Profile: Samay Surgical was established in the year 2001 and since then has become a well known

manufacturer, domestic supplier and exporter of different types of Orthop edic Surgical Equipment, Screws and Plates. These premium quality products are u sed in various applications in orthopedic surgeries and treatments. Manufactured under strictly quality control, sterile and hygienic environment these are comp lete safe for these purposes. We fully realize the crucial nature of our Orthope dic Surgical Equipment hence, never compromise with the quality attributes of t he products. We are supported by our team of professionals who are highly adept at using the latest techniques and methods in the production process to provide our customers with a superior range of products. All the needs and requirements of our customers and the end-users are kept in mind while designing and manufact uring our Orthopedic Surgical Equipment to ensure that these are durable enough and have the ability to sustain a longer time period. Product Portfolio: We are proficient in manufacturing and supplying our customers with a wide range of high quality products, which are in adherence with various national and inte rnational quality standards. The various screws and plates offered by us have be en designed and developed in such a manner that they can easily be customized to accommodate the varied needs and requirements of our customers.

Our product range includes: * * * * * * DHS Plate DCP Plate Locking plate Bone Screw Cortical Screw Cancellous Screw

Contact us: Mr. Mahesh Godhasara Surve No. 212, Plot No. 6, Near Patidar Plastic, NH-8 B Rajkot, Gujarat - 360 001, India Telephone: +(91)-(2827)-252154

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