"My most powerful enemy is within me, which is, my limitation.

When I cease to d efy the impossible and accept where my power seems to stop, then I am defeated. But until then, I will keep fighting." -About a daddy and a nanny, syaoran no hi me "Victory for me doesn't come in applause, medals, or prizes. Victory for me is n ot found either in seeing other people in anguish, physically or emotionally." H er brown eyes looked up at the sky pensively. "Winning is not the ultimate culmi nation of battles. For me, it's more like, exhausting all your best sources of e nergy when you think you have little than less left. And in the end, even if you lost, you would still feel proud. Your body stood for two seconds, but your spi rit and willpower lingered for three. Not everyone can do that. That for me, is victory." -About a daddy and a nanny, syaoran no hime