If you mention pizza to an
ltal ian or samba to a Brazi ILa t1 they wi II know instantly what you mean and
SJ 11U::


with Chinese-japanese


and a European tradition wh ich (lrigi naterl in Spain.The craft of orlgarni as we know il

is the

i 1,-you say or~gam i to 1he japanese, imme-diately that you are

today in the WeSL began in theearly
in Englarld. deeper


they understand

and ctH"Ilacts with Japan for a

'La ng about Ihe art of papertolding, Iki They might even be so nil,Uered by your rhat you interest in the subject

kn(Jwl,edg~ of the art


inspired others to form a network of enthuslaslic paperfclders anrl creative in Britain,

Ihey would surne
tips 011


tile U niter! States
and Europe. • Since

the craft,


may probably

fold n crane

beca me
j nterested

deep ly

bird ior you, wh ich
is LhE' traditional model that Iapanese lapanese iust J~ nol of

in the




discovered rh.it it involves not

people can ralel. However,

oilly folded paper ffijLlres but also
the personaln i ~'5 and 11 n,bit.' i



the sambaare

n ngers


con{in~d to Iheir cOlmlry uf origil1, origilmi is toun d

,heir (~riginiltors. - I have traveled through

nn 'Iy

in Jilp'd II



ny uuu ntries I ry i r1g h ~trace :1 hese people
and, i 11 th is bonk, I wi j I present some ~ !he rnorlels I carne across duri I1g my tr~ps. • Folding brings opport unities [ur

also beei i inrroduced into many COLm tries.


• H' you

Me interested in fi ndi ng out marie

about the history

r'aperfolding, you will

cnrne across lWll di ffel (m1 lr~duions. I hat

unfold i ngl




developed an Asiati c Paulo Mulatlnho



each other:

Paulo MlJ"'atinho


I1ART'lVli.llL ll~U.1KS.INt:



( )pcn L uhf> 7{~ Sonobe Cubs if.J l£J Duuhl e I Ica rts 1CI Clip It} TIlt' Shirl 011 Ontl'" Bat k P'mrirl.. - . 38 'hrislrnas Decoration Annw 21 Objel'l 23 Nun 14 Pipt.5-<1 Geol'llelrii Figure! t.:~12 h Origami Zoo Presentin~ Girts Bow:1 5!i C.iH Rf)X r. Cnn'tJlner 50 Fol rler s 2 [).l.p) Star III Ang ~I (?4 D{l!{ uration 66 M.Mdterictl Symbols 1 6 Simple and An'll<lizing Models 0 IU MU~li'll f.2b for a. Desk Top Pir lure frame Note Book 4R .my'~Env{"lnpe Hill1ry ~.ml.t~ Envelope No~e and Cross d Box 1·!lo?i111 Shy VOlI ng Hare J (J n'ph.ube T!.ml J~ pJperholder 14 20 'Frog MQuse J.J .

rn.. paper used lill I Q on. sornetim ':. rlr.01~(tli. I tilkp."i wrapping raper. wri1ing-papel'.Material 'What do I need for origami? The '1I1S\'\' ~r is simpk: 'lIsl 1St I perl Yuu Cdfl lind paper j allow ilnywhere In many cliff rpnl qualities and sizes. handlrr. Iarge or smail Yml can usc girl wrapping-paper. Onp-wimerl il d II Of rhin smooth w.'nb Ils('II.n..n. r I. If you save YOl. Irr~~('1 starl ing "iz(_' i Ir yow mode! square.ady ttl ever rhc ocrnsion 5[211 t tnld i ng when- J~rr·.7 x 2' rn).l!'''~'II' liTIs c hore.~f. of papers i<..b X . ynu should nuy wigJnli paper which comt's in (l 'jlluilr(' and i~ ideal iOI folding. 'rou can use or muiricolored.. ~II' df'pend"i on ymJr am'l the model you m. expensive or rhea!!.. ori~<1mipap r wllh m and am I'p.u." most cases W<1nt ltl n.i'\ cur them 10 Ihe (. pa k If vl:'fywh 'FL' . The ol11y d lsarlvnntage nf I he-se 1}lpes. pJ. Ihick ~2l!$t€ Clny Iypp of 01 p~pt'r yOLJ like as lung a'S il ran he fulllN!.25 In t~g.jkt.Jnl 10 rough. . lhd you fi rst have In . 'ybur loe')l statlonerv or h':lr1dinrlfls shop wlll probably h~ve a. li'llll.'iing-p(lp~r.

