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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts

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ISSN : 0250-4367 VOLUME 33 NUMBER 1 February 2011

Agronomy Botany (General & Systematic) Breeding & Genetics Diseases & Pests Physiology & Biochemistry Pharmacognosy Clinical Studies Pharmacology & Toxicology Antimicrobial Activity Insecticidal & Piscicidal Activity Phytochemistry Chemotaxonomy Ethnomedicine Analytical & Processing Techniques Miscellaneous New Publications Marketing and Trade

Agronomy 2011-01-0001 Chowdhury, S.; Islam, N.; Mandal, R. (Department of Soil Science, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh) Effects of integrated use of fertilizers and vermicompost on quality of soybean seeds. Journal of Phytological Research, v. 22(2): p. 219-222, 2009 ( Eng; 12 ref).

http://www.niscair.res.in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM]

2011-01-0002 Dalal, N.R.; Gohil, S.N. (AICRP, Citrus, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, Ahmednagar, MS, India) Study of intercropping sequence at pre-bearing stage of sweet orange under Western Maharashtra conditions. Asian Journal of Horticulture, v. 4(1): p. 219-220, 2009 (Eng; 5 ref).

2011-01-0003 Gupta, S.; Narayan, R. (Department of Botany, I.P. Post-Graduate College, Bulandshahr-203 001, UP, India) Effects of applied leaf biomass of Parthenium hysterophorus, Cassia obtusifolia and Achyranthes aspera on seed germination and seedling growth of wheat and pea. Allelopathy Journal, v. 26(1): p. 59-70, 2010 (Eng; 42 ref).

2011-01-0004 Jain, S.B.; Kumari, S. (PG Department of Botany, Govt. Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati-444 604, MS, India) Effect of glyphosate on germination, amylase activity and gibberellin level in Gossypium hirsutum (L.). Vidarbha Journal of Science, v. 5(3-4): p. 47-50, 2010 (Eng; 7 ref).

2011-01-0005 Kizil, S.; Ipek, A.; Arslan, N.; Khawar, K.M. ( Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture, Dicle University, 21280 Diyarbakir, Turkey) Some agronomical characteristics and essential oil content of oregano (Origanum onites L.) as influenced by planting densities. Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, v. 12(2): p. 172180, 2009 (Eng; 19 ref).

2011-01-0006 Krishnamoorthy, V. (Krishi Vigyan Kendra, National Pulses Research Centre, Vamban, Pudukkottai, TN, India) Studies on the performance of different varieties of aonla, pomegranate and annona under sodic soil. Asian Journal of Horticulture, v. 4(1): p. 149-151, 2009 (Eng; 4 ref).

2011-01-0007 Kumar, N.; Sood, M.; Thakur, V. (Dept of Forest Products, College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh-791 102, India) Response of Salvia sclarea and Rosmarinus officinalis seeds to different pre-sowing treatments. Indian Perfumer, v. 53(2): p.35-385, 2009 (Eng; 9 ref).

2011-01-0008 Mahanthesh, B.; Sajjan, M.R.P.; Harshavardhan, M.; ishnuvardhana; Janaradhan, G. (Department of Plantation Crops, College of Horticulture, Mudigere, Karnataka, India) Influence of inorganic and bio-fertilizers on dry matter production and yield of rainy season onion (Allium cepa L.) cv. Bellary Red. Asian Journal of Horticulture, v. 4(1): p. 59-62, 2009 (Eng; 8 ref).

2011-01-0009 Mahendra; Singh, H.K.; Singh, J.K. (Department of Horticulture, N.D. University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad, UP, India) Studies on integrated nutrient management on vegetative growth, fruiting behaviour and soil fertilizer status of ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) orchard cv. Banarasi Karaka. Asian Journal of Horticulture, v. 4(1): p. 230-232, 2009 (Eng; 8 ref).

