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PHOTOSHOP CS5 Shortcut KeysResult Windows Mac OS
Cycle through tools with the sameshortcut keyShift-press shortcutkey (if Use Shift Keyfor Tool Switch preference is selected)Shift-press shortcutkey (if Use ShiftKey for ToolSwitch preferenceis selected)Cycle through hidden tools Alt-click + tool(except add anchor  point, delete anchor  point, and convert point tools)Option-click + tool(except add anchor  point, deleteanchor point, andconvert pointtools)Move tool V VRectangular Marquee tool‚Elliptical Marquee toolM MLasso toolPolygonal Lasso toolMagnetic Lasso toolL LMagic Wand toolQuick Selection toolW WCrop toolSlice toolSlice Select toolC CEyedropper tool‚Color Sampler toolRuler tool Note toolCount tool*I ISpot Healing Brush toolHealing Brush toolPatch toolRed Eye toolJ JBrush toolPencil toolColor Replacement toolB BClone Stamp toolPattern Stamp toolS SHistory Brush toolArt History Brush toolY YEraser tool‚Background Eraser toolMagic Eraser toolE EGradient tool G G
Result Windows Mac OS
Paint Bucket toolDodge toolBurn toolSponge toolO OPen toolFreeform Pen toolP PHorizontal Type toolVertical Type toolHorizontal Type mask toolVertical Type mask toolT TPath Selection toolDirect Selection toolA ARectangle toolRounded Rectangle toolEllipse toolPolygon toolLine toolCustom Shape toolU U3D Rotate tool3D Roll tool3D Pan tool3D Slide tool3D Scale toolK 3D Orbit tool3D Roll View tool3D Pan View tool3D Walk View tool3D Zoom tool N NHand tool‚ H HRotate View tool R Zoom tool‚ Z Z‚Use same shortcut keys for Extract, Liquify, and Pattern Maker *Photoshop Extended only
Keys for using the Animation panel in Timeline Mode(Photoshop Extended)
Some shortcuts need to be enabled. Choose Enable Timeline Shortcut Keys from the Animation(Timeline) panel menu.
Result Windows Mac OSStart playing the timeline or Animation panel Spacebar Spacebar Switch between timecode and frame numbers(current time view)Alt + click thecurrent-timedisplay in theupper-left corner of the timeline.Option + click thecurrent-timedisplay in theupper-left corner of the timeline.Expand and collapse list of layers Alt + click Option + click onlist trianglesJump to the next/previous whole second intimelineHold down theShift key whenclicking the Next/PreviousFrame buttons(on either side of the Play button).Hold down theShift key whenclicking the Next/PreviousFrame buttons (oneither side of thePlay button)Increase playback speed Hold down theShift key whiledragging thecurrent time.Hold down theShift key whiledragging thecurrent time.Decrease playback speed Hold down theControl keywhile draggingthe current time.Hold down theCommand keywhile dragging thecurrent time.Snap an object (keyframe, the current time,layer in point, and so on) to the nearest objectin timelineShift-drag Shift-dragScale (evenly distribute to condensed or extended length) a selected group of multiplekeyframesAlt-drag (first or last keyframe inthe selection)Option-drag (firstor last keyframe inthe group)Back one frame Left Arrow or Page UpLeft Arrow or PageUpForward one frame Right Arrow or Page DownRight Arrow or Page DownBack ten frames Shift + LeftArrow or Shift +Page UpShift + Left Arrowor Shift Page Up