Ii~' Ilr' 'r {~II 'hi' mnrlol II p"U'i Illll' lold II III !Ill' nm~r.. f(llh""'in~ l'dwing i~ -ilHWn til ..: n. 1 DO down rO~LJr~ s.E ~ c fi nrl you need for folding a ach model set out in the form of drawings.1 v.1 <li it helpful.. fr)lrfin~ is easy ' 12 ~ .L 1JI8':!.1ppr ow! ch<lnges . Turning Ih~ p.I mountain fold and vlcc versa.~d ..II"n . ror furd into .III.l !3 a I!J '" §' E .kes and . ::2 -..jIIl'Y stages where things may Each individual fold should possibly go step shows which vallev In d be made. Wha~ m. ~ 2' In the followi ng instructions all the inlorrnation you wi II .. 6 .- ~~ -.ide Co". •• -- ~.. mountoin jolt! depends on til v. Lines and arrows tell you what to do...2 .. The result of this drawing fold is shown in the following the nexl step. of these internationally has its own meaning accepted and is explained themselves I have text where I or to point out symbols here. . lin the 'instructions only added explanatory considered wrong.1lo1~WI1 Ih i~.'2 u ~ "0 c '1.ewing all~lt~.. up ~ ~i~ n.

TIle lnstrurtions in th is book, wi>~hthe
mountain and valley folds and the different types of "Ianguage'





aHOWS, constitute

a kind








between you and me: you the folding sequence

would like to fold the model shown and I
would like to explain to you by means of the clrawinw •. Since 'we cannot hold a "true" dialogue, that as few rnisurrderstandings
will arise between ~11P fault is certainly mine. I

I hope

us. However, if any do,

do realize that L1 set of instructions cannot be perfectly

dear to everyon '.

llyo, who are not that familiar with the rather technical
Beginners especia drawings, folding.

can cas'ily get stuck during th each one in a rlifferent place.

over it just does not help. rut
else fo'!" <I

the paper ~l~ide, o something d

while, and at a second attempt you will probably get the hang 01 it limmedi""t,e~y.
Do not worry about maki ng m istakes, they

can lead you to

yuur ~ooll,


_ I

Simple Amazing Models

~ ..



0111 Nt\l





Box Pleat

. __j _


"Tum til(' have to bc·u(!ased dga~n . Push Il1r.ng pd1rth to Uw <ide.lIh logptlwr in IllI' I "Ilter ~iIldn.pond to Iht.lwirli1.tP[K 1l]()(lPl' over . up~I'1I1di.:\0 new cr('ascs are l11. This will make it easier to rush II. .:!.l~ well .: n.ltrl'!1 tilt.:IIfi1~ VI/hell pushing 11K' edges together.!r ymr h.' ('xlsting mountain .ivo stressed thp relief.tdc' i n ~tq) ii. ones in thl:' dr. make sine that the mountain aile! va110V' fol'd~ ("orrt.harply. but the.1it(. folds .w parts rng(·thf>l· in tlK' next v·"lIe).Ill i>i.

Mustache Nose and (T 12 ..

D .

"_ I _~~_~~_~_ 14 .HUMI HUZITA I (1)L.

lper size II' ..lY purposes.......1l(~lly 'f x 4 ill<(I n...ks or for musk t'J~scfll(':. .an i>~ IISf'd for holding "11!'IlI()-p. "- " . depencimg on the lhicklwss of the papf'f.. When pi.This model by Professor f~tJr1l'i I'jl!ll..]s(l rnr~i1gllf'in)~ :lppf()xil!n. ern! rh. for d I'caddy" with a b.. ~ ... il will he suiuhllt.JI)(~r. 1 havc used . For the dr-ij:ll1l'ni paperholrJ(>r shown LIl the pil lilllT' (I)d~C (.'.'i x In.) x b in P I x 1:.. V / .'ita can be used for 111i1I.. " .. / .ll c. <.lTId . '-.../ ..7 x 21 em) Is used for this model.. /' " .1 starling size 01 17 XII:l in '42 1 x 30..6 x W2 S in 129.2 em).. / X .../ . s-> -/ X /' /' .dso I'or IIJlnpU1PI' dio. emil../ ...