2011-01-0010 Manickam, S.; Venkatachalam, S.R.; Venkatesan, S.; Palanisamy, V.; Thirukumaran, K. (Tapioca and Castor Research Station, Yethapur, TN, India) Improved production technique in castor. Journal of Phytological
http://www.niscair.res.in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM]

Research, v. 22(2): p. 343-344, 2009 ( eng).

2011-01-0011 Nawlakhe, S.M.; Mankar, D.D.; Jiotode, D.J. (Dr. P.D.K.V., College of Agriculture, Nagpur, MS, India) Performance of basmati type scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars under different dates of transplanting in eastern Vidarbha. Crop Research, v. 37(1-2-3): p. 158-160, 2009 (Eng; 4 ref).

2011-01-0012 Poornima, B (Subbaiah Hospital, Jail Rood, Shimoga-577 201, Karnataka, India) Ancient agrotechnology for conservation of medicinal plants-a need in current scenario. Plant Archives, v. 10(1): p. 253255, 2010 (Eng; 6 ref).

2011-01-0013 Prabha, M.R.; Vasantha, K. (Department of Botany, Avinashilingam University for Woman, Coimbaetore-641 043, Tamil Nadu, India) Effect of organic fertilizer and panchagavya spray on the growth and biomass of Cassia angustifolia Vahl. Plant Archives, v. 10(1): p. 279-280, 2010 (Eng; 3 ref).

2011-01-0014 Sangeetha, A.; Eswaramurthy, S.; Neelamegam, R. ( Department of Plant Pathology, Agricultural College and Research Institute, TNAU, Madurai, TN, India) Utilization of different agricultural waste for the cultivation of Pleurotus citrinopileatus and Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer. Advances in Plant Sciences, v. 21(1): p. 67-69, 2008 (Eng; 8 ref).

2011-01-0015 Saxena, S.; Saxena, S.; Yadav, S. (Department of Botany, Bareilly College, Bareilly, UP, 243001, India) An assessment of impact of ground water irrigation on seed viability of paddy crop (Oryza sativa L.). Journal of Plant Development Sciences, v. 2(1-2): p. 51-53, 2010 (Eng; 3 ref).

2011-01-0016 Sheikh, M.K.; Manjula, N. (Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, U.A.S. (D), Bijapur, Karnataka, India) Effect of split application of N and K on growth and fruiting in Ganesh pomegranate (Punica granatum L). Asian Journal of Horticulture, v. 4(1): p. 91-94, 2009 (Eng; 11 ref).

2011-01-0017 Singh, J.K.; Singh, H.K. (Department of Horticulture, N.D. University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad, UP, India) Studies on propagation of bael (Aegle marmelos Correa). Asian Journal of Horticulture, v. 4(1): p. 164-166, 2009 (Eng; 4 ref).

2011-01-0018 Singh, S. (Department of Botany, Bipin Bihari College, Jhansi, UP, India) Effect of imbibition on germinative capacity in seeds of Cassia fistula (Linn.). Journal of Phytological Research, v. 22(2): p. 341-342, 2009 ( Eng; 8 ref).

2011-01-0019 Sudhagar, R.; Sekar, K. (Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, TN, India) Effect of coco peat medium on growth and quality of poinsettia (Euphorbia
http://www.niscair.res.in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM]

