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Value-Based Trainer With Wali

Value-Based Trainer With Wali

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Published by Wali Zahid

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Published by: Wali Zahid on Oct 03, 2008
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Value-Based Trainer

with Wali Zahid

Why Value-Based Trainer?
• Trainers are leaders. They have considerable influence and power on those who come to their sessions • Will the trainers be effective when they teach one thing and do the opposite in real life? • A few likely paradoxes that trainers need to get right if they want to be great trainers in a country like Pakistan • Some could be controversial … however someone must raise these if we really want to go somewhere decent in our nation’s destiny

Value-Based Training…1
What trainers teach Team play Customer Service/ Courtesy Deliver on promises Efficiency Competence What they actually do! Most are a one-person team! Don’t care! Won’t follow up (unless reminded) Procrastinate Hardly strive for that

Value-Based Training…2
What trainers teach Big-heartedness What they actually do! Too self-centered. Even won’t share a document. Always ask WIIFM Won’t bother about grey areas, sometimes not even about black & white No, I am here only to do a job!


Believe in what they teach

Emotional intelligence Volatile in and outside training session

Value-Based Training…3
What trainers teach Personal moral conduct What they actually do! Not an issue for me

Are there other paradoxes?

Are there any solutions?

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