I1l hi~ ilrfeUirm (rll Ilw ra~l '16 ..~lmL Ht~w ve~ h IS disc. Th dev lopment ur th~s modeol 1..=_-J. anri he i .1 PIOIl 'PI 1II I his dleil nf fJrrp..Double Hearts FRAN IS Ow !-. oj tnigtunf..1S i-{ivt'n hrm so tlUJrl'l flit: sur thot h€' wallt to iJ he: rhmllghOlll I h ' wndrl It 111'" I"U innurn rablrrl designs thl'll enl Id fill a W 10 t xxrk..!.-----" CD 10 l:lelm''lPlti ( ell rl"llds... rtlmu~!. r-r~nci Q\V t'I'lllillly UI.~"1 mnrJlJlar ~nd i"':<pre5s Lh.

.. re pa JWI" vj.1Jl fcmv. Cv ."\ I /0 /"l-I~-~· I @ r-'-'*.h lH'dl"ts at Ihe back '{rililf'y iu1ld (lilly !. \11l1.:~~~~~!9F3~F~J.l..!in. ·~~I"""_~~___J_~~ FI.rold only Uw front Itq'('r (j itI.m'J. p ...II~ InllJll~ h1l-'(erin skp In.

18 .Hide the bridge on the inside.

CD I 19 .

The Sh irt Off One's Back / / TRADITIONAL CD / / / / / ~. / / / / / \ / \ /~ / \ \ \ \ \. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ .

_ . 21 ._ It' .L ' - j .

Arrow J 22 .

THOKI VENN / / I / I / / 23 .


/ / / / 25 .

.. / /~ I ' 26 .... <.'~ ~ !" '<...__ .... -.

® .

lilly bowl 01 !.tl.lpe you like:.lIHI givE' ~11l'If](Ju1i1pieu' the I:in. 28 .1C00llJd out 11:li' lhc pilW .

Origami Zoo .

Shy Yo.ung Hare Q) THOKI VENN ® ® 30 .

li ~h>fJ~ l!i T7 with the ()~hor~ldc'.II'.l~q. \ \. \ \ \L_\ ! f \ \ \ \ \ \ ~f'l'c"ll ·t~~ 11'-1~1 with tbe olhl'1 "HI _ 31 .

t) CJ 32 . . ( I r.EOWIN CORRIE I.

lds tor the' OIJ the 11<1 k hId .Her~ei)tItw rq.i'l1 Ilw IltUlJltWill h r~. the Ilil!:k. J{ .wl1l.11 Ikpeo1l'lil 'h~~iotds 1m Ihi! (bId ul"l bad.md IhL I :!1I't R"-P(!.

.. "- \ .... "....(D \ ' .. "- \ \ JUAN GIMENO ...... . 34 .....

lIN I ngs <1-1 I.~k. l' oli 1blds fill huHI of ffw: fnml I('~ th~l h.( ThF" dl''llli Ic-d cI r. ~lm\'1irhe S('~lLl<i:'Il.d rl'urn i!lwk 35 .wc ~L~ I'[) be f()l.

...ol. Imi.~ 1i'Cl11'1 I'll ngiE reman.1 rl.Mouse EDUARDO CLEMENTE: Y' [-"uld itlfll\ .? \ \ lilt:' back I:ayer III Glep f~. th .. 36 ..

~tt'n Hl . lith 37 . " '1 the folds Reped . ]'.. - 111 "v\ . .. r I .. U"tiler SIC Ie lfl ..1 y()U like._ 'I'f' !i'1I1 i 111"0 the Shdp.... bnllg. of tilt' model.L ih tile: t:"11·~ jilne! .

. IJdlkr fur lilt' "." " .'11 I ~. Head I J 38 .iZ1~ of lilt.-. . /' Th« . ''.. IWdd . / it~ 'II . " . .-jo .ind ior (ill! ilndy is icl(:<ntrccll. KUNIHIKO KASAHARA CD "w: - ~/"'." I \ .


40 .