Sanjeev Kumar. 2(1-2): p. v. Shimla-171 005. P. 25 ref). HP. 2010 (Eng. 29-31.. H. (Krishi Vigyan Kendra. 2011-01-0023 Nasare. 2010 (Eng. (Nilkanthrao Shinde Science and Arts College.. Amman 11942.K. 21 ref). Baq'a. 255-265. Asian Journal of Horticulture. Botany (General & Systematic) 2011-01-0020 Al Rifaee.U. Plant Archives. Patiala-147 002. Dharwad. 43-46.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM] . P. v.I. Dist. India. (Department of Horticulture. P. ( Department of Horticulture and Field Crops. S. 2011-01-0028 Ajjapplavara.. Sharma. Willd. J. 2009 (Eng. Haddad. 9(1): p.P. 27 ref). 11 ref). R. 2011-01-0024 Rawashdeh.I. Singh. Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology. (National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE). Y.pulcherrima. v. Haddad.S.P.res. A.). I. Breeding & Genetics 2011-01-0027 Ajjapplavara.. 52-56. College of Agriculture. Amri. M. Asian Journal of Horticulture. India) Shoot development pattern as effected by method and time of budding in aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn).O.niscair. Thakur. Bhadrawati-442 902. India) Seed coat colour mutants in Ocimum sanctum Linn. 40(1): p. India) Taxonomic studies on the genus Russula Pers. Channagoudra. and Mentha viridis L. from Himachal Pradesh. 11 ref).in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11. M. Asian Journal of Horticulture. 52-54. 2011-01-0021 Chaubey.. Jordan) Status of diversity and conservation of Hypericum triquetrifolium (Guttiferae) in Jordan. v.). University of Agricultural Sciences. Aburjai. 37(1-2-3): p. Crop Research.. MP. College of Agriculture. 2011-01-0026 Saini. v. Crop Research. 369-374. N.. J&K. India) Genetic diversity in chilli (Capsicum annuum L. 2011-01-0025 Sagar.. S. Jordan) Morphological diversity among and within populations of a medicinal plant (Achillea fragrantissima) collected from different regions of Jordan. ( Department of Botany. 63-66. 2010 (Eng. Karnataka. University http://www. (Department of Biosciences. 2011-01-0022 Kour. v. 2009 (Eng. India) The genus Termitomyces from Madhya Pradesh. Vidarbha Journal of Science. A. N. Punjabi University. 204-205.K.Chandrapur. 19 ref). R.... v. Jiwaji University. N.S.N.F. University of Jordan. Jammu.S. T. 5(3-4): p. 2009 (Eng.M. 9 ref).. (Department of Horticulture. (School of Studies in Botany. Maharashtra. H. 5 ref).S. 4(1): p. P. Box 639. 2009 (Eng. 242254. Atri. 4(1): p. 2009 (Eng. S. 2009 (Eng. Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. India) Studies on fungal associates of Aloe vera Linn. 37(1-2-3): p. Punjab. Gwalior. Priya. Journal of Plant Development Sciences. Sharma. v. 2 ref). 4(1): p. v.

Coimbatore. heritability and genetic advance in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.. A. (College of Agriculture. v. P. Borun. R. 195-198. Guwahati. v. Ahwaz. 21(1): p. S. v.M.). Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. 4(1): p. Sultanate of Oman) Evaluation of genetic diversity in local Omani alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.. v. v. A. (Mutation Breeding Laboratory.of Agricultural Sciences. P. S. O..B. 2011-01-0029 Balu.B. v. (Department of Horticulture. ( Department of Crop Sciences. Borah. Sarma.. (Department of Botany. Badanapur. Crop Research. 174-180. 2011-01-0034 Jadhav. 4(1): p. 6 ref). India) Expression of heterosis in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L. 2008 (Eng. Al Khod 123.P. M.A. Al-Hinai..P. 23 ref).). 183-185.N.R. 2011-01-0037 Kimura.in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11. M. S. 71-73.) under rainfed condition. Saito. 8 ref). S. Karnataka. M. 151-154. 2009 (Eng. 2009 ( Eng. TN.) germplasm with RAPD markers. Advances in Plant Sciences. Islamic Azad University. Sultan Qaboos University. v. K. (Allahabad Agricultural Institute-Deemed University.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM] . 2011-01-0035 Jyothula. (Department of Cotton. 37(1-2-3): p. 2011-01-0030 Dadnia.res. v.. Crop Research.. Department of Botany. 21(1): p. Aligarh Muslim University. v. 9 ref). UP. 16 ref). 2008 (Eng. T. (National Agricultural Research Centre for Kyushu Okinawa Region. India) Simple correlation and regression studies in castor (Ricinus communis L. Guttala. 37(1-2-3): p. Patil. 9 ref). P. H. 2009 (Eng.). Khan. S. Aligarh-202 002. Karnataka. Allahabad-211 007.niscair. D. Hadj-Hassan. India) Diethylsulphate induced meiotic abnormalities in Vicia faba L. India) Heterosis in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. 99-101.. 2011-01-0033 Hanchinamani.A. A.K. Asian Journal of Horticulture. 109-111. 9 ref). (Research and Science Branch. Gulbarga. 2008 (Eng. 21(1): p. Crop Research. Iran) Salinity stress damages on antioxidant capacity in rapeseed (Brassica napus L. 21-24. 2009 (Eng. 2009 (Eng. 2011-01-0036 Kalita. Journal of Phytological Research..T... 22(2): p.).. MS. S. Dharwad. National http://www. S. 37(1-2-3): p. Box 34. Asian Journal of Horticulture. Parbhani. Ibrahim.G...). Deshamukh. 2011-01-0031 Esechie.P. Bheemarayanagudi. Muscat. Advances in Plant Sciences. 9 ref).A. M. College of Agriculture. 4 ref). India) Studies on variability. Gauhati University. India) Combining ability analysis for seed yield and for some quantitative characters in field pea (Pisum sativum L. Assam) Karyotype studies in some medicinally important Solanum species of North-East India.. U. Advances in Plant Sciences.B. 195-202.U. R. 2011-01-0032 Fatma. 2009 (Eng. Laor. Ahwaz. C.

