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social value group characteristics

focused on people and relationships, individualistic and creative,

self actualisers enthusiastically exploring change, 'in a framework of non-prescriptive
consideration for others'

self-confident risk-takers, seeking new and different things, setting their own
targets to achieve

acquisitive and materialistic, aspiring to what they see are symbols of success,
esteem seekers
including things and experiences

attaching importance to image and status, as a means of enabling acceptance

by their peer group, at the same time holding onto traditional values

wanting to be 'normal', so follow the herd, accepting of their circumstances,

contented conformers
they are contented and comfortable in the security of their own making

averse to risk, guided by traditional behaviours and values, quiet and

reserved, hanging back and blending in with the crowd

detached and resentful, embittered and apathetic, tending to live in the 'ever-
present now'

social status occupation

A upper middle class higher managerial, administrative or professional

intermediate managerial, administrative or

B middle class

supervisory or clerical, junior managerial,

C1 lower middle class
administrative or professional

C2 skilled working class skilled manual workers

D working class semi and unskilled manual workers

state pensioners or widows (no other earner),

E those at lowest level of subsistence
casual or lowest grade workers