "Classic Zombies") You will need to repeat this from Step 10 everytime you start up blackops from t he dashboard or another game.

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