2008 (Eng. 108-111. 2009 ( Eng. Golapbag.A. Biotechnology. 21(1): p. Dolichos biflorus (L): An ancient medicine.P. Singh. 4(1): p. v. v. Srivastava.) Lam. India) Effect of colchicine on male meiosis of Carthamus. C. 19 ref).res. Burdwan University. A. 2011-01-0039 Mendes. India) Genetic variability. 4(1): p.. 10(1): p. Muzaffarpur.. 73-78. (Department of Microbiology. Faizabad-224 229.. University of Agriculture and Technology. Singh. UP. 2009 (Eng . Tirhut College of Agriculture. 2009 (Eng.. 2011-01-0040 Raja. 4 ref). IBB. (Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding. v. 4 ref). 2011-01-0045 Tah.).S. 2008 (Eng. O. Tirhut College of Agriculture.C.D. Bihar.. India) Co-relation and path analysis in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graccum L. Advances in Plant Sciences. University. v. 2010 (Eng. India) Stability studies in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L. U. 11 ref). Japan) Heterogeneity of poly (A) sites in the granule-bound starch synthase I gene in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L. O. H.. 2011-01-0041 Singh. S. Pramila (Department of Horticulture.. Burdwan-713 104.G. Kumamoto861-1192. S.. 2009 (Eng.P. U. Kumarganj. 2009 (Eng. India) Genetic divergence in germplasm of opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L. N. Kumarganj. Koshi. M. 161-165.).P.K. Faculdade de Ciencias de Lisboa. 10 ref). (Department of Horticulture. Faizabad-224 229. and Biochemistry. v. v. Departamento de Biologia Vegetal. (Department of Botany. 103-106. Trindade. Asian Journal of Horticulture. 301-306. West Bengal. 2010 (Eng. Dholi.U. Portugal: evaluation of the genetic diversity using molecular markers and comparison with volatile oils profiles..) under different nutrio environments. India) GEI studies on the legume. 24(5): p. grown in the Azores archipelago. J. N. Diholi. Pedro.. 22(2): p.D. 2011-01-0038 Malik. Karaikal. 667-669.P.). S. 21(1): p. & T. Muzaffarpur. Bihar. Plant Archives.P. M. Portugal) Chaerophyllum azoricum Trel. J. Pramila (Department of Horticulture. 2011-01-0043 Singh. Journal of Phytological Research.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM] . 259-265.in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11. http://www. Centro de Biotecnologia Vegetal. 74(3): p.). Advances in Plant Sciences. A. A. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute. Campo Grande. Meerut-250 004. Shanthi. Barroso. Puducherry. UT. Asian Journal of Horticulture.niscair. D. 2011-01-0042 Singh. S. L.Agriculture and Food Research Organization. Piso 1. v. 8 ref). 30 ref). heritability and genetic advance for quantitative characters in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn). A.. Cristina Figueiredo. 1749 016 Lisbon. (Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding. (Universidade de Lisboa. v.P. v.. 18 ref). India) Genetic variability among selected germplasm in opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L. Bioscience. Flavour and Fragrance Journal. 105-107.G. 4(1): p.K. C2. 2011-01-0044 Singh.K. 22 ref). 167-169. Asian Journal of Horticulture. 2421 Suya.