41 .

rlon .Tud the hody ul" in h Iw~ t1 111 taYf'i~ of III h i\d.."ULJ lik~ . Inf rhe pn.


For a Desk Top .

7 x :..511..__~-__J I I..·: ..._~~ _ ___..Picture Frame CD I LARRY HART l:i1<lrlmg.~1'. ..I. ...1i in l.. --II ! i -..n HIli -.J X I:U..m.

'pnl k' I ih~ fi)ids.! yr the piclliTc f I~ fr.1'0.} mi i 0 lolrJ I'hl! hor iZOfclt.'. r~ .i!l h(~r~ 4" (. oi Illl' .:.l WI~t' arrl.d verti~f tedg'(.11It'l 'rU1.u'il in rfill GD.L- ~I ~ !..~to corresprmrl \~ilfLl t~l~~ In illCl411.w.'ltlew' Ihe pn:1u!'t' ~.l1 ~n.:. 1.tH 1'lw 1)1' IUrt" .. ~~el) 10. lill" L:xJrnpl~ . ~.lJfHt~ 111 Iii.~~-_I w.III stups ':! .. Tfl'k~' (l. fn~<I('d 1111" III (ii(>'lSe!.' .1 h.:m1l"lI. iLli .hov. x II'.i ZI! crni.

l(k.' "he r"rl1Jr~ m<ildf" till. franK' seen lrom rhe i). '9 .. ('dgt1~... .. @ ....I-(lld th [111(1 $I!ie:l\ as shown in step 1 I rh(m .. piau.:__~~~I ... ~-==~_.... hn i~ll(~d I' The piclllrf.


Si multo nerllJsI)'. Howeve-r.rl box when the folds in step i1 an' repealpd on tht. in this CJSt" the paper has to 'I'll placed with the fold. Y(Ju will get tlw note book as the Iinal result. ® . If you skip step 9 and continue with step '10. upward in step 'I.You will get" oJ traclition.· olh~r side in step ~). lower the center and push the two side toward the center at the marked areas.

Container GIUSEPPE BAGCI 50 .

I~nglhways in step 1 and the rcrnai nder of the steps ar>' carried out with the new starting base._·final n'''ull the paper is !lO( divided diagonally but . 7 51 .whl'-'Il Thi~ container lis th.

!)([JI1'1pk f . ~~ 0. lhicktl(..8 in 12 ern) 52 .. This morlel is ide. d~igll :lnd ~Ililily value is f'rofc'"or 'I rllzlitil. ') rm) Rer~ei11 ep .iu ".l<li'":..HN: 01 the Ingil "I ~t(·p'1"l1rOll~~h{)lIl it' loldin~s ~f'qllf'I1C~ 1I nr! lhc Iiseliil object that rcsLl'ilh.HI "Orig.4 Ii n (1..JI1li Design l. folde-r. These folds will produce spine of OA ill (I ..~ on st other side.~ milln objective . ~('qLU('ncl'. :-~ . 0.S~ for the rhe two a (ml Ibis folder by Profe~sor r·11unl i l luzito is an C1ubtZlfltlilllji 1.)1 tH'C..:1[ 0.Folder G) III II ~(j in j100 cnn II :1 HUMJ HUZITA t>j if<l· !. The combination rjl 'loldin1j...4 in (I em) CD ~~___L-~--::II>JJ+· ..4 in II ern) t>11:..

I ...---F--___.~....".E i.'"1r "'I 53 ..~ ~~~~r-~~I~~ o I' l__...L..

~~-~ r / -: 54 .1. 7 x "~I em. x .-_~ __ ~ J'1 ..r.. this Nick Robinson nomed enVE'krrli:' d.frm hi~ d.15 III 11 .Daisy's Envelope NICK ROBINSON G)..lUflht(·r 0L..

Presenting GiftS .

fit. 56 .II reasuns " j-n the following instrw:tions.•. . ll]('llt. on y sIt 'I be shown fOI .)~t_ '" 111. O . . pracnc.. I will .Bowl .P III .

~7-II '' •• . Rqwilt on.!{.-B Oil the other ("OfllC'IS. <111 T11£'11 and thumb. S7 . The model seen f mill ~ .® I Rept:at steps (.hdpe.'l rightly bctw(-.(Jjl your (jl~t\el make the tho bottom vvith the OtI1l:i"' hand as I1()WIl 111 step I I. CTcll~<c'o..~( k. from COiTlE' ~. the h.'. Take th« nwrltli:d corner arf~. The howl will IlIIW t:al. o.

il[ box. pe. It only serves 10 (-'~bli"'l ~ h~?r" .houl'd 1lJ''.for tlv' .jvide!b p.~'~Iledi'.. GIOVANNI MALTAGLIATTI . ©. if th« «ompk-ted box .e o( 2 4 i 11 ~b ern).Gift Box Paper ""y: you need rt·lz1livcly IICirge square.Jkf' ~I.i:!ds tv be 9. For instance.. 5a .1")0 nol nl.1.1! x cUI in US x 1. til r\.!~crease show» in <..I g.S nni. the paper siz • IW.!f'P .l: in li1ree eqlJ'll pm!..

. ~--- / I~ 1--·- .f --.._ 'I \ ._' -..--1 / Repeat steps .!liI comers. t1-1 I ( n (0 ··~ _--_!. /~·-:+-I J t.~ '/.

ver elmJ unfit'! th« el(i~tin~ <HJlilfCml ~i(Je ill "tt_. pushed under You will ~~'! thi$ hd when ~. 60 .we! li(i thl" rn.. "(lIll !his iei W"'~'11 Ihp will gel ~id('~.Push the box inside (0 (he .uked areas.Ir(' ilIH't11ilr . !~o 'oppos i IB ~it1ffS.l re h the other twu sides ill st(·p 115.. ')' pu£lwd Q.p 1 S.

Christmas Decorations .


1 !.H:r~p R Tlw li<l~tf'lcnlf.([) rulrl 8 idpntical t'lcm(~flts.own i1.j" t"<cquire8 mud) pillienr.:·n1 j~ tilt' mosl dirtk ull ()ne to ifll>(.e. rtfl Ih (_'Ir"'mpnf-s j'og\~tb~.If! olttd . 63 . ~h.j ~.

--_ - ~~I·~ ® 64 ....---) ALFREDO GIUNTA CD CD rum over: . /·~'7'.

il\g. troll n~Ol.!1 ml! I !i'N\I' In (llfV lilt. Hwy .:&taS for rhe 1')eI k uf I h model. I 65 .1f~ ortlnll.the v<lll~1' iro Id I'll Will).!.. v..

Decoration 66 .

Repeat steps C)-Ii three times.ly push !>dwPt'n your fingers c(Jrrl'~pondil1g to the creases you made before. Turk the corner into the pleat of the above lying triangle.Finish hy infl<ltillg the model. Each side will take shape i.[ if you cJrC'fu!. 67 .

Happy Santa JOHN SMITH Head .c1r- (~) ~ o b8 ...-"T-----.

n 1991 for hils personal Christmas This H<1pPY Sanla card.ind Origami".ltpd .lohn Smith has developed many models L1silngonly mountain and valley folds. WelS c. / \ " Hat \ / / / \ I \ j .ksigntd by [ohn Smith j. By using only these two types of folds Ple U('.I series of simple models to which he gclVP (he !prrn "Purol.

/ I ® 70 .

Geometrk: Fig res .

im . .g~ (.Cube CD - TOMOKO FUSE _~ 5'"r~"...11. -~r • 7') .-~nr this cub ~Y04 "l-"tld 1\"""1) IiIft" (·.r.rclng I.11 p{i1 .Jt'Celernorus whkh 'I rrtlrrn ·.

As witl Illoq l'eullll-'tri( models.~1·11L' 1.1. r('quli res in irs pI.Ielm'nl Corner fl ()f one dvment s110uld aiwavs be tlKI~ed Into corner A ohh~> other df'tllcnt.' the most pZlt1iC'llCl'. YOLl will see thaI. ·1lick each sharp . (. id(. ( Fold three of these earh time. tJ. f>Ullil.\ ". 73 .. three corners C Ilneel each (Mille.J( d' (nnw"! i lito dw obtuse side of anorh cr l ol""n(:'1·.

~ id('ntic~d elements. .Open 'Cube' TOMOKO FUSE CD _IJ)! rold 1.