. Lahore. 2(1-2): p. v. 5 ref).niscair.S. 2008 ( Eng. University of Agriculture & Technology. R. India) Histochemical studies on leaf gall and normal leaf of Pongamia pinnata (L. Govt.. Advances in Plant Sciences. College. Rakh. (Department of Botany. T. M. Natural Product Research. RURM1. P. v. (Department of Botany. v..K.K. R. 2011-01-0052 Kumar. Department of Horticulture. (Department of Botany. 2010 (Eng. K.J.. Graduate School of Agriculture. India) Techniques to reproduce primary and secondary symptoms of downy mildew disease in opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L. Mathur.). Bulandshahr. bacterial expression. India) Localization of metabolites and enzymes in leaf of Salvadora persica. Kyoto606-8502. Parbhani-431 401. India) Control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib. Journal of Plant Development Sciences.. v.. Diseases & Pests 2011-01-0047 Anjum. Pakistan) Sunflower phytochemicals adversely affect wheat yield. 2011-01-0050 Choudhary. 2011-01-0048 Chakrabarti. UP. Bioscience.P.. (Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. 3 ref). Quaid-e-Azam Campus.. M. N.S.res. 40(1): p. College. S. R. Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology. Biotechnology. J. 2010 (Eng. 72-77. 17 ref).. Bodke.. S. Rawat. 14 ref). Govila.G.2011-01-0046 Tsukiyama.. Rajasthan. B. University of the Punjab. 74(2): p. http://www. Govt. College. 2011-01-0051 Deshmukh. v. U. P. T. D. Gupta. S. R. A. P. 430-432. India) First record of Oidium azadirachtae on Azadirachta indica in Maharashtra. R. Kumar. M.S.. v. (Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture. 24(9): p. 2010 (Eng. S. Kyoto University. Lucknow-227 107. (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Unit. 2008 (Eng.M. O. and purification of a novel rice (Oryza sativa L. 2011-01-0054 Singh. 21(1): p.asp[6/27/2011 8:00:49 PM] . Okumoto. (Laboratory of Plant Breeding. 229-233. (Department of Botany.G. India. U. Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology. 45-49. Raigarh496 001.S. Journal of Phytological Research. 9 ref). Bharatpur-321 001. Bharatpur-321 001. Dalvi. India) Integrated management of stem gall (Protomyces macrosporous) of coriander. Tanisaka.P. v. MS. Raghunath College. (Institute of Mycology and Plant Pathology. Japan) Gene cloning.J. D. 165. Journal of Phytological Research. 23 ref). A. Division of Agronomy and Horticultural Science. 21 ref).). Regional Agricultural Research Station.) ubiquitin-related protein.in/sciencecommunication/abstractingjournals/MAPA/mapa2k11/mapa_feb11. 21(2): p. V. 203001 UP. 40(1): p. A. Teraishi. T. 2010 (Eng. Y.R. and Biochemistry.. India) Relative pathogenicity of Fusarium wilt isolates to Guava (Psidium guajava).) de Bary in Indian mustard with fungicides. Lee.. 2011-01-0049 Chaudhary. Singh. P. 65-66. 2009 ( Eng.K. 825-837. I. Chhattisgarh. Rajasthan. Inouye. 2011-01-0053 Misra. Kumarganj. 35 ref). Bajwa. v.. 2010 (Eng. 191-196. Faizabad-224 229.K. 22(2): p..

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