Pflter creases of the lernent. tuck the notnt of Oflt! element into the pleat uj thf> other element. 75 . The I.:ll::fl elomcnt has a point \'1'1 both ends as well as d plt1. A third element makes the connection complete. ould relate at right dllgk's. Ihe open cube inspires peopl« to create many cliifcrent cornbi nations.11. which represent 11l(~ sides of the cube. The idea shown in the example was originated by Axel Reissnecker.® .V\ihf'n pllfting them Illgether.

fnld[!d III lilt.:t.Jmiqll ill wbid) ~I( ral ..'Iemenl . Mit unobu SIIiU be Iclhllf.J~o1r Orlgj.! Ii>rl!lmw~ ro ~1.as..Sonobe Cube MITSUNOBU SONOBE I (1) I_ 11-](-' ~oFmlll' unc· I. i 11 IlOP'1I WfH.-c~_ Uy dt!5Tgrlj~ thIs eJ~l.pl~llf "Mmh.lrtC.lfl1t. ~jllTll: WJ~' om !'lUI 11lg' '1 hpJ s0l11t:lim _ ['Xlrli'lnel~ 'n ( II \11<' V!]["J~lU~..sic ($. (ompL:>.iln.I folding 1·..mdilfiulIT ~q "I wchnuiV l!).\1i!P.llI1'11 .. f(_)l. 11. gC()mr'UH itgtl.. i'I . o Fold 6 idelltical clements 76 .

77 ../ luck each point of an elCllwnt j'nto the pk'al of another ekment.(81 ~. Both elements ShCIUld relate at right angles.


ilZi ne.~. and Hong Kong. . me' to u.<1UOrtS ran It IDLUnd European country 0"1$ well as in Japan <Inn th usA. The models presented orugi nate from arttst Singapore in this bonk in Engbnd. inform 'linn. Denmark. My admiration and gralituci-e go to them for allowing Italy. • e. arrange m~di !1g~ anrl Dilen Vfry puhliish a III ilg.izarions oro id .. USA. I ~~~~I""'--":-------.s .Iiiiii1 I - orga n izati on 5 Ongami in almost (U~dI1l7. Japan.. advise on source nf suprly. Spain. Th se ol'UlIn. their mod els in thls bonk.

OX 14 11--1 S TIle Vin.o.~tion mJy be reproduced. No part of Ihis puhlic:. O)(fnrrlshir i' PX All rights reser ed. . tile USA in 1995 by Chartwell Books Inc. fE'[.f1ed in Sales Inc. I Gemlan-langu<JIge". Abingdon. wilholllt the permissicm cOPYlf"fAhl ~older. a Di'v~sr(mof Book r.t division o OrrgiFl.clilion 0 Tr nseditiun BooKs.. of the po'bllsher and Thi~ ~dition publi:. GmbH. stored ln a r tfi val svstem.0-) -' Wehbild Verlag.. Aug~JIWg. PFIFflGES ORIGAMI EngIJ~h-'anguagc .d1fion Augustus Verl~g AlJg!'!!:lLlr~ 1 CJtH of Oxford Ud. Box 7f 00. or lransmjt~d in dioy (mm mechanical.1\.'ording or olherv"lse.i(ica'l. phmocnpying. Andromeda f 91)5 . .'~yard.S. e!ectrtmrc. NJ 08818-7100 PrirHecl in 1995 iii Spain by Fournier A Gr. or by iIIny rr:l€ans. Edison.

I I \ \! I '\ I \ \ I I \ I \ i \' I I I J..2-' V-f'u.'[- ---- I I I 1\ . I. These Origami classics and man.. elephants and pandas. It"f-l" . _ .x:TU~ 1-------. notebooks and envelopes.'\I in:-~t:o~:. Christmas decorations. -- -~-~I~ - - -- ~ - - I I "-1--- - - ----.y others in this book have novelty and magic that will entertain yOU! for hours. mice. I I '\ ilL _.~.. picture frames... a whole zoo of rabbits.How to make 30 amusing and attractive items from paper This book describes the ancient art of Origami and shows fold by fold how you can learn the intricate and f~scinaHog craft of paperfolding to create objects as diverse as a leaping frog/ the amusing 'Shirt off one's back'. paper containers and folders.

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